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in 2013 


3 1833 01772 4029 


IJ lU ,1 


NO. 4 

Carleton College 



June, 1221 


Published by the Coliege four times a year, in September, December 
March and June. ' 

• Entered April 4, 1905, at Northfield, Minn., as second-class matter 
under Act of Congress of July 16, 1894. 

GIFT 0? T; - COLL^^aE 


Students of Carleton College 



For residents of Minnesota tlie State is not given. 

The years of attendance are given in figures following the name. 

Present students are not included in the following list. 

Addresses not known to be correct are enclosed in [brackets]. 



*Abbott, Abba Kate, 1872-75, Mrs. Harris M:. Miller. 
Abbott, Anstice T., 1907-13, 3116 2nd Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Abbott, Arthur Lauriel, 1889-90, 2090 Commonwealth Ave., St. Paul. 
Abbott, Ellen N., 1871-75, Mrs. J. A. Sawyer, Owatonna. 
Abbott, Mrs. E. E., (Lillian L. Palmerlee), 1882-84, Dodge Center. 
Abbott, Grace, 1895-97, [Canton, 111.] 
Abbott, Ida M., 1880-87, 612 6th Ave., Burbank, Wash. 
Abbott, Lillian, 1887-8, Mrs. Jefferson D. Brown, Eugene, Ore. 
Abbott, Lillian, 1894-5, Mrs. Joseph Schafer, 1102 Grant St., Madison, 

Abbott, Mary H., 1871-3, Mrs. Wm. Hills, R. F. D. No. 2, Twin Falls, 

Abbott, May Ethel, 1901-3, Cor. Fremont and Union St., Northfield. 
Abbott, Walter H., 1914-17, Dodge Center. 

Abbott, Mrs. Wm. D., (Mary Lorena Adams), 1878-9; 1882-3, 276 

Center St., Winona. 
Abram, Alfred, 1877-8, Aberdeen, S. D. 

Ackerman, Claire Shirley, 1911-13, 1028 4th St. No., Fargo, N. D. 
*Ackerman, Frank A., 1870-71. 

Ackerman, Harry, 1910-14, 3125 Portland Ave., Minneapolis. 
Ackerman, Mrs. H. S., (Pauline Shirly), 1887-8, Northfield. 
Ackerson, Amelia, 1898-01, Mrs. H. J. Conradson, Kingman, Hupeh, 

Adair, John H., 1879-80, Owatonna. 

Adams, Anna Belle, 1904-05, Mrs. Roy Fames, Fergus Falls. 
Adams, Burton H., 1887-9, Decorah, Iowa. 
Adams, Burton Stearns, 1888-9, Sidney, Mont. 
Adams, Edward G., 1882-4, [Portland, Ore.] 

Adams, Mrs. Edward G., (Mary L. Watkins), 1879-80, [Portland, Ore.] 
Adams, Elizabeth A., 1883-4, Mrs. Frank H. Ellis, Apt. 16, 1215 La 

Salle Ave., Minneapolis. 
Adams, Elizabeth Steele, 1915-16, Mrs. J. D. Nutting, Northfield. 
Adams, Eva May, 1892-3, Mrs. Leroy Swartwood, Swartwood, N. D, 


Adams, Florence Clarice, 1919-20, Long Prairie. 
Adams, Frank W., 1874-6, Clinton Falls. 

Adams, Genevieve Priscilla, 1898-01, Mrs. W. F. Lasby, 425 Walnut 

St. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Adams, George Wilbur, 1916-17, Morristown. 
Adams, Henry A., 1873-4, [Minneapolis]. 
Adams, Izez C, 1906-7, Miss Baker's School, Northfield. 
Adams, John Quincy, 1886-89. Hammond, La. 
Adams, John Woodward, 1916-17, Mantorville. 

Adams, Mary Lorena, 1878-80; 1881-3, Mrs. Wm. D. Abbott, 276 Cen- 
ter St., Winona. 
Adams, Roy, 1905-6, [Austin]. 
Adams, Walter K., 1882-4; 1886-7, Sidney, Mont. 
Adams, Winifred, 1917-18, Sidney, Mont. 
*Adams, Wm. T., 1870-71. 

Addison, Edith Dora. 1888-9, Mrs. G. Arveson, [Marshall]. 
Adsit, Mrs. John, (Effle Moorehouse), 1892-3, 528 E. Broadway, 

Ady, Mrs. Chas. E., (Carrie L. Robb), R. F. D. No. 1, Percival, Iowa. 

Agee, Auretta M., 1904-6, Ogden, Utah. 

Ahern, Lizzie, 1888-9, [Dundas]. 

Ahlfg, Christian Herman, 1908-9, Clara City. 

Ahlstrom, Huldah C, 1898-02, Mrs. Alfred N. Ahnfeldt. [Chicago. 111.] 
♦Ahnfeldt, Alfred Nelson, (Hans Alfred Ahnfeldt). 1894-9. 
Ahnfeldt, Mrs. Alfred N., (Huldah Ahlstrom), 1898-1902, [3239 N. 

Spaulding Ave., Chicago, 111.] 
Aiken, Gilbert Edgar, 1909-11, [Redwood Falls]. 
Aiken, Mildred, 1910-11, [Redwood Falls]. 
Ainslie, Mrs. C. N., (Ada L. Gooding), 1880-81, [Rochester]. 
Akeley, Maude E., 18&4-6, [Northfield]. 
Akin, Gerritt F., 1881-2, [New York City]. 
Akin, Theodore Wm., 1915-17, St. Francis. 
Albers, Herbert Edwin, 1904-05, Northfield. . 
Albers, John R., 1871-3, Northfield. 

Albers, Maud Doris, 1807-02, Mrs. Thomas Emerson, Watkins, Mont. 
Albert, Paul Bradshaw, 1898-9, St. Lukes Hospital, St. Paul. 
Albrecht, Edith M., 1883-4, Mrs. H. J. Altnow, [3340 2nd Ave. S., 

Albright, Mrs. R., (Belle Chambers), 189'6-7, Grand Junction, Colo. 
Alderson, Mrs. James, (Mary Buckley), 1884-5. Benton, Wis. 
Aldrich, Irma, 1907-9, Mrs. R. J. Sunderhoff, Plentywood, Mont. 
Aldrich, Malcolm Marston, 1910-17, 1129 University Ave. S. E., Minne- 

Aldrich, Wayne F., 1904-06, Brady, Mont. 

Aldridge, Mrs. Albert II., (Laura Lamsen), 1883-85; 1886-7. Roberts, 

Aldridge, Stephen L., 190S-10, Roberts, Wis. 

Alexander, Mrs. J. Floyd, (Eva Blanche Green), 1886-87. [(\-ilifornia 

Bldg., Denver, Colo.] 
Alexander, James, 1882.-3, Northfield. 
Alexander, John Clifton, 1897-1900, lOlkton, N. D. 
•Alexander, Truman L., 1875-0. 

Alf, Alfred, 1887-1891, American Bible Society, Canton, China. 


Alfs, Wm. Alfred, 1916-18, Osseo. 

Alguire, Jennie B., 1907-8, Mrs. Cook, [Dodge Center]. 
Allen, Anna Mae, 1903-4, [165 East Ash St., Canton, 111.] 
*Allen, Clara F., 1875-8; 1879-80, Mrs. Alex. Pringle. 
Allen, Edith Mary, 1895-6, 1518 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 
Allen, Edwin Geo., 1895-7, [Duluth]. 
Allen, Jessamine Eva, 1898-9, [Chicago]. 

Allen, Jessie Alice, 1889-91, Mrs. Frank Herren, Fillmore, 111. 
Allen, Jessie Eleanor, 1800-1; 1893-4, [Grand Meadow]. 
Allen, Josie Drucilla, 1882-6; 1889-92, Mrs. D. C. Reid, Easton So., 

Allen, Mrs. J. P., (Florence E. Whitney), 1867-68. 
Allen, Lillian Maude, 1893-4, [St. Paul]. 
Allen, Marguerite, 1905-6, Mrs. — ^ , [Ada]. 

Allen, Mary Edna, 1887-8, Mrs. J. E. Long, [Porter's Mills, Wis.] 
Allen, Mattie G., 1884-8, Mrs. J. Davison. Northfield. 
Allen, Mildred, 1915-16, [California]. 

Allen, Myrta, 1884-8, Mrs. G. W. Harrison, 56 Arundel St., St. Paul. 

Allen, Nella E., 1876-7, Mrs. Calvin C. Beel, Wilmar. 

Allen, Thadeus, 1915-16, Fairmont. 

Allen, Wilbur F., 1887-8, [Duluth]. 

Allen, Wm. Harvey, 1888-93, [New York City]. 

Ailing, Horatio T., 1873-5; 1878-9, [Fargo, N. D.] 

Allison, Russell L., 1918-19', White Rock, S. D. 

Allyn, Julietta C, 1895-6, [Garnavillo, Iowa]. 

Allyn, Mary E., 1877-8, Mrs. Wellington England, [Lincoln, Neb.] 
Almklor, Agnes, 1905-6, [Cooperstown, N. D.] 
Altenburg, Carl L., 1905-7, 1923 Naomi Place, Seattle, Wash. 
Alter, Mrs. J. C, (Jennie O. Greene), 1892-3, 132 N. State St., Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

Altnow, Mrs. H. J., (Edith M. Albrecht), 1883-4, [3840 2nd Ave. S., 

Alvord, Mrs. N. M., (Julia Maud Hazelton), 1887-8; 1889-90, 4013 

Sheridan Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Amery, Elizabeth Louise, 1907-9, University of Washington, Seattle, 


Amery, Eva Victoria, 1888-9, [St. Croix Falls, Wis.] 
Amery, Jennie E., 1884-5, [St. Croix Falls, Wis.] 

Ames, Alice A., 1872-3; 1875-8; 1880-82; 1883-1904, Mrs. A. T. Hall, 

104 S, Los Robles, Pasadena, Calif. 
*Ames, Cora B., 1878-9. 

Ames, Fanny S., 1872-3; 1875-6, Mrs. Edwin Loyhed, Faribault. 
Ames, Granville G., 1873-78, [Portland, Ore.] 
Ames, "Herchel H-, 1874-6, [Seattle, Wash.] 
Ames, Jennie, 1873-4, [St. Paul]. 

Ames, John A., 1883-6, 313 Olympic Place, Seattle, Wash. 
Ames, Mattie, 1872-3, Mrs. C. F. Nichols, [616 James Ave. N., Minne- 

Ames, Margaret Maria, 1905-6, Mrs. S. G. Anderson, Hutchinson. 
Ames, Nannie B., 1873-6, Mrs. Geo. M. Furber, 223 Oak Grove St., 

Amsden, Cassius S., 1875-6, [Milbank, S. D.] 
Amsden, Mervin H., 1893-94, 1339 Vine Place, Minneapolis. 

Amundsen, Nora Anna, 1910-11, 1920 So. 9th St., Minneapolis. 
Amunson, Iver, 1874-5, Bagley. 
Amunsen, Mabelle G., 1917-18, Bagley. 

Anderson, Ada Louise, 1890-92, Mrs. Willard B. Clow, Pillager, Minn. 
Anderson, Albert Geo., 1891-2, Springfield. 
Anderson, Andrew N., 1895-7, [Northfield]. 
Anderson, Anna Easton, 1898-9, Blue Earth. 
Anderson, Anna Maria, 1895-6, Lyle. 

Anderson, Carl Johan, 1889-9^1, Missionary, Shanghai, China. 
Anderson, Carrie S., 1888-90; 1891-2, Mrs. Johnson, R. 2, Stanchfield. 

Anderson, Clara R., 1906-7, Mrs. O. S. Wilson, , Mont. 

Anderson, Charles O., 1918-19, Biwabik. 

Anderson, Charles R., 1875-6; 1877-8; 1879-81, [Rochester]. 
Anderson, Edna Olivia, 1910-11, Alexandria. 
Anderson, Ella, 1891-2, [Morganville, Kas.] 
Anderson, Esther, 190S-4, [Randolph]. 

Anderson, Esther Elizabeth, 1913-15, Home, WUlmar, 1920-21 Teach- 
ing at Minnehaha Acad., Minneapolis. 

Anderson, Mrs. Fannie W., 1897-8, Glyndon. 

Anderson, Francis J., 1914-15, First Nat. Bank, Preston. 

Anderson, Giles Herbert, 1908-10, Jackson. 

Anderson, Henry Christopher, 1899-1901, [Castle Rock]. 

Anderson, Hertel A., 1918-19, Alden. 

Anderson, Ida Emelia, 1895-96, Lyle. 

Anderson, Ivajean Adelia, 1916-17, Dodge Center. 

Anderson, Josephine, 1888-89, Mrs. H. F. Van Dusen, 1900 Vine Place, 

Anderson, Lillie May, 1888-90, Mrs. F. H. Sprecht, Springfield. 
Anderson, Louie M., 1891-3, [Vasa]. 

Anderson, Lydia Tryphosa, 1902-4, Mrs. Lydia T. Turner, 2424 Nicol- 
let Ave., Minneapolis. 
Anderson, Mabelle, 1912-13, [Star Prairie, Wis.] 
Anderson, Mrs. Marie, 1916-19, Cannon Falls. 
Anderson, Mary, 1886-8, [Northfield]. 

Anderson, Minnie C, 1882-4; 1885-6, Mrs. John Friar, Vasa. 
Anderson, Ole, 1890-1, Louisburg. 

Anderson, Reuben Ernest, 1916-18, 607 W. 4th St., Willmar. 
Anderson, Reuben LeRoy, 1915-17, Grove City. 

Anderson, Ruth Elfie, 1913-15, 1920-21 Teaching at Veblen, S. Dak. 

Home, 607 W. 4th St., Willmar. 
Anderson, Sophia, 1893-4, [Springfield]. 

Anderson, Mrs. S. G., (Margaret M. Ames), 1905-6, Hutchinson. 

Anderson, Theodora H., 1898-1900, Mrs. Ernest Bosch, T'wo Harbors. 

Anderson, Tryphena R., 1898-1900, 3300 Clinton Ave., Minneapolis. 

Anderson, Mrs. William, (Geneste M. Muller), 1911-13, St. Paul. 

Anderson, Wm. A., 1888-92, Springfield. 

Anderson, Wm. M., 1884-5, [Star Prairie, Wis.] 

Anderson, Wm. R., 1913-14, [Merriam Park], 

Andrew, Minnie Marion, 1913-14, [Marshall]. 

♦Andrews, Chas. R., 1906-7. 

Andrews, Mark J., 1913-14, Ephraim, Wis. 

Angel, Nettie May, 1906-7, Brainerd. 


Angier, Mrs. Frank H., (Lillian A. Beggs), 1886-7, Hancock. 
Ankeny, Mrs. W. B., (Mimnie O. Joslyn), 1890-93, [Corning, Iowa]. 
Annable, Mrs. Sarah, (Sarah R. Edson), 1889-92, 1414 E. 48th Place, 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Anselme, Mrs. H. E., (Eliz. C. Jennings), 1905-6, East Moline, 111. 
Anthony, Fannie, 1887-8, Mrs. J. Anthony, Jr., [Redlands, Calif.] 
♦Anthony, Horace, 1875-7. 

Anthony, Mrs. J., Jr., (Fannie Anthony), 1887-8, [Redlands, Calif.] 
Anthony, Lucy, 1888-9, [71 Dibble Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.] 
Appleby, Jay Percy, 1887-8, [Minneapolis.] 

Applegate, Mrs. H. V., 1889-90, (Harriet L. Van Campen), Centralia, 

Archibald, Allice, 1890-3; 1898-9, Head of American Girls' Club, 

Paris, France. 
♦Archibald, Frank E., 1867-8. 
* Archibald, H. T., 1911-12. 

Archibald, Katherine Alice, 1895-6; '97-8; '99-02; '03-7; '08-9; '10-11, 

Palomar, San Diego, Calif. 
Armington, Alice M., 1876-7, Mrs. A. M. McCord, [Calif.] 
Armsby, Alice Lottie, 1896-7, Mrs. D. E. Greene, Pleasanton, Kan. 
♦Armsby, Carolyn Lee, 1898-1900, Mrs. Clarence H. White. 
Armstrong, Albert, 1885-8, [Speedside, Canada]. 
♦Armstrong, Augustus, 1890-92. 
♦Armstrong, Fred R., 1880-2. 
Armstrong, Richard, 1869-70, [Chester]. 
Armstrong, Mrs. W. A., (Nettie I. Chamberlain), 1870-74. 
Arndt, Mrs. W. F., (Katherine A. Eichten), 1901-2, 2115 E. 4th St., 


Arnold, Henrietta, 1888-9, Mrs. Jas. 1]. Phillips, Alexandria. 
Arnold, Mary, 1883-4; 1886-7, Mrs. Mary A. Baldwin, Ontario, Calif. 
Arnold, Mr. Stephen O., 1880-84, 138 Summit Ave. W., St. Paul. 
Arnold, Mrs. Stephen O., (Grace F. Ovitt), 1877-79; 1880-82, 138 Sum- 
mitt Ave. W., St. Paul. 
Aronson, Axel Theodore, 1901-2; 1904-5, Kalispell, Mont. 
Arntson, Helen Anita, 1919-20, Red Wing. 
Arp, Bessie M., 1914-16, Jackson. 

Arveson, Mrs. G., (Edith Dora Addison), 1888-89, [Marshall]. 
Ashley, Benjamin H., 1909-10, Jackson. 

Ashley, Daisy Virginia, 1896-7, Mrs. B. E. Frazer, Lydonville, New 

Ashley, John C, 1871-3, [Jackson]. 

Ashley, Katherine, 1901-2, Mrs. W. B. Crowley, St. James. 

Ashley, Lynn Herbert, 1903-7, River Falls, Wis. 

Askew, Margaret Jane, 1898-9, [Grand Forks, N. D.] 

Aslakson, Peter S., 1873-75, [Cannon Falls]. 

Asraus, Louise H., 1889-90, [Waterville]. 

Asp, Charles Otto, 1896-9, [Alden, Wis.] 

Aspen, Henry, (Henry A. Boe), 1872-3, 1874-5, Northfield. 

Asvys, Mrs. Rev. H., (Anne Johanne Larsen), Entermens, M. T., 

Zululand, So. Africa. 
Atehinson, Katie May, 1910-13, Mrs. Russell Culver, Chatfield. 
Aten, John Muncy, 1886-7, [Hunter, N. D.] 
♦Atherton, Mrs. James, (Carrie B. Martin), 1886-7. 


Atkinson, Mrs. C. J., (Florence M. Stacy), 1893-5. 

Atkinson, Hattie M., 1879-83, Mrs. Abner Fowler, Oelwein, Iowa. 

*Atkiuson, Wm. E., 1878-80. 

Atwood, Edwina B.. 1868-9, Mrs. C. Boardwell. West Cliazy, N. Y. 
Atwood. Lula, 18S4-6, [Northfield]. 
Aughenbough, Daisy, 1888-9, [Waseca]. 

Austin, Mrs. A. W.. (Minnie E. Thoeny), 1S87-8, Sauk Rapids. 
Austin, Jas. M., 1883-4, [Ellendale, N. D.] 

Austin, Jennie, 1897-1901, Mrs. C. W. Helgeson, Clyde Park, Mont. 
Austin, Lenora, 1879-1880, [St. Paul]. 
Austin, Stephen, 1867-8, [Walcott]. 
Austinson, Sadie, 1893-4; 1898-9, Dennison. 

AA-erill, Mrs. C. K., (Mary L. Holbrook), 1887-9', Menomonee, Wis. 
Averill, Fannie G.. Mrs. E. C. Edmunds, 1895-6, 160 Brownson Ave., 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Avery, Clinton, 1899-1900, [Minneapolis]. 
Avery, Isabella Annetta, 1915-16, [Austin]. 
Avery, Jennie. 1890-91, 323 W. Ave. 53, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Avery, Margaret Rankin, 1903-4, Lewis and Clark High School, 

Spokane, Wash. 
Ay res, Geo. B.. 1874-5; 1S76-7, [Rochester]. 


Babbitt, Alice Howe, 1889-91; 1892-3, Mrs. Freeman E. Lurton, 2811 

Stevens Ave., Minneapolis. 
Babcock, Claude Rivier, 1918-19. Duridas. 

Babcock, Cora May, 1913-14, Mrs. H. Daskam. 1517 Spruce Place. 

Babcock, Earle J., 1883-4. U. of N. Dak.. Grand Forks. 
Babcock, Gordon, 1917-18, Sisseton, N. D. 
Babcock, Grace M., 1909-10, [Northfield]. 

Babcock. Mrs. Lewis C, (Josephine N. Twyman), 1898-9, 29th St. 

and 4th Ave., Billings, ;Mont. 
*Bachelder. Eva S., Mrs. F. H. Rollins, 1889-90. 
Bachman. Dr. Clarence E.. 1882-3; 1885-6. • 
Backer. Walter August, 1911-12. New Ulm. 

Backer, Werner Frank, 1909-10, 625 Dupont Ave. N.. Minneapolis. 
Backlund. Jonas Oscar, 1900-1, [Grasston]. 
Backus, Mary A., 1SS3-4, [Minneapolis]. 

Hacon. Dr. Dexter Sterling, 1893-5. 5118 Wentworth Ave.. Minneapolis. 
Bacon, Ray Dexter. 1909-10, Mabel. 

Baer. Gertrude. 1905-6. Mrs. Kirkland. E. River Rd., Minneapolis. 

Baer, Homer Carl. 1901-2. Beniidji. 

Bagley. Carlota. 1875-6, [Marshall]. 

Baler, Florence Jeanette. 1900-01, [Jamestown. N. D.] 

Bailey, Anna A.. 1873-4, Mrs. (ieo. F. Flinders, Sutherland. Iowa. 

♦Bailey, Emma F., 1874-5. Mrs. Hinds. 

Bailey, Frank E., 1871-3, Jackson. 

Bailey, Frederick Parsons, 1899-00, [Hreckenridge]. 

Bailey. Jerry E.. 1872-3. [Stanton]. 

Bailey. Mrs. J. F'.. (Lillian Schmitt), 1904-05, 5896 Ilolart St. East 

End. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Bailey, Jessamine, 1885-6, Mrs. W. L. Castolloo. [Marion, Iowa]. 


Bailey, John F., 1908-9, 121% Broadway, Albert Lea. 
*Bailey, Leoti L., 1867-8; 1872-4, Mrs. Julian A. Lawrence. 
Bailey, Mary Maude, 1891-3, [235 Lincoln Ave., Chicago, 111.] 
Bailey, Minnie, 1883-6, [St. Paul]. 
Bailey, Rio Helmer, 1912-15, Northfleld. 

Bailey, Myrtle Mae, 1892-3; 1896-8, Mrs. Bert J. Buckland, Vallajo, 

Bailey, Theo. Scriver, 1888-1892, Electric Boat Co., San Francisco, 

*BaLley, Wallace M., 1871-3. 

*Bailie, Julia K., 1900-01. Mrs. Claire A. Caley. 

Baird, Edna Elizabeth, 1906-8, Mrs. H. Hengstler, Osakis. 

Baird, Lyman, 1908-10, Minneapolis. 

Baker, Mrs. E. A., (Adelaide E. Colburii), 1888-90, Hood River, Ore. 
Baker, Edith Hubbard. (Mrs. Chas. E. English), 1892-3, 2691 Lake 

of the Isles Blvd., Minneapolis. 
Baker, Emily I. S., Mrs. Martin Petersen, 1874-77, Fertile. 
Baker, Ethel Curtis, 1900-1, [Northfleld]. 
Baker, Ethel F., 1907-8, [Kasson]. 

Baker, Mrs. Frank D., ^Myrtle J. Reed), 1888-92, 1628 Pearl St., 

Sioux City, Iowa. 
Baker, Jessie Lucile, 1898-1900, [Germantown, Ohio]. 
Baker, John Gower, 1915-17, Class of 1921 State Univ. of Wisconsin, 

Madison, Wis. 

Baker. Mrs. J. A.. (Dorothy E. Perrin), 1918-19, 121 Lincoln St., 

Baker, Kate Field, 1900-1. Decorah. Iowa. 

Baker, Luther , A., 1877-9, [New Richmond, Wis.] 

Baker, Marion, 1919-20, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Baker, Oscar Roiand, 1915-17, [St. Croix Falls, AVis.] 

*Baker. W. Henry, 1882-4. 

Baker, Wm. F., 1887-9, [Castalia, Iowa]. 

Balch, Agnes L., 1886-8, [Minneapolis]. 

Balch, Edna Lucina, 1900-1, Lakeville. 

Balch, Eva D., 1875-7. Mrs. E. Griswold, [127 Utah St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif.] 

Balch, Grace Abby. 1893-6, Mrs. G. H. Carpenter, R. F. D. 4. Attle- 

borough, Mass. 
Balch, Katie G., 1873-4, Mrs. A. Record, [Empire City]. 
Balch, Wm. C, 1870-4, [Oakland. Calif.] 
Balcom, Carson L., 1870-3, [Plainview]. 
Baldwin. Albert Furber, 1892-4, [Detroit]. 
♦Baldwin. Amos E., 1877-8. 

Baldwin. Rev. Arthur J.. 1884-93, Opportunity, Spokane, AVash. 
Baldwin, Dean. 1909-11, Mrs. R. E. Gunderson, Red Wing. 
Baldwin, Helen, 1917-19, Oberon, N. D. 

Baldwin, Mrs. H. J.. (Bertha B. Park), 1899-1900, Northfleld. 
Baldwin, Isabella, 1880-4, Mrs. Fred Betts, [1401 St. Andrews Place, 

Los Angeles, Calif.] 
Baldwin, Laura M., 1880-81, Mrs. Porritt, [Moorhead]. 
Baldwin, Mrs. Mary A., (Mary Arnold), 1883-4; 1886-7, Ontario, 


^Baldwin, W. Byron, 1871-3. 


Balfour, Mathew A., 1870-1, [East Castle Rock]. 
Balfour, Nettie J., 1873-4, IWastedo]. 
Ball, Julia C, 1883-4, Mrs. W. J. Wright, Hastings. 
Ballard, Carleton Leslie, 1902-3; 1905-6, Farmington. 
Ballard, Fred William, 1918-19, Farmington. 
BaUard, Geo. Edward, 1896-7, [River Falls, Wis.] 
Ballinger, Earl A., 1913-14, Chicago. 

Bancroft, Mrs. J. F., (lanza Cohoon), 1877-78, 500 R. St. N. E., 

Washington, D. C. 
Banfleld, Adelaide Cook, 1918-19, Austin. 
Banker, May Lucile, 1897-8, 3314 Elliot Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
*Banks, Lester Townsend, 1902-5. 

Bantz, Mrs. C. C, (Agnes May Christie), 1906-9, Alexandria. 
Barber, Alice J., 1879-80; 1883-4, Mrs. Wheeler, [Northfield]. 
Barbour, Thomas Wilford, 1919-20, Anoka. 
Bardwell, Maurice Frank, 1906-8, Excelsior. 

Bargen, Jacob Arnold, 1915-17, 709 So. Ashland Blvd., Chicago. 
Bargeson, Botolf Ellis, 1908-9, [Atwater]. 

Barker, Ethelyn Melissa, 1899-1902, Mrs. Engberg, Cambridge. 
Barlow, Mrs. J. B., (lone A. Grant), 1879-80, 200 Blackburn St., 

Ripon, Wis. 
Barlow, Foster Dwight, 1915-18, Cannon Falls. 
Barlow, Lewis L., 1918-19, Sleepy Eye. 

Barlow, W. W., 1919-20, 815 University Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 

*Bamard, Chas. J., 1879-81. 

Barnard, Coral Page. 1914-15. Good Thunder. 

♦Barnard, Edmund O., 1875-76. 

Barnard, Mrs. H. R., (Emma C. Paddock), 1875-76, [Vernon Center]. 
Barnard, Reed C, 1908-10, 520 W. 22nd St., Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Barnard, Willard C, 1878-80; 1881-2, Northfield. 
Barnes, Dorothy H.. 1913-14, East Helena, Mont. 
Barnes, Frederick R., 1888-9; 1895-6, [Wahpeton, N. D.] 
*Barnes, Geo. B., Jr., 1885-90. 
Barnes, Geo. S., 1882-7, Minneapolis. 

Barnes, Gladys Wolcott, 19(«-7, 471 W. 23rd St., New York City, 
N. Y. 

Barnes, Harry Geo., 1916-18, 501 Capitol Nat. Bank Bldg., St. Paul. 
♦Barnes, Mrs. J. F., (Mabel Duren), 1896-97. 
Barnes, Mary Edith, 1895-6, [Blue Earth]. 
Barnes, Mildred Wanda, 1914-18, Little Falls. 
Barnett, Jas. Charles, 1911-12, Kilkenny. 

Barney, Bertha M., 1884-5, Mrs. W. W. Butler, 813 6th Ave., Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

Barney, Mrs. C. N., (Mabel F. Wheaton), 1869-74, [New Bedford. 

Barney, Henry Charles, 1898-1900, Mankato. 

Barrett, Georgiana Brubaker, 1900-01, Mrs. H. D. Wheeler, [2500 

Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, Calif.] 
Barrett, Harold Freeman, 1916-17, Staples. 
Barrett, Johanna, 1890-1900, [Northfield]. 

Barrett, Richardson D., 1898-1901, 740 McKnight Bldg., Minneapolis. 
Barrett, Mrs. Richardson D., 1911-13, 740 McKnight Bldg., Minne- 


Barrett, Mrs. Robt., (Katherine R. Ellis), 1895-98, Cornish, N. H. 
Barrett, Roy Frank, 1895-97, 4428 York Ave. Sc., Minneapolis. 
Barrett, TTieodore Sedgwick, 1898-9; 1900-01, [Billings, Mont.] 
*Barrows, Mrs. Fred G., (Josephine B. Gilbert), 1880-85. 
*Barrows, Nellie S., 1881-86, Mrs. A. A. Dodge. 
*Barry, Malcolm C, 1876-8. 

Barta, Angeline Catherine, 1915-17, New Prague. 
*Barteau, Lillie, 1880-2. 

Barteau, Rose M., 1880-4, Mrs. R. M. Dunlap, 569 Laurel Ave., St. 

Bartholomew, Fred O., 1876-7, [Medford]. 
Bartlett, Edith Maude, 1896-7, [WykofE]. 
Barton, Mrs., (Alice M. Sumner), 1874-76. 
*Barton, Belle, 1875-7, Mrs. C. M. McLaughlin. 
Barton, DeHart M., 1873-4, [Faribault]. 

Barton, Kate A., 1870-71; 1872-3, Mrs. S. D. Lockerby, Faribault. 

*3arton, Phineas W., 1876-8. 

*Barton, Sadie S., 1868-9, Mrs. Wm. Koons, 

Bascom, Fayette Walter, 1896-7, [Stewartville]. 

Bascombe, Oliva R., 1881-2, [ Stacy ville, Iowa]. 

*Bassett, Geo. K., 1886-9. 

Bassett, Samuel S., 1875-6, [Walla Walla, Wash.] 
Bassler, Robert, 1917-18, Austin. 
Batchelder, Chas. S., 1886-7, Faribault. 

Batchelder^ Mrs. Chas. S., (Alice Mary Chase), 1885-87, Faribault. 
Batchelder, Donald Grant, 1916-17, Chicago. 

Batchelder, Mrs. Florence Fream, (Florence S. Fream), 1899-1900, 
111 So. 5th St., Bridgeport, Ct. Permanent address, Monte- 
video, Minn. 

Bates, LeRoy S., 1878-9, [Northfield]. 

Bates, Lillian M., 1880-81, [Northfield]. 

Batson, John D., 1871-4, [Champlin]. 

Bauer, Bertha A., 1891-2, Wahpeton, N. D. . 

Bauer, Mrs. F. L., (Georgena Taylor), 1897-8, 204 Hanover St., 

Hastings, Mich. 
Baur, Mary, 1899-1900, [Northfield]. 

Baxter, Chauncey L., 1875-6, 52i7 14th St. N., Seattle, Wash. 
Baxter, G. Arthur, 1879-81, [Chaska]. 

Baxter, Mrs. Jere, (Josephine Whipple), 1898-1900, Fort Niagara, 
N. Y. 

Baxter, May Bush, 1893-4, Mrs. F. H. Dickman, 632 Harvard Blvd., 

Glendale, Calif. 
Baxter, Nellie Mae, 1896-7. 

Beach, Helen A., 1885-7, Mrs. Parker, Dowagiac, Mich. 

Beach, Mary B., 1883-8, Mrs. Wm. G. Humason, Witter Springs, 

Lake Co., Calif. 
Beach, Jas. Mullin, 1912-17, Stewartville. 
Beach, Rev. Walter Burley, 1916-18, Ada. 
Beadle, John H., 1877-8, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Bean, Alice, 1897-00, Mrs. J. S. Frazer, [1900 James Ave. S., Minne- 

Bean, Edna Belle, 1889-90, Hotel Richmond, New York City. 
Bean, Florence, 1876-7, [Northfield]. 

Bean, lone J., 1875-7, Mrs. Wm. T. Cramer, [Waukegan, 111.] 


Bear, Elsie June, 1901-2, [Sioux Falls, S. D.] 

Beard, Grace Rachel, 1900-1, [^Minneapolis]. 

Beard, John Calvin, 1883-5, Decorah, Iowa. 

Beardsley, Emily L., 1892-3, [Bismarck, N. D.] 

Beardsley, Ezra T.. 1899-1902, Clinton Falls. 

Beardsley, John Benton, 1914-16, [Bismarck, N. D.] 

Beaulieu, Elizabeth Mary, 1913-14, Mrs. Dr. J. J. Sculley, Pine City, 

Beckfelt. Ray John, 1916-17. Grand Rapids. 

Beckley, John W., 1873-4, [Cannon City]. 

*Beckman, Oliver P., 1893-6. 

Beckman. Olof. 1SS6-9, [XorthfieldJ. 

Beckos, Marie. 1900-1, Flat 2. 911 3rd Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Becksted, Lillian V., 1897-9. Mrs. Thos. Thompson, Northfield. 
Beckwith, Anna, 1882-3. [Wahpeton. N. D.] 
Beckvrith, Jennie F., 1881-2, [Minneapolis]. 

Beebe, Jessie Emilie, 1901-2; 1904-5, Mrs. R. E. Webster, 739 52nd 

St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Beebe. Mabel E., 1903-5, Mrs. W. G. Frederick. 1205 So. 2nd Ave., 

Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Beebe, Marjorie, 1915-16, Glenwood City, Wis. 
Beebe, Mrs. S. D., (Cora Blakeslee), 1SS4-S7, [Sparta. Wis.] 
Beede, Alice, 1881-2, [Farmington]. 

Beede. Dr. Ethel, 1892-3, Physician, State School for Feeble Minded, 

Beede, Harry, 18.92-3. 

Beede. Minnie Etta, 1885-6. [Minneapolis]. 
Beel. Mrs. Calvin C, fXella E. Allen), 1870-7. [Willmar]. 
Beers, Charles William, 1879-S.'], [1605 Garden St., Santa Barbara. 

Beers, Hosea S.. 1879-83, [Portland. Ore.] 

Beggs, Lillian A.. 1886-7, Mrs. Frank H. Angier. Hancock. 

Behmler, Frederick Wm., 1913-15, Jordan. 

Bell, Bessie May. 1911-12, [Farmington]. 

Bell, Chas. C, 1882-4. Saratoga, Calif. 

Bell, Chirk Stewart, 1S96-8. Elizabeth. 

Bell. Mrs. Geo. E., (Edith Kathryn Mortensen), 1899-1901. Fergus 

Bell, Kenneth Harold. 1918-19, [Faribault]. 

Bell. Mary Elsie, 1884-5, Mrs. Geo. Vohr, [Flastings]. 

*Bemis, Harry L., 1880-2. 

Benham, Edward, 1886-7. [Northfield]. 

Bennett. Mrs. C. Edward. (Evelyn II. Carter), 1893-4. 1900-1, Rose 

Bennett. Edith Page. 1895-7. Franklin High School. Seattle, Wash. 
Bennett, Vonnie. 1899-01, [Kenyon]. 
Bennett. Wm. Robert. 1890-91. [Plainview]. 

Benson. Ada Maude, 1W9-90, Mrs. II. H. Steele, [Leeds. S. D.] 
Benson, Anna ^Slattie. 1894-5, Morristown. 

Benson, Geo. Alfred, 1916-18, 2534 Dupont Ave. S.. Minneapolis. 
Benson, Henry Wm., 1893-4; 1895-7, [Superior. Wis.] 
Benson. Luella J., 1898-9, [Waupun, Wis.] 
Benson, Louis A., 1918-20. Appleton. 
Benson, Nelson B., 1880-82, .Michigan, N. D. 


Benson, Oscar Edward, 1895-6; 1897-8, Northfield. 

Bent, Mildred Ruth, 1900-4, Dell Rapids, S. D. 

Benton, Edward L., 1879-81, [Forest City, Iowa]. 

Benton, Wm. B., 1917-18, Editor Yale Review, New Haven, Ct. 

Berdan, Frank E., 1875-8, [Northfield]. 

Bereman, Mrs. P. A., (Virginia M. Hall), 1892-3, 1837 Laurel Ave., 

St. Paul. 
*Berg, Albert, 1877-8. 
Berg, Albert O., 1919-20, Breekenridge. 

Berg, Bernice Ella, 1914-16, Mrs. Walter Norbeck, Northfield. 
Berg, Floyd Henry, 1919-20, Dundas. 

Berg,. Mrs. Dr. G. W. von, (Hattie Pearl Smith), 1889-90, Charles 

City, Iowa. 
Berg, Lillian, 1890-1, [Madison, Wis.] 
Berg, Mabelle, 1911-13, Dundas. 
Berg, Minnie Louise, 1896-7, Rush City. 
Bergan, Ida, 1900-61, Hayfield. 

Berge, Ada Beatrice, 1905-6, 3141 Park Ave., Minneapolis. 
Berge, Hazel Louise, 1915-16, Minneapolis. 

Berge, Henry Sherman, 1905-6, 5018 43rd Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Berge, Irene Luella, 1911-12, Mrs. K. L. Rudow, Jackson. 
Berge, Obed Paul, 1915-17, 3141 Park Ave., Minneapolis. 
Berge, Parker Lloyd, 190i7-9, Jackson. 
Bergeson, Ruby, 1903-4, R. F. D., Barlville, 111. 
Berget, Herman, 1902-4, [Boyd]. 
Bergquist, Chas. 1883-4, [Minneapolis]. 

Berke, Lizzie E., 1892-3, Mrs. E. W. Swanson, 1716 Laurel Ave., St. 

Berkey, John, 1868-69, [St. Paul]. 
Berkey, John R., 1880-1, [Marine Mills]. 
Berkner, Harold, 1919-20', Sleepy Eye. 
Berlin, Mrs. Maria, 1883-4, [Castle Rock]. 

Berlin, Mrs. J. B., (Catherine ». Clague), 1877-83, Kent, Wash. 
Berry, Fannie, 1896-7, Mrs. Dr. E. P. Campbell, 1621 Portland Ave., 

St. Paul. 
Berry, Lloyd, 1918-19, Norwood. 

Berry, Mona, Alice, 1900-01; 19021-03, 826 Selby Ave., St. Paul. 
Berry, Walter M., 1882-4, [Minneapolis]. 
Berthold, Beatrice, 1906-8, Perham. 
Berthold, Miriam, 1919-20, Perham. 

Bertrand, Florence Agnes, 1911-14, Teaching at Grand Forks, N. D. 

Best, Mary Elizabeth, 1898-9, [Pipestone]. 

Betcher, Mrs. L., (Olive Bogue) , 1896-7, Arthur, N. D. 

Betts, Anna S., 1867-9, [Lincoln, Neb.] 

Betts, Mrs. Isabella B., (Isabella F. Baldwin), 1880-Si. 

Betz, Neven Ottelia, 1909-10, Fairmont. 

Betz, Thos. Wm., 1911-12, Hawley. 

Beussmann, Loida Clara, 1905-6, New Ulm. 

Bevan, Mrs. Arthur, (Alice Chant), 1895-7, Apt. 2, 4312 Linden Hills 

Blvd., Minneapolis. 
Beveride, Max Forest, 1898-9', Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Beynon, Lewellyn J., 1873-5; 1879-80, [Brookings, S. D.] 
Bickell, Mrs. W. E., (Margaret E. Jervis), Vinton, Iowa. 


BicknelL Mrs. W. C. (Helen M. Finney), [Morris]. 
Biddle, Mrs. Wheldon, (Madge E. Riddell), 1904-5; 1906-9', Medford, 

Bidwell, Elmer Ellis, 1900-01, Bloomington, Wis. 
Bierman, Anna, 1882-4, Mrs. Morrow, Mankato. 
Bierman, Chas. A., 1888-9,- Northfield. 

Bierman, Mrs. Chas. A., (Emily Sargeant), 1889-90, Northfield. 
Bierman, Edward A., 1882-3, 1023 University Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 
♦Bierman, Mrs. J. L., (Louisa Hagen), 1885-6. 
Bierman, O. Ivan, 1881-2, Groton, S. D. 

Bigelow, Adelaide, 1876-81, Mrs. A. B. Skillman, Northfield. 
Bigelow, Amy Grace, 1S98-9, [Dodge Centre]. 
Bigelow, Chas. Edward, 1898-9, Madelia. 

Bigelow, Mrs. Edward, (Mabel M. Chapman), 1881-83, [Boise City, 

Bigelow, Etta Lucille, 1914-15, Ionia, Iowa. 

Bigelow, Lucy J., 1892-3, Mrs. Philo E. Green, Gladstone, Madison 
Co., Ala. 

Biggs, Alfred. 1917-20, Hankinson. N. D. 
Bill, Dyar Goddard, 1912-14, Madelia. 

♦Bill, Mrs. Genevieve G., (Genevieve N. Gilbert), 1906-9. 
BiU, Kate A.. 1904-5, [St. Barnabas Hospital, Minneapolis]. 
Bill, Maude A., 1884-5; 1886-7, [Los Angeles, Calif.] 
Bill, Ora, ISSO-Sl. Mrs. Ora M. Fowler, 1732 Gower St., Hollywood, 

♦Billings, Frank M., 1875-80. 

Billingsley, Henry Ralph, 1896-7, [Campbell]. 

Bingham, Fred Y., 1868-70, [331 Eddy St., San Francisco, Calif.] 
Bingham, Geo. H., 1870-1. 

Bingham, Inez L., 1871-73; 1876-77, Mrs. Ernest Livingston, 49 S. 

9th St., Minneapolis. 
Bingham, Katherine J., 1875-82; 1SS7-88, Mrs. Chas. W. Van Tuyl. 

4236 So. Queen Ave., Minneapolis. 
Birke, Anna A., 1879-80, [Northfield]. 
♦Bishop, Clara, 1868-9. 

Bishop. Etta E., 1887-8, Mrs. Henry Johnson, [620 W. 116th St., 

New York City] 
♦Bishop, Florence May, 1882-3; 1888-9, Mrs. W. A. Hunt. 
Bissell, Orpha Lucetta, 1906-7, [Hutchinson]. 
Bissell, Stanley Hall, 1890-93, [Redwood Falls]. 
Bixby, Abel P., 1885-87, [Apt. 201, 1325 Yine Place, Minneapolis]. 
Bixby, Addie M., 1881-5, Mrs. Warren Upham, 2170 Carter Ave., St. 


Bixby, Albert R., 1884-87, Beaumont, Calif. 

Bixby. Mrs. A. R., (Mary Helen DeForest), 241 E. Mill St.. Owatonna. 
Bixby, Frank, 1917-18. [1325 Vine Place, Minneapolis]. 
Bixby, Lizzie R., 1883-86, Mrs. J. M. McCoy, New Richmond, Wis. 
♦Bjoraker. Sylvia Brenelle, 1901-2. 

Bjorge, Mrs. Christ, (Dinah Hamre), 1874-5, Lake Park. 
Bjorkiund, Otto Arthur, 1914-17, Harlowton, Mont. 
Bjornstad, Bernard F., 1902-3, 1284 Portland Ave., St. Paul. 
Bjuge, Carl B., 1893-4, [2nd Dan. Nor. E. Cong'l Church, Chicago, 


Black, Mrs. Archibald, (Addie I. Carver), 1879-81, Corvallis, Ore. 
Black, Mrs. Michael C, (Laura V. Riddell), 1875-78, Fresno, Calif. 
♦Blackmail, Julius L., 1868-70. 

Blackman, Maud N., 1892-3, 1897-9, Covina, Calif. 
Blackman, Nasmyth, 1892-3. 

Blake, Fannie Edith, 1886-7, Mrs. Albon Llndemann, Viroqua, Wis. 
*Blake, Grace E., 1880-81, Mrs. Burl C. Reed. 
Blakeley, Mrs. C, (Frances Crouch), 1884-7, Rochester. 
Blakeslee, Cora, 1884-7, Mrs. S. D. Beebe, [514 N. Water St., Sparta, 

♦Blanchard, Arthur P., 1881-2. 
Blanchard, Clifford, 1910-13, [Marshall]. 

Blanchard, Juliet, 1879-81, Mrs. Benj. Galen Eaton, 1891 Dayton Ave., 
St. Paul. 

Blanding, Birdie L., 1881-2, [St. Croix Falls, Wis.] 

Blanding, Josie P., 1882-3, [St. Croix Falls, Wis.] 

Bleecker, John P., 1916-17, R. D., Osseo. 

Blesener, Barbara, 1890-91, Mrs. Dr. Swank, [Northfield]. 

Blesener, Lizzie, 1892-3, [Northfield]. 

Blesener, Tressa Barbara, 1900-1, [Northfield]. 

Blesi, Leonard F., 1915-18, Anoka. 

Bliss, Mrs. C. H. J., (Amy Powell), 1883-6, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Bliss, Flora Mertilla, 1901-2, Rochester, Teaching at Clay County 
High School, Chicago Heights, HI. 

Bliss, Ralph, 1917-18, Waterville. 

Blodgett, Alson Bertram, 1909-10, Northfield. 

Blodgett, Dorothy, 1918-19, Northfield. 

Blodgett, Geo. Winslow, 1900-1, Parkdale, Ore. 

Blodgett, Jean B., 1886-7, Mrs. Geo. Vincent, New York City. 

Blodgett, Mary, 1915-16; 1919-20, Mrs. Wm. Lee, Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Blomquist, Chas. F., 1886-91, [Bagley]. 

Blomquist, John, 1887-8, [Fish Lake]. 

Blood, Alice May, 1894-00, Mrs. H. J. Jager, Owatonna. 

Blood, Chas. H., 1881-84; 1893-4; 1896-7, 6813 Leland Way, Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

Blood, Mrs. C. H., (Josephine Sherpy), 1897-98, 6813 Leland Way, 

Hollywood, Calif. 
Blum, Mrs. A. S., (Mae Gwenn Tupper), 1905-06, E. 627 19th Ave., 

Spokane, Wash. 
Blumer, Mildred G., 1918-19, Green, Iowa. 
Bly, Olga Irene, 1919-20, [Minneapolis]. 
Blythe, Hannah L., 1890-95, Mrs. F. J. Exner, Northfield. 
Blythe, Redford Van C, 1893-4. 

BoardweU, Mrs. C, (Edwina B. Atwood), 1868-9, West Chazy, N. Y. 

Bockler, Florence, 1910-11, [Britton, S. D.] 

Bodahl, Hans J., 1873-4, [Chicago, 111.] 

Bode, Chas. F., 1886-7, [Minneapolis]. 

Bodsberg, Nils, 1919-20, Northfield. 

Boe, Henry A., 1885-88, (Henry Aspen), Northfield. 

Boe, Ray Lawrence, 1915-18, Northwood, Iowa. 

Bogue, Mary, 1886-90, Northfield. 

Bogue, Olive, 1896-7, Mrs. L. Betcher, Arthur, N. D. 
Bohland, Frederick D. von, 1911-12, [Belle Plaine]. 


Bohrn, Mrs. Max, (Zella Newcomb), 1893-4. 

Boies, Orlow H., 1871-76; 1878-9', 1215 Manor Ave., Woodhaven, N. Y. 

Bolen, Otto Roland, 1901-2, [Idaho]. 

Bolen, William Albert, 1901-2, [St. Charles]. 

Bolin, Charles Frank, 1900-2, Seattle, AVash. 

Bolt, Mary, 1887-8, Switzerland. 

BoUes, Mrs. C. H., (Melva Cheadle), 1879-82, Teigen, Mont. 

Bolton, Bessie May, 1899-00, [St. Paul]. 

Bond, Chas. H., 1871-3, [Minneapolis]. 

Bond, John S., 1883-4, [Eagle Bend]. 

Bondey, Thorstein O., 1877-8, [Warsaw]. 

Bonney, Fred Chas., 1900-1, [Faribault]. 

Bonney, Wilbert L.. 1892-3, [Fairmont]. 

Bonser, Mrs. T. A., (Ethel F. Wilcox), 1886-96, 1427 Providence 

St., Spokane, Wash. 
Bonzer. Mrs. W. J., (Avis Belle Flint), 1916-17, Charles City, Iowa. 
Boody, Leonard Hugo, 1918-19, Austin. 
Boomer, Ralph Jas., 1911-12, Worthington. 
Boop, Mrs. (Jessie Kieth Towne), 1904-5, Fergus Falls. 
Boorman, Maynard Ray, 1913-15, Eureka, Mont. 
Booth, Florence B., 1899-1900, [Fulda]. 
Borgerson, Mrs., (Dora Rines), 1893-94, Mora. 
Borgun, Mrs. Ben, (Marie AA^iennevold), 1898-99, Kenyon. 
*Borncamp. John E., 1885-9. 
Borresen. Fred, 1892-3, [La Crosse, AYis.] 
Bosard, Mrs. R., (Grace Finkelson), 1892-3, Minot, N. D. 
Bosch, Mrs. Ernest, (Theodora H.Anderson), 1898-1900, Two Harbors. 
Boss. Effie June, 1902-3. Mrs. Rev. R. L. Vance, Lake Park. Iowa. 
Bossuet, Nettie A., 1888-80, Mrs. G. S. Wiashburn, [San Bernardino, 


Bostrom, Mrs. A. E., (Mary O. Dyer), 1899-01, De Smet, S. D. 
Bosworth, Robinson, 1898-9, [New Richmond, Wis.] 
Botsford, Mrs. Frank Philip, (Harriette Eggleston), 1889-02, Ke- 

Boucher, Mabel, 1898-9, [Bismarck, N. D.] 
Boucher, Nettalie H., 1889-91, Suring, Wis. 

Boughton, Cecil I., 1889-90, Mrs. W. J. Snell, [225 S. Phillips Ave., 

Sioux Falls, S. D.] 
Boughton, Guy, 1917-18, St. Croix Falls, Wis. 
*Bouissant, Clara Louise, 181)0-91. 
Boulger, Catherine E., 1891-2, Northfield. 
Bourdon, Ethel .lane, 1909-11, [Red Lake Falls.] 
Bourne, Mrs. J. H., (Flora Noble), 1884-88, Sonora, Calif. 
Boutwell, Aide Mae, 1901-4, Mrs. Leslie Wilson, Elk City, Kan. 
Bowe, Arthur, 18(}7-9, Cheyenne Wells, Colo. 
Bowe, Mary C, (Mrs. E. J. Evans), 1875-79, Fergus Falls. 
Bowe, Mrs., (Kate Butler), 1871-3, 1150 Hague Ave., St. Paul. 
Bowerman, Ethel Mae, 1919-20, Oakes, N. D. 
♦Bowler, Amy G., 1889-90. 

Bowman, Mrs. T., (Adelia A. Parks), 1871-74 , 2118 Carrol St., St. 

Bowne, Lettie, lS8.'$-4, Mrs. E. Partridge, [Chicago]. 
Boxrud, Alf Melvin. 1909-10. [Madison]. 


Boxrud, Dora Matilda, 1898-1901, Mrs. Henry M, Childs, 48 75th 

St. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Boxrud, Marie Lueile, 1912-13, Mrs. Adolpli M. Hanson, Faribault. 
Boyland, Lottie, 1886-7, [Cannon Falls]. 
Boynton, Rose G., 1907-9, [Gardena, Calif.] 
Boyron, Georges, 1918-20, Marcillat d'Allier, France. 
Braekett, Mrs. G. A., (Mary Huntington), 1898-1900, 4217 Elm St., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bradford, Lora Belle, 1887-8, [Milbank, S. D.] 
Bradley, Adelina, 1890-91, [West Duluth]. 

Bradley, Amelia A., 1877-8, Mrs. Lucius Fancher, [Devils Lake, N. D.] 
Bradley Ben Paul, 1908-9; 1909-10, [Lake Benton]. 
Bradley, Mabelle H., 1893-4, 730 Park Ave., Beloit, Wis. 
Brady, Eva Willoughby, 1897-8, Mrs. E. L. Kimball, 119 E. Anoka 
St., Duluth. 

Braham, Mrs., (Julia Johnson), 1891-4, I'urlock, Calif. 

Brainerd, Rena Claire, 1904-5, City and County Hospital, St. •Paul. 

Brainerd, Mark Channing, 1905-6, [Blooming Prairie]. 

Braman, Florence M., 1892-3, [Cedar Rapids, Iowa]. 

Brandell, Elmer, 1912i-13, 1426 W. 31st St., Minneapolis. 

Brasie, Albert Shrader, 1911-14, Y. M. C. A., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bratrude, Amos P., 1917-19, 217 S. Ashland Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Braun, Henry Clifton, 1916-17; 1918-19, Hutchinson. 

Brazee, Katherine L., 1896-7, [413 Curtis Court, Minneapolis]. 

Bradhorst, Hortense J., 1919-20, Red Wing. 

Breiseth, Ruth C, 1916-17, Mora. 

Bren, Frank Sylvester, 1891-5. 

Brett, Rev. Geo. Southwell, 1889-90, Rio Vista, Calif. 
Bride, Laura Jane, 1897-8, [Pembina, N. D.] 
*Bridgeman, Agnes, 1882-3, Mrs. F. E. Jefferson. 

Bridges, Marion Cushman, 1901-5, Mrs,. Roy A. Payne, 383 E. 45th 

St. N., Portland, Ore. 
Briggs, Elmer L., 1881-3, [St. Paul]. 
*Brill, Hannah A., 1878-9. 
Brimhall, Dorothy M., 1919-20, Minneapolis. 

Brimhall, Mrs. Bertha J., (Bertha Jennison), 1888-9, 1622 Hillside 

Ave. N., Minneapolis. 
Bringgold, Marion Eloise, 1917-18, West Concord. 
Brinkerhofe, Isabel, 1886-7-, [651 Portland Ave., St. Paul]. 
Bristol, Fannie, 1888-9, [Norlhfield]. 
Brittan, Henry C, 1874-5. 

Britts, Alice Cary, 1888-90, Mrs. Swift, 1714 Fletcher Ave., Pasadena, 

Britzins, Wesley Andrew, 1900-1, [New Trier]. 

Bromley, Mrs. Willis H., (Nellie A. Fisk), 1878-80, [St. Paul]. 

Bromley, Burt M., ?'^13-14, [Montana]. 

Bronson, Kathleen, 1915-17, Y. M. C. A., Bay City, Mich. 
Bronson, Stella A., 1884-5, [Spencer, la.] 
Brostedt, Knut A., 1891-2, Barnesville. 
Brower, Donald Basil, 1916-18, [Kimball]. 
*Brown, Agnes, 1883-4. 

Brown, Alice E., 1886-7, Mrs. B. F. Duckett, Greenwood, S. C. 
Brown, Anna B., 1867-8, [Grand Forks, N. Dak.] 


Brown, Arthur ITiomas, 1907-8, [Pheba, S. Dak.] 

Brown, Carrie J., 1880-81, Mrs. W. M. Pack, 4305 Wabash Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Brown, Clark Dean, 1890-2; '94-5. 
Brown, Emelie, 1918-19, Oakes, X. D. 

Brown, Emma Louisa, 1883-4, Mrs. C. S. Roberts, Kenyon. 

Brown, Genevieve Adelia, 1910-11, Monticello. 

Brown, Geo. K., 1878-9, [Chain Lake Center]. 

Brown, Mrs., (Adrienne McGray), 1879-80, Shakopee. 

Brown, Geo. Watson, 1885-9,. [Red Wing]. 

"Brown, Mrs. Geo. W., (Lura Moses), 1882-5. 

*Brown, Gertrude, 1870-3, Mrs. Pepper. 

Brown, Mrs. Glenn, (Frances J. Houghtaling), 1909-10, Fairmont. 
Brown, Jeannette H.. 1917-18. 300 Washington Ave. S. E.. Minne- 

Brown, Mrs. Jackson U.. (Lucy May Brown), 1886-7, Cooperstown, 
N. Jf. 

Brown, Mrs. J., (Cora M. Whitney), 1875-6. 

Brown, Jefiferson Davis. 1885-6, Eugene, Ore. 

Brown, Mrs. Jefferson D., (Lillian Abbott). 1887-8, Eugene, Ore. 

Brown, Jennie L., 1878-81, Mrs. Henry Sherwood, Willmar. 

Brown, Lola, 1888-90, Brownton. 

Brown, Lucy May, 1886-7, Mrs. Jackson U. Brown, Cooperstown, N. D. 
*Brown, Mabelle Bertha, 1896-7. 
*Brown. Marcus A., 1869-70; '71-4. 

Brown, Mary Alice, lSSS-9, Mrs. Geo. R. Butler, Brownton. 

Brown, Mary Catherine. 1913-14, 524 N. Ash St., Crookston. 

Brown, Mattie E.. 1879-SO. Mrs. M. N. Tripp, Hanover, N. D. 

Brown, May E., 1885-6, [Clark, N. D.] 

Brown, May Eleanor, 1908-9, Elkton, S. D. 

Brown, Mila Andree, 1898-00. [Urbana, 111.] 

Brown, Nannie Elizabeth, 1911-13, Ely. 

Brown, Nina, 1901-3, Clark, S. D. 

Brown, Oliver Buchen, 1892-3, [New Orleans, La.] 

Brown, Sarah Elizabeth, 1891-2, Port Angeles, Wash. 

Brown, Sarah H., lSSO-3, Port Townsend, Wash. 

Brown, Mrs. S. Howard, (Louise V. Sheldon), 1910-11, 905 W. 44th 

St., Minneapolis. 
♦Brown, Mrs. Walter O., (Mabel Toogood), 1887-8. 
Brown, Walter Scott, 1887-88, Waseca. 
*Brown, Mrs. Wilbur G., (Susan M. Everett), 1884-5. 
Brown, Wm. J., 1880-81; '83-4, [Crookston]. 
*Brown, Mrs. W. R., (Winnie Sawin), 1883-4. 
Browne, Mrs. Scott, (Edith P. Whitehead), 1898-90, Wayzata. 
Brownell, Florence May, 1911-13, Mrs. D. W. Reed, Comfrey. 
Browning, Fannie S., 1879-80, Mrs. W. H. McQuade. 
Brubaker, Bertha Grace, 1900-01, 1309 Raymond Ave., St. PauL 
Brubaker, Ernest Earl. 1899-01, 37 Hurlbin St., Albany, N. Y. 

With Havens Electric Company. 
Brubaker, AValter D., 1904-5, With Milwaukee Journal. Milwaukee, 


Bruer, Harry John. 1900-01, Bancroft, la. 
Bruer, Matilda, 1900-01, [Minneapolis]. 


Bruggencate, Carrie, 1894-6, Mrs. Samuel Caldwell, International Col- 
lege, Smyrna, Turkey. 
*Brundage, Minnie G., 1882-4; '85-6. 
Brundin, Glen C, 1909-10, Albert Lea. 

Brunner, Mrs. Arnold J., (Lulu Gress), 1881-2; 1890-2, Minot, N. D. 

Brunson, Robert N., 1867-8, [Northfield]. 

Brustuen, Melba, 1919-20, Appleton. 

Bryan, Ruth Clarissa, 1918-20, Anoka. 

Bryant, Beulah, 1896-7, [Minneapolis]. 

Bryngelson xidolph, 1887-8, Stockholm, Wis. 

Bryson, Mrs. Jas. W., (Helen W. Cundy), 1895-8, 9 Bgliston St., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
♦Buchanan, Emma A., 1884-7. 
♦Buck, Edward C, 1881-3. 

Buck, Ella C, 1881-3, Mrs. A. H. Tebbets, Hopkins, Glen Lake, 
R. F. D. 

Buck, Elmer E., 1886-7, Yakima, Wash. 

Buck, Mrs. E. E., (Mabel R. Colwell), 1886-9, Yakima, Wash. 

Buck, Hattie E., 1891-2, Mrs. L. Garey, Glencoe. 

Buck, Henry Wm., 1885-8, 420 9th Ave. S., Fargo, N. D. 

Buck, Mrs. Henry W., (Jennie B. Richardson), 1882-3, 420 9th Ave. 

S., Fargo, N. D. 
Buck, Irving Jay, 1890-91, [5155 Bell Ave., St. Louis, Mo.] 
Buckey, Clarence DeHart, 1909-11, Spencer, Iowa. 
Buckland, Mrs. B. J., (Myrtle M. Bailey), 1892-3; 1896-8, Vallejo, 


Buckley, Mary A., 1884-5, Mrs. Jas. Alderson, Benton, Wis. 
Buckman, Marian, 1885-6; 1887-8, Waseca. 

Buckmaster, Mrs. Albert E., (Nellie Evangeline Stalker), 1886-7. 
Budd, Sophia, 1880-81, Mrs. H. G. Hoffman, Marshall. 
Buehler, Lu Verne Russell, 1916-18, Osage, Iowa. 
Buell, Mrs. K. W., (Jessie Stuart), 1880-82. 

Buffington, Mrs. W. J., (Theodora Willard), 1893-5, 169 Walnut St., 

Hinsdale, 111. 
Bugbee, Ermina, 1888-9, [California]. 

Bugstrom, Mrs. John, (Anna M. Wetterlind), 1897-98, 1815 W. 4th 
St., Duluth. 

Buhrmann, Mrs. T. H.. (Ethel A. Terpena), 1907-11, Aneta, S. D. 

*Buisson, Clara L., 1890-91. 

*Bullard, Geo. A., 1877-8. 

Bullis, Levi Fred, 1893-5, Kenmare, N. D. 

Bullis, Mahlon Miles, 1910-11, Kenyon. 

Bullock, Alfred E., 1869-71; '74-5, [Minneapolis]. 

Bullock, Estella, 1886-7, [Northfield]. 

Bullock, Mrs. E. E., (Ida M. Robertson), 1875-6, 5 Racine St., Janes- 

ville, Wiis. 
*Bullock, Eugene, 1874-8. 

Bullock, Mrs. Eugene, (Belle V. Wlhitson), 1875-78; 1879-80 ; 520 

Shepherd St., Washington, D. C. 
Bullock, Mrs. Ira A., 1896-7, '99-01, (Sadie Whitson Bullock), Mrs. 

C. P. Rowley, [Edgely, N. D.] 
♦Bullock, Ida F., 1877-8; '80-92. 

Bullock, Mrs. M. E., (Elsie Drake), 1881-3, Mineral Springs, N. D. 


*Bullock, Samuel W., 1867-68. 

Bumpns, Mrs. Rev. Arthur L., (Cora Clark Hood), 1S8T-9, Hewlett. 

Long Island, N. Y. 
Bunday, Alvah S., 1918-19, 4143 Pillsbury Ave., Minneapolis. 
Bunday, Clarence, 1882-3, 5120 France Ave., Minneapolis. 
Bunday, Mrs. E. S., (Gertrude E. Olen), 1885-6; '89-90; '92-93, 4143 

Pillsbury Ave., Minneapolis. 
Bunday, Harriet Ann, 1895-1900, Mrs. Harriet Littlefleld, Red Lodge, 


Bunday, Mrs. Howard S., (Mae Evelyn Olson). 1915-16, Lake City, 
Bunday, Mrs. T. J., (Mary E. Ferguson), 1883-4; 1885-6, Northfield. 
Bunday, William, 1887-9; 1890-01, Dennison. 
Bundy, Dr. Gulick O., 1879-80, Barton, N. D. 
Bunker Alice S., 1879-80, Mrs. S. L. Pierce, Dodge Center. 
Bunker, Alonzo E., 1870-4, 3808 Ingraham St., Los Angeles, Calif, 
Bunker, Mrs. A. E., 1871-4, 3808 Ingrabam St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Bunker, Jennie A., 1873-5, Mrs. W. M. Dampier, 257 So. Norton St., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Bunker, May M., 1876-84, Mrs. W. H. Culver, [Yonkers, N. Y.] 
Burch, Mrs. Edward P. Burch, (Harriet Jackson), 1888-9, 1729 James 

Ave. So., Minneapolis. 
Burcbard, Vera, 1901-2, Mrs. A. Knapp, 2218 Tower Grove Ave., St. 

Louis, Mo. 

Burdick, Margaret M., 1886-7. [IMlnneapolis]. 
Burdick, Wm. B., 1875-6, [Minneapolis]. 

Burg, Charlotte Elizabeth. 1900-1, Mrs. M. L. Klein, St. Peter. 
Burgess, Ethel, 1919-20, Medora, N. D. 

Burghardt, Elizabeth Fairchild, 1899-1900, Mrs. G. Crippen, 1408 

Hythe St., St. Paul. 
Burgner, Linnaeus P., 1891-2, [Crookston], 
Burgor, Andrew H., 1873-4, Austin. 
Burke, Nina Maude, 1889-90, [Minneapolis]. 
Burmeister, Lena, 1901-2, Harmony. 

Burnap, Leta M., 1888-9, Mrs. Charles Foster, Champaign, 111. 
Burnell, Mrs. A. H., (Abbie J. Snell), 1874-5. 
Burnham, Mary E-, 1892-3. [Plainview]. 

Burns, Mrs. F. W., (Mabel O. Knapp), 1894-6, 365 Holt St., Pomona. 

Burns, Beryl, 1915-17, Lima Springs, Iowa. 

Burnside, Esther F., 1917-18, 2116y2 Pacific Ave., Everett, Wash. 
Burnside, May Reed, 1902-3, Mrs. Fred Thomas, 1237 So. Minnesota 

Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. 
*Burr, Carrie H., 1880-3. 

Burr, Louie E., 1880-82, Mrs. Chas. W. Fuller, River Falls, Wis. 
Burrows, Louise Eva, 1902-3, [Grand Forks, N. D.] 
Burt, Jessie G., 1880-83, Mrs. Gardiner Hollowell Reeves, [Duluth]. 
♦Burton, Mrs. Arthur C, (Bertha L. Hallcock), 1896-7; 1898-9. 
Burton, Laura, 1875-6, Mrs. Robert Pool, Eureka Center. 
Burton, Dr. Oscar Augustus Alden, 1892-3, 32 Dover Road, Welles- 
ley, Mass. 

Burton, Mrs. Oscar A., (Alic^ E. Hibbs), 1897-9, 32 Dover Road, 
Wellesley, Mass. 


Burton, Wm. David, 1891-95, 6565 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, 

Burwell, Edith V., 1873-4, Mrs. R. L. Muckey, [Los Angeles, Calif.] 
Bush, Avery, 1868-70, [Minneapolis]. 

Bush, Mrs. Geo. S., (Minnie J. Riddell), 1873-4, Yuba City, Calif. 
Bush, Harriet, 1900-01, Mrs. A. J. Loomis, 5632 49th Ave. S. W., 

Seattle, Wash. 
Bush, John Temple, 1898-99, Plummer, Idaho. 
Bushnell, Frank A., 1878-81, Mrs. W. E. Hibbard, Northfield. 
*Buss, Mrs., (Leona Wheeler), 1884-5. 
Butler, Belle, 1877-78, [Northfield]. 
Butler, Geo, J., 1876-9, [Stillwater]. 

Butler, Mrs. Geo. R., (Mary Alice Brown), 1888-9, Krownton. 
Butler, John J., 1878-80, [Stillwater]. 

Butler, Kate, 1871-3, Mrs. Kate Bowe, 1150 Hague Ave., St. Paul. 
Butler, Wallace, 1907-8, Beroun. 

Butler, Walter B., 1875-8, Exchange Bank Bldg., St. Paul. 
Butler, Wmiam, 18S0'-81, Exchange Bank Bldg., St. Paul. 
Butler, Mrs. W. W., (Bertha M. Barney), 1884-5, 813 6th Ave., Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

Buxton, Lydia, 1917-18, 1433 College Ave., Racine, Wis. 
Byrd, Alice H., 1886-7, Lawrence, Kan. 
Byersdorff, Arthur Geo., 1913-14, New Richland. 
Byron, Henry J., 1874-6, 261 Selby Ave., St. Paul. 
Byron, Wm. Brayton, 1898-1900. 


Cadwell, Chester, 1887-8, Chokio. 

Cadwell, Ida L., 1875-9, Mrs. F. N. Hunt, Fairmont. 

Cadwell, Lenore, 1917-18, Nashwauk. 

Cady, Hamilton P., 1891-2, Lawrence, Kan. 

Caldwell, Ida L., 1893-4, Charles City, Iowa, Public Library. 

Caldwell, Mrs. S. L., (Carrie Bruggencate), 1894-96, International 

College, Smyrna, Turkey. 
*Caley, Mrs. C. A., (Julia K. Baillie), 1900-01. 
Call, Harry L., 1891-2, [St. Paul]. 

Call, Katherine F., 1891-2, [Lovene Flats, 12th St., St. Paul]. 
Callaghan, Helen F., 1919-20, Alexandria. 

Callaghan, Helen Margaret, 1917-18, Mayo Clinic, Rochester. 
Callahan, Catherine, 1890-4, Mrs. Samuel Moulton, [107 N. Hope St., 

Los Angeles, Calif.] 
Callahan, Louise A., 1891-4, Mrs. J. A. Lynch, [Santa Ana, Calif.] 
Callahan, Margaret, 1891-2; 1900-1, [107 N. Hope St., Los Angeles, 


Calvert, James H., 1881-3, [Seattle, Wash.] 
*Cameron, Belle, 1883-4; 1887-9. 

Cameron, Jennie, 1887-8, Mrs. W. Testell, 2009 Sheridan Road, Hotel 

Somerset, Chicago, 111. 
Cameron, Mrs. Lloyd, (Lois M. Van Slyke), 1902-4, 1202 Syndicate 

Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Camp, Milo, 1877-80, [Morris]. 
Campaign, Casper Charles, 1901-2, Tower. 
Campbell, Annie K., 1887-9, [Morgan Park, 111.] 


Campbell, Charlotte M., 1891-2, [St. Paul]. 
Campbell, Dorothy, 1916-19, [Minneapolis]. 

Campbell, Mrs. E. P., (Fannie Berry), 1896-97, 1621 Portland Ave. 
St. Paul. 

Campbell, Emma I., 1867-68, Mrs. W. O. Johnson, [Eureka]. 
Campbell, Georgia E., 1901-2, Mbs. F. C. Keith, Princeton. 
Campbell, Mrs. H. S., (Mary E. Kimball), 1884-5, St. Xavier, Mont 
Campbell, Mrs. Hattie, 189S-4, [Neillsville, Wis.] 
*Campbell, John A., 1877-8; 1879-80. 

Campbell, Marion E., 1914-15, Y. M. C. A., "Little Grey Home,' 

♦Campbell, Ulysses G., 1879-80. 
♦Campbell, Wm. M., 1877-8. 
Candee, Gladys, 1916-18, Wells. 

Canfield, Mrs. C. S., (Jennie M. JeflEerson), 1874-5, [268 Washingtor 

St., Spokane, Wash.] 
Canfield, Elsie M., 1894-5, Mrs. Alonza Smith, Baraboo, Wis. 
Canfield, Gertrude, 1884-7, [Sparta, Wis.] 
Canfield, Milton R., 1915-16, Winthrop. 
Canney, Mrs., (Beatrix Murdock), 1903-5, [Atlanta, Ga.]. 
Canterbury, Ethel May, 1902-3, Mrs. Ethel Shedd, Oxnard, Calif. 
Carl, Grace Floy, 1919-20, Clara City. 

Carleton, Alice B., 1901-2, Mrs. Earl C. Dart, [Butte City, Mont.] 
Carleton, Mrs. George, (Dorah Gorham), 1876-80, Owatonna. 
Carleton, Rachel, 1916-18, St. Louis Park. 

Carll, Mrs. Earl A., (Lottie M. Vaughan), 1897-1901, Lansing. 

Carlson, Anna C, 1905-6, [St. Cloud]. 

Carlson, Archie H., 1913-15, Willmar. 

Carlson, August B., 1888-89, [South Bend, Ind.] 

Carlson, Carl O., 1897-8, [Northfield]. 

Carlson, Esther M., 1894-5, [Erwin, S. D.] 

Carlson, Victor Emanuel, 1896-9, [Minneapolis]. 

♦Carlson, Wendell Rembey, 1914-16. 

♦Carmichael, Agnes, 1869-71. 

Carmichael, George Neil, 1900-1, Farmington. 

*Carmichael, James, 1878-1882. 

Carmichael, Lura M., 1887-8, Mrs. Frank Watson, 1715 Ash St., 

Little Rock, Ark. 
♦Carmichael, Malcolm, 1882-4. 

Carpenter, Alfaretta May, 1899-1901, [Sauk Center]. 
Carpenter, Allen H., 1892-5, India. 

Carpenter, Delphine, 1911-12; 1914-18, 23 Bellevue Ave., Cambridge, 

Carpenter, Eva M., 1878-82, [Northfield]. 

Carpenter, Mrs. F. J., (Emma R. Westcott), 1887-88, California. 
Carpenter, Mrs. G. H., (Grace ji. Balch), 1893-96 R. F. D. 4, Attle- 

borough, Mass. 
Carpenter, Hattie Blanch, 1905-7, Windom. 
Carpenter, Keith G., 1913-15, Osnabrock, N. D. 
Carr, Beatrice, 1919-20, Hunter, N. D. 
Carr, Donald A., 1918-19, Excelsoir. 
Carr, Orcutt Nathan, 1891-92, [Chicago, HI.] 
Carson, Dorothy, 1917-18, Bemidji. 


Carson, Grace E., 1893-4, Mrs. Fayette A. Smith, [Monrovia, Calif.] 

Carson, Hiram, 1868-9, [Greensburg, Ind.] 

Carson, Mabel M., 1900-02, The Wintoma, Seattle, Wash. 

Carter, Mrs. C. B., (Ella C. Robinson), 1885-99, Minden, La. 

*Carter, Mrs. C. L., (Kate E. Daw), 1870-71. 

Carter, Evelyn H., 1893-4; 1900-1, Mrs. C. E. Bennett, Rose Creek. 
Carter, Mrs. Edgar I., (Margaret Shaw), 1879-82, 710 Kenwood Ave-, 

Carter, Frances G., 1914-16, Austin. 
Carter, Prof. Henry H., 1914-18, Northfield. 

Carter, Hester P., 1914-15, 424 Madison Ave. N., Pasadena, Calif. 
Cartwright, Martha Winifred, 1901-2, Mrs. M. E. Norton, West 

Carver, Addie I., 1879-84, Mrs. Archibald Black, Corvallis, Ore. 

Carver, Chas. C, 1875-6; 1877-80, [Etter]. 

Carver, Clarence D., 1875-6; 1880-4, [Etter]. 

Carver, Eugene P., 1871-2 ; 1873-7, Wabasha. 

Cary, Roy Dwight, 1906-7; 1908-9, 2177 Knapp St., St. Paul. 

*Case, Wm. L., 1875-6. 

Case, Walter Fitz, 1915-16, Benzonia, Mich. 
*Casper, Anna Adelia, 1903-4. 

Castelloe, Mrs. W. L., (Jessamine Bailey), 1885-86, [Marion, Iowa]. 
Castle, Winifred Bernice, 1899-1900, Pine Island. 
Castle, Margaret Edith, 1911-14, Havana, N. D. 
*Cathcart, Susan T., 1882-3. 

Cathcart, Mrs. J. M., (Elva M. Gilbert), 1908-9, Casselton, N. D. 
Catlin, Charles, 1874-5, Graceville. 
*Catlin, Chas. D., 1881-2. 

Caughey, Mrs. Rudolph, (Emily J. Walton), 1893-4, [Wichita, Kan.] 
Cavileer, Albert D., 1881-4, Pembina, N. D. 
Cavileer, Lulu B., 1882-6, Pembina, N. D. 

Chadbourne, Bert N., 1883-4, 713 Chamber of Commerce, Minne- 

Chadbourne, Fannie O., 1875-8, Mrs. Wm. H. Davis, Blue Earth. 
Chadbourne, Rodney W., 1886-8, 1912 Humboldt Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
♦Chadbourne, Wm. R., 1878-9. 

Chadbourne, Henrietta R., 1880-1, 1115 N. Weber St, Colorado 

Springs, Colo. 
Chadbourne, Katiebel,. 3886-8, Shaowu Fukien, China. 
Chadbourne, Ruth H., 1882-88, 1115 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, 


Chadderdon, Chas., 1873-6, [Windom]. 

Chaffee, Mrs. Geo. W., (Emergene E. Clark), 1876-77, Fergus Falls. 
Chains, Roanna F., 1877-8, Freeborn. 
Chalmers, Jas. Henry, 1896-98, [Madison]. 
Chalmers, Lorraine, 1917-19, [Minneapolis]. 
Chamberlin, Grace L., 1894-5, Mrs. C. D. Rosa, Madison, Wis. 
Chamberlin, Hattie May, 1894-5, [Beloit, Wis.] 
Chamberlin, Helen M., 1892-3, [La Crosse, Wis.] 
Chamberlin, Minnie M., 1881-3, [Winthrop, Iowa]. 
Chamberlin, Nettie I., 1870-1; 1873-4, Mrs. Wm. A. Armstrong, [Wa- 

Chamberlin, Jennie, 1877-8, Mrs. Wm. Dilley, Castle Rock. 


♦Chamberlain, WiUis, 1869-70. 

Chamberlain, George Vernon. 1917-19, [Albert Lea]. 
Chamberlain, Clarence Van Clinton, 1916-17, 289 Newbury St., Boston, 

Chambers, Belle, 3896-7, Mrs. R. Albright, Grand Junction, Colo. 
Chambers, Mrs. HowarcJ, (Helen Major), 1898-99, [Minneapolis]. 
Chambers, Margaret L., 1899-1900, [Thief River Falls]. 
Champlin, Mrs. Robt., (Frances M. McMichael), 1904-7, Vernon 

Chandler. Effie Mabel, 1902-3, Mrs. Currier, [Idaho]. 
Chandler, John A., 1882-3, [St. Paul]. 
Chandler, Mrs. J. H.. (Elizabeth Farrar), 1883-84. 
Chandler, AVm. Kinne, 1887-9, [Lakeland]. 
Chandler. "Floyd Clifford, 1915-16. Erskine. 

Chaney, Gertrude, 1899-00, Mrs. Watts O. Pye. Fen Chow, Shansi, 

Chaney, Mrs. L. AV.. (Mary E. HUl), 1877-80, 1706 S. Street N. W., 

"Washington, D. C. 
Chaney, Ralph Hill, 1901-08, Rochester, Minn. 

Chant, Alice G., 1895-7, Mrs. Arthur Belvan, 4312 Linden Hills 

Blvd., Apt. 2, Minneapolis. 
Chapman, Mattie E., 1891-3, Mrs. L. L. Dodge, 2000 Aldrich Ave. S., 


Chapman. Mabel M.. 1881-3, Mrs. Edward Bigelow, [Boise Gity, 

Chase, Allie M., 1SS5-7, Mrs. Chas. Batehelder, Faribault. 
*Chase. H. Stanley, 1883-4. 

Chase, Mrs. H. Stanley, (Hattie M. Dickinson) 1883-84, Galesburg, HI. 

Chase, John Wray, 1907-8, [Mantorville]. 

Chase, Margaret, 1917-18, [Minneapolis]. 

Cheadle, Henry W., 1881-4, 1011 E. 3rd St., Duluth. 

Cheadle. Melva, 1879-82. Mrs. C. H. Bolles, Teigen, Mont. 

Cheadle. Emily Constance, 1916-7, Lewiston, Mont. 

Cheney, Neva Caroline, 1913-14, Mrs. Geo. Halloway, Dodge Center. 

Cheney. Mrs. B. W., (Addle J. Dodge). 1881-2, [Curley, Iowa] 

Chesley. Mrs. Capt. (Carrie I. Hutchinson). 1892-3, Excelsior. 

Chester, Annie Blanche, 1899-1901. Dundas. 

Chester. Mary Etta. 1891-2, Mrs. J. Holmes, Dundas. 

*Child, Henry A., 1867-8. 

♦Child, Herbert C, 1877-9. 

♦Child, Temple Arthur. 1893-4. 

♦Childs, Mrs. D. J., (Effie Fish), 1885-6. 

*Childs, Edith H., 1883-4; 1887-8. Mrs. F. A. Morrill. 

Childs, Mrs. H. M., (Dora M. Boxrud), 1898-01, 48 75th St., Bay 

Ridge. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
ri.ilds. Ida M.. 1871-3, Mrs. W. S. Sherd, Nortlifield. 
, Chisholm, Ralph Claw, 1907-8, Pembina, N. D. 
Chisholm, Roy Davies, 1909-11, Pembina, N. D. 
Chittenden. Rodney A.. 1892-4. Spokane, Wash. 
Chollar, Wilbur T., 1892-3, [Minneapolis]. 
Christiansen, Emma Louise. 1911-12, Randolph, S. D. 
Christianson, Mrs. T., (Ruth E. Donaldson), 1902-4, '05 00, Dawson. 
Christie, Agnes May, 1906-9, Mrs. C. C. Bantz, Alexandria. 


Cliristilan, William Stanley, 1910-11, Glenwood. 

Christison, Clara Clark, 1901-2, 709' 2nd Ave. N., Great Falls, Mont. 

Christlieb, Frank Braber, 1917-19, Hutchinson. 

*Church, Frank H., 1874-6. 

Church, Helen, 1916-20, Owatonna. 

Church, Mills, 1867-8. 

Cipra, Arthur, 1916-17, Austin. 

Claggett, Strabo V., 1910-11, Washington, D. C. 

Claghorn, Agnes H., 1884-9, Mrs. W. G. Wells, Sauk, Skagit Co., 

Claghorn, Frederick Max, 1888-9, [Tostin, Mont.] 

Clague, Alfred C, 1875-6; '77-8, [Montana]. 

Clague, Charlotte J., 1874-5, Mrs. J. B. Dilley, Orange, Calif. 

Clague, Katherine S., 1877-9; '82-3, Mrs. J. B. Berlin, Kent, Wash. 

*Clague, Lizzie M., 1867-8, Mrs. Frank Thornton, 

*Clague, Louise, 1867-8; 1870-3, Mrs. D. L. Shunway. 

*Clague, Philip, 1871-2. 

*Clague, Wm. G., 1870-2. 

Clark, Carolyn Harriet, 1914-16, St. Cloud. 

Clark, Chas. E., 1890-92, Warrensburgh, Mo. 

Clark, Edgar, 1917-18, Onamia. 

Clark, Emergene E., 1876-7, Mrs. Geo. Chaffee, Fergus Falls. 
Clark, Mrs. Geo. M., (Bertha C. Parkhurst), 1887-8, [Milbank, S. D.] 
Clark, Harry B., 1909-11, 327 4th Ave., St. Cloud. 
Clark, Helen, Kasson. 

Clark, Helen A., 1917-18, Mrs. S. O. Hilling, 233 Lincoln St., Mankato. 

Clark, Herbert E., 1876-7, [Lincoln, Neb.] 

Clark, Jesse, 1901-2, [Northfield]. 

Clark, Letha, 1881-2, Cannon Falls. 

Clark, Mrs. L. H., (Cora Haynes), 1885-6, Byron. 

Clark, Marian, 1895-6, [Milbank, S. D.] 

Clark, Mamie M., 1879-80, [Northfield]. 

Clark, Mary Z., 1881-2, Mrs. Chauncey Foster, [Red Wing]. 
Clark, Nellie, 1880-2, Mrs. W. P. Hitchings, Watsonville, Calif. 
Clark, Nellie C, 1887-8, Mrs. Nellie Willis, Montevideo. 
Clark, Wm. H., 1891-94, Warrensburgh, Mo. 
Clarke, Kenneth E., 1916-18, Lidgerwood, N. D. 
Clarke, Leaffie H., 1899-1900, Byron. 

Clarke, Susie, I88O1-I, Mrs. Frank Ellsworth, Cannon Falls. 

Clarkson, Mrs. Paul, (Mabel C. Hallet), 1900-01, Brainerd. 

*Clary, Anna, 1881-2. 

Clary, Mrs. L. B., 1882-3, [Northfield]. 

*Clarey, Martha, 1869-70. - 

Class, Lottie, 1879-81, [Northfield]. 

Clay, James, 1917-18, Hutchinson. 

Cleghorn, Arthur Merrill, 1898-9, [Pasadena, Calif.] 
Cleland, John W., 1870-71; '74-5, Wilton. 

Clemens, Mrs. Wm., (Mary Kinyon), 1890-3, Messena, N. Y. 
Clement, Mrs. H. O., (Clara Stewart), 1886-92, Faribault. 
Clement, Nellie, 1917-18, Faribault. 
♦Clements, Herbert D., 1888-9. 
Clements, Oscar, I88O1-8I, [Minneapolis]. 
Clements, Dr. Stanley, 1892-3, Neligh, Neb. 


*Cleminer, Helen L., 1886-7, Mrs. J. C. Peck. 

demmer, Mary, 1896-7, Mrs. Ubert Dickey, Seattle, Wash. 

Cleveland, Gay lie R., 1891-2, [Decorah, Iowa]. 

Cleveland, Mrs. Harry S., (Nellie Robillard), 1883-5, 3201 Garfield 

Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Cleveland, Hiram Edward, 1896-7, Burlington, Wash. 
♦Cleveland, Mary Ella, 1896-7. 

Cleveland, Wm. S., 1890-2; '94-5, 1618 Clinton Ave., Minneapolis. 

Cleveland, Zena Norman, 1896-7, [Julesberg, Colo.] 

♦ClifE, James J., 1869-70. 

Cliff, Robert G., 1868-70, [Bear Valley]. 

Cliff, Ivan Spaulding, 1918-19, Lake City. 

Clifford, Mrs. A. L., (Mary Curran), 1873-4, Cannon Falls. 

Clifford, Katherine I., 1897-01, [Cannon Falls]. 

Clifford, C. May, 1906-7, Mrs. B. K. Johnson, 521 5th Ave. N., Great 

Falls, Montana. 
Close, John W., 1877-8, [Richland]. 
♦Close, Sara E., 1883-4. 

Clough, Lillian E., 1889-90, Mrs. S. L. Wright, 60 W. Wabasha St-., 

Clow, Byron Lee, 1894-6, [Blair, Neb.] 
Clow, Frances Wyman, 1907-12, Decatur, 111. 

Clow, Lillian M., 1884-5; 1888-94, Mrs. C. W. Hadden, 5131 Tioga St., 

*Clow, Sherwin, 1890-91. 

Clow, Mrs. Willard B., (Ada L. Anderson), 1890-2, Pillager. 
Clow, Margaret A., 1912-14, Pillager. 
vJlow, Richard, 1917-18, Pillager. 
Clure, Chas. E., 1871-3, [Douglas]. 

Clute, Mrs. Geo. H., (Millicent McCoUom), 1893-94, Carmel by the 

Sea, Calif. 
Coates, Mrs., (Mary Fullerton), 1881-2. 
Coates, Mrs., (Julia A. Russell), 1876-7, Sauk Rapids. 
Cobb, Dr. Geo. H., 1880-81, So. Orange, N. J., 117 Irvington Ave. 
Cobb, Geo. H., 1891-2, Ashland, Wis. 

Cobb, Hazel Isabelle, 1914-15, Mrs. P. Shannon, Hastings. 
Cobb, Iva W., 1912-13, Cleveland, N. D. 

Cobb, Mary Abbie, 1880-1, Mrs. Eugene F. Hunt, Montague, Mass. 
Cobb, Seward M., 1870-71, [New Auburn]. 
Cobb, Willard, 1870-72, [New Auburn]. 
*Coburn, James H., 1871-5. 

Cochran, Grace A., 1886-87, Mrs. J. H. Young, 1106 S. River St., Eau 
Claire, Wis. 

Cochran, Mary Esther, 1887-8, Mrs, Geo. A. Law, 112 E. 2nd Ave., 

Du Bois, Penn. 
Cochran, Mrs. R., (Helen Spink), 1904-6, White Bear. 
Coe, Angle Climena. 1890-2, Mrs. Walter McBroom, Creamery Package 

Mfg. Co., Chicago, 111. 
Coe, Isabel, 1918-19, Littlefork. 

Coffin, Benjamin F., 1881-6, 2753 Aldrich Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Coffin, Mrs. B. F., (Edith Hall), 1885-86, 2753 Aldrich Ave. S., Min- 

Coffin, William A., 1882-6, [Minneapolis]. 


CoggshaU, Mary B., 1883-4, Mrs. Dr. G. B. Dodd, 727 Ashland Ave., 
St. Paul. 

Cohooin, lanza E., 1877-8, Mrs. J. F. Bancroft, [500 R. St. N. E., 

Washington, D. C] 
Colburn, Adelaide E., 1888-90, Mrs. E. A. Baker, Hood River, Ore. 
♦Colby, Eliza H., 1867-9, Mrs. John F. Wyman. 
Colby, Milburne, 1920-, Northfield. 
Cole, Virginia, 1917-19, Redwood Falls. 
Coleman, Chas. H., 1868-70, North Branch. 

Coleman, Mrs. H. H., (Bertha Pennington), 1887-90, 57 Watson Ave., 

East Orange, N. J. 
*Coleman, Leora, 1875-0. 
Colgrove, Chas. V., 1882-3, [Minneapolis]. 

Collester, Alice Marion, 1896-9, Mrs. Jas. W. Meacham, Waseca. 
Collett, Lewis P., 1882-3, [Chippewa Falls, Wis.] 
Collins, Edward, 1882-3, [9^ Adams St., Dorchester, Mass.] 
Collins, Gladys, 1919-20, Hunter, N. D. 

Collins, Ida M., 1878-83, Mrs. H. R. Hardick, 173 S. Oxford St., St. 

Collins, Julia R., 1882-3, Mrs. Wm. Hadaway, [Baring Bros., Lon- 
don, Eng.] 

Collins, Mrs. R., (Helen Muir), 1905-6, Northfield. 
Collins, Blanche Caroline, 1910-11, [St. Paul]. 

Colp, Annie Smith, 1890-2, Mrs. Wm. J. Kennedy, 632 N. Sprague 

St., Tacoma, Wash. 
Colp, Dr. Donald Grey, 1891-3, Robbinsdale. 
Colp, AVallace B., 189-i-9, 632 N. Sprague St., Tacoma, Wash. 
Colquhoun, Ezra, 1908-10, 531 3rd St. S., Virginia. 
Colton, Bert S., 1879-82, Granada. 

Colwell, Edith, 1886-7, Mrs. E. Sund, 1926 Aldrich Ave. S., Minne- 

Colwell, Esther, 1915-17, 1776 Humboldt Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Colwell, Maggie A., 1889-91, Mrs. C. E. Cope, 1040 13th Axe. S. E., 

ColweU, Mabel R., 1886-9, Mrs. E. E. Buck, Yakima, Wash. 
*Comos, Harry A., 1875-6. 
*Combs, Helen V., 1875-8. 

Comee, Martha J., 1881-2, Mrs. C. E. Leslie, Hillsboro, N. D. 

*Comstock, Belle May, 1906-7. 

Comstock, Emma J., 1882-4, [Cherry Grove]. 

Comstock, Thos. T., 1881-4, Kenyon. 

Conant, Lizzie, 1883-5, [St. Paul]. 

Conant, Mamie A., 1884-5, [Wayzata]. 

Cone, Bernice, 1905-6, 1335 W. Como Phalen, St. Paul. 

Cone, Norma, 1905-6, 1336 W. Como Phalen, St. Paul. 

*Conkey, Harry M., 1884-5. 

Conklin, Mrs. Fred C, (Edith K. Winchester), 1891-94, 11 Ave. A, 

Bismarck, N. D. 
Conklin, Ida A., 1872-5, [Rochester]. 

Conklin, Mrs. P., (Florence Sackett), 1900-01, Fairmont. 
Conley, Doris Lucille, 1919-20, Le Sueur. 

Conley, Mrs. H. E., (Sarah L. Dibble), 1874-5, Cannon Falls. 
Conley, Mary A., 1879-80, Mrs. A. E. Engstrom, Cannon Falls. 


Conley, Samuel Lewis, 1897-8, Kenyon. 

Connelly, Julia Lucile, 1899-1900, [Kalispell, Mont.] 

Conner, Clarissa Iowa, 1902-3, Mrs. F. Hanson, [Alberta, Canada]. 

Conner, Robert Moore, 1902-3, Woodstock. 

Connerly, Mrs. Brenton C, (Lillian T. Snyder), 1894-5, [Mayagues, 
Porto Kico]. 

*Conrad, Anna T., 1880-1; 1882-3, Mrs. Wells. 

*Conrad, Eleanor, 1S77-9. 

Conrad, Geo. A., 1873-5; 1878-9, [Mapleton]. 

Conrad, Mrs. Geo. A., (Lizzie M. Hassan), 1873-5, [Mapleton]. 

Conrad, Mrs., (Jeanette C. Mulford), 1884-86, [742 E. 18th St., Minne- 

Conrad, Rev. Orion W., 1879-85, Keene, N. H. 
Conrad, Rissa L., 1884-6, Mrs. Sedgwick, [Sterling]. 
Conradson. Mrs. H. J., (Amelia Ackerson), 1898-01, I?[ingmen, Hu- 
peh, China. 

Constans, Dr. Frank E., 1883-6, [Brockton, Mass.] 

Constans, Mrs. Frank, (Estelle Wilkins), 1882-87, [Brockton, Mass.] 

Constant, Avery G., 1908-10, Spencer, Iowa. 

Constantine, Mrs. Roy, (Caddie Smith), 1905-7, [St. Paul]. 

Cook, Bessie M., 1894-95; 1896-97, Rochester. 

Cook, Mrs. Frank R., (Edith L. Parker), 1879-81, Oceanic Bldg., San 

Francisco, Calif. 
Cook. George S., 1916-17, 1932 Penn Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Cook. Mrs. Jennie B., (Jennie B. Alguire), 1907-8, [Dodge Center]. 
Cook, Mattie, 1883-84, Kasson. 
Cook, Sarah R., 1873-76, 207 St. Paul St., Austin. 
Cook, Stephen, 1875-77, [California]. 
Cook, William R., 1916-17, Windom. 

Cook, Mrs. Wm. W., (Adelle C. Knox). 1874-76, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Cooke, James W., 1886-7, [Northfield]. 

Cooke, Laura Emily, 1882-3, [Sandusky, Ohio]. 

Cooke, Lytle O., 1876-7, [Wabasha]. 

Cookson. Horace Wetsell, 1899-1901. Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada- 
Coon, Edna M., 1897-02, Mrs. H. W. Parker, 848 S. Berendo St., Los 

Angeles, Calif. 
Coon, Galen H., 1870-5; 1878-9, Northfield. 
Coon. Lulu, 1902-4, Mrs. T. L. Lee, Deer Wood. 
Coons, Geo. Erskine, 1891-2, [Louisdale, Virginia]. 
Cooney, Henry C, 1883-4, Princeton. 

Cooper. Mrs. Chas. H., 18S7-S, 322 Ramsey St., Mankato. 

Cope, Mrs. C. E., (Maggie Colwell), 1889-91, 1040 13th Ave. S. E., 

Coplin, Hattie B., 1885-0, [Cannon Falls]. 
Corbett. Michael T., 1875-84, Moland. 
*Corbett, John, 1S7G-77. 
Corbitt, Kenneth F., 1899-1901, [LeRoy]. 
Corbitt, Nellie M., 1891-2, [LeRoy]. 

Cordes, Elmer, 1913-14, 22G N. Minnesota St., New Ulm. 
♦Corliss, Chas. W., 18&4-5. 

Corliss, Mrs. Harry, (Estella Wilkins), 1SS2-4 ; 1886-7, Sumner, Wash. 
Corliss, Josephine, 1891-2, Mrs. H. V. Preston, Olynipia. Wash. 
Corliss, John H., 1884-7, Sumner. Wash. 

*Corn£orth, Cl^as. A., 1888-89. 

Cornell, Max J. T., 1911-12, fNorthfield]. 

Cornwall, Mrs. C. H., (Addle L. Olsen), 1901-02, Moline, 111. - 

Cornwall, Mrs. John, (Georgia B. Nelson), 1878-79', Owatonna. 

Cornwell, Ella K., 1878-9, Pine Island. 

Cornwell, Leon L., 1890-91, Byron. 

Cornwell, Nina, 1911-12, Spring Valley. 

Cornwell, Rick L., 1878-80, [New Haven, Conn.] 

Corson, Emily H., 1893-4, [Minneapolis]. 

Cory, Chas. M.. 1886-7, Worthington. ' 

Costain, Mrs. (Eliza Pryor), 1867-8, Moorhead. 

Cotrael, Madge, 1894-8, [Morristown], 

Cotton, Wm. J., 1897-8, [Northfield]. 

Coult, Benjamin Willard, 1913-15, Fairmont. 

Coulter, William Thomas, 1916-19, Eden Valley. 

Couper, Chlora E., 1880-81, Lodi, Calif. 

Couper, Fennimore J., 1878-9', Northfield. 

Couper, Geo. Brown, 1885-6; 1887-9, 4811 3Srd Ave. S. E., Portland, 

Couper, Helen, 1904-7, Blue Earth. 
*Couper, Dr. Joseph E., 1872-8. 
Couper, J. H., 1887-8, [Blue Earth]. 

Couper, Wm. Edgar, 1887-90, Rector St. Paul's Church, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 
Cousins, Dorothy, 1915-17, Carrington, N. D. 
Covart, Helen Winnifred, 1917-18, Buffalo. 
Covell, Paul Luther, 1919-20, Atwater. 
Cover, John W., 1868-71, [Stillwater]. 

Cowdery, Mabel L., 1880-1, Mrs. Fred A. Olds, Minneapolis. 

Cowell, Alice E., 1893-4, Mrs. R. S. Wakefield, [Northfield]. 

Cowle, Edward, Jr., 1874-6, Fargo, N. D. 

Cowle, Sarah C, 1876-7, Mrs. McLain, [Woodland, Calif]. 

Cowles, Isaac, 1870-3; 1874-8, [Brownton]. 

Cowles, Iva, 1907-8, Mantorville. 

Cowles, Margaret Estelle, 1915-16, West Concord. 

Cox, Edward H., 1897-1901, [Ridgeway, Mo.] 

Cox, Floyd A., 1910-11, Tyler. 

Cox, Mrs. F. W., (Franklin A. Phillips), 1879-80, [Chicago]. 
Coykendall, Nina C, 1892-3, Minneapolis. 

Crabtree, Mrs. D. W., (Mabel B. Geer), 1911-13, Ellendale, N. D. 

Cram, Mrs. E. B., (Nina S. Fisk), 1889-90, Deering, N. D. 

*Cram, Ida E., 1884-5. 

Cram, Wm. Arthur, 1889-90, Amite, La. 

Cramer, Annie M., 1899-1900, [Cameron, Texas]. 

Cramer, Mrs. Wm. F., (lone J. Bean), 1875-77. 

Crandall, Harriet A., 1895-6; 1900-01, Mrs. F. W. Pyncheon, 63 W. 

College Ave., St. Paul. 
Crandall, Jennie, 1874-5, Mrs. J. C. Michael, [St. PauIT. 
Crandall, Jessie Lloyd, 1916-17, [Northfield]. 
Crandall, Mrs. S. A., (Emma Willoughby), 1877-78, [Newport]. 
Crane, Lucas A., 1873-4, [Garden City]. 
Crane, Ralph P., 1905-7, 310 E. Bridge St., Austin. 
Crary, Frank H., 1902-6, Fordyce, Ark. 


Crary, Helen Earle, 1909-12, Northfield. 

Cravath, May H., 1889-93, Mrs. May C. Wharton, Drewsville, N. H. 
Cravath, Wm. B., 1883-4, [New York]. 
Craven, Alma, 1914-15, Wayne, Neb. 
Cravens, Guy M., 1917-18, [Milaea]. 

Crawford, Cfecelia M., 1909-10, Mrs. R. C. Dillman, Timber Lake, 
S. D. 

Crawford, Mrs. C. H., (Louise E. Crawford), 1891-3, [Lake City]. 
==Crawford, Eleanor, 1893-4. 

Crawford, Mrs. Geo., (Gertrude Short), 1886-87. 

Crawford, Judson M., (Judson M. Starr), 1875-76, Grants' Pass, Ore. 
Crawford, Lulu M., 1890-91, Mrs. Dargabble, Morristown. 
Creedy, Frank H., Northfield. 

Crippen, Mrs. G., (Elizabeth Burghardt), 1899-1900, [Minneapolis]. 

Crocker, Malcolm M., 1883-4, [Fort Sully, N. D.] 

Croft, Mrs. Samuel M., (Josie H. Greening), 1902-3, 316 10th St. 

N. E., Washington, D. C. 
Croft, Vernon A., 1919-20, Windom. 
Cronberg, Grace, 1916-18, Buhl. 
Crooker, Albion G., 1876-7, Fairmont. 

Crocker, Mrs. A. G., (Jennie A. Nason), 1883-4, Fairmont. 

Crosby, Blanche, 1902-3, Madelia. 

Crosby, Estelle Adelle, 1902-3, Madelia. 

Cross, D. Willis, lSSO-81, [Mapleton, N. D.] 

Cross, Geo. W., 1900-2, [Nashua]. 

Cross, Jerome Orcutt, 1890-2, Fresno, Calif. 

Cross, Mabel E., 1887-8, [Chicago]. 

Cross, Richard Hugh, 1900-2, Nashua. 

Cross, Margaret Goldie, 1916-17, 626 16th Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Crouch, Frances M., 1894-6, Mrs. Ch. Blakeley, Rochester. 

Crouch, Lulu Jane, 1888-9, Mrs. O. L. Gooding, [Riverside Drive, 

New York City]. 
Crouch, Mildred Abby, 1914-15, 222 Earl St., St. Paul. 
Crouch, Glenn Brainerd, 1912-13, St. James. 
Crowe, Mrs., (Mary Elsie Van Campen), 1894-95, Rochester. 
Crowley, Mrs. W. B., (Katherine Ashley), 1901-02, St. James. 
Cruickshank. Alexander, 1909-10, c /o John Mech'er & Sons Co., 

Cleveland, Ohio. 

(Cruikshank, Mrs.), (Lizzie Easton), 1876-77, Mrs. Jas. H. Robson, 

Cruisinberry, Wm. Alfred, 1894-5, [Des Moines, Iowa]. . 
Culver, Mrs. Russell, (Katie M. Atchison), 1910-13, Chatfield. 
Culver, Mrs. Wm. H., (May M. Bunker), 1876-84. 
Cummens, Fred J., 1904-5, [Waukon, Iowa]. 
Cummens, Clarence Maxwell. 1911-13, Rochester. 
Cummings, Damon W., 1917-18, Waseca. 
♦Cummings, Emigene, Mrs. C. B. Fellows, 1868-70. 
Cummings, Etta, 1902-4, Byron. 
Cummings, Frank V., 1890-1, [Blue Earth]. 

Cundy, Helen W., 1895-S, Mrs. Jas. Wm. Bryson, 9 Eglistou St., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
•Cunningham, Alice, 1868-70. 

Cunningham, Berta, 1893-4, [353 Wilder Ave., St. Paul]. 

Cunningham, Ernest W., 1891-2, Viola. 
*Curran, Chas. W., 1877-8. 

Curran, Mrs. G. R., (Kathrina E. Manson), 1886-7, 1419 Harmon 

Place, Minneapolis. 
Curran, Mary, 1873-4, Mrs. A. L. Clifford, Cannon Falls. 
Curren, Belva J., 1896-1902, Mrs. Jas. P. Wells, Herman. 
Current, John Rees, 1898-1900, Sleepy Eye. 
Currie, Archibald N., 1892-4, [Currie]. 

Currie, Mrs. M. A., (Etta H. Monser), 1875-78, [Minneapolis]. 
Currie, Mrs. W. A., (Frances H. Monser), 1880-83, Grand Forks, 
N. D. 

Currier, Edith, 1883-4, [Northfield]. 
Currier, Clara Marie, 1899-00, Nashua, Iowa. 
Currier, Ethelyn, 1901-2, [Canby]. 

Currier, Mrs. E., (Lucy M. Powell), 1881-3, River Falls, Wis- 

Currier, Mrs., (Effle Chandler), 1902-08, [Idaho]. 

*Curtis, Clara Louise, 1913-15. 

Curtis, Grace F., 1893-4, [Madison, N. J.] 

Curtis, Gold T., 1871-3; 1879-81, [Great Falls, Mont.] 

Curtis, Lewis W., 1870-71, [Great Falls, Mont.] 

Curtiss, Lindsley Byron, 1903-4, [Minneapolis]. 

Cutler, Mrs. Frank, (C. Louise Kelley), 1884-5, 528 20th Ave. S., 

Cutler, Geo. W., 1903-4; 1905-8, 528 20th Ave. E,, Duluth. 
Cutler, Harvey S., 1904-7, BelliBgham, Wash. 
Cutler, Horace E., 1890-3, [Philippine Islands]. 
♦Cutler, William C, 1867-9. 

Cutler, Mrs. Joanna, (Edna Wilson), 1877-85,^ [Minneapolis]. 

Cutler, Blair William, 1919-20, Park Rapids. 

*Cutts, Hampden, 1888-9. 

Cutts, Lillian U., 1888-9', [St. Paul]. 

Cutts, Margaret Appleton, 1895-6, [Faribault]. 

Cypra, Arthur, 1916-17, Austin. 


Dack, Lloyd Glen, 1900-11, 1912 Portland Ave., St. Paul. 

Daely, John Albert, 1900-2, [Devils Lake, N. D.] 

Dahl, Amy Theressa, 1907-9, Mrs. F. W. Ruliffson, Balaton. 

Dahl, Tillie Cordelia, 1896-7, Mrs. A. H. Kolset, White Rock, S. D. 

Dahl, Winona Blanche, 1911-15, Wahpeton, N. D. 

Dahlby, Albert John, 1911-14, 332 Hanover St., Boston, Mass. 

Dahle, Arthur, 1912-13, Kasson. 

Dahle, Clarence Arthur, 1911-13, Kasson, 

Dahle, Cora, 1908-09, [Northfield]. 

*Dahling, John C, 1881-3. 

DaUey, Milton, 1889-92, [Sioux City, Iowa]. 

Dailey, Mrs. (Kate C. Reed), 1893-95, Cresco, Iowa. 

Dakin, Williard W., 1880-90, [Royalton]. 

Dalbotten Carrie, 1882-3; 1886-7, Mrs. L. C. Lockrem, Cannon Falls. 
Dale, Mary Ellen, 1910-12, Mrs. Chas. James, Vesta. 
Daley, William, 1899-1900, [Etter]. 

Dalsbotten, Gertrude M., 1886-9', Mrs. . 

Damann, Hannah, 1905-7, Farmington. 


Damon, Florence, 1900-2, Winnebago. 
Damon, Hattie M., 1883-4, Mrs. W. J. Mayo, Rochester. 
Dampier, Agnes M., 1878-80, Mrs. Scott Smith, 1824 Selby Ave., St. 

Dampier, Chas. E., 1872-3, Crookston. 

Dampier, Mrs. Henry G., (Kate E. White), 1881-88, 1029 Goodrich 

Ave., St. Paul. 
Dampier, Lottie, 1881-2; 1885-6, La Crosse, Wis. 
Dampier, Maude, 1881-3; '89-90, Mrs. Travis, Owatonna. 
Dampier, Mrs. W. M., (Jennie Bunker), 1873-75, 257 S. Norton St., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Danforth, Marietta, 1895-6, [Brownton]. 
*Danforth, Chas. H., 1876-7. 

Daniels, Alice Irene, 1902-3, Mrs. C. H. Manhart, Northfield. 
Daniels, Estella F., 1882-3, Mrs. E. F. Pennington, [Northfield]. 
Daniels, Edith Paine, 1894-5, 288 Pleasant Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 
Daniels, Jennie, 1878-82, Mrs. Alex McKinley, Medford. 
Daniels, Katie, 1879-80; 1881-2, [Waseca]. 

Daniels. Mary, 1886-90; 1891-2, [2437 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis]. 

*Daniels, Mary A., 1867-8; 1869-70. 

Daniels, Philip C, 1882-4, Azusa, Calif. 

Daniels, Wilder Asa, 1886-7. [Faribault]. 

Daniels, Alice Marion, 1916-18, Two Harbors. 

Daniels, Bernice Eugenia, 1914-16, Staples. 

Danielson, Harvey Leonard, 1919-20, Mankato. 

Dargabble, Mrs. Dr., (Lulu M. Crawford), 1890-91, Morristown. 

♦Darling, Chas. R., 1882-3. 

Darling, Edw. Bailey, 1900-1, Brainerd. 

Darling, Katie, 1880-81; 1891-93, Mrs. Hosmer, Farmington. 
Darling, Mary, 1891-2, [Farmington]. 

Dart, Mrs. (Elizabeth G. Hill), 1880-81; 1887-88, Seattle, Wash. 
Dart, Mrs. Earl C, (Alice Bowker Carleton), 1901-2, [Butte, Mont.] 
Daskum, Mrs. H., (Cora M. Babcock), 1913-14, 1517 Spruce Place, 

Davenport, Gertrude, 1897-8, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Davenport, Mrs. N., (Mary Horner), 1869-70, [Minneapolis]. 

Davidson, Ethel M., 1886-8; 1889-90, Mrs. J. Mitchell, Austin. 

Davidson, Martha M., 1905-6, Hutchinson. 

Davidson, Martin B., 1885-8, [Duluth]. 

Davidson, Howard McDougall, 1915-16. Waseca. 

Davidson, Everett James, 1915-17, 40 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

Davies, Bonnie, 1917-18, Pipestone. 

Davis, Mrs. Chas. A., (Lizzie Lockerby), 1879-80, 717 6th St. S. E.. 

Davis, Cornelia M., 1887-90, Mrs. C. Stewart Dodds, Riverside, Calif. 

Davis, P]lizabeth E., 1897-9, Monona, Iowa. 

Davis, Elwin W., 1875-6, Geneva. 

Davis, Harry Otis, 1887-8, [Custalia, Iowa]. 

Davis, Harry S., 1908-9, [Kasota]. 

Davis, Mrs. J. H., (Cora C. Hendricks), 1885-86, Plainview. 
Davis, Laura, 1906-7, Blue Earth. 

Davis, Mrs., (Lydia E. Dittes), 1882-83, Fort Totten, N. D. 
Davis, Leroy G., 1880-81, Sleepy Eye. 


Davis, Mrs. S. F., (Ella R. Donaldson), 1870-71, 612 W. 59tb St., 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Davis, Mrs. Wm. H., (Fannie Chadbourne), 1875-78, Blue Earth. 
Davis, Enid N.. 1917-18, Long Prairie. 
Davis, Louise May, 1913-14, Mrs. R. Hurley, St. Paul. 
Davison, Mrs. Jay, (Mattie G. Allen), 1884-88, Northfleld. 
Dawley, Mrs. D. L., (Emily Murdock), 1877-78, 2183 Commonwealth 

Ave., St. Paul. 

Dawley, Etha I., 18&2-3, [1135 Magnolia Ave., Long Beach, Calif.] 

Day, Abbie L., 1891-4, [339 E. 18th St., Minneapolis]. 

♦Day, Ada M., 1874-5, Mrs. Wm. A. Hall. 

Day, Mrs. B. W., (Emma B. Ward), 1880-81, Hutchinson. 

Day, Rev. Ernest E., 1885-9, Whittier, Calif. 

Day, Frank A., 1879-80, 408 American Exchange Bldg., Duluth. 

Day, Mrs. H. L., (Celestia N. Starr), 1873-81, 1913 Dupont Ave. S., 

Day, Levi Wm., 1907-8, Clinton Falls. 
Dayton, Mary E., 1874-5, Mrs. L. N. Shepard, Waseca. 
Deakin, Mary F., 1874-5, Mrs. W,. J. Thomas, New Brighton. 
Dean, Abbott M., 1917-18, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Dean, Anna H., 1891-5; 1896-7, Mrs. H. C. Maughan, 2618 Irving 

Ave S., Minneapolis. 
Dean, Ida A., 1882-3, [Champlin]. 

Dean, Lucy R., 1867-8, Mrs. W. D. Rounce, Shell Lake, Wis. 
Dean, Seward A., 1876-9, [Hastings]. 

Dean, Susie Day, 1887-8; 1889-94; 1896-7, Mrs. A. J. Woodcock, Rose 

*Dean, S. Eugene, 1876-7. 
*Dean, Victor E., 1876-82. 

Dean, Warren H., 1894-5; 1896-7, Rose Creek. 
Dean, William W., 1888-92; 189S-5, Adams. 
De Bar, Dorothy Grace, 1918-20, Waseca. 
DeBooy, Adriene Joanna, 1916-18, [Montevideo]. 
De Carle, Edythe Marie, 1914-16, Miles City, Mont. 
Decker, Frances Mary, 1915-16, 1518 3rd Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Decker, Mrs. D., (Emma L. Wright), 1867-68; 1869-70, R. F. D., 

De Forest, Geo. H., 1878-80, Fergus Falls. 

Deforest, Mary H., 1884-5, Mrs. A. R. Bixby, Owatonna. 

De Frenery, Mrs. Herman, (Grace Norton), 1885-93, 506 W. 177th St., 

New York City. 
Degernes, Mayhlon Leonard, 1919-20, Bagley. 
*De Groff, Mrs. E. E., (Nellie McKnight). 

De Groodt, Alice Mabel, 1894-5, 1111 So. 2nd St., Stillwater. 

De Gross, Susie, 1889-90, [Northfleld]. 

De Lancey, Edw. S., 1883-8, Valley City, N. D. 

De Lancey, John L., 1881-3, [Chicago]. 

De Lancey, Mrs, John L., 1908-9, [Chicago]. 

*Delano, Alma H., 1884-7; 1889-91. 

Delano, Lilla M., 1892-3, [Mahtomedi]. 

Demeree, John F., 1874-5, [Northfleld]. 

De Mille, Effa, 1881-2, [Minneapolis]. 

Deming, Calvin Austin, 1915-17, 1073 16th Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 


Demo, Percy W., 1917-19, Blue Earth. 

Deneen, Mrs. Stella A., 1895-6, River Falls, Wis. 

*Denison, Nettie, 1868-72. 

Denning, Frank E., 1879-82, [Stanton]. 

Dennison, Kate, 1867-8, Rochester. 

Denniston, John C, 1875-8, Ellsworth, Wis. 

Dentlaw, Rosa, 1877-8, [Northfleld]. 

Derickson, Clara M., 1894-5, [Minneapolis]. 

Derickson, Emma Olive, 1894-5, Mrs. Geo. Gove, Red Wing. 

De Roche, Mrs. R. Arthur, (Ruth M. Willoughby), Berlamont, Mich. 

Des Marais, Mrs. H., (Olive Elizabeth Thomm), 1911-13, 307 6th Ave. 

N. E., Minneapolis. 
Deutsch, Lizzie, 1885-6; 1887-8, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Deutsehman, Archie J., 1908-10, [Owatonna]. 
De Vere, Katherine, (Catherine Callahan), 1890-94. 
De Vore, Lloyd Grant, 1915-17, [Hinckley]. 
•De Vries, Mary A., 1917-18. 
De Vries, Labertie A,, 1917-18, McAllen, Texas. 
De Vries, Sofia M., 1917-18, Mrs. S. C. Rieke, McAllen, Texas. 
Dewar, Mrs. Geo. (Annabel Mckenzie), 1890-93, Havre, Mont. 

Dewart, Ella Gertrude, 1896-7, Mrs. — , Minneapolis. 

Dewart, John Henry, 1890-91, [Milwaukee, Wis.] 

De Wolf, Maris Emerson, 1910-11, Spencer, Iowa. 

De Wblf, Mabel, 1914-15, Spencer, Iowa. 

Dexter, Fred Harrison, 1909-10, 823 E. Water St., Austin. 

Dibble, Alice M., 1879-80; 1882-4, Mrs. Francis Richardson, [Cannon 


Dibble, Etta M., 1877-80, Mrs. L. G. Nelson, [California]. 
Dibble, Mrs. N. W., (Clara B. Olds), 1882-3, Granite Falls. 
Dibble, Sarah, 1874-5, Mrs. H. E. Conley, Cannon Falls. 
Dickey, Basil, 1896-8, Hotel Thorndyke, New York City. 
Dickey, Ella, 1917-18, Dodge Center. 

Dickey, Francis Roy, 1897-8, 5115 Cornell Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Dickey, Frank H., 1869-73, 1326 Maryland St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Dickey, Mrs. Ubert, (Mary Clemmer), 1896-97, Seattle, Wash. 
Dickinson, Claire Clifford, 1903-4, [North Dakota]. 
Dickinson, Geo. A., 1909-10, [501 5th Ave. S., St. Cloud]. 
Dickinson, Florence, 1899-1900, [Menagha]. 

Dickinson, Hattie M., 1883-4, Mrs. H. S. Chase, Galesburg, 111. 
Dickman, Elmer R., 1910-12, [Winona]. 

Dickman, Mrs. F. H., (May B. Baxter), 1893-94, Glendale, Calif. 
Dickman, Mrs., (Nellie Mae Baxter), 1896-97, [Windom]. 
Dickman, Vera Margaret, 1914-15, Plainview. . 
Dickmeyer, Harry V., 1900-10, Fairfax. 
Diedenhofen, John W., 1897-8, [St. Paul]. 
•Dike, Douglas D., 1908-9. 

Dike, Donald K., 1908-9, R. F. D. 5, Grafton, N. D. 
Dilley, Ida F., 18&4-5, Northfleld. 

Dilley, Mrs. J. B., (Charlotte J. Clague), 1874-5, Orange, Calif. 
Dilley, Mrs. Wm., (Jennie Chamberlin), 1877-8, Castle Rock. 
Dillman, Mrs. R. L., (Cecelia M. Crawford), 1909-10, Timber Lake., 
S. D. 

Dimick, Fannie, 1884-5, Mrs. Fannie Stern, Lockland, Ohio. 



•Dimiek, Lida, 1888-9. 

Dirks, Wesley D., 1916-17, Springfield. 

Disney, Fred Robert, 1900-01, Zumbro Falls. 

Dittes, Lydia B., 1882-3, Mrs. Lydia E. Davis, Fort Totten, N. D. 
Dittmer, Clarence Clifford, 1914-15, Hazney, Mont. 
Divet, Donovan, 1913-14, de Lendrerie Bldg., Fargo, N. D. 
Dixon, EVa May, 1900-01, Mrs. Willard Stowell, 1430 Chelmsford 
St., St. Paul. 

Dixon, Martha S., 1894-6, 2330 Grand Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Dobbyn, Harry, 1917-18, [North Dakota]. 
Dobson, Otto Verle, 1912-13, Nora Springs, Iowa. 

Dobson, Mrs. Arthur Alfred, (Caroline M. Finch), 1886-88, Agatha, 

Dockstadder, Dr. Alex C, 1874-5, [Hastings]. 
Dockstader, Mrs. W. E., (Rose B. Fiske), 1880-82, St. Paul. 
*Dodd, Mrs. Geo. B., (May B. Coggshall), 1883-4. 
Dodds, Mrs. Calvin Stewart, (Cornelia M. Davis), 1887-90, Riverside, 

Dodds, John Simpson, 1904-7, Ames, Iowa. 

Dodds, Mrs. R. M., (Sophia I. Simpson), 1871-2, Mankato. 

♦Dodge, Mrs. A. A., (Nellie Barrows), 1881-86. 

*Dodge, Addie J., 1881-2, Mrs. B. W. Cheney. 

Dodge, Belle H., 1881-2, Mrs. Thos. S. Gallup, Athol, S. D. 

Dodge, Francis W., 1874-5, Minnesota Falls. 

Dodge, Mrs., (Marion B. Smith), 1905-6, Blma, Iowa. 

Dodson, Claude, 1889-90, [Cruchfield, Ky]. 

Dokken, Lavinia M., 1908-9, Wheaton. 

Dokken, Walter George, 1916-18, [Faribault]. 

Dole, Harvey, 1884-85, [Northfield]. 

Dolliff, Alfred C, 1888-91, Redwood Falls. 

Dolquest, Tillie A., 1880-81, [Northfield]. 

Donald, Earl Richard 1901-5, Canton. 

Donaldson, Mrs. A. H., (Dora E. Donaldson), 1867-9; 1870-71, 2707 

Humboldt Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Donaldson, Anna Mary, 1884-8, Palo Alto, Calif. 

Donaldson, Anna Mary, 1889-93, Mrs. P. F. Nielson, 2707 Humboldt 

Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Donaldson, Chalmers Otto, 1888-90, Deming, N. M. 
Donaldson, C. H. C, 1875-6, Arriba, Colo. 

Donaldson, Dora E., 1867-9 ; ^ 1870-71, Mrs. A. H. Donaldson, 2707 

Humboldt Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Donaldson, Eleanor L., 1890-91; 1893-94, 2707 Humboldt Ave. S., 


Donaldson, Ella R., 1870-71, Mrs. S. F. Davis, 612 W. 59th St., 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Donaldson, Herbert T., 1900-03, Dundas. 
Donaldson, Horace A., 1873-4, [Chicago, 111.] 
♦Donaldson, James F., 1871-3. 

Donaldson, Martha Elizabeth, 1890-94, 29 Greenway Terrace, Forest 

HiUs, L. I., New York. 
Donaldson, Ruth E., 1902-3; 1905-6, Mrs. Theodore Christiansen, 


Donaldson, Sam'l F., 1885-6, Sidney, Mont. 


Donart, Ludwig A,, 1901-3, Winona. 

Donohue, John W., 1877-8, [Bird Island]. 

Donohue, Mary, 1877-8, [Bird Island]. 

Donovan,, Harry W., 1892-4; 1895-8, [New York City]. 

Doole, Mrs. W. I., (Anna Pollock), 1884-5, Horton, Kan. 

Dorsett, Carl D., 1898-9, Minneapolis. 

Dorsett, Harriet, 1897-1900, Minneapolis. 

Dorsey, Mrs., (Florence P. Moulton), 1901-02, Two Harbors. 
Doster, Mrs. E. E., (Ida Streissguth), 1902-4, 18023 Windward Road, 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Doten, Oral, 1888-9, [Northfield]. 
Doud, Fred Lee, 1905-6, Tolley, N. D. 
Douglas, Geo. J., 1875-6, [Chicago, 111.] 
Douseman, Chas. J., 1900-01, [Minneapolis]. 
*Dow, Chas. F., 1892-4; 1895-6. 

Dow, Geo. H., 1876-7, 4406 44th Ave. N., Minneapolis. 

Dow, Julia F., 1876-7, Supt. State School for Blind, Faribault. 

*Dow, Katherine E., 1870-1, Mrs. C. L. Carter. 

*Dowling, Michael J., 1883-4. 

Drake, Arthur I., 1874-6, Northfield. 

Drake, Mrs. A. I., (Ida S. Smith), 1883-4, Northfield. 

Drake, Charlotte M., '1883-4, Otho, Iowa. 

Drake, Edith A., 1898-99, [Canton, lU.] 

Drake, Elsie, 1881-3, Mrs. M. E. Bullock, Mineral Springs, N. D. 
Draper, Dorothy, 1910-12, Mrs. F. J. Patton, Grand Rapids. 
Dreblow, Francis Fred, 1915-17. Faribault. 

Dresback, Arthur M., lSSS-93, 155 Knapp St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Dresback, Mrs. A. M., (Gertrude Woodruff), 1885-92, 155 Knapp St., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Dresser, Mrs. Albert C, (Mary E. Persons), 1873-5, Center, N. D. 
Dresser, Arden, 1917-18, [Miles City, Mont.] ' 
Dresser, Frank M.. 1880-81, [Northfield]. 

Dresser, Helene A., 1881-4, Mrs. F. M. Fling, 1530 So. 2nd St., Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

Dresser, Ralph E., 1882-3, 1607 4th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Drew, Celia B., 1894-6, Mrs. R. Dudley, [White Rock, S. D.] 
Drew, Florence Belle, 1881-89'; 1897-8, Mrs. Robert C. Tennant, Lake 

♦Drew, Charlotte M., 1900-01; 190i-7. 

Drew, Mary Alice, 1890-3. 2<>15 Woodland Ave., Duluth. 

Drew, Margaret C, 1895-0. [Northfield]. 

Drew, Marion Ermine, 1914-16, McVille, N. D. 

Drew, Wm. 1*., 1875-6. [I'reston]. 

Dorst, Francis, 1917-18, Austin. 

Dubbe, Fred Henry, 1913-15, Jordan. 

Duckett, Mrs. B. F., (Alice E. Brown), 1S8G-S7, Greenwood, S. C. 
Dudley, Mrs. Wm. E., (Ella T. Thompson), 1871-73, [Princeton]. 
Dudson, Mrs. Libbie, 1888-9, [Faribault]. 
Duff, Mabel, 18i)6-7, [Northfield]. 

Durable, Mrs. W. J., (Fannie E. Watson), 1882-3. [Los Angeles, 

Duncan, Dott Pearl, 1900-1, [Denmark, Iowa]. 

Duncan, Mrs. R. C, (Elsa E. Zachow), 1918-19, 26 E. Kent Road, 

Dunlap, Alta Henriette, 1905-6, [Seattle, Wash.] 

Dunlap, Mrs. J. F., (Rose M. Barteau), 1880-04, 569 Laurel Ave., 

St. Paul. 
♦Dunn, F. Earle, 1876-7. 

Dunnell, Fanny F., 1871-3; 1874-5, Mrs. H. R. Moore, Owatonna. 
*Dunnell, Nellie A., 1871-3, Mrs. C. W. Hall. 

Dunniclifif, Mrs., (Gertrude Emily Nash), 1901-03, Dixon, Calif. 

Dunphy, Wdlliam E,, 1913-17, Ely. 

Dunton, Arthur M., 1892-3, Bagley. 

Dunton, Harriet E., 1893-4, Grandview, Wash. 

Dunton, Mary A., 1885-6, Mrs. Wm. Montgomery, Excelsior. 

Dunton, Robert F., 1868-70, [Belfast, Me.] 

Durage, Mrs. J. J., (Ella M. Edson), [817 E. 4th St., Duluth]. 
*Duren, Mabel, 1896-7, Mrs. J. F. Barnes. 

Durnam, Mrs. A. B., (Maggie E. Monser), [^27 20th Ave. N., Minne- 

Dutcher, Miriam Pearle, 1904-6, Lake City. 

Dwinnell, Daisy Genevieve, 1914-16, Hutchinson. 

Dyar, Mrs. L. H., (Etta V. Gerrish), 1875-79, [Rochester]. 

Dyar, Mary Olive, 1899-1901, Mrs. A. E. Bostrom, De Smet, S. D. 

*Dyke, Mrs. G. K., (Hattie B. Sheldon), 1871-73. 

Dynes, Leota Elizabeth, 1918-20, Owatonna. 


*Eames, Jessie, 1875-7, Mrs. John Nelson. 
Eames, Maude E., 1899-1900, Fergus Falls. 

Fames, Olivia, 1874-7, Mrs. J, F. Toake, [Des Moines, Iowa]. 
Fames, Mrs. Roy, (Anna B. Adams), 1904-5, Fergus Falls. 
Earl, John K., 1915-17, West Y. M. C. A., Chicago, 111. 
Earle, Marcellus A., 1874-5, Osakis. 

Easier, Georgine, 1917-18, c /o Mrs. G. T. Easier, 2014 3rd Ave. S., 

Eastman, Florence I., 1907-9, 4730 Brooklyn Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
♦Eastman, Noah L., 1881-2. 

Easton, Lizzie V., 1876-7, Mrs. J. H. Robson, Pipestone. 
Eaton, Annie B., 1873-4, Mrs. R. C. Lynde, [Medford]. 
Eaton, Mrs. B. G., (Juliet Blanchard), 1879-81, 1891 Dayton Ave., 
St. Paul. 

Eaton, Ethel, 1896-9, Mrs. A. J. Nason, 60 Scott St., Chicago, 111. 
Eaton, Julia Helen, 1899-05, Mrs. Van Dusen Fishback, Brookings, 
S. D. 

Ebel, William, 1870-71, Northfleld. 

Eberlein, Mrs. Ch. W., (Mary C. Winchester), 1878-80, San Francisco, 

Eckert, Shirley, 1907-8, Northwood, la. 

Eckholdt, Laura B., 1906-7, Rochester. 

Eckles, May, 1872-3, Mrs. A. B. Kelley, Northfleld. 

Eckles, Myra L., 1867-75; '78-9, Glendive, Mont. 

*Eckles, Theodore, 1878-9. 

Eder, Lawrence, 1917-18, Blue Earth. 


Edgar, Mrs. Earl, (Grace L. Sherpy), 1903-4, 717 10th Ave., Seattle, 

Edgerton, John M., 1873-7, [Garden City]. 
Edison, Edna, 1893-4, [Argyle]. 
Edison, John, 1874-6, Kasson. 
Edison, Vera Lucile, 1914-15, [Kasson]. 

Edmonds, Mrs. Chas., (Edith L. Peck), 1898-1900, Manila, P. I. 
Edmunds, Mrs. E. C, (Fannie G. Averill), 1895-6, 160 Brownson 

Ave., Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Edson, Ella M., 1883-4: '86-7, Mrs. J. J. Durage, [817 E. 4th St., 


Edson, James R., 1881-3, 4061 Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Edson, Sarah R., 1889-92, Mrs. Sarah Annable, 1414 E. 48th Place, 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Edwards, Annette, 1899-00, Mrs. Abram E. Tliompson, [Morgan Hill, 


Edwards, Doris Jackson, 1914-18, Albert Lea. 
Edwards, Edward, 1880-81, [Fairmont]. 
Edwards, Hiram Wheeler, 1903-5, [Waco, Texas]. 
Edwards, Mary M., 1907-8, Fairmont. 
Eggestine, Adelia Luella, 1918-20, Fergus Falls. 
Egleston, Harriette, 1899-1902, Mrs. Frank Botsford, Kewatin. 
Ehle, Archibald, 1891-2, [Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, 

Ehle, Geo. R., 1889-90, [1743 Walnut St., Jacksonville, Fla.] 
Eichten, Katherine A., 1901-2, Mrs. W. F. Arndt, 2115 E. 4th St., 

Eigenbrodt, Mabel Bertha, 1915-16, Faribault. 
*Eitel, Adam John, 1894-5. 
Elder, Gladys Margaret, 1914-15, Northfield. 
Elder, James C, 190?-3, Albia, Iowa. 

Elder, Katherine, 1888-89, Mrs. Chas. J. Porter, [Madison, S. D.] 
Elder, Mrs. W. D., (J. Florence Furber), 1907-8, 3296 Euclid Blvd., 

Cleveland Heights, Cleveland. Ohio. 
Elg, Donald Theodore, 1918-19, Grantsburg, Wis. 
Ellert, Wallace Theodore, 1903-6, Seattle, Wash. 
Ellickson, Franklin E., 1801-2; '96-8, Madison. 
EUickson, Nels Albert, 1S97-S, Madison. 
Ellingsbn, Gerena, 1894-5, [Sogn]. 
Ellingson, Louisa, 1894-5, [Sogn]. 
Elliot, Adah Claire. 1901-2, [Milbank, S. D.] 
Elliot, David J., 1898-9, [California]. 
Elliot, Isaac L., 1874-6, Marshall. 
Elliott, Mary E., 1893-4, [Tehema, Kan.] 
Ellis, Anna E., 1870-1, [River Falls, Wis.] 
Ellis, Claude, 1902-3, Leaf Valley, R. D. Garfield. 
Ellis, Everett C, 1885-7, [Cambridge, Mass.] 
Ellis, Frank H., 1S82-3, 1215- La Salle Ave., Apt. 16, Minneapolis. 
Ellis. Mrs. Frank H., (Elizabeth A. Adams), 1883-84, 1215 La Salle 

Ave., Apt. 16, Minneapolis. 
Ellis, Katherine R., 1805-8, Mrs. Robt. Barrett, Cornish, N. H. 
Ellis, Melvin Wilbur, 1897-8, Charles City, Iowa. 
Ellis, Mrs. W., (Lilace H. Gray), 1899-00, Waseca. 


Ellsworth, E. H., 1891-2, [Breckenridge]. 

Ellsworth, Mrs. Frank, (Susie Clarke), 1891-92, Cannon Falls. 
Ellsworth, Earl Asaph, 1905-6, Wlndom. 

Ellsworth, Fergus Richard, 1901-3, P. O. Dept., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Elton, Emelie E., 1900-1, Mrs. L. O. Tarblaa, Grafton, N. D. 
Eltun, Annie, 1896-7, [Northfield]. 
*Eltun, John F., 1888-9; '96-1902. 

Elwell, Geo. H., 1875-8, 907 7th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Elwell, James T., 1871-3, '75-6, 945 14th Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Elwell, Lawrence Robt., 1916-17, 945 14th Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Elwell, Mary W., 1876-8, Mrs. Theo. Spaulding, 371 Claremont Drive, 
Pasadena, Calif. 

Elwell, Susan I., 1876-8, Mrs. C. T. Rickard, 618 5th St. S. E., Min- 

Elwess, Wm. F., 1878-81, [East Chain Lake], 
Emerson, Anna M., 1874-6, [Northfield]. 
Emerson, John Henry, 1898-1900, West Concord. 
Emerson, Rudolph, 1899-1900, West Concord. 

Emerson, Mrs. Thomas, (Maud Albers), 1897-98: '99-02, Watkins, 

Emerson, Leslie, 1919-20, Faribault. 

Emery, Charles, 1904-5, Stanton. 

Emery, Martha E., 1882-3, [Northfield]. 

Emhoff, Ruth, 1912-13, York, Neb. 

♦Emmons, Chas. H., 1879-82. 

Bmpey, Mrs. P. K., 1889-90, Janesville. 

Empey, Edith, 1915-16, Hinckley. 

Ender, Edmund Sereno, 1919-20, Northfield. 

Bngberg, Mrs., (Ethelyn E. Barker), 1899-02, Cambridge. 

Engel, Lillian Anna, 1915-16, La Moure, N. D. 

England, Mrs. Wellington, (Mary E. Allen), 1877-78, [Cannon Falls]. 

Engleke, Gertrude Caroline, 19€i3-04, Newman Grove, Neb. 

English, Mrs. Chas. E., (Edith H. Baker), 1892-93, 2691 Lake of 

Isles Blvd., Minneapolis. 
Englund, Ida, 1895-6, Mrs. Cleve Van Dyke, Miami, Arizona. 
Bnglund, Albyn M., 1919-20, Alexandria. 

Bngstrom, Mrs. A. E., (Mary A. Conley), 1879-80, Cannon Falls^, 
Engstrom, Fred Alonzo, 1901-2, Estherville, Iowa. 
Engstrom, Mildred L., 1903-4, Cannon Falls. 

Enkema, Jeannette, 1918-20, 4000 Sheridan Ave. So., Minneapolis. 

Enkema, Katherine B., 1902-3, Clara City. 

Ensign, Wlllard E., 1879-80; '81-2, [Walnut Station]. 

Erickson, Effie May, 1911-12; 1913-14, Hutchinson. - • 

Erickson, Ethel Maude, 1909-11, 1516 W. 25th St., Minneapolis. 

Erickson, Mrs., (Emma C. Gustavson), 1887-91; 1893-94, Grasston. 

Erickson, Lillie A., 1911-13, Clinton. 

Erickson, Mrs. Oscar H., (Daisy M. Miller), 1909-11, Bemidji. 

Erikson, Gustav Adolf, 1888-9, Willmar. 

Emoult, Georges, 1938-19, [France]. 

*Ernsperger, Idella G., 1877-8. - 

Ernsperger, Kate, 1877-8, [Richland]. 

Ernst; Kittle, 1873-4, [Minneapolis]. 

Erwin, Annabel A., 1906-8, [Sauk Center]. 


Erwin, Ida, 1881-2, [Northfield]. 

Bspeset, James A., 1880-1, [Estherville, Iowa]. 

Espy, John B. Wood, 1888-9. St. Paul. 

Essling, Edward M., 1917-18; 1919-2-, St. Peter. 

♦Estabrook, Winifred, 1878-9, Mrs. W. P. Powell. 

Estes, Frances Louise, 1891-3, [Princeton]. 

Estrem, Mary, 1876-7, Mrs. Carl N. Lien, 1814 13th Ave. S., Minne- 

Etter, Evelyn A., 1912-14, Brownton. 

Etzell, Geo. A., 1874-5, Young America. 

Eustis, Grace Genevieve, 1912-13, [St. Paul]. 

Eustis, Stella Annetta, 1907-9, 134 E. Broadway, Owatonna. 

Evans, Anna Grace, 1897-8, [Big Lake]. 

Evans, Curtiss A., 1903-4, 619 E. Mercer St., Seattle, Wash. 
Evans, Mrs. Evan J., (Mary C. Bowe), 1875-79, Fergus Falls. 
*Evans, Geo. A., 1868-70. 
*Evans, Guy F., 1883-9. 

Evans, Hattie A., 1867-70, Mrs. Josiah Kidder, Brookside, Vt. 

Evans, Ruth Pauline, 1907-8, Mrs. E. L. Ramhorter, Oakes, N, D. 

Evans, Mrs. Paul H., (Addie C. W^heelock), 1902-05, Owatonna. 

Evans, Meredith, 1915-16, Pipestone. 

Evans, Lloyd Legler, 1914-15, Pipestone. 

♦Evenson, Mrs. C. A., (Maud Phillips). 

Everett, Constance A., 1919-20. Waseca. 

Everett, Emma, 1897-8, [St. Peter]. 

*Everett, Susie M., 1884-5. Mrs. W. G. Brown. 

♦Everett, Mrs. E. A., (Nettie Miller), 1883-5. 

Everitt, George W., 1907-09, [Alexandria]. 

Elvy, Edwin Walker, 1905-6, [Butterfleld]. 

Ewy, John Arthur, 1905-7, Westbrook. 

Exner, Amelia Pauline, 1897-8, 1826 Boone St., Boone, Iowa. 
Exner, Mrs. Franz J., (Hannah L. Blythe), 1890-95, Northfield. 
Exner, Mrs. Max J., (Elizabeth Wells), 1895-1900, 105 W. 40th St., 
New York City. 


Faber, George Lewis, 1913-14, Chaska. 
Fagerstrom. Allan W., 1890-2, Worthington. 
Fahne, Oliver, 1873-4, [Northfield]. 

Fairbank, Mrs. F. J., 1909-10; 1912-14: 1916-17, Northfield. 
Falrchild, Alice, 1904-05, Fisk University, Nashville, Tenu. 
Fairchild, Arthur. 1868-9. [Oberlin, O.] 
Fairchild, Mrs. C. C, (Grace W. Sabin), 1878-80. 
Fairchild, Chas. E., 1892-3, [Kasson]. 

Fairchild, Dorothy K., 1904-6. Fisk University, Nashville. Tenn. 
•Fairchild, Mrs. F., (Ella F. Webster). 1871-73. 
Fairchild, James E., 1885-6, [Demopolis, Ala.] 

Fairchild, Josephine I., 1897-1900, Mrs. C. Houston, Park Rapids. 

Fairchild, Susie, 1891-2, [Des Moines. Iowa]. 

Fairley, Mrs. H. S., (Beth E. Ford), 1901-6, Fairmont. 

Falby, Helen M., 1899-00. [Waukon. Iowa]. 

Fales, Mrs. B. R., (Alice Mary Peck). 1891-93, [Detroit, Mich.] 
Fales, John Chester, 1902-3, Hibbiug. 


Falk, Theodore, 1887-8, [Iron Mountain, Mich.] 
Fall, Mary S., 1888-9, [Lakeland]. 

Fall, Nellie M., 1888-90, [112 S. 13th St., Minneapolis]. 
Fancher, Hattie Louise, 1879-80, Willmar. 
Fancher, John Carroll, 1901-2, [Kasson]. 

Fancher, Mrs. Lucius, (Amelia Bradley), 1890-91, [Devil's Lake, 
N. D.] 

Fancher, L. D., 1912-13, Sarles, N. D. 
•Fanning, Cornelia S., 1890-2. 
Farel, Lewis E., 1898-9, [Forest City, Iowa]. 
Farel, Oscar K., 1898-9, [Forest City, Iowa]. 
Fargo, Ellen, 1878-9, [Elwood, 111.] 

Farley, Mrs. Dr., (Irene T. Tosney), 1910-11, Eveleth. 
Farmer, Anna Pearl, 1918-19, [Flaxton, N. D.] 
Farmer, Lena M., 1888-9, [Spring Valley]. 

Farmer, Nellie M., 1889-90, Mrs. L. M. Schofield, Spring Valley. 

Fames, Mary, 1887-8, [Northfield]. 

Farnham, Geo. B., 1877-8, [Belvadier]. 

Farnham, Manley J., 1879-80, [Lake City]. 

Farrar, Elizabeth C, 1883-4, Mrs. Rev. J. H. Chandler. 

Farrankop, Ervin G., 1882-3, Northfield. 

*Farrell, W'm. A., 1871-3. 

Farrell, Edwin .T., 1915-17, Grand Rapids. 

Fates, Mrs. B. R., (Alice M. Peck), 1891-3, [Detroit, Mich.] 

Faville, Clayton S., 1919-20, Albert Lea. 

Fay, Mrs. F. J., (Alice M. Rowe), 1883-5, Port Wing, Wis. 
Fay, Stephen E., 18S2-3, [Warren, Wis.] 

Feagles, Grace B., 1892-3, [3508 Aldrich Ave., Minneapolis]. 
Featherstone, Mrs. Grant, (Carrie A. Purdy), 1883-5, R. F. D., 

Red Wing. 
♦Featherstone, Mary, 1895-6. 

Featherstone, O. C, 1878-80; '81-2, Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Featherstone, Sarah Elizabeth, 1882-4, Fergus Falls. 
Federman, Selma A., 1897-8, Mrs. F. P. Brown, Northfield. 
Fedji, Ella, 1880-81, [Webster]. 

Feldt, Anna, 1891-2, Mrs. A. Rosengren, 112 Warwick St. S. E., 

"Fellows, Chas. B., 1873-4. 

•Fellows, Mrs. C. B., (Emigene Cummings), 1868-9. 
Fellows, Harriet L., 1908-10, Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Felton, Mary Emma, 1890-91, [Minneapolis]. 
Felton, Ralph Potter, 1884-6, [Minneapolis]. 
*Ferch, Aaron John, 1912-13. 

Ferguson, Clarence Gates, 1903-4, 2115 W. 49th St., Minneapolis. 
•Ferguson, Duncan J., 1873-4. 
♦Ferguson, John, 1868-74; '80-3. 

Ferguson, John A., 1880-88, 1696 Ashland Ave., St. Paul. 
Ferguson, Mary E., 1883-4; '85-6, Mrs. T. J. Bunday, Northfield. 
Ferguson, Maud E., 1890-5; '02-3, Mrs. F. Shandorf, Northfield. 
Ferguson, Mrs. Ned, (Ethel L. Shumway), 1904-5, Northfield. 
Fernald, Louise M., 1890-4, Great Falls, Mont. 
Fernald, Sydney W., 1899-05, Darby, Mont. 
Ferrin, Alice M., 1884-5, [St. Cloud]. 


♦Ferris, Allen F., 1882-5. 

Ferris, Mrs. Chester, (Lura Belle Oakey), 1904-05, Corona, Calif. 

♦Ferris, Geo. C. A., 1909-10. 

Ferris, W. Oliver, 1906-6, Glendale, Ariz. 

Ferry, Mrs. F. F., (Mrs. F. B. Hill), 1913-15, 391 Sheridan Road, 

Wlnnetka, 111. 
Fetter, Dorothy, 1918-20, 1043 Lincoln St., St. Paul. 
Field, Hattie F., 1870-2; '73-4, Solon Springs, Wis. 
Field, Helen E., 1889-90, [1215 E. 3rd St., Duluth]. 
Field, John W., 1867-70, [Palo Alto, Calif.] 
meia, Mattie A., 1901-3, Osseo, Wis. 

Fifield, Gustavus J., 1877-83, IW Larrabee St., Sherman, Calif. 

Fifield, Mrs. G. J., (Fraakie Eugenie Noteman), 1880-84, 164 Larra- 
bee St., Sherman, Calif. 

Fifield, Winifred F., 1902-3, [Los Angeles, Calif.] 

Figge, Gretchen B., 1917-19, 1523 Emerson Ave. N., Minneapolis. 

Finch, Caroline M., 1886-8, Mrs. Arthur A. Dobson, Agatha, Idaho. 

Finch, Gladys Carne, 1915-16, Lemmon, S. D. 

Fink, Jessie, 1917-18, 1203 8th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Fink, Leo WiUiam, 1918-19, 1203 8th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

*Fink, Margaret E., 1899-1900. ^ 

Fink, Martha C, 1900-01, Mrs. Jos. Paul, 1920 Hennepin Ave., Min- 

Fink, Walter H., 1916-17, 1203 8th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Finke, Clara Maude, 1902-3, Mrs. Daniel Macken, Davenport, Iowa. 

Finkelson, Charles S., 1899-00, Northfield. 

Finkelson, Grace, 1892-3, Mrs. R. Bosard, Minot, N. D. 

Finkelson, Lina, 1899-00, Mrs. J. T. Purcell, Fargo, N. D, 

Finley, Winnifred, 1880-81, River Falls, Wis. 

Finn, Clifford, 1916-17, Austin. 

Finnegan, Frances, 1915-16, Grand RapidS; 

Finney, Helen M., 1880-81, Mrs. W. C. Bicknell, [Morris]. 

♦Finstad, Cora, 1875-6. 

Fischer, Mrs. C. W., (Emma M. Wieck), 1879-80, [Millville, N. J.] 
Fiscus, Zenas O., 1908-9. 200 Wash. Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Fish, Annie Louise, 1891-3, Mrs. Chas. B. Graves, Trenton, N. Y. 
♦Fish, Effle, 1885-6, Mrs. D. J. Childs. 
Fish. Maude, 1907-8, Pasadena, Calif. 
Pish, Robert Y., 1907-8, Pasadena, Calif. 

Fishback, Mrs. Van Dusen, (Julia Helen Eaton), 1899-1905, Brook- 
ings, S. D. 

Fishback, Blanche, 1905-7, Brookings, S. D. 
♦Fishback, Dora E., 1837-90. 

Fishback, Horace, Jr., 1912-14, 501 First St., Brookings, S. D. 
Fishback, Myra B., 1901-2, Mrs. M. T. Kennedy. 170 State St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Fisher, Blundiiig, 1899-01, Devils Lake, N. D. 

Fisher, Mrs. J. B.. (Elizabeth M. Pitkin), 1904-5, [Crookston]. 

Fisher, John J., 1891-3, 964 Osceola Ave., St. Paul. 

Fisher, Margaret M., 1892-3. Mrs. Sprague, Owatonna. 

Fisher, Marian L., 1883-4, Mrs. F, C. Mowry, 4735 Emerson Ave. Sc., 

Fisk, Blake Charles, 1891-2, Plalnvlew. 


Fisk, Mrs. Blake, (Grace A. Landon), 1892-93, Plainvlew. 

Fisk, Ciara E., 1909-10, Bemidji. 

Fisk, Clinton B., 1899-00, [Edgerton], 

Fisk, Dewitt H., 1869-73, [New Richmond, Wis.] 

Fisk, Edith M., 1893-6, Mrs. Chas. A. Peters, Freeborn. 

Fisk, Fidela, 1881-4, [Northfleld]. 

Fisk, Frankle M,, 1879-80, Mrs. A. H. French, St. Croix Falls, Wis. 
Fisk, Flora, 1881-4, Mrs. Geo. L. Zimmerman, Northfleld. 
*Plsk, Grace, 1884-7. 

Fisk, Mrs. Harlan W., (Louise B. Hubbell), 1890-92, Kensington, Md. 
*Fisk, Lucian Drew, 1895-6. 

Fisk, Nellie A., 1878-80, Mrs. W. H. Bromley, [St. Paul]. 
Fisk, Nina S., 1889-90, Mrs. E. E. Cram, Deering, N. D. 
Fisk, Pliny H., 1876-7, Stafford, Vt. 

Fisk, Rose E., 1880-92, Mrs. W. E. Dockstader, St. Paul. 
•Fiske, Grace, 1899-00, Plainview. 

Fitch, F. Louise, 1888-92, Mrs. W. L. Griswold, 102 Woodbine Ave., 

Youngstown, Ohio. 
Fitts, Mary Dean, 1907-8, Mrs. O. R. Nichols, Selah, Wash. 
Pitts, Mrs. F. D., (Etta L. Hill), 1879-82, [Madison, S. D.] 
Fitzpatrick, Richard I., 1912-13, [St. Paul]. 
Flannery, Chas. E., 1879-80, [Faribault]. 
Flaten, Nels, 1885-6, Northfleld. 
Fleming, Esther Evelyn, 1914-16, Eureka, Mont. 
Fletcher, Alsemena M., 1875-7; '80-81, Mrs. F. Weeks, Northfleld. 
Fletcher, Ella M., 1884-5, Mrs. L. C. Rains, 3221 Irving Ave. S., 

Fletcher, Freeman F., 1892-3, Red Lake Falls. 

Fletcher, Jessie M., 1884-5, Mrs. L. L. Redding, [261 Clinton St., 

Brooklyn, N. Y.] 
Fletcher, Nettie, 1881-3, [Northfleld]. 

Flinder, Mrs. Geo. B., (Anna A. Bailey), 1873-4, Sutherland, Iowa. 
Fling, Mrs. F. M., (Helen A. Dresser), 1881-4, 1530 So. 22nd St., 
Lincoln, Neb. 

Fllnn, Mrs. Geo. M., (Alice L. Hankerson), 1873-75, Medford. 
Flint, Avis Belle, 1916-17, Mrs. W. J. Bonzer, R. F. D., Charles City, 

Plom, Andrew O., 19(M-06, [Northfleld]. 
Flomm, Mary A., 1889-90, [Wangs]. 

Floodman, Ida E., 1890-91, Mrs. B. P. White, Grantsburg, Wis. 
Plournoy, Richard J., 1901-02, [St. Paul]. 

Fluke, Grace L., 1887-93; '95-6, Mrs. Herbert W. Hosmer, Farm- 

*Plynn, Thomas, 1875-6. 
Pogerty, Martin, 1918-19, Rochester. 
Pogelberg, Burnett, 1915-16, Minneapolis. 
Fogelberg, Carl A., 1915-16, Fosston. 
*Follansbee, Oscar, 1890-91. 
*Follet, Renna P., 1908-4. 

♦Folsom, Mary C, 1879-81, Mrs. Wyman Folsom, 
Foot, Marguerite A., 1905-7, Hatfield House, Long Beach, Calif. 
Foote, Frederick R. 1918-19, 2528 4th Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Ford, Beth Edwina, 1901-4; '05-6, Mrs. H. S. Fairley, Fairmont. 


Ford, Mabel M., 18»3-4, Mrs. F. W. Southam, Crary, N. D. 
Ford, Paul LaFountain, 1901-3, Mazeppa. 
•Ford, Stephen A., 1881-2. 

Ford, Wm., 1886-8, 46 Western Ave., Minneapolis. 
Forsman, Karl, 1890-91, Stambaugh, Mich. 
Forthun, Stanley A., 1918-19, Cresco, Iowa. 

Fortier, Mrs. J., (Marie Ida Thibault), 1889-90, 1830 Dupont Ave. 
N., Minneapolis. 

Fosmark, Mrs. Alexander, (Ethel Cecil Rugland), 1900-05, Warroad. 
*Fo8Sum, Mrs. Andrew, 1893-4. 
Foster, Albert S., 1903-6, [Litchfield]. 

Foster, Mrs. Chauncey, (Mary Z. Clark), 1881-82, [Red Wing]. 
Foster, Clarence J., 1907-8, [Northfleld]. 

Foster, Mrs. Chas. W., (Leta M. Burnap), 1888-89, Champaign, 111. 

Foster, Grace, 1903-4, Marion, Iowa. 

Foster, Lincoln A., 1880-82, [Northfleld], 

Foster, Tliomas, 1868-69; 1870-71, [River Falls, Wis.] 

Foster, Henry C. A., 1918-19, Mayer. 

Fouch, Frank J., 1892-3, [Missoula, Mont.] 

Fountain, Edith A., 1904-5, (Mrs. Chas. J. Heinz), Oakland, Calif. 
Fowler, Mrs. Abner, (Harriet Atkinson), 1879-83, Oelwein, Iowa. 
♦Fowler, Mrs. A. L., (Lydia C. Woodworth). 
Fowler, Chas. S., 1872-4, [Lake City]. 

Fowler, Mrs. Ora M., (Ora Bill), 1880-1, 1732 Gower St., Hollywood, 

Fowler. Pauline Emily, 1898-9, Mrs. Whitney, 2043 Lincoln Ave., St. 

•Fowler. Mrs., (Sarah D. Stegner), 1878-83. 
Fox, Floy Genevieve, 1893-4, [Durand, Wis.] 
•Fox, Frances Ella, 1888-89. 

Frame, Mrs. A. R., (Lizzie Gardner), 1880-81, Blooming Prairie. 

Francis, Agnes L., 1871-3, [Sterling]. 

•Francis, Celia J.. 1902-3, Mrs. Edward S. Wann. 

Frank, Howard Clifton, 1911-12, [Pipestone]. 

Eraser, Mrs. J. S., (Alice Bean), 1897-1900, [1900 James Ave. So., 

Frazer, Mrs. B. E., (Daisy V. Ashley), 1896-7, Lyndonville, N. Y. 
•Frazer, Ray, 1900-02. 

Frazer, William Marc, 1908-10, 445 Security Bldg., Minneapolis. 
Fream, Florence S., 1899-00, Mrs. Florence P. Batchelder, 111 So. 

5th St.. Bridgeport, Ct. 
Frederick, Mrs. W. G., (Mabel E. Beebe), 1903-5, 1205 So. 2nd Ave., 

Sioux Falls. S. D. 
Fredericks, Mrs. Dr. J. L., (Klttie Walker), 1897-98, Brainerd. 
Frederickson, Cena, 1899-00, Hunter, N. D. 

Frediuburg, Mary, 1867-71, Mrs. BenJ. Nelson, 1125 5th St. S. E., 

Freeborn, Gertrude L., 1913-14, 120H W, Franklin Ave.. Minneapolis. 

Home address, Fergus Falls. 
Freeland, Thos. E., 1873-4, [Glen Roy. Iowa]. 
F'reeland, Wm. O., 1872-3, [Florenceville, Iowa]. 
Freeman, Eliot N., 1902-3, [Grand Meadow]. 
Freeman, Harrison. 1882-3, (Grand Forks. N. D.] 


Fremouw, Ralph J., 1914-17, Miles City, Mont. 
French, Alfred, 1897-00, [Dover]. 

French, Mrs. A. H., (Frankie M. Fisk), 1879-80, [St. Croix Falls, 

♦French, Edith Elizabeth, 1904-6. Mrs. H. M. Miller. 
French, James Henry. 1895-7, P. O. Underwood, Maine. 
•French, Joseph D., 1879-80; '84-6; '89-91. 
French, Lafayette, Jr., 1905-6, 400 Chatham St., Austin. 
French, Lucian E., 1917-19, Northfleld. 

Freyer, Mrs. E. G., (Nellie E. Thorn), 1892-5, Cape Town, Union 

of South Africa. 
Friar, Mrs. John (Minnie E. Anderson), 1882-4; 1885-6, Vasa. 
Fried, Oscar Karl, 1913-15, Jamestown, N. D. 
Friedheim, Josephine, 1883-4, [Denver, Colo.] 
Friedrick, Elsie L., 1916-18, Jasper. 

Frogner, Ida L., 1876-8, Mrs. Hugh Spence, Jr., [Herman]. 

Fryer, Cuba Marie, 1918-19, 1811 Cottage Grove, Des Moines, Iowa, 

Home, Spring Valley. 
Frykman, Bror Gustaf, 1896-7, Bock. 

Fuller, Alma L.. 1884-86, Mrs. G. H. W(right, [Grand Forks, N. D.] 
Fuller, Anna M., 1892-94, [Lariraore, N. D.] 
Fuller, Bo5d H., 1908-9, Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Fuller, Chas. E., 1867-68, with Gowan-Lenning-JBrown, Duluth. 
♦Fuller, Mrs. C. E., (Martha W. Way), 1867-69. 

Fuller, Mrs. Chas. W., (Louise E. Burr), 1880-82, River Falls, Wis. 
Fuller, Clara M., 1894-5, Mrs. W. H. Hollands, Litchfield. 
Fuller, Mrs. E., (Mira W. Fierce), 1871-73, [Minneapolis]. 
Fuller, Edna M., 1915-16, teaching at Virginia, Minn. Home, 634 10th 
St., Moline, 111. 

Fuller, Mrs. Everett, (Mildred R. Ware), 1908-10, Uplands, Calif. 
Fuller, Guy S., 1874-75, [Northfleld]. 

Fuller, Julia A., 1874-75, Mrs. Wilbur Gillett, [Hudson, Wis.] 

Fuller, Lizzie P., 1867-9, [Faribault]. 

Fuller, Milton J.. 1915-16, Park Rapids. 

Fuller, Norma Helen, 1909-10, [Amboy]. 

Fuller, Orin B., 1874-75, Sauk Center. 

Fullerton, Mary E., 1881-82, Mrs. Coates. 

*Fulton, John Clement, 1899-00. 

Fulton, Mrs. J. F., (Edith S. Wheaton), 1875-86, 102 Western Ave., 
St. Paul. 

Fulton, Sarah Elizabeth, 1895-7, [Minneapolis]. 

Furber, Arthur Whitney, 1902-3, 4824 Sheridan Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Furber, Elmer Richard, 1890-93, St Paul Park. 

Furber, Geo. M., 1871-3; '74-6. 4828 Sheridan Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Furber, Mrs. Geo. M., (Nanie B. Ames), 4828 Sheridan Ave. S., 

Furber, Jas. Lawrence, 1893-5, 1523 Brook Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Furber, Jennie Florence, 1897-8, Mrs. W. D. Elder, 3296 Euclid 

Blvd., Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Furber, John Wingate, 1893-5, 4824 Sheridan Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
♦Furber, Pierce P., 1867-9. 

Furber, Sam'l H., 1883-8, 552 Stewart Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Furber, Theodore L., 1882-3; '84-5, Cottage Grove. 


Furber, Mrs. W. W., (Mary E. Ladd), 1876-78, Cottage Grove. 
Furber, Louise, 1913-14, Mrs. H. C. Kernkamp, Newport. 


Gage, Benj. W., 1884-7, Portland, Ore. 
Gage, Willard Roy, 1904-5, Winona. 
*Gaines, Mrs. E. N., (Mary Sawyer), 1873-75. 
♦Gaines, Ida, 1877-8, Mrs. Llewellyn Heustis. 
Gaines, Lucy C, 1897-8, [Seattle, Wash.] 
Gale, Lottie C,. 1877-8, [Northfield]. 
Gallagher, Olive T., 1897-8, [Sleepy Eye]. 

Galloway, Mrs. G., (Bessie B. Holbrook), 1892-99, Hood River, Ore. 
*Galloway, Lulu M., 1875-7. 

Gallup, DoUie G., 1875-7, Mrs. Clarence E. Quinby, Wasioja. 
Gallup, Edwin D., 1882-3; '84-5, [Minneapolis]. 
Gallup, Lillian E., 1885-6, Mrs. C. N. Haskell, Guthrie, Okla. 
Gallup, Thos. S., 1881-3, Athol, S. D. 

Gallup, Mrs. T. S., (Belle H. Dodge), 1881-2, Athol, S. D. 
Gammbill, Robert L., 1918-19, 1329 Hawthorne Ave., Minneapolis. 
Gammell, Alice, 1918-20, Spring Valley. 
Gandrud, Peter A., 1891-2, Glenwood. 

Gangloff, Libbie C, 1883-4, Mrs. Libbie Howie, Dennison. 
Garceau, Harry Henry, 1907-8, Red Lake Falls. 

Gardner, Lizzie, 1880-81, Mrs. Allison R. Frame, Blooming Prairie. 
Garey, Mrs. L., (Hattie Buck), 1891-92, Glencoe. 
Garland, Grace Caroline, 1915-16, Annandale. 

Garland, Mrs. J. C, (Emma L. Hazeltine), 1882-83, 264 Langworthy 
Ave., Dubuque, Iowa. 

Garlich, Dr. Geo. B., 1906-8, 474 State St., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Garliehs, Alice C, 1889-91, Mrs. Prof. McDaniel, Univ. of Pa., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. During 1920-21, American Academy in Rome, Italy. 

Garnsey, Ethel I., 1906-7, Mrs. John Paschke, Huntington Park, 

Garrett, Reginald, 1889-90, St. Paul. 
Garrison, Alonzo A., 1867-9, Wasioja. 

Garrity, Thos. A., 1889-90, [The Phoenix Bldg., Minneapolis]. 
Garvey, Edward James, 1914-15, Faribault. 

Gaskell, Ha B., 1884-6; '88-9, Mrs. W. B. Northrop, 119 Maleno 

Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 
GaskUl, Cora Bell, 1881-2, [Minneapolis]. 
Gaskill, Geo. W., 1874-6, Plainview. 
Gates, Mrs. C. E., (Inez A. Harvey), 1901-2, Goodhue. 
Gates, Denny C, 1894-5; '96-97, Superior, Wis., (Evening Telegram). 
Gates, Mrs. Edward, (Mary Helmlck), 1876-77, [Wabasha]. 
Gates, Elnathan Clark, 1916-17, Kenyon. 

Gates, Gertrude E., 1891-3, Mrs. H. C. Nichols, 2141 Woodlawn Ave., 

Gates, Joel S., 1891-2, Superior, Wis., U. S. National Bank. 

Gates, Lloyd Roland, 1903-5, Res. 593 Laurel Ave., St. Paul., Bus. 

Corning Incorporated Advertising, 89 E. 4th St. 
Gates, Lee Vincent, 1908-10, [Elgin]. 
Gates, Mary Florence, 1896-7, [Owatonna]. 
♦Gates, Mrs. W. A., (Flora E. Pike), 1880-82. 


Gates, Russell, 1916-17, Kenyoii. 

Gaugh, Katherine Winifred, 1912-14, Granada. 

Gaughan, Katie, 1886-7, [Jewitt Mills, Wis.] 

Gay, Mrs. Joel R., (Mary Jane Warner), 1887-89, 40O 12th Ave. N., 

Seattle, Wash. 
*Gaylord, Mrs., (Maybell Hoffstater), 1896-97. 

Gaylord, Mrs. T. B., (Annie P. Parker), 1872-73, [Oakland, Calif.] 
*Gebhardt, Chas., 1870-2. 

Gearey, Helen, 1917-18, Mrs. F. E. Johnstone, 4916 Upton Ave., So., 

Geddes, Dr. Donald D., 1912-13, 716 Donaldson Bldg., Minneapolis. 
Geddes, Joseph R., 1874-5, [Sodaville, Ore.] 

Geer, Mabel Blanche, 1911-13, Mrs. D. W. Crabtree, Bllendale, N. D. 
Geer, Milton Alfred, 1910-15, 133 W. Maple St., Austin. 
Geenty, Dorothy F., 1917-18, Morris. 

Geery, Esther Maria, 1887-9, Mrs. H. E. Smith, Dellwood, White 

Geier, Vera Estelle, 1913-14, Peabody Hospital, Webster, S. D. 
Geiger, Robert, 1911-12, Shakopee. 

George, Mrs. Fred J., (Nellie D. White), 1892-93, [Minneapolis]. 
George, Mabel White, 1904-7, Mrs. Myron J. Haig, Whittier, Calif. 
Gerber, Daphine Winifred, 1915-17, Walker, Home address, Argyle. 
Gerrish, Etta V., 1875-7; '78-9, Mrs. L. H. Dyar, [Rochester]. 
Gerrish, Judith Alice, 1900-01, Capitola Apts., 425 14th N., Seattle, 

Gervais, Mrs. Mary G. T., (Mary Gleason Teeple), 1890-91, Bur- 

lingame, Calif. 
*Getchell, Chas. Willis, 1890-91. 
Getchell, Lyman J., 1905-6, Creswell, Ore. 
Getty, Cora A., 1880-91, [Bunker HiU, 111.] 
Gibbons, Chas. B., 1900-01, [Seattle, Wash.] 
Gibbons, Thos. F., Jr., 1873-4; '75-6, [West Concord]. 
♦Gibbons, Wm. H., 1873-4. 

Gibbs, Harriet M., 1887-8, Mrs. E. D. Northrup, Duarte, Calif. 
Gibson, Edna Blanche, 1902-3, Mrs. T. A. Glaesmer, 618 N. Dakota 

Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Gibson, Mrs. E. B., (iNettie M. Howell), 1872-3; 1874-5, [Waubay, 

S. D.] 

Gibson, Mamie F., 1874-5, [Hudson, Wis.] 
Giddings, Geo. J., 187^-80, Anoka. 
Gieseke, Marguerite M., 1894-6, [Sleepy Eye]. 
Gilbert, Clara R., 1916-20, Glencoe. 

Gilbext, Elva Mary, 1908-9, Mrs. J. N. Cathcart, Casselton, N. D. 

♦Gilbert, Genevieve N., 1906-9, Mrs. Bill. 

Gilbert, Gideon M., 1913-17, Circle, Mont.. 

♦Gilbert, Josephine B., Mrs. Fred G. Barrows, 1880-85. 

Gilbert, Lewis, 1876-7. 

Gilbert, Mrs. L. W., (Nettie E. Richardson), 1882-83, Glencoe. 

Gilbert, Luther W., 1876-9, Glencoe. 

Gilbert, Robt. McCord, 1913-14, [Grand Rapids]. 

Gilbert, Theron L., 1869-71, [Montana], 

GUbert, Verne Craven, 1912-16, 613 Corbett Bldg,, Portland, Ore. 
Gilbertson, Julius Clayton, 1917-20, 901 W. 42nd St,, Minneapolis! 


Gilchrist, Harry B., 1898-00, [Waukon, Iowa]. 

Gill, Florence Isabelle, 1907-08, Mrs. Walter Koester, Northfield. 
*Gill, Geo. P., 1869-71. 

Gill, Mrs. J. Herbert, (Mary Jessie Watson), 1888-94, Morgantowi 

W. Va. 
*Gill, John C, 1871-2. 
Gill, J. H., 1886-7, [Bozeman, Mont.] 
Gill, Wm. H., 1882-3, [Livingston, Mont.] 
*Gill, Wm. J., 1875-7. 

Gillespie, Francis Irvin, 1900-01, Jackson. 

Gillett, Mrs. Wilbur, (Julia A. Fuller), [1874-75, 549 Baker St., De 

troit, Mich.] 
Gillette, Cora, 1912-13, Beardsley. 
Gillette, Pearle, 1908-9, Owatonna. 
Gillitt, Harry William, 1915-17, Hastings. 
Gillott, Chester I., 1917-20, St. James. 

Gilman, Mrs. C. S., (iNellie A. Thayer), 1870-71, [Rivera, Calif.] 
Gilman, Elsie Adelia, 1899-01; '04-5, [Oak Center]. 
Gilman, Hattie May, 1889-90, [LeRoy]. 
Gilman, Myron Cleo, 1907-8, [Truman]. 
*Gilman, Sam'l C, 1877-8. 

Gilmore, Florence Marian, 1898-9, Fargo, N. D. 
Gilpin, Mamie Theresa, 1895-7, Alexandria. 
Gingrich, Mrs. C. H., 1919-20, Northfield. 
Gippe, Bertha Louise, 1898-9, [Watson]. 
Gippe, Hilda Marie. 1900-2, Watson. 

Gist Ruth, 1897, 1120 Girard St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Gjemse, Lars J., 1890-91, [Hader]. 

Gladding, Henry H., 1874-8, 30 Stanley St., New Haven, Conn. 
Glaesmer, Mrs. T. A., (Edna B. Gibson), 1902-03, 618 N. Dakot; 

Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. 
*Glasby, DeCloise, 1881-2. 

Glasby, Mrs. Ed., (Ida Newhall), 1880-82, 2124 Fremont Ave., Min 

Glass, Mary A., 1880-81; '86-7, Dundas. 

Glassco, William Allen, 1919-20, Red Wood Falls. 

Glasspoole, Chas. E.. 1881-2, [Baldwin, Wis.] 

(ileason, Anna M., 1875-6, Mrs. Tarbell, [Watertown, S. D.] 

Gleason, Jesse Windom, 185)9-02, 225 Merrill St., Saginaw, Mich. 

Gleason, Thos., Jr., 1875-7, [Hillsboro, N. D.] 

Gleason. Wm. Steele, 1898-9, [Canton, 111.] 

Glemmestad, Bertha H., 1913-14, Mrs. E. R. Peterson, 843 Cornelii 

Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Glissendorf, Anna, 1898-9, Manchester, Iowa. 

Glodery, Eugenie M., 1S92-4, Mrs. N. J. Morehouse, Hollywood 

Glover, Harold, 1899-00, [Northfield]. 

Gloyd, Mrs. Ella, (Ella Kannary), 316 12th Ave. S. E., Minneapolis 

Goar, Clarissa Anna, 1885-6; 1887-8, Mrs. E. F. Wheeler, New Ulm 

(roar. Flora May, 1885-6. Montevideo. 

Goar, Margaret Jane, 1919-20, Northfield. 

Godfrey, Mrs. Nellie B., (Nellie Potter), 1895-6, Northfield. 


Godfrey, Mrs. Percy, (Minnie R. Lawton), 1887-88, 205 S. Chatsworth 

St., St. Paul. 
-Godkin, Mrs. Win., (Mary Rowland), 1867-68. 

Gofe, Susie Evaline, 1886-8, Mrs. Geo. Waterbury, 36 Root St., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Gongle, Mrs. O. C, (Anna M. Kranka), 2626 Duipont Ave. N., Minne- 
! apolis. 

Goocher, Gladys, 1913-14, Cresco, Iowa. 
Goodell, J. Francis, 1867-8, Rockville, Conn. 
Goodhue, Ada M., 1881-6, Mrs. — St. Paul. 

Goodhue, Emma Louise, 1890-91, 245 Linden Ave., Wilmette, 111. 
Goodhue, Dr. Geo., 1869-72, 133 N. Perry St., Dayton, Ohio. 
Goodhue, Lillian, 1878-9, [Northfield]. 

Goodhue, Dr. Ned Dunham, .1897-9, 433 Arcade Bldg., Dayton, Ohio. 
Goodhue, Nellie, 18S1-5, Seattle, Wash. 
Goodhue, Ralph B., 1891-00, Dennison. 

Gooding, Ada L., 1880-81, Mrs. C. N. Ainslie, [Rochester]. 
Gooding, Arthur C, 1888-9, Rochester. 
Gooding, Isabella, 1917-19, 513 3rd St. S. W., Rochester. 
Gooding, Mrs. O. L., (Lulu J. Crouch), [New York City]. 
♦Goodrich, Edith, 1909-11. 

Goodrich, Samuel Truman, 1916-18, Mantorville. At Univ. of Minn. 

Goodsell, Anna, 1867-8, [193i2 Aldrich Ave. S., Minneapolis]. 
Goodsell, Willard R., 1882-3, Central Bank Bldg., St. Paul. 
Goodwin, Belle 1890-91, [Northfield]. 
Goodwin, Mrs. E., (Minnie M. Maxson), [St. Paul]. 
Goodwin, Nancy E., 1870-71; '73-4, Mrs. Woodworth, Hollywood, 

Goodwin, Mrs. C. G., (Ora Jane Matson), 3220 Cedar Ave., Minne- 

Goodykoontz, Katherine L., 1911-13, Waukon, Iowa. 
♦Gordon, Levi S., 1872-3. 
Gordon, Lillie, 1878-9, Claremont. 
Gorham, Amy M., 1881-2; '84-5, [Owatonna]. - 
Gorham, Dora, 1876-7; '79-80', Mrs. Geo. C'arleton, Owatonna. 
Gorham, Dwight F., 1876-7, Owatonna. 
Gorham, ,T. Alfred, 1881-3, Owatonna. 
Gorham, Mary A., 1882-4; '86-7, Owatonna. 
Goss, Frank C, 1891-5, Wabasha. 
*Goudy, Carrie M., 1884-7, Mrs. Chas. Lyman. 
Gould, Dr. Edward T., 1868-70, [Royal Center, Ind.] 
Gould, Fannie Marie, 1884-5, Mrs. Geo. A. Wells, [New Richmond, 

Gould, Ida, 1882-3, [Lake City]. 

Gould, W^m. LeRoy, 1900-02, [St. Louis, Mo.] 

Gould, AVoodman W., 1899-00, [Fairmont]. 

Gove, Mrs. Geo., (Emma O. Derickson), 1894-95, Red Wing. 
Gove, Ida Estelle, 1886-8, Mrs. Guy S. Parsons, Rosendale, Wis. 
Gowdy, Mildred, 1917-18, Chaudoin Hall, De Land, Fla. 
Gowdy, Mrs. Dr. R. A., (Vera M. Unumb), 1912-16, Alexandria. 
GrafC, Herman Hansen, 1899-1903, Big Timber, Mont. 
Graff, Walter, 1898-1903, Yakima, Wash. 


Graham, Mrs. Clias. E., (Sarah Van Emon), 1868-96, Portersville, 
Calif. ! 
Graham, Plelen Edyth, 1919-20, Minneapolis. 
*Graham, Kati-e H., 1882-85. 
Graham, Lydia J., 1882-85, [Miles City, Mont.] 
Graham, Wm., 1882-3, [Warren, Wis.] 
Gran, Esther, 1916-17; 1919-20, Faribault. 
*Grannis, Chas. W., 1870-71. 
Grant, Alfred Smith, 1911-13, [China]. 
Grant, David Fabian, 1892-93, Iron Mountain, Mich. 
Grant, Gordon E., 1912-13, Faribault. 
Grant, Henry A., 1877-80, Somerset, Wis. 

Grant, Margaret Stuart, 1916-18, 3688 4th St., San Diego, Calif. 
Grant, lone A., 1879-80, Mrs. J. B. Barlow, 200 Blackburn St., Ripon, 

Grant, Isabel D., 1915-16, Fairmont. 
Grant, James H., 1873-4, [Stanton]. 
Grant, Nellie May, 1884-5, Rochester. 
*Grant, Phillip Sidney, 1899-00. 
Grant, Samuel, 1879-80, Minneapolis. 
Grashius, Wm. Drewes, 1909-11, Clara City. 
Gratio, Belle, 1887-88, [Dundas]. 

Graves, Mrs. Chas., (Annie L. Fish), 1891-93, Trenton, N. Y. 

Graves, Gallett M., 1875-76, [New York City]. 

Gray, Donald W., 1913-14, 601 5th Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Gray, Herbert, 1885-87; '91-92, [Northfleld]. 

Gray, Mrs. L., (Hattie E. Buck), 1891-92, Glencoe. 

Gray, Lilace M., 1899-1900, Mrs. W. Ellis, Waseca. 

Gray, Neil O., 1882-84. 

Gray, Nellie W., 1892-94. 

Gray, Mrs. W. A., (Ina D. Stocking), 1873-74, [Farmington]. 
Gray, Mrs. W. I., (Isabelle W. Welles), 1885-87, 2102 Lake of Isles 

Blvd., Minneapolis. 
*Gray, Sara A., 1883-89, Mrs. H. W. McChesney. 
Grayling, Francis John, 1917-19, West Point, N. Y. 
Grayling, Lydia, 1888-89, Spring Valley. 
Greaton, Wilson E., 1896-98, New Richmond, Wis. 
♦Greaves, Geo., 1869-71. 
Greaves, Henry L., 1870-2. Northfleld. 
*Greaves, James, 1869-70. 

Greaves, Dr. Percy, 1908-11, Sherwood, N. D. 

Greeley, Geo., 190o-6, Mapleton, R. F. D. 1. 

Green, Barbara, 1916-17, 255 Fargo St., Portland, Ore. 

Green, Eva B., 1SS6-7, Mrs. J. Lloyd Alexander, [Denver, Colo.] 

Green, Jennie Olivia, 1892-3, Mrs. J. C. Alter, 132 N. State St., Salt 

Lake City, Utah. 
Green, Minnie B., 1887-8, [Hudson, Wis.] 
Green, Myron D., 1868-73, [East Castle Rock]. 

Green, Mrs. P. E., (Lucy J. Bigclow), 1802-93, Glaclstonc. ]Madison 
Co., Ala. 

Green, Wyman Reed. 1915-16 ; '17-18, 2211 Sherman Ave., Evanston. 111. 
Greene, Gertrude, 1898-99, Mrs. Leon Mitchell, Rockford, Iowa. 


Greene, Joseph A., 1873-75, Home for Aged, St. Johnsland, King's 

Park, R. I., N. Y. 
Greening, Josie H., 1902-3, Mrs. Samuel M. Croft, 316 lOtli St. N. B., 

■ Washington, D. C. 
Greer, Walker Kerlin, 1911-12, Fairfax. 
Gregg, Dan Hawkins, 1916-18, Austin. 
*Gregg, Geo., 1902-3. 
♦Gregory, Mabel, 1884-5. 

Gress, Albert R., 1878-9, 2024 Grand Ave., Minneapolis. 

Gress, Mrs. C. W., (Marion Heald), 1883-85; '87-88, Cannon Falls. 

*Gress, Harry B., 1869-73. 

Gress, Iva, 1896-8, [Sleepy Eye]. 

*Gress, Lillian, 1892-3; '96-7. 

Gress,. Lizzie, 1879-80; '84-6, Mrs. W. E. Moses, Northfleld. 
Gress, Lulu, 1881-2; '90-2, Mrs. A. J. Brunner, Minot, N. D. 
Grettenberg, Hale, 1902-3, Redlands, Calif. 
Gretz, Bernard, 1911-12, Cannon Falls. 

Gridley, Lean Bernard, 1915-16, 1201 5th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Gridley, Louise M., 1906-7, Waterloo, N. Y. 
Griebe, Katherine, 1918-19, Mrs. B. A. Martin, Farmington. 
Griffin, Erwin K., 190O-1, [Northfleld]. 

Griffin, Gertrude L., 1894-5; '97-9, Mrs. Dr. A. A. Knowlton, Reed 

College, Portland, Ore. 
Griffin, Jay Moses, 1896-7, [Minneapolis]. 
Griggs, Theo. W., 1888-9, 432 Summit Ave., St. Paul. 
Grimes, Calvin B., 1899-00, Northfleld. 
Grimke, Angelina W., 1895-7, [Boston, Mass.] 
Grinde, John E., 1876-6, Dennison. 
Grinde, Nels E., 1875-6, Dennison. 
Srisim, Mabel E., 1909-11, [Northfleld]. 

Griswold, Mrs. E., (Eva D. Baleh), 1875-77, [San Francisco, Calif.] 
Griswold, Jas. Harlem, 1895-6, [Harts Grove, Ohio.] 
Griswold, Mrs. Wells L., (Frances Louise Fitch), 1888-92, 102 Wood- 
bine Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 
Grout, Lillian H., 1901-2, [Rock Rapids, Iowa]. 
Grove, Mrs. S. E., (Bertina Lewis), [Oakland, Calif.] 
Grove, Herbert Richard, 1911-12, Tustin, Calif. 

Grow, Mrs. F. C, (Nina Maude Tebbets), 1896-98, Watertown, S. D. 
Grow, Bradford E., 1917-18, Red Wing. 

Gruman, Mrs. Adelbert, (Charlotte B. Jepson), 1917-20, 826 24th 

Ave. N., Minneapolis. 
Gruman, Florence, 1916-17, 1942 Irving Ave S., Minneapolis. 
*Gudin, Ole, 1894-5. 

Guernsey, Anna B., 1888-9, Mrs. J. M. Walls, 892 Fairmont Ave., St. Paul. 

Gulbrandson, Nora M., 1897-8, Mrs. Rodli, Albert Lea. 

Gulickson, Oliver, 1907-8, Barron, Wis. 

Gullick, George Wallace, 1915-17, Edgerton. 

Gullickson, Anton, 1889-90, Ostrander. 

Gullickson, John Wendell, 1918-20, Blue Earth. 

Gunderson, Mrs. R. I., (Helen Elain Holmen), 1906-08, Kenyon. 

Gunderson, Mrs. R. E., (Dean Baldwin), 1909-11, Red Wing. 

Gunderson, John, 1869-70, [Wanimingo]. 

Gunderson, Otto Ludwig, 1894-6, Ossian, Iowa. 


Gunn, Gilbert G., 1897-8, [Ganor, Manitoba, Can.] 

Gunthorp, Mrs. Chas., (Lillian Watson), 1890-91, [Edgerly, N. D.] 

*Gustafson, Amanda E., 1887-9. 

Gustafson, Amanda A., 190O-1, Jeffers. 

Gustafson, Alfrida J., 1894-1900, Mrs. W. McKinney, 1909 Prestoi 

Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Gustavson Emma C, 1887-91; 1893-4. Mrs. Erickson, Grasston. 
Guy, G. Arthur, 1913-14, Austin. 
Gwin, Walter Ray, 1885-6, [Denver, Colo.] 
Gyles, Paul Kirk, 1916-17, Lancaster, Pa. 


Haas, Mrs. R. W., (Martha C. Kessel), 1905-6, Eldora, Iowa. 
Haas, Earl Elmer, 1919-20, Elmore. 
Hackenberg, Robt. Allen, 1916-17, Staples. 

Hadaway, Mrs. Wm., (Julia R. Collins), 1882-83, [London, Eng.] 
Hadden, Mrs. C. W., (Lillian Clow), 1884-85; 1888-94, 5131 Tioga St. 

Hadley, Lewis C, 1876-7, [St. Paul]. 

Haedecke, Emily J., 1913-14, Mrs. Richard Lewis, Moose Lake. 
Haeger, Mrs. L. H., (Florence A. Williams), 1907, [Elmore]. 
Hagaman, EdAvin A., 1895-6, [Rochester]. 
Hagberg, Louis, 1890-1, [Minneapolis]. 
Hagen, CClifEord, 1910-12, Northfield. 
*Hagen, Emma A., 1885-6; 1890-1; 1892-3; 1897-8. 
Hagen, Leonard, 1886-7, [Porter]. 
*Hagen, Marie Louise, 1885-6, Mrs. John Bierman. 
Hager, Clarence William, 1905-7. [Dodge Center]. 
Hager, Floyd A., 1907-S, [Dodge Center]. 
*Hager, Winifred, 1909-10. 
Haggard, Henry, 1807-9, [Excelsior]. 
Haig, Helen Elizabeth, 1907-8, Devils Lake, N. D. 
Haig, Mrs. M.. (Mabel W. George), 1904-07, 545 E. Hadley St. 
Whittier, Calif. 

Hale, Beatrice Emma, 1905-6, Mrs. A. Whiting, Antigo, Wis. 
*Hale, Hattie A., 1875-8; 1881-2. 
Hale, Ivah L., 1918-20, Spring Valley. 

Hale, Wm. B., 1871-74, 2003 E. 3rd St., Kansas City, Mo. 
*Hall, Alberton H., 1879-80. 

Hall, Mrs. A. T., (Alice A. Ames), 1S72-74, 104 S. Los Robles, Pasa 

dena, Calif. 
Hall, Chas. M., 1878-9, [Hudson, Wis.] 
*Hall, Chas. W., 1879-80. 

*Hall, Mrs. C. W., (Nellie Dunnell), 1871-73. 
*Hall, Clifford F., 1870-72. 

Hall, Edith, 3S85-0, Mrs. B. F. Coffin, 2753 Aldrich Ave. S., Minneapolis 

Hall, Edyth I., 1901-2, Parkers Prairie. 

Hall, Evan W., 1902-6, Fargo, N. D. 

Hall, Mrs. F., (Ella M. Rice), 1867-8, [Chicago, HI.] 

♦Hall, Gertrude, 1885-6, Mrs. Dr. Jaris. 

Hall. Grace A., 1884-6, [Superior, Wis.] 

Hall, Joseph G., 1913-14, 425 Church St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 
♦Hall, Lizzie C, 1871-3, Mrs. E. P. Thompson. 


Hall, Mellie P., 1873-4, [Northfield]. 
*Hall, Minnie Bathia, 1888-91. 

Hall, Oren, 1917-18, c/o Jaesting & Schilling Co., 379 Sibley St., 
St. Paul. 

Hall, Virginia M., 1892-3, Mrs. P. A. Bereman, 1837 Laurel Ave., St. 

*PIall, Wm. A., 1874-7. 

♦Hall, Mrs. Wm. A,, (Ada M. Day), 1874-5. 
Hallaway, Edna S., 1913-14, Claremont. 

*Hallcock, Bertha L., 1896-7; 1898-9, Mrs. Arthur C. Burton. 
Haller, Edward, 1887-8, [Wanamingo]. 
*Haller, Emily Louise, 1891-2. 

Hallet, Mabel Chase, 1900-1, Mrs. Paul Clarkson, Brainerd. 
*Hallin, Agnes Marion, 1899-02. 

Halloway, Mrs. Geo., (Neva C. Cheney), 1913-14, Dodge Center. 
Halstead, Hans O. D., 1874-5, Kenyon. 
Halverson, Kendahl, 1918-20, Caledonia. 
Hamilton, Clara Augusta, 1895-6, Algona, Iowa. 
Hamilton, Mrs. G. A., (Mathilda K. Stromberg), 1890-92. 
Hamilton, Margaret Jones, (Margaret Hamilton Jones), 1905-7. 

Mrs. J. A. Hoffman, Kung Lee Hospital, Canton, China. 
HamUton, Pearl I., 1908-9, St. Louis Park. 

Hamilton, Wallace E., 1912-13, 1700 Hillside Ave., Minneapolis. With 

Northrup, King & Co. 
Hamlin, Herbert McNae, 1912-13, 227 Russel Ave., Ames, Iowa. 
Hammond, Clara, 1880-1, [Prescott, Wis.] 

Hammond, Mrs. Geo. D., (Mary B. Stewart), 1890-92, 1217 Dayton 

Ave., St. Paul. 
Hampel, Erna Ruth, 1912-13, Elgin. 
Hampson, Alice, 1912-13, [Ada]. 

Hampton, Helen, 1887-8, 500 Groveland Ave., Minneapolis. 

Hamre, Andrew J., 1878-80, [Warsaw]. 

Hamre, Dinah, 1874-5, Mrs. Christ Bjorge, Lake Prak. 

Hancock, Chas. J., 1915-16. 

Handy, Harold B., 1902-3, Willmar. 

Hankenson, John B., 1867-69, [Glencoe]. 

Hankerson, Alice L., 1873-5, Mrs. Geo. M. Flinn, Medford. 

"Hankerson, Geo. W., 1876-7, Owatonna. 

Hankerson, Mrs. N. B., (Leora E. Mann), 1917-20, Medford. 

Hankerson, Wm. G., 1873-74, Medford. 

Hanley, John E., 1869-70, 15 Court Sq., Boston, Mass. 

Hanley, Martin James, 1894-5, [Waseca]. 

Hannevold, Gladys, 1917-18, Stevenson. 

Hansberger, Mrs. W. C, (Helen Ludlow), 1905-6, 1856 Oak St., Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. 
Hanscom, Marian, 1903-4, Willmar. 
Hansen, Alta Irene, 1906-8, Kenyon. 
Hansen, Carrie, 1889-90. 
Hansen, George Luverne, 1919-20, Tracy. 
Hansen, Helen Martine, 1915-17, Churchs Ferry, N. D. 
Hansen, Mabel L., 1910-11, Jackson. 

Hansen, Mrs. R. E., (Edith F. Whipple), 1895-6, Sauk Center. 
Hanson, Afton, 1917-18, Pomona College, Claremont, Calif. 


Hanson, Mrs. Adolph, (M. Lucille Boxrud), 1912-14, Faribault. 
Hanson, August H., 1909-11, 222 State Ave., Owatonna. 
Hanson, Mrs. F., (Clarissa I. Conner), 1902-3, [Alberta, Can.]. 
Hanson, Mrs. Hans G., (Hannah C. Veblen), 1885-86, Veblen, S. D. 
Hanson, Leonard J., 1916-17, Dawson. 

Hanson, Malcolm B., 1916-17; 1918-19, Univ. of Minn., Home Sauk 

Hanson, Nellie O., 1890-1, Mrs. Nelson March, Litchfield. 
Hardick, Mrs. H. R., (Ida M. Collins), 173 S. Oxford St., St. PauL 
Harding, Bertha A., 1905-7, Cass Lake. 
Harding, Chas. C, 1874-5, [Cordova]. 

Hargrave, Mrs. Alex W., (Estelle W. Swanson), 1901-3, R. F. D., 

c /o Inverness Guernsey Farm, Rlpon, Wis. 
Harkens, Edna Maude, 1898-00, Spokane, Wash. 

Harkison, Mrs. C. S., (Lillian Pike), 1893-94, 210 Downer Place, 
Aurora, 111. 

Harkrader, Mrs. Carl, (Florence Pengilly), 1882 Iglehart Ave., St. 

Harmes, Henry C, 1876-7, [Benton], 

Harmon, Lulu M., 1888-9, Mrs. Hugh J. Watt, [2691 Lake of Isles 

Blvd., Minneapolis]. 
Harmon, Mary Etta, 1892-6, 426 University Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Harnden, Florus D., 1882-3, Pawnee, Okla. 
Harnden, Myra Alberta, 1907-8, Sherburn. 
Harper, Mary, 1869-70, [Northfleld]. 
Harper, Mrs. Wm. B., (Addie M. Morrill), 1889-90. 
♦Harries, Annabel, 1890-3. 

Harriman, Mary F., 1877-80, Mrs. Cordenio A. Severance, St. Paul 

Harrington, Wm. E., 1893-4, Tulsa, Okla. 

Harris, Clara Mabel, 1896-8, [Faribault]. 

Harris, Mrs. (Genevieve L. Sprague), 1872-77, [Northfleld]. 

Harris, Mrs. F., (Susan Meade), 1886-87, [Northfleld]. 

Harris, Geo. W., 1877-8, [Green River, 111.] 

Harris, Helen Josephine, 1807-8, [Oakes, N. D.] 

Harris, Henry N., 1870-1, [Northfleld]. 

Harris, Mrs. J. E., (Madge C. Taylor), 1895-96, Corvallis. Ore. 
Harris, Mary Louise, 1913-14, Santa Ana, Calif. 
Harris, Veta E.. 1915-16, Austin. 
♦Harrison, Mrs. (Sarah J. Wing), 1887-80. 
Harrison, Belle, 1885-86, [Northfleld]. 

Harrison, Mrs. G. W., (Meta Allen), 1884-88, 56 Arundel St., St. Paul. 
Harrison, Hiram B., 1883-90, Washburn College, Topeka, Kan. 
Harrison, Mrs. H. B., (Nellie B. Rosenborough), 1887-90", Topeka, 

Harrison, Loranie, 1911-12, [Lima, Ohio]. 
Harrison, Wm. 1881-3, [Cannon Falls]. 
♦Harrison, Wm. H., 1874-5. 

Harrison, Mrs. W. H., (Helen F. Kennedy), [New York]. 

Harsh, Geo. W., 1899-1901, [Lanesboro]. 

Hart, Bernice, 1916-17, [Northfleld]. 

Hart, Mary li., 1886-8, Mrs. F. W. Maughn, Excelsior. 

Hart, Oliver B., 1875-8, 220 3rd Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 


Hart, Ruth G., 1916-17, [Ohio]. 

Hartfield, Emil G., 1875-6, [White Sulphur Springs, Mont.] 
Hartig, Marion H., 1918-20, 1321 Fremont Ave. N., Minneapolis. 
Hartig, Sylvia M., 1916-19, [1321 Fremont Ave. N., Minneapolis]. 
Hartley, Chauncey Thos., 1897-8, Granada. 

Hartman, Mrs. Wm., (Emma J. McChessney), 1878-79, 1708 Wetmore 

Ave., Everett, Wash. 
Hartman, Wm. W., 1877-8, 1708 Wetmore Ave., Everett, Wash. 
Hartwell, Chas. S., 1872-3, [473 Madison St., Brooklyn, N. Y.] 
Harvey, Inez Augusta, 1901-2, Mrs. C. E. Gates, Goodhue. 
*Has'erick, Anna A., 1879-80, Mrs. H. M. Powelton. 
Haserick, Alice E., 1881-3, Lenox Hotel, Seattle, Wash. 
Haserick, Lucy M., 1877-81, Mrs. Frank L. Levs^is, Neche, N. D. 
Haskell, Mrs. C. N., (Lillian E. Gallup), 1885-86, Guthrie, Okla. 
Haskins, Edgar L., 1871-4, [Northfleld]. 
Haskins, John Leroy, 1908-11, [Minneapolis]. 
Haskins, Sadie, 1881-2, [Northfleld]. 

Haskins, Virginia Annis, 1900-1, Mrs. V. A. Metcalf, Minneapolis. 

Hasson, Lizzie M., 1876-82, Mrs. Geo. A. Conrad, [Mapleton]. 

Hassan, Nelson, 1869-70, [Northfleld]. 

Hassell, Anna, 1892-3, Mrs. P. M. Olson, [Stark]. 

Hastings, Leona Rebecca, 1896-7, [Milwaukee, Wis.] 

Hatch, Lloyd, 1918-19, St. Louis Park. 

Hatfield, Lucy Victoria, 1914-16, Faribault. 

*Hatfield, Mary E., 1870-1, Mrs. D. Teague. 

Hatfield, Saml R., 1871-4, [Faribault]. 

Hatfield, Willetta B., 1914-15, Lakeville. 

Hathaway, Alfred F., 1880-1, [Faribault]. 

Hathaway, Bertha, 1917-18, [Minneapolis]. 

Hathaway, Chas. N., 1876-7, [Latah, Wash.] 

Hathaway, Hattie J., 1888-9, [Bloomer, Wis.] 

Hathaway, Laura A., 1880-1, [Faribault]. 

Hathaway, Orlando S., 1869-70, [Pomona, Calif.] 

Hathaway, Wm. J., 1869-72, 11 Chart St., [Plainwell, Mich.] 

Hathhorn, Montana Lilly, 1898-9, Livingstone, Mont. 

Haugen, Willis T., 1914-15, Biwabik. 

Haugland, Mildred G., 1915-16, Montevideo. 

Hauser, Elmer A., 1919-20, Sleepy Eye. 

Hauser, Luella G., 1919-20, Sleepy Eye. 

Haussner, Mrs. J. A., (Jessie A. Leaman), 1883-84, White Bear. 
Haven, Geo. Augustus, 1901-3, Chatfield. 

Haven, Jennie Monroe, 1904-0, Mrs. V. W. Knapp, [Long Lake]. 
Haven, Nellie Ferguson, 1898-9, [Big Lake]. 

Haverson, Ella Grace, 1918-19, 3308 Humboldt Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Haverson, Mrs. S., (Edna I. Seaman), 1913-14, Mahnomen, 

Hawker, Chas. Simon,. 1885-6, [Waseca]. 

Hawkes, Allen S., 1885-6, Waseca. 

Hawkes, Samuel S., 1918-19, Waseca. 

Hawkins, Arthur David, 1911-14, [St. Paul]. 

Hawkins, Dr. E. W., 1919-20, Faribault. 

Hawley, Mrs. Frank, (Glencora Stokes), 1893-94, Watertown, S. D. 
Hayes, Fred Mitchell, 1919-20, Minneapolis. 
Haynes, Cora, 1885-6, Mrs. L. H. Clark, Byron. 


Haynes, Manley B., 1883-4, 6402 12th N. E., Seattle, Wash. 
Hazard, Margery Isabel, 1910-11, Excelsior. 

Hazelton, Emma L., 1882-3, Mrs. J. C. Garland, 264 Langworthy Ave., 

Dubuque, Iowa. 
Hazelton, Florence G., 1892-5, [Calmar, Iowa]. 

Hazelton, Julia M., 1887-8; 1889-90, Mrs. N. M. Alvord, 4013 Sheridan 
Ave. So., Minneapolis. 

Hazelton, Lydia L., 1891-2; 1899-01, 4013 Sheridan Ave. S., Minne- 

♦Hazelton, Maude, 1892-3. 

Hazleton, Sam'l, H., 1893-4, 1039 BlufE St., Dubuque, Iowa. 
Heald, Frances W., 1893-4, Mrs. L. E. Kemp, Maxbass, N. D. 
Heald, Howard B., 1889-90, Canton, 111. 

Heald, Marion E., 1883-5; 1887-8, Mrs. Clifford W. Gress, Cannon 

Heald, Nellie A., 1882-3, K. R. 5, Peoria, 111. 

*Hearle, Edith A., 1889-90. 

Heart, Frank, 1892-3, Waukegan, 111. 

Heath, Geo. M., 1878-80, [Montreal, Can.] 

*Heath, Lucie F., 1893-94. 

Heath, Victor R., 1875-76, [Waseca]. 

Heatwole, Mrs. Joel P., 1890-91, The Leamington, IMinneapolis. 

Hedreen, Chas. Belmont, 1888-90, 2502 8th W., Seattle, Wash. 

*Hegaard, Agnes M., 1892-94. Mrs. E. W. Palutzke. 

Hegardt, Wm. G., 1875-76, Duluth. 

Heichert, Wm. T., 1872-75, [Grand Forks, N. D.] 

Heimer, Roy A., 1910-11, Dexter. 

Heinemann, Walter, 1918-19, St. Bonifacius. 

Heinz, Mrs. Chas. J., (Edith A. Fountain). 1904-5, Oakland, Calif. 
Helbing. Geneva Sophia, 1909-10, Glenwood. 
Held, Harland Frank, 1916-17, Kenyon. 

Helgeson, Mrs. C. W., (Jennie Austin), 1897-1901, Clyde Park, Mont. 

Helgeson, Mabel Louise, 1898-9, Mrs. L. J. Montgomery. 

Helgeson, Ruth Verona, 1919-20, Minneapolis. 

Helgeison, Russell Albert, 1908-9, [Herman]. 

Helleckson, Minnie Henrietta, 1907-S, Wheaton. 

Hellickson, Leland Ellsworth, 1916-17, Harmony. 

Heller, Jessie M., 1891-92, Menomonie, Wis. 

Hellie, Edwin W., 1911-14, Albert Lea. 

Helling, Mrs. S. O., (Helen Clark), 1917-18, 233 Lincoln St., Mankato. 
Helm, Mrs. L. C, (Dora McGuigan), 1905-6, 4520 Zenith Ave. S.. 

Helmick, Mary, 1876-7, Mrs. Edward Gates, [Wabasha]. 
Helming, Clara, 1895-8, Waukon, Iowa. 

Henderson, Eliza A., 1871-72, Mrs. .1. B. Neel, 2805 (Miicngo Ave., 

Henderson, Elsie C, 1873-4, Mrs. Nonl. IGraiul Rapids]. 
Henderson, Fred Savage, 1901-5. N()rthli(>kl. 
Henderson, Mrs. F. E., 18t>2-3, Northheld. 
♦Henderson, Hallie, 1876-7. 

Henderson, Maude E., 1882-3; 1884-5, Mrs. C. .1. Kamsey, Vine St., 

Racine, Wis. 
Henderson, Maurice Amos, 1919-20, Alden. 


Hendricks, Cora C, 1885-6, Mrs. J. H. Davis, Plainview. 
Hendricks, Effle May, 1885-6, [Dover]. 
*Hendricks, Eunice Abby, 1885-9. 
Hendrickson, Albert, 1893-4, Christiania. 
Hendrickson, Amanda Amelia, 1898-9, [Northland]. 
Hendrickson, Carl John, 1901-4, Clam Falls, Wis. 
Hendry, Tena May, 1905-6, [Kasson]. 
Hengstler, Mrs. H., (Edna E. Baird), 1906-8, Osakis. 
Henion, Mrs. C. C, (Sadie B. Morrison), 1896-7, 147 W. 57th St., 
New York City. 

Henke, Louis Napoleon, 1902-3, [519 S. Capital St., Iowa City, Iowa]. 

Henkle, Otto F., 1875-6, Nerstrand. 

Hennessy, John, 1871-3, Webster. 

Henriksen, Selma Theodora, 1904-5, Tyler. 

Henry, Forest, 1874-6, [Dover Center]. 

Henry, Frank N., 1874-5, [Eyota]. 

Henry, John Milton, 1910-11, 258 W. 7th St., Winona. 
Hensen, Carrie, 1888-9, Waseca. 

Henze, Eva, 1915-16, Mrs. C. L. Schuneman, 759 Amherst St., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

Herbrecht, Mrs. W. C, (Daisy O. Smith), 1889-90, Charles City, 

Hermanson, Ingebrit Theodore, 1904-5, Dell Rapids, S. D. 
Herness, Haldur, 1883-84, [Hoff]. 
Hernett, Emma A., 1900-1, Herman. 
Herren, Allen Bliss, 1916-18, Fillmore, 111. 

Herren, Mrs. Frank, (.Jessie A. Allen), 1889-91, Fillmore, 111. 
Herrick, Henry E., 1916-8, [3120 Oakland Ave., Minneapolis]. 
Herrick, Mrs. L. L., (Gertrude A. Janney), 1889-90, [Eden Valley]. 
Hermann, Chas. Fred, 1918-19, Norwood. 

Herrold, Mrs. H. D., (Marion Juliette Lord), 1891-2, St. Paul. 

Hervey, Elizabeth Carpenter, 1913-14, [Northfleld]. 

Hervey, Mrs. W. C, (Lucy Lincoln), 1888-90, Secretary to the Presi- 
dent, Pacific University, Forest Grove, Ore. 

Heslin, Julia May, 1900-1, Mrs. Chas. Murphy, Newport, Wash. 

Hess, Henry Clarence, 1915-17, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. 
Home. New Ulm. 

Hestad, Earle E., 1918-19, Dawson. 

Hetric, Isaac D., 1872-73, [Waseca]. 

Hewitt, Alpheus, 1887-8, Winnebago. 

Hewitt, Lucia Maude, 1904-5, Mrs. A. J. Lee, Cannon Falls. 
Hibbard, Ella Louise, 1899-00; 1903-5, Mrs. Geo. H. Scofield, North- 

Hibbard, Florence, 1907-10, Mrs. C. L. McNelly, Dodge Center. 
Hibbard, Mrs. W. E., (Flank A. Bushnell), 1878-81, 1884-5, Northfleld. 
Hibbs, Alice Emilia, 1897-8, Mrs. Dr. O. A. Burton, 32 Dover Road, 

Wellsley, Mass. 
Hibbs, Frank W., 1882-3, Mystic, Conn., R. No. 1. 
Hickok, Homer G., 1886-8; 1890-1, Owatonna. 
Hicks, Elizabeth, 1916-17, Grand Marais. 
Hicks, Ella Mae, 1918-20, Tracy. 
Hicks, Emery Albert, 1903-4, Byron. 
*Hicks, William E., 1876-81. 


Hiertz, Gerome, 1883-4, [Northfield]. 

Higbee, Lucy E., 1885-87, 2300 ainton Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Higbee, Matt L., 1888-91, 2300 Clinton Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Higbie, Edgar C, 1901-2, Grand Meadow. 

Higgins, Mrs. E. A., (Eleanor A. Ritter), 1903-04, 321 Harrison Ave., 
Astoria, Ore. 

Higgins, Grace Brookes, 1916-18, [San Benito, Texas]. 
Higgins, Mrs. H., (Maizy P. Johnson), 1890-91, 3016 Knox Ave., 

Hildahl, Esther, 1904-6, Estevan, Assa., Canada. 
Hildebrand, Harvey, 1901-2, Lyle. 
Hill, Angeline N., 1906-7, [Jackson]. 

Hill, Arthur Delos, 1895-8, 11 Quinsan Gardens, Shanghai, China. 
Hill, Edna, 1916-17, [Northfield]. 

Hill, Elizabeth E., 1880-81; 1887-88, Mrs. Dart, 4907 Lowman Drive, 

Seattle Wash. 
Hill, Elmer F., 1875-77, [Red Wing]. 

HiU, Etta L., 1879-80; 1881-2, Mrs. F. G. Fltts, [Madison, S. D.] 
Hill, Mrs. Frank R., (Fannie M. AVingate), 1886-90, 312 Nuber Ave., 

Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Hill, Mrs. F. B., 1913-15, Mrs. Frank Ferry, W^innetka, 111. 
Hill, Fred B., Jr., 1919-20, c /o Mrs. Frank Ferry, Winnetka, 111. 
Hill, Gertrude I., 1898-99, [Harmon, 111.] 
Hill, John Spicer, 1890-91, [1332 Hewitt Ave., St. Paul]. 
Hill, Margaret, 1918-20, Minneapolis. 

Hill, Mary E., 1877-80, Mrs. Lucian W. Chaney, 1706 S. Street N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 
Hill, Philip, 1907-9, Aberdeen, S. D. 
Hill, Ruth Elizabeth, 1917-18, Ipswich, S. D. 
Hill, Zoe, 1897-8, Couicil Bluffs, Iowa. 
Hilliard, Milton Earle, 1913-14, Happyland. 

Hilling, Mrs. S. O., (Helen A. Clark), 1917-18, 233 Lincoln St., 

Hillman, Edna, 1902-3, Mrs. Rooney, North Yakima, Wash. 
Hills, Edward, 1882-3, [Dean]. 

Hills, Eva M., 1S79-S3, Mrs. W. J. Howard, 932 Dayton Ave,, St. 

Hills, Mrs. Wm., (Mary H. Abbott), 1871-3, R. F. D. No. 2, Twin 
Falls, Idaho. 

Hilton, Mrs. Rev. J. V., (Grace Lee Williams), 1884-5, Boulder, Colo. 
Himmelwright, Mrs. W. S., (C. Bernice Reeves), [Fargo, N. D.] 
Hindley, P. Ingham, 1902-4, Los Angeles, Calif. 
*Hinds, Geo. 1875-7. 

Hinds, Lulu A., 1881-2; 1883-4, Mrs. Noel McGale, [25 Townsend 

Ave., Stapleton, Staton Is., N. Y.] 
♦Hinds, Mrs., (Emma F. Bailey). 
Hinz, Elizabeth, 1006-7, [North Dakota]. 
Hirayama, Kihachi, 1899-01, [Usuki, Japan]. 
Hirschy, Geo. Benson, 1914-17, Brookings, Ore. 

Hirschy, Margaret Cornelia, 1913-15. Mrs. C. W. Potter, Mendota, 111. 
Hitchcock, Claude N., 1909-10, 42 Broadway, New YorK City. 
Hitchcock, Reuben W., 1889-00, 1895-6, 4552 York Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Ilitchings, Fred W., 1877-8, Watsonvillo, Calif. 


Hitchings, Mrs. Walter P., (Nellie Clark), 1880-82, Watsonville, 

Hite, Hallie Bertha, 1895-6, Mrs. F. P. Wells, 1803 N. Nevada Ave., 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Hoag, Helen E., 1880-2; 1883-9, Mt. Holyoke College, 46 Elizabeth 

Mead Hall, South Hadley, Mass. 
Hoag, Lillian M., 1881-3, 920 W. Buffalo St., Ithaca, N. Y. 
Hoard, Eugenia, 1901-2, Mrs. Chas. Lee, c /o H. E. Hoard, Pomona, 


*Hoard, Wm. Temple, 1913-15. 

Hoback, Josephine, 1888-90, [Helena, Mont] 

Hoff, Martha Berdina, 1895-6, Mrs. C. R. Dibble, 1215 Wilson Ave., 

Pasadena, Calif. 
Hoffman, Mrs. H. G., (Sophia Budd), 1880-81, Marshall. 
Hoffman, Mrs. J. A., (Margaret Jones Hamilton), 1905-7, Kung Yee 

Hospital, Canton, China. 
-Hoffstater, Maybell, 1896-7, Mrs. Gaylord. 
Hogan, Mrs. O. T., (Mary Veblen), 1877-8. 

Hohf, Mrs. S. E. (Alice H. Pihl), 1904-6, 411 Pine St., Yankton, S. D. 
Holbrook, Bessie B., 1892-3; 1897-9, Mrs. G. Galloway, Hood River, 

Holbrook, Chas. S., 1875-81, [St. Anthony Park]. 
Holbrook, John F., 1877-78. 

Holbrook, Mrs. John, 1896-7, 419 S. Broad St., Mankato. 
Holbrook, Col. Lucius Ray, 1891-92, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 
Holbrook, Mary I., 1880-81. 

Holbrook, Mary Lillian, 1887-89, Mrs. C. K. Averill, Menomonee, Wis. 
Holden, Clarence Arthur, 1919-20, Garvin. 

Holden, Mrs. H. A., (Lulu C. Reilly), 1903-6, 2321 Grand Ave., Min- 

Holden, Stella, 1911-12, Mrs. Russell Sheets, Lockhart. 
Holian Andrew H., 1879-80, Sacred Heart. 
Holian, Knut H., 1878-80, Sacred Heart. 
Holien, Gilbert E., 1879-80. 

Holland, Stella, 1890-1, Mrs. Edward Person, Minot, N. D. 

Hollands, Harold Fuller, 1916-18, [Litchfield]. 

Hollands, Mrs. Wm. H., (Clara M. Fuller), 1894-5, Litchfield. 

Holm, Andrew J., 1876-79, Stillwater. 

Holm, Arthur Raymond, 1919-20, Winthrop. 

Holm, B. Maryon, 1919-20, Wells. 

Holm, Eva Caroline, 1905-7, Mrs. J. C. Vincent, 4733 Glendale Ave. 

S., Minneapolis. 
Holm, James P., 1874-75, [Minneapolis]. 
*Holman, John E., 1881-3. 
*Holman, Mary, 1893-4. 

Holman, Ole Peterson, 1888-9, 626 E. 18th St., Minneapolis. 

Holmberg, Axel R., 1890-91; 1893-94, Renville. 

Holmberg, C. David, 1905-06, Wenatchee, Wash. 

Holmberg. Emma Sophia, 1895-99, Mrs. Rice, [Fargo, N. D.] 

Holmen, Helen Elaine, 1906-8, Mrs. Gunderson, Kenyon. 

Holmes, Dr. Bayard T., 1867-71, 30 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Holmes, Faye Bstelle, 1914-17, Mrs. Roy D. Young, Evanston, 111.. 

Holmes, Grace May, 1900-1, Mankato. 


Holmes, Henry, 1885-88, Monticello, Florida. 
Holmes, Jennie A., 1873-74, [Rochester]. 
Holmes, Mary Wisner, 1898-99. 
Holmes, Royal Frank, 1900-1, [Mankato]. 
Holmgren, Wilhelmine, 1891-93, Upsala. 
Holstad, Hans D., 1875-76, Kenyon. 

Holt, Edwina E., 1874-78, Mrs. Wm. E. Law, Northfleld. 

Holt, Doris Tjirza, 1914-15, Utiea, Minn. 

Holtz, Mrs., (Clara A. Marvin), 1905-7, Dillon, Mont. 

Holway, Lilla Bernadine, 1918-20, Alden. 

Homer, Fred Mathews, 1886-87, [Evanston, 111.] 

Hood, Cora Clark, 1887-89, Mrs. A. L. Bumpus, Hewlett, L. I., N. Y. 

Hooper, Maplet Coventry, 1895-96, [Cresco, Iowa]. 

Hoorn, Thure Richard, 1897-98, Fergus Falls. 

Hoosack, James S., 1867-68, [Forest]. 

♦Hoover, Willard H., 1876-7. 

Hope, Christopher, 1869-70. 

Hope, Gustave Leonard, 1899-1901, Fessenden, N. D. 
Hopkins, Dan'l C, 1876-78, 2750 Fremont Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Hopkins, Florence J., 1884-5. [Castle Rock]. 
Hopkins, Harold L., 1887-8, [Vinita, Okla.] 

Hoppin, Anna Louise, 1902-3, 925 Madison St., San Diego, Calif. 
Hoppin, Henrv Herbert, 1897-1900, El Centro, Calif. 
Horner, Alice E., 1872-73, [Northfleld]. 

Horner, Marj% 1869-70. Mrs. N. Davenport, [Minneapolis]. 
Horr. Edith M., 1894-95, [Minneapolis]. 

Horswill, Grace Louise, 1904-6, 5803 Center Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
*Horswill, Mabel Eleanor, 1904-6. 

Hosfield, Mrs. Alton C, (George Margaret Miller), 1896-1902, 5144 

Lincoln Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Hosmer, Mrs. Herbert W., (Grace L. Fluke), 1887-96, Farmington. 
Hosmer. Mrs., (Katie Darling), 1880-3, Farmington. 
Houck. Chas. Newell. 1891-94; 1896-7, Decorah, Iowa. 
Hougen. Peter K., 1874-77, [Holden]. 
-Houghtaliug, Benn, 1889-92. 

Houghtaling, Frances Joy, 1909-10, i\Irs. Glenn Brown. Fairmont. 
Houseman, Gladys G., 1901-2, Mrs. Gladys Smits. Monticello, Iowa. 
Houston, Mrs. C, (Josephine Fairchild), 1897-98; 1899-00, Park 

Houston, Gertrude, 1906-7, [Osseo]. 
Hove, Martha, 1886-87, [North wood, Iowa]. 
Hoveland, Inga, 1899-1900, [Duluth]. 
Hoveland, Luella, 1885-86; 1889-90, [Roscoe]. 
How, Hildred Fisher, 1900-2, [Sauk Center]. 
Howard, Anna, 1888-S^), [Northfleld]. 
Howard, Florence Olivette, 1913-15, Birchdale. 
Howard, Sani'l P. P., 1887-8.S, [Faribault]. 
Howard, Sarah, 1871-73, Mrs. Geo. Scainer, St. Paul Park. 
Howard, Mrs. W. J., (Eva M. Hills), 1879-83, 932 Dayton Ave., St. 

Howe, Florence E., 1879-81, Granger. 
Howe, Ilattie E., 1875-76; 1879-81, Granger. 
*Howe, Ida R., 1883-85. 


*Howe, Jessie Ellen, 1887-89. Mrs. W. S. Pierce. 
Howe, Mary, 1898-99, Mrs. Wellman, [Faribault]. 
Howe. Nettie A., 1889-90, Mrs. W. A. Marshall, Austin, Nevada. 
Howell, Nettie M., 1872-73; 1874-75, Mrs. E. B. Gibson, [Waubay, 
S. D.] 

Howell, Orville R., 1870-75, [Strand, S. D.] 

How^ell, Russell, 1867-68, [Florin, Calif.] 

Howes, Erwin Arthur, 1901-2, [Belview]. 

Howie, Edith, 1913-14, 2120 Oliver Ave. So.. Minneapolis. 

Howie, Mrs. Robert, (Libbie C. Gangloff), 1883-84, Dennison. 

Howland, Mrs. Abbie S., (Abbie M. Simpson), 1880-82, R. D. from 

*Howland, Angle M., 1874-75; 1876-77. 

Howland, Mrs. A. P., (Ella G. Van Slyke), 1886-7, Northfield. 

Howland, Ella, 1885-86, [Boston, Mass.] 

Howland, Elmer Emerson, 1911-12, Northfield. 

Hoxey, Mrs., (Minnie C. Snook), 1870-71, [Glendora, Calif.] 

Hubbard, Dr. Edward E., 1876-80, [Medford]. 

Hubbard, Ella Florence, 1877-85, Mrs. C. M. Stevens, [Aberdeen, 
S. D.] 

Hubbard, Ellen May, 1917-2i0, Rochester. 
Hubbard, Georgia, 1904,6, [Sioux Falls, S. D.] 
Hubbard, Margaret T., 1885-87, [Minneapolis]. 

Hubbard, Mrs. W. S., (Isadore M. Trowbridge), 1907-9, 1930 New 

Hampshire Ave., Wiashington, D. C. 
*Hubbell, Archie L., 1902-3. 

Hubbell, Louie Belle, 1890-92, Mrs. Harlan W. Fisk, Kensington, Md. 

*Hubbell, Louis B., 1875-6. 

Huber, Portia Madge, 1904-6, [Pine City]. 

Hubly, Robert C, 1895-9, P. O. Box 1156, Tacoma, Wash. 

Huckee, Severt, 1892;-3, [Ner strand]. 

Huckins, Ethel Louise, 1897-9, Greene, Iowa. 

*Huckins, Jennie, 1883-5; 1887-8; 1889-92. 

Hudson, Harold W., 1894-5, [Pittsburg, Pa.] 

Huestis, Llewellyn, 1874-75, Northfield. 

*Huestis, Mrs. Llewellyn, (Ida Gaines), 1877-8. 

Huestis, Russell Carleton, 1912-13, 2009 Ashland Ave., St. Paul. 

Huevelmann, Wialdemar Fred, 1913-14, New Ulm. 

Hughes, Edmond A., 1891-2, Bismarck, N. D. 

Hughes, Evan, 1880-82, [Mankato]. 

Hughes, Lillian Delphine, 1907-9, [Arizona]. 

Hughes, Sadie Frances, 1894-5, Mrs. , [Willimantic, Ct.] 

Huhn, Arthur Louis, 1911-12, New tJlm. 

Hulbert, Hattie, 1873-6, Mrs. Kling, [129 Idaho St., Santa Monica, 

Hulburd, Anna F., 1892-3, Mrs. John B. McCuish, 3426 Gray St., 

Denver, Colo. 
Huleatt, Arthur C, 1873-75, [Pepin, Wis.] 
Hull, Frank Elijah, 1889-90, [Fort Dodge, Iowa]. 
Hull, Lurene Alice, 1900-01, [Daytona, Fla.] 
Hull, Mary E., 1905-6, [Northfield]. 
Hull, Paul, 1876-77, [Chicago]. 


Humason, Mrs. Wm. G., (Mary E. Beach), 1883-8, Witter Springs, 

Lake Co., Calif. 
Humbird, Florence, 1884-85, 527 Dayton Ave., St. Paul. 
Humbird, Mrs. T. J., (Agnes D. Hyslop), 1883-5, Mason, Wis. 
Humel, Hannah, 1884-6, Mrs. S. P. Nokin, Litchfield, . N. D. 
Humes, Roslind, 1916-18, Alden. 
Humiston, Judson, 1867-8, [Waseca]. 
Humiston, Genevieve, 1918-20, Santa Ana, Calif. 
Hummel, Philip, 1911-12, Dundas. 
Hummel. Rufus J., 1900-10, Dundas. 
Humphrey, Alice M., 1887-88, [St. Paul]. 

Humphrey, Elizabeth R., 1889-93, Mrs. Card Santer, Minneapolis. 
Humphrey, Wm. H., 1878-9, [Lake Crystal]. 
*Hungerford, Henry E., 1892-3. 

Hunkins, Wm. S., 1871-73; 1875-6, Hollywood, Calif. 

Hunt, Archie John, 1896-9', [East Providence, R. I.] 

Hunt, Mrs. C. C, (Catherine M. Knapp), 1896-7, Montezuma, Iowa. 

Hunt, Mrs. Eugene F., (Mary Abbie Cobb), 1880-1, Montague, Mass. 

Hunt, Frank A., 1875-77, 2900 Thomas Ave. So., Minneapolis. 

Hunt, Dr. Fred N., 1876-80, Fairmont. 

Hunt, Mrs. Fred N., (Ida L. Caldwell), 1875-9, Fairmont. 
Hunt, Harold Joseph, 1915-18, Windom. 
Hunt, Hazel C, 1910-11, Grand Meadow. 
*Hunt, Hiram A., 1869-73. 

Hunt, Mrs. Hiram A., (Junietta Riddell), 1875-6, Lenawee Apts., 

1629 Harvard Ave., Seattle, Wiash. 
Hunt, Inez M., 1874-75; 1877-78, Mrs. I. M. Huntress, [Florida]. 
Hunt, Jessie M., 1877-9. 
*Hunt, Mabel Therina, 1897-9. 

Hunt, Marietta F., 1877-85, 5 May St., Worcester, Mass. 
Hunt, Mark, 1892-3, [Fessenden, N. D.] 

Hunt, Maude, Netta, 1897-08, Mrs. Stromberg, Lenawee Apts., 1629 

Harvard Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Hunt, Theo. Conrad, D. D. 1868-73, 4933 Armitage Ave., Chicago, IlL 
♦Hunt, Mrs. Dr. Wm. A., (Florence May Bishop), 1882-3; 1888-9. 
Hunter, George Wm. Jr., 1919-20, Galesburg, 111. 
Huinting, Charles, 1884-5, McGregor, Iowa. 
Huntington, Grace M., 1892-3, [Webster, S. D.] 

Huntington, Mary Alice, 1898-1900, Mrs. G. A. Brackett, 4217 Elm 

St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Huntoon, Ruth Abigail, 1888-9, Mrs. Robt. Slater, Hudson, Wis. 
Huntress, Mrs. I. M., (Inez M. Hunt), 1874-5; 1877-8, [Florida]. 
Hurd, Iva Frances, 1910-11. 

Hurley, Mrs. R., (Louise May Davis), 1913-14, St. Paul. 
Hutchins, Fannie C, M. D., 1883-4, [Cleveland, Ohio]. 
♦Hutchins, Grace J., 1884-86. 

Hutchinson, Carrie I., 1S92-3, Mrs. Capt. Chesley, Excelsior. 
*IIutchinson, Henry, 1869-70. 

Hutchinson, Lucy A., 1867-71, Mrs. Edw. N. James, Park Ave., 
Redlands, Calif. 

Hutchinson, Mabelle L., 1895-0, Mrs. Wiggle, Fessenden, N. D. 
Hutchinson, Olive, 1884-89, Dundas. 
Hyde, Edith M., 1904-5, Blooming Prairie. 


Hyde, Frances D., 1867-69, [Chicago]. 
Hyde, Leon Willett, 1893-94, [Moorhead]. 
Hyde, Winifred Lloyd, 1894-5. [St. Paul]. 
Hyde, Andrew, 1886-90, [Erwin, S. D.] 

Hyslop, Agnes D., 1883-85, Mrs. T. J. Humbird, Mason, Wis. 
Hyslop, Carrie E., 1878-79, Mrs. Frank Nye, [Hudson, Wis.] 


Ibberson, Lizzie, 1885-6, Sleepy Eye. 

Ibberson, Thomas^ 1880-1, Sleepy Bye. 

Ihrig. Harry Karl, 1915-17, Oshkosh, Wis. 

*]hrig, Lester Herman, 1915-17. 

Ilia, Joseph, 3907-8, [Hastings]. 

litis, Bernice Meuna, 1911-12, Le Sueur Center. 

Ingraham, Wendell Page, 1913-14. Owatonna. 

Ireys, Mrs. Mary S., (Mary B. Stewart), 1886-94, The Leamington, 

Irvine, Geo. B., 1913-16, Lake Preston, S. D. 

Irwin, Charles Arthur, 1916-17, Two Harbors. 
I Lseminger, Mrs. Geo. H., (Margaret Spink), 1899-1900, Carthage, 111. 
j *Ismon, Harry J., 1873-4. 

! Ismon, Mrs. A. E., (Allie B. Poison), 1871-75, [Hudson, Wis.] 
Iverson, Alfred R., 3908-10, [Lamberton]. 
Iverson, Edward, 1871-72, [Liberty, Wis.] 


Jack, Chas. A., 1881-3, Princeton. 
Jack, Chas. D., 1911-12, Onida, S. D. 

Jack, Mrs. James (Isabella A. Lorimer), 1885-7, Northfleld. 
Jack, May Margaret, 1901-2, Pasadena, Calif. 
Jackson, Alta Belle, 1917-18, Hettinger, N. D. 

(Jackson, Mrs. B. C), (Fannie Dimick), Mrs. Fannie Stern, Lock- 
land, Ohio. 

Jackson, Frank C, 1881-2, [Valley Springs, N. D.] 
Jackson, Harriet, 1888-89, Mrs. Edw. P. Burch, 1729 James Ave. 
So., Minneapolis. 

Jackson, Mrs. Jas. F., (Linda C. Pomroy), 1880-82, 1502 Mentor 

Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Jackson, Oakey S., 1912-13, Northfleld. 

Jackson, Mrs. Wm., (Nellie May Wedge), 1902-3, Dawson. 
Jacobson, Clara Sophia, 1898-1900, [Wood Lake, Wis.] 
Jacobson, George B., 1910-11, [Thief River Falls]. 
Jacobson, Louis Miller, 1915-16, ^nhl. 
Jacobson, Mary, 1903-4, [Madison]. 

Jacobson, Mrs. Tolif, (Carrie S. Miller), 1887-8, Alexandria. 

Jacobus, Mae Theresa, 1899-1901, [Lanesboro]. 

Jager, Mrs. H. J., (Alpharetta M. Blood), 1894-1900, Owatonna. 

Jahnke, John H., 1908-5, [Laird]. 

James, Mrs. Chas., (Mary E. Dale), 1910-12, Vesta. 

James, Edwin N., 1867-69, Park Ave., Redlands, Calif. 

James, Mrs. Edwin N., (Lucy Hutchinson), 1867-71, Park Ave., Red- 

lands, Calif. 
James, Frederick Stevens, 1914-16, Sleepy Eye. 


James, G -ace M., 18S2-86, Alabama and Park Ave., Redlands Calif. 
-James, Ralph Chamiberlain, 1900-01. 
' James, Sarah Rebecca, 1889-90. 
James, Theron, 1917-18. 

Jameson, Lizzie A., 1867-71, Mrs. S. J. Porter, 1642 S. Burnette 

St., Tulsa, Okla. 
Jameson, Willie A., 1882-83, [International Falls]. 
Janney, Gertrude A., 1889-90, Mrs. L. L. Herriek, [Eden Valley]. 
Janney, Theron Miller, 1916-18, Richland Center, Wis. 
Janzen, John Alfred, 1914-16, Alaska. 
Janzen, Justina, 1919-20, Mountain Lake. 
Janzen, William Henry, 1915-17, Mountain Lake. 
Jaquith, Geo. R., 1880-81, [New Ipswich, N. H.] 
Jay, Gibson H., 1879-82, [Great Falls, Mont.] 
Jeffers, Cleo Mae, 1901-2, Chicago. 
* Jefferson, Mrs. F. E., (Agnes Bridgeman), 1S82-3. 
Jefferson, Jennie M., 1874-5, Mrs. C. S. Canfleld, [Spokane, Wash.] 
Jefferson, Thos. E., 1877-78, 18S2-3, [Spokane, Wash.] 
Jeffts, Jewel, 1885-6, [Los Gatos, Calif.] 

Jenkins, Evangeline, 1896-99, Mrs. O. E. Watson, Aragon, N. Mex. 
Jenkins, Grace, 1897-99, Mrs. J. Hartley Redhead, 1816 Grassmere, 

E. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Jenkins, Hope M., (Sherburne). 
Jenkins, Leslie, 1868-70, [Minneapolis]. 
Jenkins, Samuel E., 1868-70, [Cannon Falls]. 
*Jenks, Jas. Edwin, 1891-4. 

Jenks, Mrs. J. E., (Marion Shaw), 1889-93. Austin. 
Jenks, Wm. R. L., 1880-2; 1883-4, Clearwater. 

Jennings, Elizabeth Coloma, 1905-06, Mrs. H. E. Anselme, East 

Moline, 111. 
Jennings, Lucile, 1896-7, [Minneapolis]. 
Jennings, Mrs. R. L., 1919-20, Northtield. 
Jennings, Shirley Jane, 1919-20, Northtield. 

Jennison, Bertha E., 1S8S-U, Mrs. Geo. O. Brinhall, 1622 Hillside 

Ave. N., Minneapolis. 
Jennison, Nannie, 18t)8-9', [Minneapolis]. 
Jensch, Minnie, 1895-96; 181)7-9. [Hudson, Wis.] 
Jensen. August E., 1896-8, [Minneapolis]. 
*Jensen, Clifford Hendrick, 1916-18. 
Jensen, Harold, 1917-18, Albert Lea. 

Jense, Ida Marie, 1898-9, Mrs. Carl N. Thompson, Roundup, Mont. 
Jensen, Vernie, 1917-18, Hutchinson. 

Jepson, Charlotte Blanehard, 1917-18, Mrs. Adelbert Gruman, 826 24th 

Ave N., jNlinneapolis. 
Jepson, Frank N., 188.']-7, 1800 James Ave. N., Minneapolis. 
Jepson, Lydia Marie, 1914-15, Mrs. Harrison M. Steele, Cherokee, 


Jerome, Hattie May, 188S-9', [Minneapolis]. 
Jervis, Alice Sherlock, 1900-1, A'iuton, Iowa. 

Jervis, Margaret Emma, 1894-0, Mrs. W. E. Bickell, Vinton, Iowa. 
Jesmer, Hiram Bert, 1891-93, 6407 Brooklyn Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Jewell, Dr. Emre Lee, 1894-8, Shoshoui, Wyoming. 


Jewell, Phebe Van Dyke, 1904-5, Mrs. H. G. Nichols, 38 Park St., 

Oshkosh, Wis. 
Jewell, Scott Wallace, 1898-9, Pine Island. 
Jewett, Flora Dell, 1886-7, [Fargo, N. D.] 

Jewett, Fannie B., 1885-6, Mrs. , [Rapid City, S. D.] 

Jewett, Minnie A, B., 1885-6, Mrs. G. A. Smith. 

John, Mrs. Chas. H., (Jessie I. Thurston), 1883-4; 1888-9, [St. Paul]. 

Johns, Margaret Adelaide, 1915-16, Litchfield. 

Johnson, Agnes Josephine, 1900-1, [Wastedo]. 

Johnson, Ainsley I., 1901-3, Benson. 

Johnson, Albert H., 1890-92, Glendive, Mont. 

Johnson, Mrs. A. J., (Anna M. Nesti), 188^-90, Granite Falls. 

Johiison, Anna, 1877-8, Mrs. Lewis Johnson, Brownsdale. 

Johnson, Arthur Geo., 1918-20, Biwabik. 

Johnson, Axel Hedley, 1890-1, [Wastedo]. 

Johnson, Bessie M., 1891-2, [Cresco, Iowa]. 

Johnson, Mrs. B. K., (C. May ClifiEord), 1906-7, 521 5th Ave. N., 

Gyeat Falls, Mont. 
Johnson, Carl Emanuel, 1893-98, 1819 Emerson Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Johnson, Mrs. Carl E., (Beata L. Mark), 1896-97, 1819 Emerson Ave. 

S., Minneapolis. 
Johnson, Carrie, 1889-90, Mrs. Frank Zufeldt, Northfield. 
Johnson, Mrs., (Carrie S. Anderson), 1888-91, R. 2, Stanchfield. 
Johnson, Cora, 1882-3, [:Northfield]. 
Johnson, Dan'l H., 1877-8, Waltham. 
Johnson, David, 1894-1900, [Litchfield]. 
Johnson, Edward Whittemore, 1902-7, Rockford. 
Johnson, Elmer M., 1884-7, Tacoma, Wash. 
Johnson, Emanuel Aaron, 1898-1900, [Northfield]. 
Johnson, Emil, 1890-1, [McKeesport, Pa.] 
Johnson, Emil Gideon, 1895-6, Minneapolis. 
Johnson, Emma J., 1877-81, Mrs. Henry Stahmann, Winona. 
Johnson, Grace Louise, 1918-20, 1323 Adams St. N. E., Minneapolis. 
Johnson, Hannah, 1898-99, Otisco. 
Johnson, Hannah, 1891-2; 1893-8, Watertowm. 
Johnson, Hannah L., 1899-1900, Waseca. 
Johnson, Hannah M., 1871-3, Mrs. T. Peterson, Waseca. 
Johnson, Harriet, 1919-20, Northfield. 
* Johnson, Mrs. H. C, (Ida A. Wickham), 1875-82. 
Johnson, Mrs. Henry, (Etta E. Bishop), 1887-8, [New York City]. 
Johnson, Hilda Axeline, 1895-1901, [Cannon Falls]. 
Johnson, Hilma, 1892-3, Cambridge. 
Johnson, Jennie C, 1877-81, [Wabasha]. 

Johnson, Julia, 1891-4, Mrs. Braham, [R. 1, Turlock, Calif.] 

Johnson, Laura B., 1889-90, [Northfield]. 

Johnson, Mrs. Lewis, (Anna Johnson), 1877-8, Brownsdale. 

Johnson, Lillian J., 1916-17, Pelican Rapids. 

Johnson, Luella, 1899-1900, Farmiington. 

Johnson, Mabel Elois, 1915-17, Mrs. P. W. Olson, St. Paul. 
Johnson, Mabel Katheryn, 1911-12, [Northfield]. 

Johnson, Maizy P., 1890-1, Mrs. H. Higgins, 3016 Knox Ave., Minne- 

Johnson, Mary Anna, 1897-98, Litchfield. 


Johnson, Mary Cecelia, 1898-1900; 1903-4, [Goodhue]. 
Johnson, Mary T., 1898-90, [Otisco]. 
Johnson, Maybel Jennie, 1919-20, Marshall. 
Johnson, Nimrod August, 1899-1901, Winthrop. 
Johnson, Oscar Julian, 1902-3, Dayton, Iowa. 
*Johnson, Paul Alex, 1886-8. 
Johnson, Ragnvald A., 1889-90, Alkabo, N. D. 
Johnson, Selma A., 1888-9, Mrs. Louis Johnson, 289 Maple St., Ne\v 

Britain, Conn. 
Johnson, Sidney Richard, 1903-4. [Cannon Falls]. 
Johnson, Theodore G., 1885-86, [Fergus Falls]. 
Johnson, Vaughn W., 1909-12, [Waltham]. 
Johnson, Willis E., 1885-6, [Delano]. 
Johnson, Mrs. W. O., (Emma Campbell), 1867-8. 
Johnson, Mrs. W. R., (Mary Dorothy Swain), 1905-7, Farmington. 
Johnston, Fannie, 1894-6, Dean of Women, State Normal School, 

Cheney, Wash. 
Johnston, Peter G., 1877-80, [Sterling Center]. 

Johnstone, Mrs. S. E., (Helen Gearey), 1917-18. -1916 Upton Ave.' S., 

Jones, Anna A., 1882-85, Mrs. Jerome R. McGlade, 611 South Bend 

St., Galena, 111. 
Jones, A. Henry, 1874-78; 1880-81, [Leeds, N. D.] 
Jones, Bertha Jessie, 1905-6, [West Concord]. 
Jones, Clara A., 1868-9, [Medford]. 
Jones, Daniel Lucien, 1919-20. Hankinson, N. D. 
Jones, David Chas., 1887-8, Gary. 
Jones, Elinor, 1914-15, Wabasha. 
Jones, Elliot, 1874-5, [Christiania]. 
Jones, Eva, 1884-5, Mrs. Frank Young, Le Roy. 
Jones, Fred F., 1883-4, [Leeds, N. D.] 

Jones, Mrs. F. W., (Esther Whipple), 1898-9. [Milwaukee, Wis.] 

Jones, John Thomas, 1919-20, Lake Crystal. 

Jones, Laban, 1870-72, [Eureka]. 

Mones, Lillie H., 1875-84, Mrs. E. C. Wilkins. 

Jones, Lucy, 1898-99, [Sidney, Neb.] 

*Jones, Mrs. Mark, (Marion A. Wedge), 1890-1. 

Jones, Mary Belle, 1914-15. Hartington, Neb. 

Jones, Mary F., 1880-82; 1883-4, Mrs. Ernest Taylor, Colorado Springs, 

Jones, Mattle Dodge, 188*)-90. Mrs. C. S. Palmer, Le Roy. 
Jones, Mona, 1900-2, [Virginia]. 

Jones. Mrs. Thos., (Jane Ann Williams). 1910-12, Madison, Wis. 
Jonson, August Emanuel. 189<)-98. [Minneapolis]. 
Jordan, Lois Mary, 1902-3. 12(5 Oak Grove St., Minneapolis. 
Jorgens, Jos. O., 1885-6. 75 N. 15th St.. Minneapolis. 
Jorgenson, Sophia. 1S98-9. Mrs. Paul G. Schmidt, Northfleld. 
*Jorls. Mrs. Dr., ((Jertrude Hall), 1885-6. 

Josyln. Minnie Osia, 1890-93, Mrs. W. B. Ankeny, [Corning, Iowa]. 
Josten, Mrs. O. H., (Caroline J. Riddell), 1880-7. Owatonna. 
*Joy, Charles Lloyd, 1914-7, Died of wounds in France, June 7,1918. 
Judd. Ceo. F., 1870-75, [Marine]. 
Judd, Herbert, 1885-6, [Calif ] 


*Judd, Mate A., 1869-71, Mrs. D. C. White. 
Judg«, Owen Jos., 1912-13, Hastings. 

Judson, Lyman Dixon, 1914-16, Armour Institute, Chicago, 111. 

Juergens, Herman M., 1913-14, Jordan. 

Julin, Dr. Albert Eddy, 1896-1900, Turlock, Calif. 

Julin, Henry, 1898-99, Turlock, Calif. 

Julin, Minnie, 1896-1900, Mrs. C. H. Olson, Turlock, Calif. 
Jurisich, Miles, 1919-20, Mountain Iron. 

Justice, Jessie W., 1890-91, Mrs. T. M. Maclllvaine, 408 N. Monroe 
St., Peoria, 111. 


Kaercher, Marjorie Eloise, 1917-20, Ortonville. 
*Kahler, Mrs. J. H., (Martha Ella Riddle), 1885-7. 
Kaisermann, M. Gretchen, 1914-16, [Richland Center, Wis.] 
Kannary, Dr. Edw. L., 1891-96, 244 Lowry Bldg., St. Paul. 
Kannary, Ella, 1878-81; 1882-5, , Mrs. W. S. Gloyd, 316 12th Ave. S. E., 

Kannary, Lillian, 1894-5; 1896-7, Mrs. Jean Sleeper, Osceola, Wis. 

Kannary, May, 1883-4, Northfleld. 

Kane, Dean, 1917-18, Waseca. 

*Kaplan, Emily Marie, 1919-20. 

Kappel, Millie Katherine, 1899-90, Red Wing. 

Karch, Carolyn, 1901-2, [Oakland]. 

Karn, Mary Edith, 1895-8, Mrs. H. M. Knight, Sisseton, S. D. 
Kasper, Kelvin Anthony, 1919-20, Faribault. 
Kassonborg, Mary, 1886-7, [Moorhead]. 

Kaufman, Mrs. Wm., (Sarah A. Stegner), 1878-9, 1402 S. 9th St., 

Kaulbarsch, Margaret, 1919-20, Northfleld. 
Kaus, Luella Elizabeth, 1919-20, Browns Valley. 
*Kearney, Mrs. John S., (Lora J. Sanborn), 1868-9'. 
Keck, Everett Blaine, 1912-13, Spring Valley. 
Keefe, John F., 1873-75, [Northfleld]. 
Keefe, Thomas, 1890-91, [Minot, N. D.] 
Keeler, Theodore Howard, 1916-17, Manganese. 
Keene, Abner P., 1871-73, [Seattle, Wash.] 
Keene, Albert G., 1870-2, [Seattle, Wash.] 
Keene, Edwin S., 1871-4, [Seattle, Wash.] 
Keene, Laura Hazel, 1904-5, [Marion, Ind.] 

Keith, Bessie Belle, 1886-88, Mrs. Edw. W. Strong, Northfleld. 
Keith, Mrs. Fred C, (Georgia E. Campbell), 1901-2, Princeton. 
*Kellar, Martin V., 1872-74. 
Keller, Earl Benjamin, 19i4-20, Northfleld. 

Kelley, Clara Louise, 1868-9 ; 1877-9, Mrs. Frank Cutler, 528 20th 

Ave. E., Duluth. 
Kelley, Ethel De Etta, 1916-17; 1919-20, Tracy. 
Kelley, Hattie Lillian, 1899-1900, [Menahga]. 

Kelley, Mrs. J. M., 1893-4; 1896-6, (Katherine West), [Lakeview, 

*Kellogg, Alva C, 1901-2. 

Kellogg, Mrs. E. W., (M. Estelle Westcott), 1885-6, 2826 Grand Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 


Kellogg, James L., 1881-2, 116 Nassau St., New York, N. Y. 
Kellogg, Mabel Vera, 1894-6, [Byron, 111.] 
♦Kellogg, S. Louisa, 1884-5. 

Kelly, Mrs. A. B., (May Eckles), 1872-4, Northfield. ] 

Kelly, A. Verne, 1890-92, 1115 4tli Ave. S., Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Kelly, Edward F., Jr., 1913-14, [Faribault]. 

Kelly, Minnie L., 1876-7, [Red Wing]. 

Kelly, Ralph E., 1903-4, U. S. Army, Camp Grant. 

Kelsey, Aaron T., 1871-80, [Northfield]. 

Kelsey, Albert W., 1874-76, 1926 4th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Kelsey, Cecil Byron, 1894-5, [Kenyon]. 

Kelsey, Moses S., 1871-76, [Northfield]. 

Kelsey, Raymond D., 1891-93, Northfield. 

Kemp, John Munroe, 1904-5, Watertown, S. D. 

Kemp, Mrs. L. E., (Frances W. Heald), 1893-94, Maxbass, N. D. 

Kemp, Wm., 1868-69, [Cottage Grove]. 

KendaU, Evangeline, 1889-91, 432 Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia, 

Kenkel, Eda Louise, 1916-17, [Milwaukee, Wis.] 
♦Kennedy, Emma E., 1871-2. 

Kennedy, Fred W., 1875-6, 302 Andover St., Laurence, Mass. 
Kennedy, Helen F., 1867-69', Mrs. W. H. Harrison, [New York City]. 
Kennedy, Mrs. H. S., (Mary Abbie Kittredge), 1879-81, [Chicago, 111.] 
♦Kennedy, John C, 1874-77. 

Kennedy, Mrs. M. T., (Myra B. Fishback), 1901-2, 170 State St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Kennedy, Mrs. Wm. J., (Annie S. Colp), 1890-92, 632 N. Sprague St., 

Tacoma, Wash. 
Kenney, Schuyler D., 1909-10, Waterville. 
Kenny, William, 1874-75; 1876-77, [Minneapolis]. 
Kent, Frank A., 1916-17, Alexandria. 
Kent, Paris E., 1879-83, Glenburn, N. D. 
Kenyon Blanche B., 1888-9, [Owatonna]. 

Kenyon, Carrie L., 1882-83; 1884-5, Mrs. J. F. Pike, 1621 1st Ave. 

S., Seattle, Wash. 
Kenyon, Ida M., 1883-4; 1885-6, Mrs. F. Le Barr, 650 Linden Ave., 

Long Beach, Calif. 
Kenyon, Maud, 1884-5, [Waterford]. 

Kepp, Mrs. O. F., (Ruth Lundsten), 1908-10, Glendive, Mont. 

♦Kerndt, Mrs. Theo., (Martha Nielander), 1887-8. 

Kernkamp, Mrs. H. C, (Louise Ferber), 1913-14, Newport. 

Kessel, Martha Catherine, 1905-6, Mrs. R. W. Haas, Eldora, Iowa. 

Ketchum, Elizabeth Agnes, 1910-11, [Northfield]. 

Kidder, Carrie May, 1882-3, Mrs. I. A. Leslie, [St. Paul]. 

Kidder, Elizabeth, 1918-20, Minneapolis. 

Kidder, Frank B., 1882-4, [Star Prairie, Wis.] 

Kidder, Mrs. Josiah, (Hattie A. Evans), 1869-70, Brookside, Vt. 

Kieckernapp, Mrs. E. B., (Rose C. Miller), 1885-6, Faribault. 

Kierland, T. Alice, 1906-7, Rushford. 

Kierman, Thomas F., 1871-76, [Norwood]. 

Kildal, Mrs. Bertha, 1882-3, [Northfield]. 

Killmer, Virginia, 1904-5, [Northfield]. 


Kimball, Mrs. E. L., (Eva W. Brady), 1897-8, 119 B. Anoka St., 

Kimball, Lizzie L., 1882-3, [Hamline]. 
Kimball, Lizzie M., 1886-8, [Hamline]. 

Kimball, Mary F., 1884-5, Mrs. H. S. Campbell, St. Xavier, Mont. 

Kimball, Ruth Laird, 1895-6, [Austin]. 

Kinder, Wm. Randall, 1910-11, Findlay, Ohio. 

King, Carrol De Witt, 189.3-5, Menoken, N. D. 

King, Mrs. B. R., (Elizabeth W. P. Lewis), 1894-5, Ontario, Calif. 

King, Ethel Rose, 1902-3, [Redwood Falls]. 

King, Harry Slade, 1890-92, 2626 48th St. S. E., Seattle Wash. 

Kings, Mrs. H. B., (Mary Merrill), 1894-7; 1898-02, Samakov, Bulgaria. 

At Home on Furlough 1921, 715 N. Michigan Ave., Pasadena, 


King, Herbert John, 1901-2, [Hastings]. 

King, Lewis Bartlett, 1889-92, 44 Royalston Ave., Minneapolis. 

*King, Milton David, 1888-89 ; 1891-3; 1894-5. 

*King, Mrs. Royal, (Catherine M. Vrooman), 1878-9. 

King, Wm. O., 1876-78, [Le Sueur]. 

Kingman, Hattie A., 1871-3, [Spirit Lake]. 

Kingsford, Alice J., 1904-5, [Rushford]. 

*Kingsford, Ethel Harriet, 1907-9. - 

Kingsley, Carrie Louise, 1895-96, Strawberry Point, Iowa. 
Kingston, Clara M., 1880-81; 1884-5, Mrs. E. C. Teachout, Winne- 

Kinney, Betty Frances, 1919-20, Alexandria. 
Kinney, Lucile Rose, 1915-17, Hankinson, N. D. 

Kinsell, Mrs. W. H., (Hazel M. Ramsdell), 1903-5, 227 Nelson Place, 
St. Paul. 

Kinsey, Blma Carrie, 1893-96, Dowagiac, Mich. 

Kinyon, Mary, 1890-93, Mrs. Wm. Clemens, Messina, N. Y. 

Kinyon, Sidney Wm., 1905-8, Owatonna. 

Kinyon, Mrs., (Grace Van Eman), 1900-1, Owatonna. 

Kirkpatrick, Emma, 1886-7, [Dundas]. 

Kirkpatrick, John, Jr., 1915-17,"" Richland Center, Wis. 

Kirkpatrick, Russell, 1918-19, Sentinel Butte, N. D. 

Kirkwood, Milton W., 1867-8, [Forest]. 

Kittleson, Kenneth Norton, 1909-11, Canby. 

*Kittredge, Chas. P., 1897-8. 

Kittredge, Mrs. F. W., (Mary H. Wheaton), 1867-71, [Boston, Mass.] 
Kittredge, Frances W., 1890-91, 4130 11th N. B., Seattle Wash. 
Kittredge, Mary A., 1879-81, Mrs. Harry S. Kennedy, [Chicago, HI.] 
Kittredge, Nellie L., 1883-5, Mrs. W. P. Lopp, 4738 9th N. E., Seattle, 

Kittredge, Susie A., 1885-7, 4130 11th N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Kitzinger, Lulu Mae, 1899-01, Mrs. Querna, Madison. 

Kivley, Gilbert O., 1877-78, Sisseton, S. D. 

Kivley, Nellie, 1919-20, Appleton. 

Klein, Hubert Addicken, 1906-7, Preston. 

Klein, Mrs. M. L., (Charlotte E. Burg), 1900-01, St. Peter. 

Klein, Louise A., 1904-5, [Decorah, Iowa]. 

Klemer, Margaret S., 1913-14, Mrs. Ralph Best, Chehalis, Wash. 
Kline, Bonnie Lillian, 1917-18, [Minneapolis]. 


Kling, Mrs., (Hattie Hulbert), 1873-6, [Santa Monica, Calif.] 
Klinker, W. Harold, 1912-13, [Mora]. 
Klopsteg, Magdaline Lydia, 1899-00, Henderson. 
Klueckman, Emma Maria, 1903-5, [Northfield]. 
Kluth, Abner, i913-15, [Winona]. 

Knapp, Catherine, 189'6-7, Mrs. C. C. Hunt, Montezuma, Iowa. 

Knapp, Mrs. A., (Vera Burchard), 1901-2, 2218 Tower Grove Ave., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Knapp, Clias. Francis, 1893-99, [St. Charles]. 

*Knapp, Mrs. G. B., (Claribel M. Wilson), 1881-2. 

Knapp, Geo. I^ionard, 1892-3. [Artman, Colo.] 

Knapp, Grace Martin, 1892-3, Mrs. R. L. Livingston, Chester. 

Knapp, Hannah, 1891-2, Mrs. Pfeflferkorn, [St. Charles]. 

Knapp, Mrs. M. A., (Ellen E. Truax), 1886-7, 2337 Central Ave., Min- 

Knapp. Mabel Opal, 1894-6, Mrs. J. W. Burns, 365 E. Holt St., 

Pomona, Calif. 
Knapp, Wm. Orville, 1907-8, Owatonna. 

Knapp, Mrs. V. W., (Jennie M. Haven), 1904-6, [Long Lake]. 

Knappere, Laurence Stevens, 1918-19, Brookings, S. D. 

Knight, Mrs. H. M., (Mary E. Karn), 1895-98, Sisseton, S. D. 

Knopf, Thekla Naomi, 1912-1.3, [Austin]. 

Knophler, Kathryn Chatten. 1899-1900. [Lansing, Iowa]. 

Knowles, Cora E., 1882-3, [Northfield]. 

Knowles, G. Oren, 18S3-5, [Northfield]. 

Knowlton, Mrs. A. A., (Gertrude Griffin), 1894-9, Reed College, Port- 
land, Ore. 

Knowlton, John C, 1906-8, Hutchinson. 

Knox, Adella C, 1874-76, Mrs. Wm. W. Cook, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Knox, B^annie A., 1873-5, [Chicago. 111.] 

Knox, Hiram Harvey, 1890-1. [Sheldon,]. 

Knox, James Willis, 1809-1900; 1901-2, Alexandria. 

♦Knox, Thomas Stewart, 1906-8. 

Knutson, John, ]914-1.~), Porter. 

Koch, Benj. Franklin, 1897-99, [INIantorville]. 

Koch, Kenneth M., 1919-2K). Albert Lea. 

Koehler, Elsa, 1918-19. Minneapolis. 

Koester, Florence Mabel, 1919-20, Minneapolis. 

Koester, Mrs. W., (Florence J. Gill), 1907-8, Northfield. 

Koester, William, 1911-12, Northfield. 

Kohler, Gertrude, 1919-20, Hector. 

Kolinoff, Mrs. D., (Alice J. Pennington), 1901-2, Stillwater. 

Kolset, Mrs. Andrew, (Tillie Dahl), 1896-7, White Rock, S. D. 

Kolseth, Ole J., 187E3-80, Fergns Falls. 

Konzen, Sophia Theodosia, 1903-4, Hallock. 

Koons, Bella. 18S1-2, [Northfield]. 

Koons, Blanch Inis, 1895-6, [Northfield]. 

♦Koons, iMrs. Wm.. (Sadie A. Barton), 1868-9. 

Koren, Dr. Finn.. 1891-2, Watertowii. S. D, 

Koren, Harold, l,S!H -2, I Cleveland, Ohio]. 

Korff, Ik'ryl, 1914-15, Faribault. 

Korstad, licna M., 1895-6, Nobleton, Wis. 

Kotchian, Grace, 1917-18, Wimbledon, N. D. 


Kraft, Alvina L., 1916-18, Farmington. • 
Kraft, Clarice Gloa, 1916-18, Farmington. 
Kraft, Walter, 1918-19, Farmington. 
Kramer, Lottis E., 1892-3, [ Liberty ville. III.] 

Kranka, Anna M., 1883-4, Mrs. O. C. Gongle, 2626 Dupont Ave. N., 

Krassin, Anna, 1899-00, [Montevideo]. 
Krassih, Elizabeth, 1898-01, Mrs. Fred Toole, [Ada]. 
Krause, Mabel Matilda, 1913-14, Spring Valley. 

Krause, Mrs. Mary Louise Wheaton, (Mary Louise Wheaton), 1901-3, 

Wilton, N. D. 
Krause, Orlin Philip, 1894-6, Dover. 
Kregel, Wm. Gary, 1897-99, [Castle Rock]. 
♦Kreis, Cora Mae, 1905-6, Monticello. 
Krinl^ie, Minnie L., 1892-3, Faribault. 
Krohn, Marie, 1893-4, [NorthfleldJ. 
Krook, Aim^e, 1917-18, New Ulm. 
♦Kroshus, Anistes, 1914-16. 
Krueger, Robt. H., 1917-18, Morris. 
Kruger, John Chas., 1884-5, Red Wing. 
Kruse, Carleton Walter, 1918-19, Rochester. 
Kruse, Lloyd R., 1913-14, Welcome. 

Kuethe, Emma S., 1905-7, Mrs. , S. D. 

Kuhles, Clara L., 1895-6, [St. Paul]. 
Kuhn, Leila Maude, 1915-16, [Northfleld]. 
Kuntz, Alvin T., 1918-19, Wiaconia. 


La Bach, Jas. .Oscar, 1889-90, Wahpeton, N. D. 

La Bach, Paul Mayer, 1888-9, Wahpeton, N. D. 

Lackor, Fred W., 1879-80, 3119 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Lackor, Ida F., 1879-82, Mrs. J T. Piirkingson, Portland, Ore. 

Ladd, Mary E., 1876-78, Mrs. Dr. W. W. Furber, Cottage Grove. 

La Due, Mrs. A. D., (Amelia L. Youngberg), 1879-81, Wanamingo. 

Lagerstedt, Albert, 1893-5, Gibbon. 

Lagerstrom, Reinhold, 1883-4, St. Peter. 

Laird, Anna May, 1897-1900, Los Angeles. 

*Laird, Mary Hazel, 1908-9. 

Laird, Maude W., 1886-7, Mrs. Sam L. Prentiss, Winona. 
Laird, Oscar Joseph, 1901-4, [Osage, Iowa]. 
Lamb, Fred G., 1879-80, [Faribault]. 
Lamberton, Wilbur H., 1919-20, Redwood Falls. 
Lambie, Horace H., 1919-20, Sherburne. 
Larabie, Christina, 1873-77, [St. Paul]. 
Lamphaer, Leslie A., 1874-5, Northfleld. 
Lampson, Mrs. Edith B., 1913-14, [Northfleld]. 

Lamson, Laura M.. 1883-4; 1886-7, Mrs. Albert H. Aldridge, Roberts, 

Landberg, Dagmar E., 1914-18, Bison, S. D. 
Landing, Harold M., 1909-10, [Glenwood]. 
Landon, Grace Ada, 1892-3, Mrs. Blake Fisk, Plainview. 
Landsworth, Lottis M., 1893-4, [Tracy]. 

Lane, Mrs. Chas., (Frances Lincoln), 1891-4, [Minneapolis]. 


Lane, Edward C, 1883-4, [Red Wing]. 
Lane, Herbert W., 1880-3, [Red Wing]. 
Lang, Agnes Henrietta, 1903-4, Mandan, N. D. 
Lange, Mabel Stevens, 1915-16, Hastings. 

Lanterraann, Bessie LaRue, 1903-7, Mrs. Ripley, Mandan, N. D. 
Lantermann, Eunice Craig, 1903-4, Mandan, N. D. 
♦Larkin, Ednfiund, 1874-5. 

Larkin, Mrs. Ray, (Pearl E. Mabon), 1910-12; 1915-16, Northfleld. 
Larkin, Robt. B., 1873-4, [Northfleld]. 

Larrabee, Maude A., 1888-92, Mrs. Thos. N. Weaver, New York City. 
Larsen, Anna Johanne, 1893-4, Mrs. H. Asvys, Entermens, M. T., 

Zululand, So. Africa. 
Larsen, Arthur Melvin, 1913-14, [St. Cloud]. 
Larsen, C. Adolph, 1910-11, Lanesboro. 
Larsen, Hazel, 1917-18, [Fergus Palls]. 
Larson, A., 1888-9, Northfleld. 

Larson, Augustus T., 1890-91, 3408 17th Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

♦Larson, Clarence Walter, 1916-17, Killed in France, July 19, 1918. 

Larson, Mrs. E. E., (Helen B. Trowbridge), Rice Lake, Wis. 

Larson, Edw. Lawrence, 1907-8, New Ulm. 

Larson, Geo. Godfrey, 1893-99, [Chicago]. 

Larson, John Emil, 1887-8, Rush City. 

Larson, John Oscar, 1887-8, Rush City. 

Larson, Lewis, 1899-90, [Dover, Utah]. 

Larson, Martin Alfred, 1897-1900, Madison. 

Larson, Milton A., 1918-19, Aitkin. 

Larson, Ruby Blanche, 1915-18, Dassel. 

Larson, Walter Charles, 1918-19, Henderson. 

Lasby, Edwin W., 1884-89, Manufacturer Reliable Food Products, 

2008 Washington St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Lasby, Mrs. Dr. Wm. F., (Genevieve Adams), 1898-196l, 425 Walnut 

St. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Lashbrook, Alfred J., 1908-11, Northfleld. 
Lasher, Clara V., 1903-4, [Montevideo]. 
Latham, Benj. F., 1875-76, [Excelsior]. 
Lathrop, Adelia, 1884-5, Mrs. Thorn, Thornwood, Wash. 
♦Lathrop, Charlotte, 1884-87. 

Lathrop, Mrs, Edw. A., (Aura Anna Scofield), 1891-4, 432 N. Mentor 

Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 
♦Latta, Guy, 1887-90. 
Latta, Mattie, 1889-91, [Minneapolis]. 
Lattin, Dr. Geo., 1809-70, [Cattaraugus, N. Y.] 
Laughton, Elsie Morrow, 1902-3, Clearwater. 
Lavage. Albert, 1896-7; 1898-1900, [Wheatland]. 
Law, Agnes D., 1875-7, Mrs. Reuben W. Taylor, Northfleld. 
*Law, Archibald, 1868-9. 
Law, Cora, 1898-9, Northfleld. 

Law, Mrs. Geo. A., (Mary Esther Cochran), 1887-8, 112 E. 2nd Ave., 

Du Bois, Penn. 
Law, James, 1874-77, Madelia. 

Law, Jessie, 1800-91; 1898-01; 1902-3, Mrs. Wm. Leslie, Madison. 
♦Law, Walter S., 1874-8. 
Law, Wm. A., 1875-8, Madelia. 


Law, Mrs. Wm. E., (Edwina E. Holt), 1874-8, Nortlifleld. 
Lawler, Howard W., 1919-20, Faribault. 
Lawrence, Edward John, 1902-4, Spokane, Wash. 
Lawrence, Mrs. Julian A., (Leoti L. Bailey), 1867-8; 1872-4. 
Lawrence, Herring A., 1873-5, [Dodge Center]. 

Lawrence, Merrill Locke, 1916-19, 1365 Spruce PI., Apt. 6, Minne- 

Lawrence, Mrs. Merrill C, (Dorothy Seavey), 1916-19, 1365 Spruce 
Place, Apt. 6, Minneapolis. 

Lawrence, Mary, 1872-3; 1878-9; 1881-2, Mrs. O. T. McClaughry. 
j Lawson, Arthur M., 1892-3, [Northfield]. 
i Lawson, Clarence A., 1888-89, [Elgin, 111.] 
I Lawson, Guy Ona, 1899-00, Waseca. 
! *Lawson, John, Jr., 1891-2; 1893-5. 

I Lawson, Louise Syrena, 1911-13, Mrs. , , Mont. 

i Lawton, Denison T., 1871-73, [Northfield]. 

j Lawton, Emma May, 1887-88, Mrs. J. D. Munger, [Ithaca, N. Y.] 
i Lawton, flelen F., 1871-3, [Northfield]. 
j Lawton, Jos. W., 1871-3, [Northfield]. 

\ Lawton, Minnie R., 1887-8, Mrs. Percy D. Godfrey, 205 S. Chatsworth 
\ St., St. Paul. 

i Leach, Grace Eleanor, 1905-6, Akron, Ohio. 

I Leach, Mrs. Hugh E., (Clara E. Molstad), 1899-01, Alexandria. 

Leaman, Jessie A., 1883-4, Mrs. A. A. Haussner, White Bear Lake. 

Leathers, Henry G., 1873-76, [St. Francis]. 

Leasure, Chas. W., 1876-77, [Cannon City]. 

Leavitt, Carrie Almira, 1900-1, [St. Paul]. 

Leavitt, Cyrus F., 1891-2, [Chicago]. 

Leavitt, Justina, 1889-91, Mrs. H. W. Wilson, 327 3rd Ave. S. E., 

Le Barr, Mrs. Frank, (Ida M. Kinyon), 1883-4; 1885-7; 1890-1, 650 

Linden Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 
Ledyard, Inez, 1901-4, Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Lee, Alice Maude, 1907-8; 1910-11; Calexico, Calif. 
Lee, Mrs. A. J., (Lucia Maude Hewitt), 1904-5, Cannon Falls. 
*Lee, Mrs. Andrew J., 1901-7. 
*Lee, Mrs. Chas. A., 1867-9. 

Lee, Mrs. Chas., (Eugenia Hoard) 1901-2, c /o H. E. Hoard, Pomona, 

Lee, Cloyde Williams, D. D. S., 1912-15, Northfield. 

Lee, Ethelwyn, 1911-12; 1917-19, Mrs. Grant Miner, Suite 405, Bexley 

Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 
Lee, Jessie Luella, 1.902-5. Medford. 
*Lee. Lizzie C, 1867-70, Mrs. Willis H. Norton. 
Lee, Phillips Wentworth, 1916-17, 43 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, 111. 
Lee, Mrs. R. B., (Charlene AVlUiamson), [Watertown, S. D.] 
Lee, Mrs. T. L., (Lulu Coon), 1902-4, Deerwood. 
Lee, Walter L., 1873-4, [Northfield]. 

Lee, Wm. H., 1873-75; 1876-78, 1220 Arathahoe St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Lee, Wm. H., Jr., 1913-15, Sioux FaUs, S. D. 

Lee, Mrs. Wm. H., (Mary Blodgett), 1915-16, Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Lee, Mrs. W. P., 1916-17, Northfield. 
Leeds, May Mary, 1912-13, [Northfield]. 


Lees, Jean, 1915-6, Minneapolis. 
Le Fevre, Wm. T., 1896-99, [Sedalia, Mo.] 
Leggett, Jas. Wesley, 1901-2, [Tuskaloosa, Ala.] 
Leighton, Frederick, 1880-81, [Dodge Center]. 
Leighton, George E., 1908-11, 2423 W. 22nd St., Minneapolis. 
Leighton, Mrs. Geo. E., 1908-9, (Gamett Stone), 2423 W, 22nd St., 

Leighton, Ralph S., 1908-11, 4400 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Lemon, Blanche, 1902-3, [Eagle Lake]. 

Lennard, Dan'l, 1874-5, [Rosemount]. 

*Lenout, Annie, 1881-5; 1887-9. 

Lent, Bertha Jane, 1909-11, Springfield. 

Lenz, Edith Amelia, 1904-5, Mrs. Schmidt, [Minneapolis]. 

Lenz, Emma, 1900-1902. 1430 Dupont Ave. N., Minneapolis. 

Lenz, Eva Annie, 1900-1902, [Northfleld]. 

Leonard, Chas. F., 1874-5, [Hamilton]. 

Leonard, Faith, 1914-15, [Minneapolis]. 

Leonard, Harry E., 1918-19, [Little Falls]. 

Leonard, Hugh Jos., 1908-9, [Millville]. 

Lesher, Belle, 1883-5, 1221 Hawthorn Ave., Minneapolis. 

Leslie, Mrs. C. E., (Martha J. Comee). 1881-2, Hillsboro, N. D. 

Leslie, Mrs. Irving A., (Carrie M. Kidder), 1882-4, [St. Paul]. 

Leslie, Myron F., 1910-11, Hillsboro, N. D. 

Leslie, Mrs. Wm., (Jessie Law), 1890-91; 1889-01; 1902-4, Madison. 

Lester, Arthur, 1881-3, [Blooming Prairie]. 

Lester, Hugh, 1903-4, 7 Kirkland Road, Cambridge, Mass. 

Le Sueur, Jessie, 1875-76, [Hastings]. 

Leuthold, Carlos, 1917-18, [Kasson]. Student at University of Minne- 
sota, Minneapolis. 
Leuthold, Jacob, Jr., 1874-5, [Kasson]. 
Leuthold, Ralph Nelson, 1900-1, Kasson. 

Levering, Minnie May, 1892-4, Mrs. Arthur Farr, Bedford, Cape Col- 
ony, Union of South Africa. 
Levine, Mrs. H. L., (Edna A. Mickelson), 1896-8, [Minneapolis]. 
Levoy, Isadore Ariel, 1919-20, Montevideo. 
Levy, Frances Eleanor, 1914-16, Eau Claire, Wis. 
Levy, Ruth Richter, 1916-17, La Crosse, Wis. 
Lewis, Almira Fulton, 1894-5, [St. Paul]. 
Lewis, Alvin M., D. D. S., 1884-88, Austin. 
Lewis, Mrs. A. M., (Clara Wood), 1912-13, Austin. 
Lewis, Belle, lSSl-2, [Wahpeton, N. I).] 
Lewis, Bertina, 1875-7, Mrs. S. E. Grove, [Oakland, Calif.] 
Lewis, Bess May, 1900-1; 1903-4, [Hastings]. 
Lewis, Charlotte, 1892-3, Mrs. Jas. S. Statler, Glendale, Mont. 
♦Lewis, Eleanor Sarah, 1916-17. 

Lewis, Elizabeth W. P., 1894-5, Mrs. E. R. King, Ontario, Calif. 
Lewis, Eva Cornelia, 1886-8, c/o Dr. A. M. Lewis, Austin. 
Lewis, Frank L., 1879-82, Neche, N. D. 

Lewis, Mrs. Frank L., (Lucy M. Haserick), 1877-81, Neche, N. D. 
Lewis, Mrs. Frank, 1{KK)-11, (Nettie E. Twiford), North^ield. 
Lewis, Ida, 1881-2, [Northfleld]. 
Lewis, Jas. W., 1876-7, [Lake Crystal]. 
Lewis, Jessie Amanda, 1893-5, Mankato. 


Lewis, Linnie, 1887-88, [Clear Lake, Wis.] 
Lewis, Lueretia Lucile, 1901-2; 1903-4, [Pelican Rapids]. 
Lewis, Margaret Douglas, 1898-99, [Victor, Iowa]. 
♦Lewis, Marion S., 1&84-85. 

Lewis, Maxfleld Crosby, 1905-6, [New Haven, Conn.] 
Lewis, Perry, 1876-79, [Mankato]. 

Lewis, Mrs. Richard, (Emily J. Holdecke), 1913-14, Moose Lake. 

♦Lewis, Waldemar Christian, 1903-5. 

Lewis, Wm. M., 1870-2, [Minneapolis]. 

Leyh, Cleve, 1905-6, [St. Paul]. 

Liem, Earl, 1918-19, Bingham, Lake. 

Lien, Adolph, 1915-17, Butterfleld. 

Lien, Mrs. Carl N., (Mary Estrem), 1876-7, 1814 13th Ave. S., Minne- 

Light, Arthur F., 1911-12, Hayward, Wis. 

Lightbourn, Ada L., 1909-10, Mrs. Arthur Miller, Ada. 

Llghtbourne, Blanche L., 1917-18, Ada. 

*Lilly, Geo. W., 1873-5. 

*Lilly, Sadie A., 1874-78. 

Lincoln, Mrs. Chas. S., (Mollie S. Robertson), 1887-8, 220 S. 4th St., 

Lincoln, Prances Grace, 1891-4, Mrs, Chas. Lane, [Minneapolis]. 
Lincoln, Lucy A., 1888-90, Mrs. Wm. C. Hervey, Pacific University, 

Forest Grove, Ore. 
Lincoln, Sara E., 1899-1901, Hunter, N. D. 
Lind, Gustav Wilhelm, 1892-3, [Duluth]. 
Lind, Loula E., 1896-1901, [La Crosse, Wis.] 
Lind, Marie J., 1894-6, [Two Harbors]. 
Lindberg, Edwin E., 1918-19', Rochester. 
Llndell, Frank W., 1890-92, [Malmo, Neb.] 

Lindemann, Mrs. Albon, (Frances E. Blake), 1886-7, Viroqua, Wis. 

Linder, Hualmar, 1892-3, [Kil, Sweden]. 

Linderborg, Filip, 1882-3, [Chicago]. 

Lindesmith, Orlando R., 1908-9, [Owatonna]. 

Lindquist, Amanda, 1896-7, Mrs. Wm. Turner, Vasa. 

Lindsley, Cyrenus H., 1871-73, [Garden City]. 

Lindsley, Frank R., 1873-4, Garden City. 

Lindsley, Leora Mae, 1914-6, Santa Monica, Calif. 

Lindstrom, Effle, 1903-6, Minnewaukan, N D. 

Lindstrom, Josephine S., 1897-8, Oberon, N. D. 

Lindstrom, Mabel C, 1916-17, Northfleld. 

Linne, Agnes Elvira, 1899-00, [Seattle, Wash.] 

Linnell, Caroline E., 1886-7, 329' Meyer's Arcade, Res. 1425 Vine PL, 

♦Linton, Ella Louise, 1886-7. 

Lippitt, Fannie B., 1895-6; 1900-1, 227 E. Anoka St., Duluth. 
Little, Geo., 1903-6, Kasson. 

Little, J. Edwin, 1890-1, Huntington Park, Calif. 
Little, Roy Casper, 1911-12, Lac qui Parle. 

Littlefield, Mrs. Harriet, (Harriet Ann Bunday), 1895-1900, Red 
Lodge, Mont. 

Livingston, Edith E., 1873-80, Mrs. E. E. Owens, [Fort Blakely, 


Livingston, Mrs. Ed., (Harriet Marie Myron), 1897-8; 1899-1900, [Los 
Angeles, Calif.] 

Livingston, Mrs. E., (Inez L. Bingham), 1871-73; 1876-7, 49 S. 9th St., 

Livingston, Geo. D., 1877-8, [Castle Rock]. 
♦Livingston, Mary, 1898-1900. 
Livingstone, Reason C, 1868-9, [Spring Valley]. 
Livingstone, Robert L., 1893-4, Chester. 

Livingstone, Mrs. Robt. L., (Grace M. Knapp), 1892-4, Chester. 

♦Livingstone, Sybbael E. A., 1879-80. 

Ljung, Ludwig Mauritz, 1896-99, [Grinstad, Sweden]. 

Lloyd, Ethel Alice, 1893-4, [Decorah, Iowa]. 

Lobb, Milton Leroy, 1918-19, Winnebago. 

♦Locke, Curtis E.', 1876-7. 

Locke, Laura L., 1880-1; 1884-5, Mrs. W. C. Rowell, Zumbrota. 
Locke, Martha E., 1877-8; 1880-1, Mrs. F. W. McCoy, 1164 Minnehaha 
St., St. Paul. 

Locke, Mary Abbott, 1890-1, Mrs. C. E. McCoy, R. 4, Ellensburg, 

Locke, Nonio, 1884-5, Mrs. Milo J. P. Thing, Hopkinton, Iowa. 
Lockerby, Chas., 1898-99, 4044 Colfax Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Lockerby, Elizabeth, 1879-80, Mrs. Chas. A. Davis, 717 6th St. S. B., 

Lockerby, Mrs. S. D., (Kate A. Barton), 1870-1; 1872-3, Faribault. 
Lockhart, John Harvey, 1896-97, Ely. 
Lockin, S. Howard, 1893-4, Red Wing. 
♦Lockram, Christopher O., 1878-80. 

Lockrem, Mrs. L. C, (Carrie Dalbotten), 1882-3; 1886-7, Cannon Falls. 
Lockwood, Framcis J., 1918-20, Grand Meadow. 
Lockwood, Geo. O., 1881-3, 135 Taylor Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Lockwood, Mrs. Z. P., (Hattie E. Newton), 1876-8, St. Louis Park. 
Lockwood, Mrs. T., (Ruth Underwood), 1890-92, 1617 Van Buren St., 
St. Paul. 

Lodwick, Idris, 1915-16, Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Logan, Wm. Francis, 1895-6, [Sedalia, Mo.] 

Lommen, Christian P., 1886-7, Vermillion, S. D. 

Longeran, D. Ambrose, 1900-02, [West Superior, Wis.] 

Longeran, Nellie, 1900-01, [West Superior, Wis.] 

Long, Mrs. A. H., (Ella E. Newell), 1870-71, 823 Laurel Ave., St. PauU 

Long, Geo., 1917-18, St. Cloud. 

Long, Mrs. J. E., (Mary Edna Allen), 1887-8, [Porter's Mills, Wis.] 
Longworth, Sarah J., 1886-8, Mrs. Edgar H. Whittier, Hudson, Wis. 
Lonnerbald, Justus G., 1883-4. [Northfield]. 

Loomis, Mrs. A. J., (Harriet Bush), 1900-01, 5632 49th Ave. S. W., 

Seattle, Wash. 
Loorals, Florence Sara, 1895-7, [Windsor, Wis.] 
♦Loose, Clarence Frank, 1909-10. 

Lopp, Mrs. W. P., (Nellie L. Kittredge), 1883-5, 4738 9th Ave. N. E., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Lord, Marion Juliette, 1891-2, Mrs. H. O. Herrold, St. Paul. 
Lord, Samuel, Jr., 1875-6, 371 Wilder Ave., St. Paul. 
Loree, Helen Inez, 1909-10, [Dundas]. 
Lorlmer, Isabella A., 1885-7, Mrs. James Jack, Northfield. 


Lorimer, James, 1882-3, Northfield. 

Lorlmer, Wm. 1875-80, 230 N. Main St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Loring, Albert E., 1876-8, [Waseca]. 

Lory, Milton Miles, 1919-20, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Love, Andrew A., 1881-6, Fargo, N. D. 

Love, John O., 1881-4, [Lime Springs, Iowa]. 

Love, Myrtle E., 1893-4, [Princeton]. 

Loveless, May Dora, 1898-00, Mrs. W. Stilson, Waterloo, Iowa. 

Loveless, Ralph Herman, 1899-00, 905 Monroe St. So., Spokane, Wash. 

Lovering, Lydia, 1884-5, [Northfield]. 

Lovering, Wm. T., 1885-8, [Vashon, Wash.] 

Lovegren, Ellen Margaret, 1916-18, Beach, N. D. 

*Low, Etta Jean, 1890-96. 

Lowe, Duncan Paul, 1918-19, Pipestone. 

Lowe, Margaret, 1915-17, Pipestone. 

Lowe, Wm. Martin, 1912-13, Jasper. 

Lowell, Mrs. C. S., (Dora M. Parker), 1898-1900, Hastings. 
Loyhead, Mrs. Edw., (Fannie S. Ames), 1872-76, Faribault. 
Luce, Mrs. H., (Mabel E. Peck), 1883-5, Minneapolis. 
Lucia, Emma, 1882-3, [Etna]. 
Luckow, Maude Matilda, 1899-01, [Minneapolis]. 

Ludlow, Helen Judson, 1905-6, Mrs. W. C. Hansberger, 1856 Oak St., 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Ludlow, Joseph Burr, 1898-99, 2111 Humboldt Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Ludovick, Mrs. Wm., (Nellie L. Ruddock), 1877-81, [Berea, Ky.] 
Luley, Georgia M., 1886-89, Mrs. Chas. H. Seccombe, Bank of Italy 

Bldg., Oakland, Calif. 
Lull, Samuel C, 1878-9, Stillwater. 
Lund, Agnes L., 1914-15, Mora. 
Lund, Eli Reuben, 1912-13, Windom. 
Lund, Helge J., 1880-82, [Swan Lake, Iowa]. 
*Lund, Mrs. J. G., 1895-6. 
Lund, Mabelle, 1912-14, Glenwood. 
Lundblad, John L., 1897-99, Clarion, Iowa. 
Lundsten, Ruth, 1908-10, Mrs. O. F. Kepp, Glendive, Mont. 
Lundston, Mrs. D., (Lida L. Stearns), 1911-13, Excelsior. 
Lunn, Mrs. J. J., (Lida Patterson), 1889-90, [Chicago]. 
Lurton, Mrs. Freeman E., (Alice Home Babbitt), 1889-01; 1892-3, 

2811 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis. 
Luscher, Andrew Charles, 1916-19, Redwood Falls. 
Luscher, Lucile, 1917-18, Redwood Falls. 
Lyford, Mrs., (Jean D. Smith), 1C83-5; 1886-7, Java, N. Y. 
♦Lyman, Bertha L., 1879-87. 
Lyman, Chas. Warren, 1881-4, Northfield. 
*Lyman, Mrs. Chas. W., (Carrie M. Gould), 1884-7. 
Lyman, Mrs. Chas. W., (Louisa M. Van Slyke), 1888-9, Northfield. 
*Lyman, Edgar Stuart, 1887-8. 
Lyman, Geo. D., 1874-5, [Northfield]. 
Lyman, Lucretia Sophia, 1911-12, Clinton. 

Lynch, Mrs. J. A., (Louise A. Callahan), 1891-94, [Santa Ana, Calif.] 

Lynch, Minnie S., 1868-9. 

Lunde, Henry C, 1881-2, [New Auburn]. 

Lynde, Mrs. R. C, (Anna B. Eaton), 1873-4, [Medford]. 


Lyon, Dorothy Bradley, 1918-20, Minneapolis. 
Lysne, Edwin H., 1875-6; 1878-80, [New Hope, Wis.] 
Lysne, Olina, 1888-90, [Wittenberg, Wis.] 


McAllister, lone, 1893-4, Mrs. , [Minneapolis]. 

McBroom, Alice May, 1895-6; 1901-2, [Sherman]. 

McBroom, Mrs. J. K., (May lone Morrison), 1901-2, [Excelsior]. 

McBroom, Myrtle Esther, 1898-9, [Mapleton]. 

McBroom, Mrs. Walter, (Angle C. Coe), 1890-2, Creamery Package 

Mfg. Co., Chicago, 111. 
*McCabe, Emma, 1871-2; 1889-91. 
McCallum, Florence Lillian, 1910-11, [Clinton]. 
McCallnm, Isabella, 1909-10, Big Stone. 
*McCallum, Jessie Sinclair, 1904-5; 1906-7. 
MeCardle, Lulu Viola, 1907-8, [Faribault]. 
McCargar, Fannie. 1886-7, [Faribault]. 
McCarthy, Donald, 1918-19, Madelia. 
McCasland, Ida, 1892-3, [Waverly, 111.] 

(McCenna, Mrs. S.), (Edith Addison), 1888-9, Mrs. G. Arreson, [Mar- 

McChesney, Emma J., 1878-9, Mrs. Wm. Hartman, 1708 Wetmore Ave., 

Everett, Wash. 
McChesney, Harriet L., 1888-90, R. 2, Newport. 
*McChesney, Herbert W., 1881-3. 

♦McChesney, Mrs. H. W., (Sara Agnes Gray), 1883-5; 1886-9. 
McClane, Rev. Wm. Rollins, 1892-5, [Niagara, N. D.] 
McClaughry, Mrs. O. T., (Mary Lawrence), 1872-3; 1878-9; 1881-2. 
McClure, Thos. S., 1886-7; 1888-9, [St. Cloud]. 

McCollom, Melicent, 1893-4, Mrs. Geo. H. Clute, Carmel by the Sea, 

McConkey, Ida Jane, 1903-4, [Bismarck, N. D.] 

McConnel, Florence, 1903-5, Private Secretary R. I. Hospital Trust 

Co., Providence, R. I. 
McConnell, Gordon, 1918-19, Lake City. 
McConnell, Glenn B., 1919-20, Lake City. 

McConnell, Mrs. J. E., 1891-2, 36 Parkis Ave., Providence, R. I. 
McCord, Mrs. A. M., (Alice M. Armington), 1876-7. 
McCormick, Frank, 1899-00, [Sauk Center]. 

McCoy, Mrs. C. E., (Mary Abbott Locke), 1890-1, R. 4, Ellensburg, 

McCoy, Mrs. F. W., (Martha E. Locke), 1877-8; 1880-1, 1164 E Min- 
nehaha St., St. Paul. 
McCoy, George E., 1869-70, [Roscoe]. 

McCoy, Mrs. John M., (Lizzie R. Bixby), 1883-6, New Richmond, 

•McCracken, Sarah, 1875-6. 
McCray, Wm., 1880-1, [St. Paul]. 

*McCrcery, Arthur Sturgis. 1902-3. Died July .">. 1919. 
McCreery, Henry Stoddard, 1899-1900; 1902-3.^1215 Wayne Ave.. Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 
McCreery, Kenneth, 1902-6, Huxton, Colo. 
*McCui8h, Mrs. John B., (Anna F. Hulburd), 1892-3. 


McCullock, Dorothy, 1899-1901, Platteville. Wis. 
McCullock, John M., 1867-9; 1870-71. Platteville. Wis. 
♦McDaniel, Franklin B., 1874-76. 

McDaniel, Mrs. W. B., (Alice C. Garlichs), 1889-91, 246 S. 44th • St., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 1920-21, American Academy in Rome. 
McDonald, Florence, 1909-11, [Blue Earth]. 

McDonald, Mrs. Gilbert, (Carolyn P. Peterson), 1892-3, 451 S. Har- 
vard Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 
McDonald, Kenneth James, 1916-19, Walnut Grove. 
McDonald, Mrs. W. J., (Belle Stewart), 1891-92, Walnut Grove. 
McDougall, G^rrond Francis, 1919-20, Madelia. 
McEahern, Mrs. (A. Marilla Wendell), 1899-1901, [BufEalo]. 
McElrath, Fenton Morrill, 1910-11, Randolph. 
McElrath, Wm. L., 1882-5; 1887-8, Randolph. 

McGale, Mrs. N., (Lulu E. Hinds), 1881-2; 1883-5. [25 Townsend 

Ave., Stapleton, Staten Island, N. Y.] 
McGee, Lizzie, 1880-1, [Cannon Falls]. 
McGill, Francis Russell, 1918-19, [Minneapolis] 
McGUlivray, Leslie S., 1916-17, Osage, Iowa. 

McGlade, Mrs. Rev. Jerome R., (Anna A. Jones), 1882-5, 611 South 

Bend St., Galena, 111. 
•McGovern, Clayton, 1917-18. 

McGray, Adrienne, 1879-80, Mrs. Browin, Shakopee. 
McGray, Adrietta, 1879-91, Mrs. Wilkinson, Prescott, Wis. 
McGray, Frank O. L., 1880-1. [Prescott, Wis.] 
McGregor, Mrs. E. N., (Leonora McLarty), 1887-88, [Kansas]. 
McGrow, Mrs. D. F., (Emma L. Payne), 1876-7, [San Jose, Calif.] 
McGuigan, Dora, 19a5-6, Mrs. L. C. Helm, 4520 Zenith Ave., Minne- 

McGuigan, Dr. Henry T., 1896-7, Red Wing. 
♦McGuire, Lucile, 1907-9, Mrs. Cummings. 
McGuire, Mrs., (Florence Amelia Patten), 1901-2. 
McHose, James W., 1876-81, [St. Paul]. 
Mclntyre, Fannie B., 1883-5, Mrs. Towns. 
Mclntyre, Katherine, [Mattoon, 111.] 
Mclntyre, Mrs. Louie, 1890-91, [Faribault]. 

Mclntyre, Mildred E., 1911-13, Baltimore, Maryland, c/o Johns Hop- 
kins Hospital. 
Mclntyre, Nellie H., 1884-6, [Spartansburg, S. C] 
McKay, Laura, 1906-8, 134 W. Congress St., St. Paul. 
McKay, Wm. S., 1877-9, [Redwood Falls]. 
McKee, Phoebe E., 1881-2. [Lace'ile, Iowa]. 
McKee, Thomas Patrick, 1916-17, White Rock, S. D. 
McKenzie, Annabel, 1890-3, Mrs. Geo. Dewar, Havre, Mont. 
McKenzie, Harriet Ellen, 1906-7, Mrs. H. B. Tilden, Fargo, N. D. 
McKenzie, John, 1882-3, [Canby]. 
McKenzie, John, Jr., 1906-7, [Lake Benton]. 
McKeown, Dr. Eugene Garfield, 1901-3, Pipestone. 
McKinley, Mrs. Alex, (Jennie Daniels), 1872-82, Medford. 
*McKinley, Jennie A., 1880-81. 
McKnight, Mary, 1899-1901, [Adrian]. 
McKnight, Maud, 1888-9, [Le Roy]. 
•McKnight, Nellie E., 1884-5, Mrs. E. E. De GroflE. 


McKinney, Mrs. Ward, (Alfrida Gustafson), 1894-1900, 1909 Preston 

Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
McLain, Mrs., (Sarah C. Cowles), 1876-7, [Woodland, Calif.] 
McLarty, Mrs. D. A., 1889-92, [Northfleld]. 
McLarty, Leonora, 1887-8, Mrs. E. N. McGregor, [Kansas]. 
*McLaughlin, Mrs. C, (Belle Barton), 1875-7. 
McLaughlin, Eva Belle, 1903-4, [Faribault]. 
McLaury, John Luverne, 1916-18, Glenwood. 
McLeod, Crissie Ann., 1904-6, Rushford. 

McLeod, Mabel, 1905-6, Mrs. Edw. Whittemore, [Johnson]. 
McLeod, Nellie L., 1881-2, [Balsam Lake, Wis.] 
*McLough, Mrs. M., (Ida M. Wallace), 1873-4. 

McMichale, Frances Morgan, 1904-7, Mrs. Robert Champlin, Vernon 

McMillan, Ida R., 1879-80, Mrs. Frank Schwappe, Parker, S. D. 
McMillan, Mrs. Margaret, (Margaret A. Mosier), 1897-8, Stillwater. 
♦McMurphy, J. Andrew, 1878-79. 
McMurtrie, Sadie, 1897-8, Tacoma, Wash. 

McNelly, Mrs. C. L., (Florence Hibbard), 1907-10, Dodge Center. 
McNutt, Elizabeth, 1885-6, [Battle Creek, Mich.] 
McQuade, Robert Roy, 1902-3, Tower. 

McQuade, Mrs. Wm. H., (Fannie S. Browning), 1879-8, Tower. 
McQueen, Jennie Elizabeth, 1901-2, Mapleton. 
McRae, John D., 1882-3, [Marine]. 
McWilliams, Kathryn, 1919-20, Northfleld. 
♦McWright, Rev. Wm. A., 1873-75. 

McWright, Mrs. W. A., (Flora J. Stanton), 1869-70, Boscobel, Wis. 

Maas, Lloyd Theodore, 1913-15, Mazeppa. 

Mabey, Ida B., 1879-80, Mrs. Herbert Reeve, [Lake City]. 

Mabon, Mrs. L. M., (Ellen R. Mattocks), 1890-91, Faribault. 

Mabon, Pearl Eva, 1910-12; 1915-16, Mrs. Ray Larkin, Northfleld. 

Mabusth, Arthur Scott, 1915-16, Cokato. 

Mabusth, John Douglas, 1918-19, Cokato. 

Macartney, Raymond J., 1880-1, [Hudson, Wis.] 

MacDonald, Florence, 1909-11, Blue Earth. 

MacGinnitie, Mrs. H. J., (Katherine M, Riddell), 1892-5, c/o Schwa- 

bacher Bros., Seattle, Wash. 
Maclllvaine, Mrs. T. M., (Jessie W. Justice), 1890-91, 408 North 

Monroe St., Peoria, 111. 
Mack, Glen Ira, 1914-15, Plainview. 

Mackay, Laura, 1906-8, [134 W. Congress St., St. Paul]. 

Macken, Mrs. Daniel, (Clara M. Finke), 1902-3, Davenport, Iowa. 

Mackey, Norman Wm., 1913-15, Northfleld. 

MacKenzie, Walter L., 1891-2, Glasgow, Mont. 

MacKusick, Echo Lucie, 1904-5, [Minneapolis]. 

MacMurphey, Robert Hyde, 1914-15; 1910-17, Ortonville. 

Macrum, Mrs. Geo., (Grace Norton), 1885-86; 1888-93, c/o Am. Exp. 

Co., 11 Rue Scribe, Paris, France. 
Madigan, Francis E., 1882-3, [Fox Lake, Wis.] 
Madson, Carlisle, 1911-12, Hutchinson. 
Magandy, Gwendolyn Ella, 1916-17, Tyler. 
Magee, Lizzie, 1883-4, Cannon Falls. 

Maguire, Bessie Lucile, 1906-07, [034 E. 7th St., York, Neb.] 


Mahaffa, James, 1868-69, [Greensburgh, Ind.] 
*Mahler, Maynard John, 1915-17. 

Maiers, Albert B., 1880-81, 4021 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Major, Helen Forsyth, 1898-99, Mrs. Nurse, [Minneapolis]. 

Maland, Wra. Henry, 1915-17, Elmore. 

Mallery, John W., 1882-83, Lakeville. 

Malmin, Esther Alice, 1916-18, Blue Earth. 

Malmquist, Oscar Reynald, 1915-17, Grove City. 

*Malone, Michael C, 1871-72. 

Malone, William, 1906-7, Jackson. 

Maltby, Alexander, 1891-92, Pine Bend. 

Malthouse, Ellen D., 1905-6, Mason City, Iowa. 

Manchester, Armina C, 1871-74, [St. Paul]. 

Manderfeld. Cornelia Boruhardina, 1905-7, Nevr Ulm. 

Manhart, Mrs. C. H., (Alice I. Daniels), 1902-3, Northfield. 

*Manhart, Geo. H., 1873-4. 

Manley, Jared H., 1875-76, [Mandan, N. D.] 

Mann. Leora Elizabeth, 1917-20, Mrs. N. B. Hankerson, Medford. 

♦Manning, Sadie M., 1874-75. 

Mansfield, Mary Louisa, 1898-99, [Mankato]. 

Manson, Jessie Armilda, 1902-3, Marion. Iowa. 

Manson, Katherine E., 1886-7, Mrs. Katherine M. Curran, 1419 Har- 
mon Place, Minneapolis. 
Mantell, Gladys, 1916-17. 
*Manuel, Frances, 1887-8. 

♦Marcellus, Mrs., (Marion I. Wheeler), 1871-4. 

Marcellus, Thomas M., 1871-76, [Marshall]. 

♦March, Mrs. F. M., (Emma F. Wadsworth), 1883-5. 

March, Mrs. Nelson, (Nellie O. Hanson), 1890'-91, Litchfield. 

Marden, Irene, 1907-8, Mrs. S. V. Repke, 1692 Portland Ave., St. PauL 

Marion, Jessie Eleanor, 1908-10, Owatonna. 

Mark, Beata Louise, 1896-97, Mrs. C. E. Johnson, 1819 Emerson Ave. 

S., Minneapolis. 
Mark, John Henry, 1899-00, [Grand MeadoM']. 
Mark, John Martin, 1900-1, Hatton, N. D. 

Markham, Lulu A., 1882-3, Mrs. Calvin Mills, [5419 Indiana St., 

Marklund, Nels, 1895-99, [Henningsmark, Pitea, Sweden]. 
Marks, Anna M., 1891-92, [PIull, Iowa]. 
Marlin, Lois Bessum, 1919-20, Staples. 
Marpe, Elmer E. Reed, 1914-15, Northfield. 

Marquardt, Mrs. C'has., (Libbie 'R. Roberts), 1885-7, [Chicago]. 

Marsh, Beryl Esther, 1905-6, Mrs. John Wyland, Austin. 

Marsh, Bffle May, 1907-8, [Rainy Butte, N. D.] 

Marsh, Nelson, 1890-91, Stillwater. 

Marsh, Rowland Hill, 188S-9, [Pittsfield, 111.] 

Marshall, Anna Olive, 1893-5, Mrs. Stier, Manchester, Tenn. 

Marshall, Ethel Eugene, 1896-98, Manchester, Tenn. 

Marshall, Hannah, 1889-92 [Lakota, N. 1).] 

Marshall, Joseph, 1891-92; 1895-96, [Northfield]. 

Marshall, Maude, 1894-95, 1897-8, [St. Paul]. 

Marshall, Mrs. W. A., (Nettie A. Howe), 1889-90, Austin, Nevada, 
Martin, Bertha May, 1912-19, Northfield. 


♦M'artin, Carrie Belle. 1886-87, Mrs. Jas. Atherton. 

Martin, Chas. Tichard, 1907-8, Spring Valley, Wis. 

Martin, Mrs. E. A., (Katherine Griebe), 1918-19, Farmington. 

Martin, Gertrude B., 1882-87, Port Angeles, Wash. 

Martin, Mrs. H., (Jessie O. Wright), 1912-13, Crosby, N. D. 

Martin, Ida May, 1875-76, Mrs. M. A. Paulsen, [Minneapolis]. 

Martin, John Edison, 1901-2, [Spring Valley, Wis.] 

Martin, Kate E., 1886-90; 1891-92 [Northfield]. 

Martin, Oliver P., 1867-68, [Mazeppa]. 

Martin, Mrs., (Nellie C. Stoddard), 1875-76, [Los Angeles, Calif.] 

Martinson, Jalmar, 1911-12, Winona. 

Martland, Marion Ida, 1907-8, Cherokee, Iowa. 

Marvin, Chas. W., 1879-80, [Hastings]. 

Marvin, Clara Alice, 1905-7, Mrs. J. Holtz, Dillon, Mont. 

Mason, John W., 1867-68, [Fergus Falls]. 

Mason, Vallie Isabel, 1896-97, [Fergus Falls]. 

*Masson, Carrie L., 1879-82, Mrs. Cassius M. Viant. 

♦Mathews, Mrs. Frank, (Carrie E. Stewart), 1882-83; 18S4-89 ; 1890-91. 

Mathews, Maude Inez, 1888-93. Larimore, N. D. 

Mathews, Holland Marvin, 1909-10, Marshall. 

Mathews, Roy Lee, 1900-02. [259 Madison Ave., New York City]. 
Mathieu, Mae, 1906-7, [Seattle. Wash.] 

Matson, Ora Jane, 1897-1901, Mrs. C. G. Goodwin, 3220 Cedar Ave., 

♦Matson, Wm. Almon, 1898-1900. 
Matteson, Roy Grow, 1888-90, [Decorah, Iowa]. 
Matthews, Ralph Freeman. 1904-5, [St. Paul]. 
Mattison, Albert O., 1867-68, [Waterford]. 
Mattison, Alma A., 1867-68, [Egerton]. 

Mattocks, Ellen R., 1S90-91, Mrs. L. M. Mabon, Faribault. 
Mattson, Mrs., (Mary C. Rogers), 1870-72. 
Maturen, Ida Mae, 1918-19, Grand Rapids. 
Maughan, Fred W., 1886-88, E.xcelsior. 

Maughan, Mrs. Fred W., (Mary R. Hart), 1886.-88, Excelsior. 
Maughan, Mrs. H. C, (^.nna H. Dean), 1891-5; 1896-7, 2618 Irving 

Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Maule, Claude Wilbur, 1904-5, Dell Rapids, S. D. 
Maxim, Grace, 1891-2, [Superior, Wis.] 

Maxson, Minnie M., 18S3-5, Mrs. E. Goodwin, [St. Paul]. 
Maxson, Ralph Henry, 1917-19, St. Cloud. Student at University of 

May, Alexander, 1882-4, [Excelsior]. 

Mayer, Alma Leona, 1909-11, 22 State St., New Ulm. Teaching at 

Fairmont, Minn. 
Mayer, Olga Anita, 1912-13, Fairmont. 
♦Mayiand, Andrew U., 1885-89. 

Mayland, Anna, lS89-!)0, 3205 Longfellow Ave., INIinneapolis. 
Maylaud, Dr. Lewis Lars, 1889-90, Great Falls, Mont. 
Maylund, Dr. Martin Lewis, 1887-89, Faribault. 
Maynard, Agnes Mae, 1897-1900, [Long Prairie]. 
Mayo, Mrs. W. J., (Hattie May Damon), 1883-84, Rochester. 
♦Meacham, Jas. Wallace, 1896-99. 

Meacham, Mrs. Jas. W., (Alice M. Collester), 1896-99, Wiiseca. 


Meacham, Jessie, 1898-1901, [Freeport, 111.] 

Mead, Mrs. Chas., (Lillian Pierce), 1897-8, [Isle of Pines]. 

Mead, .Tas. Curtis, 1892-93, [River Falls, Wis.] 

Meade, Grace Mary, 1904-5, [Vernon Center]. 

Meade, Susan, 1886-87, Mrs. T. Harris, [Minneapolis]. 

Meade, Wm. Henry, 1801-2, [Blue Earth]. 

Meader, Carrie, 1872-3, [Northfield]. 

Mecklenburg, Harry Andrew, 1914-15, New Ulm. 

Meckstroth, Eunice Mildred, 1918-20, Brandon. 

Meckstroth, Mrs. L. W., (Winifred L. Watson), 1891-3, Wahpeton, 
N. D. 

Meeker, Geo. A., 1894-5, [Northfield]. 

Meeker, Mrs. Guy, (Harriet C. Thacker), 1904-6, 4544 York Ave., 

Meier, Donald Carl, 1915-17, Eden Valley. 
Melby, Gordon Bernard, 1915-19, Minneapolis. 
Meldal, Nicoline, 1896-7, [Cannon Falls]. 

Melendy, Mrs. Royal, (Gertrude E. Thayer), 1892-3; 1894-5, Newark, 
N. J. 

Melgaard, Agnes Lucile, 1914-16, Argyle. 
Melgaard, Walter Robert, 1913-14, Warren. 
Melick, Amy Almedia, 1904-5, Neligh, Neb. 
Melick, Anna Louise, 1888-89, [Cambridge, Mass.] 
Melick, Dema Mae, 1904-5, Neligh, Neb. 

Mellen, Mary Maude, 1894-95, Mrs. S. E. Schoonover, 627 So. 5th 

St. W., Missoula, Mont. 
Mellen, Muiron M., 1879-80, [Currie]. 
Mellinger, Sarah Mary, 1919-20, Pine Island. 

Melony, Alice Fowle, 1904-6, Mrs. C. D. Mowery, [Minneapolis]. 
♦Melvin, Fred Jas., 1889-90. 
Mentz, Edgar, 1918-19, Faribault. 
*Mergen, Barney, 1885-86. 

♦Merki, Selma E., 1905-6, Mrs. John P. Smith. 
Merrick, Louis A., 1875-6, [Minneapolis]. 

MerrUl, Alice T., 1888-9, Mrs. Lewis M. Paschall, [Great Falls, 

*Merrill, Mrs. Chas., 1894-5. 

Merrill, Edw. L., 1882-3, [Chicago, 111.] 

Merrill, Helen Elizabeth, 1905-6, [Albert Lea]. 

Merrill, Mary, 1894-97; 1898-9, Mrs. H. B. King, Samokov, Bulgaria. 
At home on furlough, 1921, 715 N. Michigan Ave., Pasadena, 

Merrill, May Pennington, 1900-02, [Cheyenne, Wy.] 
Merrill, Minnie M., 1873-74, [Cannon Falls]. 
Merrill, Wiebb Orman, 1887-88, [Faribault]. 
Merriman, Helen, 1905-6, [Granite FaUs]. 
Merritt, Bessie Madge, 1918-19, Duluth. 
Merritt, May Angle, 1898-1900, [Red Wing]. 
Merwin, Anna Melissa, 1908-10, Wadena. 

Merwin, Orville James, 1916-17, Brainerd. Student at Univ. of Minn. 
Metcalf, Antoinette C, 1891-2, Oberlin, Ohio. 

Metcalf, Mrs. V. A., (Virginia A. Haskins), 1900-01, Minneapolis. . 
Meyer, Otto P., 1918-20, Currie. 

Meyer, Wilhelmina Clarice, 1897-8, [Charles City, Iowa]. 

Meyers, Myrtle Emily, 1913-14, Little Falls. 

Michael, Annie T., 1898-1900; 1903-05, [Walker]. 

Michael, Frank F., 1912-13, [Bird Island]. 

Michael, Mrs. J. C, (Jennie Crandall), 1874-5, [St, Paul], 

Michael, Wm. C, 1898-99, [Halstad]. 

Michel, Henry H., 1918-19, St. James. 

Michener, Lucile Alice, 1913-17, 416 N. Robie St., Apt. 3, Chicago, 111. 
Mickelson, Edna A., 1896-98, Mrs. H. L. Levine, [Minneapolis]. 
Mickelson, Emma Marie, 1914-15; 1916-17, Austin. 
Mickey, Mrs., (Elizabeth A. Willard), 1905-6, Santa Ana, Calif. 
Middlemist, John H., 1919-20, Minneapolis. 

Middleton, Carrie E., 1884-86, Mrs. C. E. Sherin, [New York City]. 
Middleton, Jas. D., 1872-74, [Lake City]. 
Mifler, Anna M., 1916-17, Randolph. 
Midland, Leonard Fred, 1916-18, Stewartville. 
*Miles, Helen A , 1882-83. 

Miles, Louise Gertrude, 1900-1, [Livingston, Mont.] 
Millard, Anna L., 1886-7, Bombay, Byculla, India. 
Millard, Edward B., 1882-83, [Milwaukee]. 
Miller, Allen Silas, 1892-94, [Lime Springs, Iowa]. 
MiUer, Aloni, 1872-73, [Stanton]. 
Miller, Alvin E., 1873-76, [Stanton]. 

Miller, Mrs. Arthur, (Ada Lightbourn), 1909-10, Ada. 

Miller, Blanche, 1904-5, [Des Moines, Iowa]. 

Miller, Carrie S., 1887-88, Mrs. T. Jacobson, [Chicago, 111.] 

Miller, Chas. B., 1869-70, [Fargo, N. D.] 

Miller, Chas. Emil, 1887-89', [Alexandria]. 

Miller, Clayton Matin, 1919-20, Wyanet, 111. 

Miller, Cora E., 1877-78; 1881-82, [Northtield]. 

Miller, Daisy Marie, 1909-11, Mrs. Oscar H. Erickson, Bemidji. 

Miller, Dan Erickson, 1918-19, [Minneapolis]. 

Miller, Earl S., 1869-70, [Tracy]. 

Miller, Edward A., 1917-19, Olivia. 

Miller, Elizabeth Williams, 1907-8, Mrs. Dr. Senescall, Veblen, S. D, 
Miller, Frank Jas., 1888-89; 1890-93; 1894-98, 239 6th Ave. N., South 
St. Paul. 

Miller, Geo. Alfred, 1887-89; 1892-3, [Los Angeles]. 
Miller, Geo. G., 1883-84, [Hillsboro, N. Mex.] 

Miller, George Margaret, 1896-1902, Mrs. A. C. Hosfield, 5144 Lincoln 

Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Miller, Gertrude Elizabeth, 1916-18, [Duluth]. 

Miller, Mrs. G. T., (Minette Stocker), 1883-4, [Hillsboro, N. M.] 

*Miller, Mrs. Harris M., (Abba Kate Abbott), 1873-4. 

Miller, Henry S., 1878-79, [St. Paul]. 

Miller, Iza Opal, 1893-94, [Dodge Center]. 

Miller, John I^e, 1915-17; 1919-20, Morristown. 

Miller, John Walter, 1916-17, [Duluth]. 

Miller, Karen S., 1807-98, [Banning, Calif.] 

Miller, Lura, 1885-86, [Northfield]. 

Miller, Myra Mabeline, 1913-14, [Northflcld]. 

Miller, Marshall D., 1869-70, [Forest River, N. D.] 

*Miller, Minnie E., 1886-87. 


Miller, Nessie Marion, 1910-11, St. Charles, 
*Miller, Nettie, 1883-85, Mrs. E. A. Everett. 
Miller, Mrs. Paul G., 1910-11, [Northfleld]. 

MUler, Mrs. Randolph, (Jennie L. Wolf), 1882-4, [Halstead, Kan.] 
Miller, Ray Othello, 1899-1900, [Amboy]. 
Miller, Rock P., 1892-3, [Minneapolis]. 

Miller, Rose C, 1895-6, Mrs. E. B. Kiecbernapp, Faribault. 

Miller, Rosina, 1887-8, [Stanton]. 

Miller, Roy, 1901-2, 1392 Breda St., St. Paul. 

Miller, Victor I., 1894-95, [Westbrook]. 

*Mills, B. Fay, 1877-78. 

Mills, Mrs. Calvin, (Lulu A. Markham), 1882-3, [Austin]. 

Mills, Harry D., 1877-78, Vassar, Mich. 

Mills, John S., 1875-6; 1877-8, Fallon, Nevada. 

Miner, Claude Guile, 1901-2, [Blue Earth]. 

Miner, Mrs., (Lucretia M. Rice), 1876-8, [Northfleld]. 

*Miner, Edith Maude, 1899-01. 

Miner, Mrs Grant L., Jr., (Ethelyn Lee), 1918-19, 50 Miass. Ave., 

Suite 405, Bexley Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 
Miner, Mrs. Julius N., (Lillian A. Rice), 1879-80, [Minneapolis]. 
Misensol, Win. L., 1897-98, Nevr Auburn. 
Mitchell, Anna Mary, 1907-8, [Sofia, N. D.] 
Mitchell, Frank L., 1871-73; 1874-75, [Northfleld]. 
Mitchell, John B., 1883-85, [San Francisco, Calif.] 
Mitchell, John G., 1880-81, [San Francisco, Caltf.] 
Mitchell, Mrs. Leon, (Gertrude Green), 1898-9, Rockford, Iowa. 
Mitchell, Meryl Harriet, 1919-20, Minneapolis. 
Mitchell, Warren Edward, 1912-13, Olivia. 
Mitchell, Wm. G., 1870-73, Minot, N. D. 

Mitchell, Mrs. J., (Ethel M. Davidson), 1886-8; 1889-90, Austin. 
Mittwer, R. Julius H., 1891-92, P. O. Box 2, Mita P. O., Shiba, Tokio, 

Mix, Lola A., 1882-3, [Waconia]. 
Mlinar, Paul, 1896-97. 

Modisett, Bernice Cecil, 1913-14, [Northfleld]. 
Modisett, David Lyons, 1913-14, [Northfleld]. 
Moe, Annie, 1889-90, [Minneapolis]. 
Moe, Lida, 1889-91, [Minneapolis]. 

Moehlenbrach, Florence, 1917-19, Flaaten Conservatory, Ely. 
Mofeatt, Ralph, 1917-18, Howard Lake. 

Mohn, Mrs. Thomas, (Edith E. Wheeler), 1892-94, Red Wing. 

Molstad, Clara Emelie, 1899-1901, 'Mrs. Hugh E. Leach, Alexandria. 

Molstad, Ragna G., 1906-8, Mrs. Sather, Spring Valley. 

Monroe, Jennie Ruth, 1901-3, [Waseca]. 

Monser, Etta, 1875-78, Mrs. M. A. Currie, [Minneapolis]. 

Monser, Frances H., 1880-83, Mrs. W. A. Currie, Grand Forks, N. D. 

Monser, Maggie E., 1875-78, Mrs. A. B. Durnam, [Minneapolis]. 

Montfort, Geo. D., 1890-91; 1892-3, [Blaine, Wash.] 

Montgomery, Bertha E., 1882-84, [Oberlin, Ohio]. 

Montgomery, Ida Josephine, 1904-5, [Osceola, Wis.] 

Montgomery, Louise, 1885-86, Chicago. 

Montgomery, Mrs. L. J., (Mabel Louise Helgeson), [Montevideo]. 
Montgomery, Plymouth G., 1882-4. 

Montgomery, Mrs. Wm., (Mary Adelia Dumton), 1885-6, Excelsior. 
Moody, Elizabeth, 1916-18, [Minneapolis]. 

Moody, Maude, 1892-93, Mrs. Bert Robbing, Bellingham, Wash, 
Mooney, John Parker, 1888-89, [Boston, Mass.] 
Moore, Alice Genevieve, 1902-3, Rushford. 
Moore, Anna Elizabeth, 1911-13, Chatfield. 
Moore, Mrs. Clara Foster, 1891-92, Worthington. 

Moore, Geo. Foster, 1890-93; 1894-5, 3272 Riverside Drive, New York 

Moore, Mrs. Geo. M., (Ora C. Nelson), 1908-9, Spirit Lake, Iowa. 
Moore, Mrs. H. R., (Fannie F. Bunnell), 1871-73; 1874-75, Owatonna. 
Moore, Mary Faustina, 1900-01. 

Moorehouse, Effie, 1892-93, Mrs. John Adsit, Owatonna. 
More, Nannie, 1878-79, [Los Angeles, Oalif.] 

Morehouse, Mrs. N. J., (Eugenia M. Glodery), 1892-4, Hollywood, 

*Morell, Ella Arietta, 1884-5. 

Morell, Marie Matilda, 1900-01, Int. Steamship Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Morey, Wm. H., 1871-72, Hastings. 
*Morgan, Edith Miarian, 1904-5. 

Morgan, Merle Sarah Keller, 1903-11, [Minneapolis]. 
Morgan, Ruth Gladding, 1910-12, [Minneapolis]. 
Mork, Alma E., 1901-2, [Wheaton]. 

Morrell, Forest A., 1884-87, [Cartwright, N. D.] \ 
Morrill, Addle M., 1889-90, Mrs. Wm. B. Harper, [Minneapolis]. ( 

(Morrill, Mrs. Chas. A.), (Selina Roberts), 1874-75, Mrs. — , New 

York City. 

Morrill, Eva, Mrs. Geo. L. Warren, [Los Angeles, Calif.] 

♦Morrill, Mrs. F. A., (Edith H. Childs), 1883-85; 1887-88. 

Morrill, Frank H., 1882-83, [Rochester]. I 

Morrill, Harlan J., 1886-87, [Wahpeton, N. D.] 

Morris, Ada Angeline, 1895-97, [Faribault]. 

*Morris, Mrs. Almon P., (Sarah Rawson), 1867-68. { 
Morris, Henrietta, 1885-86, [Northfield]. 
Morris, Stella Ruth, 1917-18, [Northfield]. 

Morris, Dr. William J., 1878-81; 1882-83, 141 Forest Ave., James- 
town, N. Y. • 
Morrison, Donald, 1898-1900; 1901-02, [Skowhegan, Me.] 
Morrison, Ida Sybil, 1913-14, [Glenville], 

Morrison, May lone, 1901-02, Mrs. J. K. McBroom, [Excelsior]. 
Morrison, Saidee Edna, 1896-97, Mrs. C. C. Henion, 147 W. 57th St., 
New York City. ; 
Morse, Dan'l L., 1868-69, [Mankato]. 
*Morse, Maggie A., 1875-76. 

Morse, Merton Malcolm, 1914-17, 4500 Zenith Ave. So., Minneapolis. 
Mortensen, Edith Kathryn, 1899-1901, Mrs. Geo. E. Bell, Fergus 

Morton, Josephine, 1891-93, [Owatonna]. 
Morton, W. P., 1884-85, [Northfield]. 
Moscow, John, 1893-94, [Christiana]. 
Moses, Mrs. Adele M., 1894-96. 
Moses, Grace Estelle, 1885-86, [Minneapolis]. 
♦Moses, John H., 1874-75. 


Moses, Dr. Josepli, Jr., 1907-10, Northfleld. 
*Moses, Lura M., 1882-85, Mrs. George W. Brown. 
*Moses, Lurton D., 1884-87; 1888-90. 
Moses, Wm. E., 1884-86, Herm-an. 

Moses, Mrs. Wm. E., (Lizzie Gress), 1879-80; 1884-86, Northfleld. 
Mosher, Cbas. B., 1871-73, [Helena, Mont.] 
Mosher, Victor Wadleigh, 1898-1900, New Richmond, Wis. 
*Moshier, Gertrude, 1889-90. 

Moshier, Hattie, 1885-86, Mrs. J. B. Thompson, [Dickinson, N. D.] 
Mosier, Margaret A., 1897-98, Mrs. Margaret McMillan, Stillwater. 
Moss, Mrs. Fred H., (Kittle Van Leuvenj, 1891-92, Osage, Iowa. 
Mosse, Frederick Hurd, 1910-13, Rochester. 
Mouck, EUa, 1900-01, [Fargo, N. D.] 

Moulton, Mrs., (Harriet C. Pierce), 1883-4, 1014 Broadway, Fargo, 
N. D. 

Moulton, Florence T., 1901-02, Mrs. Dorsey, Two Harbors. 
Moulton, Geo. E., 1874-75, [Tacoma, Wash.] 
Moulton, Paul Swain, 1913-14, Ashton, S. D. 

Moulton, Mrs. Sam, (Catherine Callahan), 1890-94, [Los Angeles, 

Mowery, Mrs. C. D., (Alice F. Melony), 1904-06, [Minneapolis]. 
Mowry, Mrs. F. L., (Marian L. Fisher), 1883-4, 4735 Emerson Ave. 

So., Minneapolis. 
Moyer, Malcolm Bridgeman, 1902-4, Montevideo. 
Muckey, Dr. Floyd S., 1873-74, [Minneapolis]. 
*Muckey, Fred W., 1873-74. 

Muckey, Luella E., 1873-74, Mrs. H. C. Stevens, [Chicago, 111.] 
Muckey, Mrs. R. L., (Edith V. Burwell), 1873-74, [Los Angeles, 

Mueller, Olga Matilda, 1909-10, New Ulm. 
*Mueller, Mrs., (Ida Sencerbox), 1880-82. 
Mueller, Paul Reinhart, 1915-16, Faribault. 
Muir, Helen Isabelle, 1905-6, Mrs. Roy Collins, Northfleld. 
Muir, Jean Margaret, 1909-03, [Manor, Canada]. 
Mulford, Genevieve E., 1902-03, [Minneapolis]. 
Mulford, Nettie C, 1884-86, Mrs. Conrad, [Minneapolis]. 
Muller, Geneste Marie, 1911-13, Mrs. Wm. Anderson, St. Paul. 
Munger, Oallie Mina, 1911-13, American Board, Taikuhsien, Shansi, 

Munger, Mrs. Jas. D., (Emma M. Lawton), [Ithaca, N. Y.] 

Munroe, Cassie Agnes, 1914-15, [Virginia]. 

Munroe, James, 1904-05, [Dell Rai)ids, S. D.] 

Murdock, Beatrix, 1903-05, Mrs. Canney, [Atlanta, Ga.] 

Murdock, Emily T., 1877-78, Mrs. D. L. Dawley, 2183 Commonwealth 

Ave., St. Paul. 
Murdock, Clinton Redferld, 1912-15, [Howard Lake]. 
Murdock, Helen Kiehl, 1917-20, Wabasha. 
Murdock, John W., 1885-88, Wabasha. 
Murphy, Annie L., 1874-75, [Juneau, Wis.] 
Murphy, Arthur L., 1913-15, Faribault. 

Murphy, Mrs. Charles, (Julia May Heslin), 1900-01, Newport, Wash, 
*Murphy, Chas J., 1896-98. 

Murphy, Ellen B., 1903-4; 1906-7, Mrs. Resler, Great Falls, Mont. 


Murphy, Francis M., 1879-81, [Kingston, N. Y.] 
Murphy. John D., 1879-80, [Kingston, N. Y.[ 
Murrel, Sylvanus B., 1896-97; 1898-99, [Wykoff]. 
Mutschler, Lawrence V., 1918-19. St. Cloud. 

Myers, Charlesanna, 1919-20, 2500 S. Lambert St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Myhre, Theodore, 1900-01, Lyle. 
Myran, Albert G., 1896-98, Ada. 

Myran, Harriet Marie, 1897-98; 1899-1900, Mrs. Ed. Livingston, [Los 

Angeles, Calif.] 
Myron, Nordie, 1899-1900, [Ada]. 


Nagler, Leona Rosine, 1918-19, Osceola, Wis. 

Nash, Alvin Lucius, 1903-4, 3337 1st Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Nash, Christina M., 1883-4, [Elk Lake]. 

Nash, Gertrude Emily, 1901-3, Mrs. Fred Dunnicliff, Dixon, Calif. 
Nash, Mrs. H. S., (Helena M. Sleeper), 1877-78, 25 Rock St., Mid- 

dleboro, Mass. 
Nash, Jas. W. M., 1892-3, Cherryfleld, Me. 

Nason, Mrs. Albert John, (Ethel Eaton), 60 Scott St., Chicago, 111. 

Nason, Bertha, 1880-81, [St. Croix Falls, Wis.] 

Nason, Jennie A., 1883-4, Mrs. A. G. Crooker. Fairmont. 

Nason, Louise, 1879-80, [St. Croix Falls, Wis.] 

Naused, Walter H. E., 1919-20, Minneapolis. 

Neal, Mrs., (Elsie C. Henderson), 1873-74, [Grand Rapids]. 

Neal, Charlotte E., 1898-9, [Northfleld]. 

Neal, Edward, 1880-81, [Grand Forks, N. D.] 

♦Neal, Lee, 1869-71. 

Neel. Mrs. J. B., (Eliza A. Henderson), 1871-72. Minneapolis. 

Neel, Vienna, 1883-7, Mrs. Carl Reidelsberger, [Minneapolis]. 

Nehring, Millard, 1917-18, Paynesville. 

Neil, Edwin Raymond, 1897-8, [Castle Rock]. 

Neil, Ray, 1899-00, [Castle Rock]. 

Neilson, Peter S., 1890-2. 2707 Humboldt Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Neilson, Mrs. P. S., (Anna Mary Donaldson), 2707 Humboldt Ave. S., 

Neilson, Victor, 1S92-4. [Mt. Pleiisant, Utah]. 
Nein, Wdll, 1908-9, 2221 15th Ave. S.. Minneapolis. 
Neisingh, Alfred, 1907-8, [Excelsior]. 

Nellermoe, Piatt M., 1916-18, St. Anthony Park, St. Paul. 
Nellermoe, Joy Orlando. 1913-14, [Buffalo Lake]. 
Nelson, Alma E., 1919-20, Blue Earth. 
Nelson, Albert L., 1903-4, [Flandreau, S. D.] 
Nelson, Anna Pauline, 1905-6, Lakeland. 
Nelson, A. Theodore, 1910-11, [Northfleld]. 

Nelson, Mrs. Bonj. F., (Mary Fredinburg) . 1867-71, 1135 5th St. S. E., 

Nelson, Beniice Anna, 1912-13, [California]. 
♦Nelson, Charles, 1891-92. 

Nelson, Mrs. Edwin, (Ida 10. Pago). 1S7S-7!), 12th St., Miami, Fla. 
*Nelson, Erwin P., 1908-11. 

Nelson, Mrs. Frank, (Alma Wing). 18'.)3-94, [Kasson]. 
Nelson, Frank John, 1891-94, [Kasson]. 


IVelson, Georgia E., 1878-79, Mrs. John Cornwall, Owatonna. 

I^elson, Helen Jean, 1912-13, [Atwater]. 

Nelson, Helen V., 1884-85, Pembina, N. D. 

Nelson, Howard Edward, 1913-16, Heron Lake. 

Nelson, John Albert, 1889-91, [Apple River, Wis.] 

Nelson, John Alfred, 1889-90, [St. Peter]. 

*Nelson, Mrs. John, (Jessie Eames), 1875-77. 

Nelson, Josephine Vivian, 1909-10, Virginia. 

*Nelson, Lyda, 1900-01. 

Nelson, Mrs. L. G., (Etta Dibble), 1877-80, [California]. 

Nelson, Ora Camilla, 1908-09, Mrs. Geo. M. Moore, Spirit Lake, Iowa. 

Nelson, Otto Joseph, 1912-13, 523 S. Elm St., Owatonna. 

Nelson, Peter John, 1895-96, Buffalo. 

Nelson, Walter Baker, 1917-19, Rochester. 

:N.elson, Walter Edgar, 1903-05, 5246 14th N. B., Seattle, Wash. 
Nerad, Anton Harry, 1912-13, Myrtle. 

Neste, Anne Maria, 1889-90, Mrs. A. J. Johnson, Granite Falls. 
♦Neste, Julia, 1891-4. 

J^ettleton, Clark M., 1882-5, c/o Post Intelligencer, Seattle, Wash. 

*Nettleton, Elva, 1881-2; 1883-4. 

Nettleton, Hiram S., 18S3-4, Tacoma, Wash. 

JNevers, Geo. Edgar, 1899-01, Spokane, Wash. 

Nevers, John Ralph, 1899-01, Spokane, Wash. 

Neuman, Edna Christine, 1912-13, Associated Charities, St. Paul. 
Newberg, Esther, 1914-15, [Hibbing]. 

Newcomb, Zella, 1893-4, Mrs. Max Bohm, [Minneapolis]. 
Newell, Ada, 1888-90, [Northfield]. 

Newell, Ella Elizabeth, 1870-71, Mrs. Alfred H. Long, 823 Laurel 
Ave., St. Paul. 

Newell, Mrs. Frank B., (Kate N. Putnam), 1887-88, 1908-9, [836 

Sherman Ave., Plainfleld, N. J.] 
Newell, Helen, 1908-9, [836 Sherman Ave., Plainflela, N. J.] 
Newell, Mattie D., 1879-80, Mrs. Wm. Revier, Northfield. 
Newell, Mate, 1885-6, Mrs. Frank White, Pomona, Calif. 
*Newell, Theo. P., 1868-9. 

Newhall, Ida E., 1880-82, Mrs. Ed. Glasby, 2124 Fremont Ave. S., 

Newhart, Celia Grace, 1896-7, 212 W. 22nd St., Minneapolis. 
Newhart, Dr. Horace, 1889-95, 910 Donaldson Bldg., Minneapolis. 
Newman, Alice, 1883-5, 1117 Harmon Place, Minneapolis. 
Newton, Mrs. Callie Smith, (Callie D. Smith), 1899-1900, Aberdeen, 
S. D. 

Newton, Elizabeth A., 1897-9, 3402 N. Washington St., Tacoma, Wash. 

Newton, Hattie, 1876-8, Mrs. Z. P. Lockwood, St. Louis Park. 

Newton, Helen, 1876-7, 45 Lyndale Ave. N., Minneapolis. 

Newton, John Reuben, 1883-4, c/o Mrs. M. E. Newton, Salem, Ore. 

Newton, Kate, 1876-8, Mrs. E. W. Truesdell, [Minneapolis.] 

Newton, Mrs. P. J., (Mary A. Robertson), 1875-76, Marshall. 

Newton, Wm. G., 1871-2, [Mt. Pleasant]. 

Nicholay, Helen O., 1890-2, [Northfield]. 

Nicholas, Annie S., 1870-2, [Portland, Ore.] 

Nichols, B. Herber, 1892-94, 3836 Colfax Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Nichols, Carrie M., 1881-3, [233 10th St., Portland, Ore.] 


Nichols, Mrs. C. F., (Mattie Ames), 18T2-73, [616 James Ave. N., 

Nichols, Chas. O., 1883-4, Northfield. 

Nichols, Harriet A., 1889-92, (Mrs. Harriet Nichols Taylor), 122 E. 

Capitol St., Washington, D. C. 
Nichols, Mrs. H. G., (Phoebe Van Dyke Jewell), 1904-5, 38 Park 

St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Nichols, Mrs. H. W., (Gertrude Gates), 1891-93, 2141 Woodland Ave., 


Nichols, Harriet Mabel, 1904-5, [Trinidad, Colo.] 

Nichols, Hettie Rusk, 1891-2, Viroqua, Wis. 

Nichols, Mrs. O. R., (Dean Fitts). 1907-8, Selah, Wash. 

Nichols, Leonora, 1878-9, [Warsaw]. 

Nichols, Rowland S„ 1879-80, [Yonkers, N. Y.] 

Nichols, Mrs. Sanford M., (Emma M. Wells), 1877-84. 

Nicholson, Clarke, 1914-15, 5303 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 

Nicholson, Mrs. M., (Hattiebel Ogdenj, 1881-92, Great FaUs, Mont. 

Nicholson, Mrs. W. S., (Kathryn Woolery), 1893-94, [Sprague, Wash.] 

Nickels, Arthur R., 1880-83, Cherryfleld, Me. 

Nickerson, Mrs., (Grace Stewart), 1885-86. 

Niederkom, Hazel, 1900-4, Mrs. Dr. O. J. Veline, 3857 Lyndale Ave. 

S., Minneapolis. 
Nielander, Harry C, 1892-3, Lansing, Iowa. 
*Nielander, Martha, 1887-8, Mrs. Theo. Kerndt. 
NUson, Edwin Ben., 1891-3, Glenwood. 
Nimlas, Thos., 1890-2, [Minneapolis]. 
Nish, Leon David, 1888-9, Elgin, 111. 

Nissley, Mrs. H. R., (Jessie M. Sudduth), 1885-87, 1334 Adams St., 

Denver, Colo. 
Niskern, Viola, 1887-88, [Farmington]. 

Noble, Clara J., 1867-73, Mrs. A. A. Osborn, 3217 Hennepin Ave., 

Noble, Flora, 1884-5; 1887-8, Mrs. J. J. Bourne, Sonora, Calif. 
Noble, Mary Eliza, 1892-3, 1727 Humboldt St., Denver, Colo. 
Nokin, Mrs. S. P., (Hannan Humel), 1884-86, Litchfield, N. D. 
Nolan, Mabel Inez, 1909-11, Mrs. L. Willison, 3620 N. Wiashington St., 

Tacoma, Wiash. 
Nolan, William R., 1917-18, [Grand Meadow]. 
Noltimier, Henry, 1875-6, [California]. 

Norbeck, Mrs. Walter, (Bernice Ella Berg), 1914-16, Northfield. 
Nord, Hilda Elvira, 1894-7, [Centre City]. 
Nord, Lavina, 1895-6, [Red Wing]. 
Nordgrcn, Chas. John, 1889-90, [Minneapolis]. 
♦Nordin, Axel F., 1868-9. 

Nordness, Louise, 1914-15, [Pierpont, S. D.] 

Norelius, Edna May, 1909-10, 4052 Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Norman, Mabel Josephine, 1906-7, Ortonville. 

Norris, Edith M., 1890-1, Mrs. — , [Sauk Center]. 

Norris, James E., 1879-80, [Austin]. 

Norris, Wm. A., 1878-80, [Austin]. 

Norsenn, Oscar Gustaf,. 1899-01, [Brooklyn, N. Y.] 

North, Earle, 1911-12. 

♦North, Geo. C, 1882-4. 


Northfield, Bertha A., 1893-4, [3010 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis]. 
Northrope, Mrs. B. M., (Ethel G. Perrin), 1891-92, 119 Moleno Ave., 

Long Beach, Calif. 
Northrup, Mrs. Wm. B., (Ila B. Gaskell), 1884-89, 119 Moleno Ave., 

Long Beach, Calif. 
Northrup, Wm. B., 1881-3, 119 Moleno Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 
Narthrup, Mrs. E. D., (Harriet M. Gibbs), 1887-88, Duarte, Calif. 
Norton, Alfred W., 1869-70, Cumberland, Wis. 

Norton, Mrs. A. W., (Hattie A. Strong), 1876-78, Cumberland, Wis. 
Norton, Chas. Sperry, 1904-5, Cumberland, Wis. 
Norton, Edwin Lee, 1886-94, 908 N. Y. Life Bldg., Minneapolis. 
Norton, Gertrude M., 1912-13, Cumberland, Wis. 

Norton, Grace, 1885-93, Mrs. Geo. Macrum, 11 Rue Scribe, Am. Exp. 
Co., Paris. 

Norton, Marcus S., 1894-5; 1899-05, Warner Hardware Co., Minne- 

Norton, Stephen A., 1870^-76, Woburn, Mass. 
Norton, Willis Herman, 1896-1900. 
*Nortou, Willis H., 1867-69. 

*Norton, Mrs. Willis H., 1867-70, (Lizzie C. Lee). 

Norval, Jane, 1899-90; 1901-3, 434 Laurel Ave., Flat 2, St. Paul. 

Norval, Josephine A., 1887-8, St. Paul. 

Norwood, Mrs. D., (Flora Russ), 1875-76. 

Noteman, Frankie Eugenie, 1880-5, Mrs. J. G. Fifleld, 164 Larabee 

St., Sherman, Calif. 
Noteman, Nellie, 1883-4, Mrs. Runyan, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Noyes, Geo. Ernest, 1888-9', [Money Creek]. 
Nupen, Nora Josephine, 1905-6, Vienna, S. D. 

Nupson, Florence, 1917-19, Columbia School of Music, Chicago, HI. 
Nurse, Mrs., (Helen F. Major), 1898-9, [Minneapolis]. 
Nutting, Clara Adams, Dr., 1910-11, Fenchow, Shansi, China. 
Nutting, Mrs. J. D., (Elizabeth Steele Adams), 1915-16, Northfield. 
Nutting, Laura M., 1890-2; 1893-7, Northfield. 
Nutting, Louise B., 1888-9, [New York]. 

Nutting, Perley G., 1890-2, [2618 Durant Ave., Berkeley, Calif.] 

*Nutting, Susan J. B., 1886-90. 

Nutting, Wm. Whitely, 1890-91, [Northfield]. 

Nye, Mrs. Frank, (Carrie Hyslop), 1878-79, [Hudson, Wis.] 

Nye, Helen A., 1883-4, [Buffalo, N. Y.] 

Nystuen, Clara, 1911-13, Northfield. 

, O 

Oakey, Lura Belle, 1901-5, Mrs. Chester Ferris, Corona, Calif. 

O'Brien, John L., 1876-8, [Northfield]. 

O'Brien, Mary, 1888-9, Faribault. 

O'Brien, Minnie M., 1880-91, [Taylors Falls]. 

O'Connor, Edward, 1889-90. 

O'Connor, Ellen Layola, 1894-5, Renville. 

O'Connor, P. J., 1912-13, Cannon Falls. 

Ogden, Mrs. B. H., (Emma Alice Warner), 546 Holly Ave., St. Paul. 
Ogden, Emma, 1876-7, Mrs. H. M. Skinner, East Orange, N. J. 
Ogden, Hattiebel, 1881-92, Mrs. M. D. Nicholson, Great Falls, Mont. 
Ogden, Jessie F., 1882-88, 1220 Royalston Ave., Seattle, Wash. 


♦Ogden, John, 1899-01. 
*Ogden, Minnie M., 1891-92. 

Ohnstad, Josepti M. li., 1892-93, Wastedo, R. D. from Cannon Falls. 

O'Hara, Anthony, Jr., 1880-81, [Taopi]. 

O'Hara, John, 1880-81, [Taopi]. 

Olfins, Willis D., 1878-9, [Minneapolis]. 

Olds, Clara B., 1882-3, Mrs. N. W. Dibble, Granite Falls. 

Olds, Mrs. Fred A., (Mabel Cowdry), 1880-81, Minneapolis. 

Olin, Gertrude E., 1885-6; 1889-90; 1892-3, Mrs. E. S. Bunday, 4143 

Pillsbury Ave., Minneapolis. 
Olin, S. Millicent, 1873-7, [32 Adam Ave., Detroit, Mich.] 
Oliphant, Anna Maria, 1895-6, Mrs. C. H. Sundell, Dwight, N. D. 
Oliver, Cuthbert K., 1919-20, New Effington, S. D. 
Oliver, Mrs. G. M., (Augusta Taylor), 1875-76, Hudson, Wis. 
Oliver, Harry Manley, 1897-8, [Northfield]. 
Oliver, Jennie May, 1893-4, [Spencer, Iowa]. 

Olliver, Mrs. E. 'f., (Mary Pye), 1877-78, 143 S. Wilson Ave., Alham- 

bra, Calif. 
Olmstad, Joseph, 1891-2, [Leon, Iowa]. 
Olmstead, Amy Alverna, 1900-01, [Sioux Falls, S. D.] 
Olmstead, Helen, 1887-9, [Sioux Falls, S. D.] 
Olsen, Addie Louise, 1901-2, Mrs. C. H. Cornwall, Moline, 111. 
Olsen, Norma Lucia, 1894-6, [Concordia College, Moorhead]. 
Olson, Andrew, 1895-96, Fergus Falls. 
Olson, Amelia, 1892-93, St. Ansgar, Iowa. 
Olson, Charles E., 1919-20, Watertown. 

Olson, Mrs. C. H., (Minnie Julin), 1896-00, Turlock, Calif. 
Olson, Elmer John, 1918-19', [Cannon Falls]. 
Olson, Gardner M., 1910-11. Cokato. 

Olson, Hazel M., 1915-10. [Nurse's Home, St. Luke's Hospital, St. 

Olson, Mae Evelyn, 1915-10, Mrs. H. S. Bunday, Lake City. 
Olson, Millie C, 1916-17, Faribault. 
Olson, Otto, 18S9-90, [Minneapolis]. 

Olson, Mrs. P. W., (Mabel Eloise Johnson), 1915-17, St. Paul. 

Olson, Ralph, 1919-20, St. Cloud. Student at University of Minnesota. 

Olson, liuth Ingeborg, 1914-15, Mazeppa. 

Oltinan, Herman, 1874-7, Cannon Falls. 

Onstad, John Howard, 1907-8. South St. Paul. 

Oppegard, Anton. lS!)5-(>. Mwdison, Wis. 

*Orcutt, Alfred S., 1868-9. 

Orcutt, Jessie Louise, 1899-00, Wnhpeton, N. D. 
Oren, Earl O., 1918-19, Wells. 

Oren, Laura Cecelia, 1915-16, Nurse's Home, St. Luke's Hospital, St. 

Ormond, Mrs. Peter, (Mildred Emma Thomas), 1917, Northfield. 

Orn, P. Ferdinand, 1896-7, [Ljusne Hernon, Sweden]. 

Orr, Chas. D., 1881-4, Northfield. 

Orr, Chas. Noah, 1897-9, 737 Asbury St., St. Paul. 

Orr, Frank D., 1874-5, [1509 Clinton Ave., Minneapolis]. 

Orr, Mrs. Kitty A., 1890-91, [Hurley, Wis.] 

Orr, Lillian Louise, 1887-8; 1891-2, [Red Wing]. 

"Orr, Mertoii John, 1905-6, Bismarck, N. D. 

Osborn, Mrs. A. A., (Clam J. Noble), 1867-73, 3217 Hennepin Ave., 

Oscarson, Roger O., 1915-17, White Rock, S. D. 
Osenbrugge, Editli, 1898-9, [St. Paul]. 
Osgood, Geo. A., 1876-8, [Chicago, 111.] 
Osterholm, Albin N., 1896-8, 2585 Pratt St., Omaha, Neb. 
Ostermann, Geo. Wm., 1890-2, [Fort Yates, N. D.] 
Ostling, Carl August, 1894-5, [Blue Island, 111.] 
Ostrom, Gertrude, 1881-2, [Northfleld]. 
Otis, James Arthur, 18^-5, [De Smet, S. D.] 

Ovitt, Grace F., 1878-9; 1880-2, Mrs. S. O. Arnold, 192 Midway Ave., 
St. Paul. 

Owen, Ira David. 1913-16. 1525 Vine Place, Minneapolis. 
Owen, Lillie M., 1875-6, Mrs. Rice, Dodge Center. 
Owen, Wm. E., 1870-71, [Kasson]. 

Owens, Mrs. E. E., (Edith E. Livingston), 1873-80, [Fort Blakely, 

Owens, Esther Melvina, 1911-13, Tracy. 

Owens, Mary Cecile, 1907-9, Mrs. W. Workman, Tracy. 

Oye, Emily, 1880-81, [Northlield]. 


Pack, Mrs. Wm. Morris, (Carrie J. Brown), 1880-81, 4305 Wabash 

Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Paddock, Alice Emily, 1897-8, Pouch A, Rochester. 
Paddock, Emily, 1875-6, Mrs. H. R. Barnard, [Vernon Center]. 
*Page, Guy Chase, 1895-6. 

Page, Ida E., 1878-9, Mrs. Edwin Nelson, 12th St., Miami, Fla. 
Page, Mrs. Lucius J., (Anna E. Teague), 1868-70', Siloam Springs, 

Page, Mary May, 1902-3, [Alexandria]. 

Paige, Nellie Clara, 1907-8, Mrs. R. I. Richardson, Hanover, N. H. 

Palmatier, Mary A., 1877-8, [White Bear Lake]. 

Palmer, Anson C, 1876-7, [Sheldon, Iowa]. 

Palmer, Christopher M., 1868-70, [Fargo, N. D.] 

Palmer, Mrs. C. S., (Mattie D. Jones), 1889-90, Le Roy. 

Palmer, Frances A., 1912-13, [Northtield]. 

Palmer; Frank, 1871-2, [River Falls, Wis.] 

Palmer, Howard B., 1917-18, Bemidji. 

Palmer, Inez Clotilda, 1897-8, Fort Totten, N. D. 

Palmer, Jesse Geo., 1897-8, Fort ,Totten, N. D. 

Palmer, Nellie E., 1888-9, [Devils Lake, N. D.] 

Palmer, Robert E. A., 1916-17, Le Roy. 

Palmer, Roy Archibald, 1916-17, Hastings. Student at University of 

Palmerlee, Lillian L., 1882-4, Mrs. Elmer E. Abbott, Dodge Center. 
Palmerlee, Mary L., 1887-8, [Dodge Center]. 
Palmstrom, Florence Marie, 1903-4, California. 
Palon, Abram, 1880-81, Swan River. 
Palon, James S., 1877-8, Northfleld. 

*Palutzke, Mrs. Ernest W., (Agnes M: Heegard), 1892-94. 
Park, Bertha Belle, 1899-00, Mrs. H. J. Baldwin, Northfleld. 
Park, Eleanor Tenney, 1892-3, [Waterville]. 


Parker, Annie P., 1872-73, Mrs. T. B. Gaylord, 1452 Myrtle St., Oak- 
land, Calif. 
Parker, Arthur, 1918-19, Faribault. 

Parker, Dora May, 1898-00, Mrs. C. S. Lowell, Hastings. 

Parker, Edith L., 1879-81, Mrs. Frank R. Cook, 310 Oceanic Bldg., 

San Francisco, Calif. 
Parker, Mrs. E. W., (M. Florence Stewart), 1869-77, Garden City. 
Parker, Mrs. H. W., (Edna Coon), 1897-1900, 848 S. Berendo St., Los 

Angeles, Calif. 
Parker, Jas. H., 1905-6, Kasson. 
♦Parker, Julia Mary, 1906-8. 

Parker, Mrs., (Helen A. Beach), 1885-87, Dowagiac, Mich. 

Parker, Dr. Lee Edwin, 1911-12, 2121 Crystal Lake Ave. Minneapolis. 

Parker, Theodore M., 1880-81, Owatonna. 

Parkhurst, Bertha C, 1887-8, Mrs. Geo. M. aark, [Milbank, S. D.] 
Parkhurst, John B., 1884-5; 1886-8, [c/o G. N. R. R., St. Paul]. 
Parkin, Ernest Joseph, 1898-00, [Pine Island]. 

Parkinson, Mrs. Jas. T., (Ida F. Lackor), 1879-82, Portland, Ore. 
Parks, Adella A-, 1871-4, Mrs. T. Bowman, 2018 Carroll St., St. Paul. 
Parks, Clifton Thomas, 1914-15, Alexandria. 
♦Parks, Stiles M., 1873-75. 

Parlin, Genevieve May, 1891-93, [Casselton, N. D.] 

Parr, Esther Norma, 1917-9, Madelia. 

Parsons, Mrs. F. P., (Jennie R. Shipley), 1870-71. 

Parsons, Mrs. Guy S., (Ida E. Gove), 1886-87, Rosendale, Wis. 

Parsons, May Margaret, 1919-20, Owatonna. 

Parsons, Mrs. Rufus D., (Hannah R. Pratt), 1870-74, [Manchester, 

Partridge, Mrs. E. A., (Lettie Bowne), 1883-4. 

Paschall, Mrs. Lewis M., (Alice T. Merrill), 1888-9, [Great Falls, 

Paschke, Mrs. John, (Ethel I. Garnsey), 1906-7, Huntington Park, 

Paterson, Mrs. John, (Lavina F. Wilson), 1905-6; 1911-12, Apt. 6, 107 

St. Luke St., Montreal, Can. 
Patrick, Grace Irene, 1915-16, Hinckley. 
Pattee, Chas. Sumner, 1889-90, St. Paul. 
Patten, Ethel Maude, 1899-00, [Winnebago]. 
Patten, Florence Amelia, 1901-2, Mrs. McGuire. 
Patterson, Alberta Dessima, 1918-19, Clearwater. 

Patterson, Lida, 1889-90, Mrs. J. J. Lunn, [898 Clifton Ave., Chicago, 

Patton, Edward A., 1874-5, Lake City. 

Patton, Mrs. Floyd J., (Dorothy Draper), 1910-12, Grand Rapids. 
Pattridge, Dr. Walter Henry, 1914-15, Minneapolis. 
Paul, Mrs. Jos., (Martha C. Fink), 1900-01, 1920 Hennepin Ave., 

Paulsen, Mrs. M. A., (Ida May Martin), 1875-76. 
Paulsen, Lillian Bernice, 1915-16, Henning. 
Paulson, Petra, 1883-4, [Willmar]. 

Payne, Emma L., 1876-7, Mrs. D. F. McGrow, [Sau Jose, Calif.] 
Payne, Lois M., 1918-19, Sigma Kappa House, Corvallis, Ore. 
Payne, Mamie E., 1881-2, [Winnebago]. 


Payne, Mrs. Roy A., (Marion Bridges), 1901-5, 383 E. 45th St. N., 
Portland, Ore. 

Payne, Ralph Jesse, 1902-04, 1710 Greenville Ave., Dallas, Texas. 
Pearson, Dora M., 1916-18, 81 N. Oxford, St. Paul. 
Pease, Edward C, 1876-7, [StUlwater]. 
*Pease, Florence, 1892-3. 
*Pease, Geo. C, 1880-2; 1883-5. 

Pease, Mrs. Geo.. (Grace C. Ricker), 1897-98, [Faribault]. 

Pease, Jas. G., 1882-5, Whittier, Calif. 

*Pease, Lauren S., Jr., 1886-8. 

Pease, Mary Elizabeth, 1891-2, [Faribault]. 

Peaslee, Sadie A., 1880-81, [Osceola Mills, Wis.] 

Peavey, Roger Weld, 1909-10, Faribault. 

Peck, Alice M., 1877-80, Mrs. Henry Whitson, Drayton, N. D. 
Peck, Alice Mary, 1891-3, Mrs. B. R. Fales, [633 Jefferson Ave., 

Detroit, Mich.] 
Peck, Celestia E., 1875-6, [Grand Meadow]. 
Peck, Edith Laura, 1898-00, 524 8th Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Peck, Frank, 1874-5, [Chicago, 111.] 
*Peck, Georgia Amelia, 1891-3. 
Peck, Hattie Alice, 1887-8, [Duluth]. 
♦Peck, Mrs. J. C, (Helen Louise Clemmer), 1886-87. 
Peck, Mabel E., 1883-4, Mrs. H. Luce, Minneapolis. 
Peck, Sara Louise, 1894-5, [Faribault]. 
Pederson, Arthur Odwin, 1913-14, Bagley. 
Pederson, Henry, 1904-5, [Appleton]. ' 
Peers, Robt. A., 1887-8, Rush City. 
Peffer, George, 1911-12, Marshall. 
Pelsey, Bradford, 1870-71, [Clinton Falls]. 
Pelsey, Mrs., 1874-5, [Northfleld]. 

P.engilly, Florence, 1904-5, Mrs. Carl Harkrader, 1882 Iglehart Ave., 

St. Paul. 
♦Penniman, Chas. E., 1869-70. 
Penniman, Dwight C, 1896-7, [Minneapolis]. 
♦Penniman, Harry G., 1880-81. 

Pennington, Alice J., 1901-2, Mrs. D. KolinofC, Stillwater. 
Pennington, Bertha M., 1887-90, Mrs. H. H.' Coleman, 57 Watson 

Ave., East Orange, N. J. 
Pennington, Mrs. Stella, (Estella F. Daniels), 1882-83. 
Pennington, John C, 1874-6, [Northfleld]. 
Pentz, Julius Wm., 1888-9, [231 W. 121st St., New York City]. 
♦Pepper, Mrs., (Gertrude Brown), 1870-73. 

Percy, Mrs. Jas. F., (Josephine L. Robinson), 1881-86, Galesburg, 

♦Perkins, Eliza Ann, 1887-91, Mrs. J. E. Pope. 
♦Perkins, Fay, 1876-9; 1883-4. 
♦Perkins, Mary, 1881-7. 

Perrin, Dorothy Edth, 1918-19, Mrs. J. A. Baker, 121 Lincoln St., 

Perrin, Ethel G., 1891-2, Mrs. B. M. Northrope, 119 Maleno Ave., 

Long Beach, Calif. 
Pearson, Mrs. Edward, (Stella Holland), 1890-91, Minot, N. D. 
Person, Nels, (Parson), 1891-2, Northfleld. 


Persons, Dr. Clarence E., 1870-4, Marshall. 

Persons, Mary E., 1873-5, Mrs. Albert C. Dresser, Center, N. D. 
Peters, Mrs. C'has. A., (Edith M. Fiske), 1893-96, Freeborn. 
Peters, Franklin Jacob, 1912-13, Pt. R. No. 1, Glencoe. 
Peterson, Oda Madeline, 1912-13, [Fairmont]. 
Peterson, Agnes Bertha, 1909-10, Glenwood. 
Peterson, Albert Theodore, 1903-4, [Grand Meadow]. 
Peterson, Anna, 1890-91, [Northfield]. 
Peterson, Bert. 3870-71, [Wanamingo] . 

Peterson, Carl Erik, 1889-90, [1449 Walker St. E., Des Moines, Iowa]. 
Peterson, Carolyn P., 1892-4, Mrs. Gilbert McDonald, 451 S. Harvard 

Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Peterson, Cora Ignetta, 1901-2; 1903-6, [Lyle]. 

Peterson, Mrs. E. K., (Bertha A. Glemmsted), 1913-15, 843 Cornelia 

Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Peterson, Emma L.. 1898-99, [Red Wing]. 
Peterson, Florence W., 1912-13, Colton, S. D. 
Peterson, Geo. W., 1872-73, Lake City. 
Peterson, Gilbert, 1906-07, Crystal, N. D. 

Peterson, Hans C, 1889-90, 1615 AV. 45th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Peterson, Joel, 1901-4, [Monterey]. 

Peterson, John A., 1882-3, [Dodge Center]. 

Peterson, John L., 1892-3, [5 Carlson St., Quincy, Mass.] 

Peterson, Lee Russell, 1910-12, Albert Lea. 

Peterson, Mrs. Martin, (Emily Baker), 1874-77, Fertile. 

Peterson, Marjiio Sophia, 1899-00, Litchfield. 

Peterson, Nora, 1901-06. Lyle. 

Peterson, Richard M., 1915-17, Cokato. 

Peterson, Selby E.. 1894-95, Litchfield. 

Peterson, Thelma, 1917-18, Glenwood. Student at University of 

Peterson, Mrs. T., (Hannah M. Johnson), 1871-73, Waseca. 
Peterson, Theodore, 1890-2, Waseca. 
Peterson, Wjn. D., 1883-4, [Tracy]. 
Petrich, Otte E., 1912-14, Glenwood. 

Patterson Carl Mathew, 1908-9, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 

Pettit, Chas. Wesley, 1897-8, [Preston]. 

Pettit, Gertrude R., 1883-4. [927 First Ave. S., Minneapolis]. 
Pettit, Jane, 1883-6, Mrs. C. Bert Wood, [Portland, Ore.] 
Pettit, Mary, 1893, [927 1st Ave. S., Minneapolis]. 
Pfeffer, Harry S., 1890-91, Blue Earth. 

Pfeflferkorn, Mrs., (Hannah Knapp), 1891-92. [St. Charles]. 
PfeiCfer, Eleanor Louise, 1900-11, [MankatoJ. 
Pfieffer, Lloyde Eugene, 1910-12, 1719 W. 5th, Winona. 
Phelps, Carrie Louise, 1898-9, [Minneapolis]. 

Phillips. Miss Frank A., 1879-80, Mrs. F. W. Cox, [South Chicago. 

Phillips, Harry O., 1884-8, [Minneapolis]. 
Phillips, Henry Arnold, 1912-14. Lake City. 

Phillips, Mrs. Jas. E., (Henrietta Arnold), 1888-1>1, Alexandria. 
Phillips, John, 1910-17, Milaca. 

Phillips, Mrs. Dr. J. G., (Nellie Phillips), 1902-3; 1904-7, Northfield. 


*Phillips, Maude Idaline, 1898-02, Mrs. C. A, Evenson. 
Phillips, Milo G., 1882-5, 418 Groveland Ave., Minneapolis. 
Phillips, Nellie Whiteford, 1902-3; 1904-7, Mrs. Dr. J. G. Phillips, 

Phillips, Mrs. Percy, (Dora I. Shaw), 1901-5, Minneapolis. 
*Phinney, Edwin C, 1895-6. 

Phoenix, Clara S., 1882-3, Mrs. A. P. Thomes, 416 6th St. S. B., Min- 

Pier, Margaret, 1919-20, Sioux Falls, S. D. 
*Pierce, Chas H., 1868-72. 

Pierce, Harriet C, 1883-84, Mrs. Moulton, 1014 Broadwiay, Fargo, 
N. D. 

Pierce, Helen Marion, 1918-20, [Faribault]. 
Pierce, Lillian, 1897-98, Mrs. Chas. Mead, Isle of Pines. 
Pierce, Mary E., 1879-80, Mrs. Wm. H. Springer, 2405 Chicago Ave., 

Pierce, Mira W., 1871, Mrs. E. Fuller, [Minneapolis]. 

Pierce, Mrs. S. L., (Alice S. Bunker), 1879-80, Dodge Center. 

♦Pierce, Willis Nathan, 1896-8. 

*Pierce, Mrs. W. S., (Jessie Ellen Howe), 1887-89. 

Pierson, Helen K., 1918-20, Austin. : : 

Pierson, Dr. Homer F., 1885-6, Austin. 
PLfer, Esther, 1914-15, Larimore, N. D. 

Pihl, Alice H., 1904-6, Mrs. S. E. Hohf, 411 Pine St., Yankton, S. D. 
*Pike, Flora E., 1880-82, Mrs. W. A. Gates. 

Pike, Lillian R., 1893-94, Mrs. C. S. Harkison, 210 Downer Place, 

Aurora, 111. 
*Pike, Fred, 1878-80. 

Pike, Mrs. J. F., (Carrie L. Klnyon), 1880-84, 1621 1st Ave. N., 

Seattle, Wash. 
Pike, Jabez W., 1875-76, Marshall. 

Pilling, Wesley C, 1879-80, 126 W. 26th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Pingon, Andre, 1918-19, [Voivre, France]. 

Pinkham, Katherine M., 1896-98, [Pelican Rapids]. 

Pinney, Carl B., 1883-84, [Fargo, N. D.] 

Pinney, Earl B., 1883-84, [Fargo, N. D.] 

Pinney, \Ym. J., 1878-79; 1880-81; 1882-83, Willmar. 

Pitkin, Elizabeth M., 1904-05, Mrs. J. B. Fisher, 324 Ash St. S., 

Pitts, Dorothy A., 1919-20, Montevideo. 
Pitts, Elizabeth V., 1912-13, Alton, Iowa. 

Pitts, Mrs. G. W., (Eliza A. Sheldon), 1873-74, Alton, Iowa. 

Plaine, Bessie, 1903-05; 1906-07, [Des Moines, Iowa]. 

Plantz, Willis, 1899-01, Hopkins. 

Plummer, Ruth Anne, 1911-12, Madison, S. D. 

Plummer, Dr. Wm. Albert, 1904-05, Rochester. 

Plunkett, Chas. L., 1886-8, [Ridgewood, N. J.] 

Poe, Ida May, 1881-3, Mrs. Fred A. Swartwood, Waseca. 

Poe, Lulu, 1892-3, Mrs. — , [Randolph]. 

Pollard, Genie Belle, 1894-97, [Strawberry Point, Iowa]. 

Pollard, Lois E., 1919-20, Minneapolis. 

Polley, Grace E., 1903-05, [Grand Rapids]. 

Pollock, Anna L., 1884-5, Mrs. W. I. Doole, Horton, Kan. 


Poison, Allie E., 1871-5, Mrs. Henry Ismon, [Hudson, Wis.] 
*Pomroy, Frank B., 1881-2. 

Pomroy, Linda C, 1880-82, Mrs. Jas. F. Jackson, 1502 Mentor Ave., 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Pond, Frances Eggleston. 1888-00, Mrs. Dr. Titus. 

Ponsonby, Carl Henry, 1892-3, [120 S. 4th St., Grand Forks, N. D.] 
Pool, Mrs. Robt., (Laura Burton), 1875-76, Eureka Center. 
Pooler, Mrs. Ray, 1913-14, Austin. 
*Pope, Clarence E., 1876-77. 

Pope, Edith, 1917-18, Mrs. P. W. Rhane, 209 State St. S. E., Minne- 

*Pope, Mrs. Jessie E., (Eliza A. Perkins), 1887-91. 
Porritt, Mrs., (Laura M. Baldwin), 1880-81, [Moorhead]. 
Porter, Charles E., Jr., 1918-19, [St. Paul]. 

Porter, Mrs. Chas. J., (Katheryn Elder), 1888-89, [Madison, S. D.] 
Porter, Frank P., 1881-2, [Kasson]. 
Porter, Myrtle A., 1913-14, Willraar. 

Porter, Nellie E., 1868-9, [416 N. 8th St., Beatrice, Neb.] 
Porter, Mrs. Ora. H., (Martha E. Votaw), 1884-5, [Princeton, 111.] 
Porter, Stephen J., 1868-72, 1642 E. Burnette St., Tulsa, Okla. 
Porter, Mrs. S. J., (Lizzie Jameson), 1868-72, 1642 E. Burnette St., 

Tulsa, Okla. 
Posz, Florence H., 1914-15, Plainvievf'. 
Potter, Cora A., 1885-86, [St. Charles]. 

Potter, Mrs. C. W., (Margaret C. Hirschy), 1914-17, Mendota, 111. 
Porter, Nellie, 1895-96, Mrs. N. B. Godfrey, Northfield. 
Pottinger, George, 1899-1900. Valley Springs, S. D. 
Potwin, Irving A., 1893-95, Corning, Iowa. 

Pourtales, Bertha, 1909-10, Mrs. Chas. B. Walts, 259 East 6th Ave, 

Roselle, N. J. 
Pourtales, Louis J., 1905-06, Florence, Ore. 

Powell, Amy E., 1883-86, Mrs. C. H. J. Bliss, 862 Gramercy Drive, 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Powell, Lucy M., 1881-83, Mrs. E. Currier, River Falls. Wis 
Powell, Sarah H., 1881-4; 1885-6, River Falls, Wis. 
♦Powell, Mrs. W. P., (Winnifred Estabrook), 1878-79. 
Power, Eleanor A., 1916-17. Mrs. Geo. A. Wright, Hinsdale, Mont. 
♦Power, Helen May, 1885-86. 
♦Powers, James A., 1871-74. 
Powers, Maud B., 1903-04, [St. Paul]. 
Powlton, Mrs. H. M., (Anna A. Haserick). 1879-80. 
Prather, Mrs., (Vera M. Wilder), 1908-10. Minneapolis. 
Pratt, Hannah R., 1870-74, Mrs. R. D. Parsons, [Manchester. Iowa]. 
Pratt, Susan M., 1902-04, [Virginia]. 
Praxel, Anthony J., 1897-1900, Lamberton. 
Pray, Dr. Edgar A., 1887-88; 1890-91, Valley City, N. D. 
Pray, Myrtle H., 1899-1900, Valley City, N. D. 
Pray, Wm. Harvey, 1890-91. Valley City, N. D. 
Prentice, Emma M., 1875-76. 
*Prentice, Franklin M.. 1867-71. 

Prentiss, Mrs. Saml L., (Maude W. Liiird), 1880-87. 509 W. Broad- 
way, Winona. 


Prescott, Mrs. F. L., (Lottie E. Quilliam), 1882-85, 723 Waverly PI., 
Spokane, Wash. 

Prescott, David S., 1875-79, "W. 1018 10th Ave., Spokane, Wash. 
Prescott, Herbert C, 1871-2, Herman. 

Preston, Mrs. H. P., (Josephine Corliss), 1891-2, Olympia, Wfash. 
Price, Lizzie A., 1895-96, Wilder. 

Price, Lotta B., 1906-7, Mrs. Harry \varner, 3612 Blaisdell Av«. S., 

Price, Marian, 1897-99, Mrs. Robt. Yale, Glenwood City, Wis. 

Pride, Elsie Maude, 1904-06, [Wells]. 

Priebe, Edwin C, 1918-19, [Waseca]. 

♦Pringle, Mrs. A. F., (Clara F. Allen), 1875-80. 

Prior, Chas. F., 1882-83, [Northfield]. 

*Proctor, Levi C, 1871-74. 

Prosser, Stella B., 1919-20, Duluth. 

Prothers, Harvey J., 1888-89, [St. Cloud]. 

Proudfoot, Lucy, 1908-00, [Mandan, N. D.] 

*Prydze, Hans, 1875-77. 

Pryor, Anna, 1867-68, Mrs. W. Tanner, Pomona, Calif. 

Pryor, Eliza, 1867-68, Mrs. Eliza Costain, Moorhead. 

Purcell, Mrs. J. T., (Lina Finkelson), 1899-1900, Fargo, N. D. 

PuTdy, Carrie A., 1883-85, Mrs. G. Featherstone, Red Wing. 

Purdy, Fred B., 1878-79, [Granite Falls]. 

Purdy, Frederick S., 1885-86, [Oregon]. 

♦Purdy, Lottie E., 1883-84. 

Purington, Mrs. Mabel, (Mabel Sherpey), 1883-85, 324 B. 20th St., 

Santa Ana, Calif. 
Putnum, Harriet E., 1900-01, [Fredonia, N. Y.] 

Putnum, Kate N., 1887-88, Mrs. B. Newell, [836 Sherman Ave., Plain- 
field, N. ,T.] 

Putnum, Mary P., 1894-95, 1057 E. Ave., Red Wing. 

Pye, Harlan, 1915-17, Stanton. 

*Pye, Ethel Alberta, 1900-02. 

Pye, Grace M., 1889-91, Northfield. 

Pye, Mary, 1877-78, Mrs. E. F. Olliver, 143 S. Wilson Ave., Alham- 
bra, Calif. 

Pye, Mrs. Watts O., (Gertrude Chaney), 1889-96, Fenchow, Shansi, 

Pye, Wm. W., 1888-90, Northfield. 

Pyncheon, Mrs. F. W., (Harriet A. Crandall), 1895-96; 1900-01, 63 W. 
College Ave., St. Paul. 


Querna, Mrs., (Lulu M. Kitzinger), 1899-01, Madison. 
Quigley, Walter E., 1908-09, [E. Grand Forks, Minn.] 
Quilliam, John J., 1876-78, [Hamilton, N. D.] 

Quilliam, Lottie E., 1882-85, Mrs. F. L. Prescott, W. 1018 10th Ave., 

Spokane, Wash. 
Quinby, Mrs. C. E., (Dollie G. Gallup), 1875-77, Wasioja. 
Quinlivan, Wilfred, 1917-18, St. Cloud. 

•Quinn, Roswell James, 1916-18, P'airmont, University of Minnesota. 
Quevli, Martha F., 1901-2, Tacoma, Wash. 



Radabaugh, Nina C, 1914-15, Zumbro Falls. 
Rademaker, Dora Pearl, 1905-08, Billings, Mont. 
Rader, Vera, 1909-11, Delano. 
Radusch, Frieda J., 1911-13, [St. Paul Park]. 
Radusch, Irma M., 1912-13, [St. Paul Park]. 

Rains, Mrs. L. C, (Ella May Fletcher), 1884-5, 3221 Irving Ave. S., 

Rairdon, Frank L., 1903-5, [Watkins]. 
♦Ramage, Archibald, 1877-78. 
Ramage, Hazel, 1913-14, Northfield. 
*Ramage, James, 1882-83. 
*Ramage, Mary, 1873-74. 
Ramer, Walter W., 1889-90, [Wangs]. 

Ramhorter, Mrs. E. L., (Ruth P. Evans), 1907-8, Oakes, N. D. 
Ramsdale, Ernest J., 1908-09, [Omaha, Neb.] 

Ramsdale, M. Hazel, 1903-04, Mrs. W. H. Kinsell, 227 Nelson Place, 
St. Paul. 

Ramsey, Mrs. C. J., (Maud E. Henderson), 1882-84, Vine St., Racine, 

Rand, Frank E., 1891-92, [Claremont]. 
Randall, Clarice P., 1901-2, [Northfield]. 

Randall, Mrs. E., (Grace A. Spaulding), 1874-76, 699 Marshall Ave., 
St. Paul. 

Randall, Lulu, 1892-93, Mrs. Ed. White, Claremont. 
Rankin, Jessie H., 1892-94, 406 Forest Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Ranney, Beatrice Belle, 1907-9, Mankato. 
Ranney, Thomas K., 1918-19, Benson. 
Rapp, Axel, 1894-98, [Sefeel, Sweden]. 
Rask, Hannah C, 1911-13, Sisseton, S. D. 
Rasmussen, Darrel, 1915-16, Wahpeton, N. D. 
Rasmussen, Harriet B., 1919-20, Dodge Center. 
Rasmussen, Henry E., 1887-88, [Northfield]. 

Ratcliffe, Anna Belle, 1897-1900, R. F. D. 3, Twin Falls, Idaho. 
Ratliff, Marie, 1897-1900, Mrs. Roy H. Wager, 4215 Dupont Ave. S., 

•Rawson, Sarah, 1867-68, Mrs. A. P. Morris. 
Rawson, Willis S., 1867-68, [Lisbon, N. D.] 
♦Raymond, Celia J., 1873-75. 
Raymond, Clyde, 1918-19, [Winona]. 

Record, Mrs. A., (Katie G. Balch), 1873-74, [Empire City]. 
Record, Marion, 1919-20, St. Paul. 
Record, Mattie E., 1877-78. 

Records, Mrs. Alex, (Alice L. Spearin), 1873-74. 
Records, Rae, 1917-18, 1819 Berkeley Ave., St. Paul. 
Redding, John G., 1897-98, [Minneapolis]. 

Redding, Mrs. L. L., (Jessie M. Fletcher), 1884-85, [261 Clinton St., 

Brooklyn, N. Y.] 
Redetzke, Edward, 1910-11, Cleveland, N. D. 

Redhead, Mrs. J. Hartley, (Grace Jenkins), 1897-99, 1816 Grassmere, 

E. Cleveland, Ohio. 
*Reed, Mrs. B. C, (Grace E. Blake), 1880-81. 
Reed, Catherine, 1893-95. 


Reed, Mrs. D, W., (Florence M. Brownell), 1911-13, Comfrey. 
Reed, Earl M., 1898-99, [Seely]. 
Reed, Ethel Mae, 1909-10, Amboy. 

Reed, Mrs. F. A., (Emma A. Short), 1890-91, Deer Park, Wash. 
Reed, Flora C, 1887-88, [Hillsboro, N. D.] 

Reed, Geo. J., 1877-80, [1845 Iglehart Ave., Merrlam Park, St. Paul]. 

Reed, Glenn Geo., 1907-00, 4123 Lombard St., Duluth. 

Reed, Kate C, 1890-1900, Mrs. Dalley, Cresco, Iowa, 

Reed, Myrtle Julia, 1888-92, Mrs. F. D. Baker, 1628 Pearl St., Sioux 

City, Iowa. 
Reed, Ruth M,, 1897-98, [Oberlin, Ohio]. 
Rees, Soren D., 1919-20, Minneapolis. 

Reeve, Mrs. Herbert, (Ida B. Mabey), 1879-80, [Lake City]. 
Reeves, Climena B., 1903-04, Mrs. W. S. Himmelwright, [Fargo, 
N. D.] 

Reeves, Mrs. G. H., (Jessie G. Burt), 1880-93, [Duluth]. 
Reeves, Gail S., 1913-16, Glenwood, 

Reeves, John D., 1907-09, 1250 16th Ave., San Francisco, Calif. 
Reich, Herschel W., 1919-20, Moravia, Iowa. 

Reid, Mrs. D. iT., (Josie D. Allen), 1882-86; 1889-92, South Easton, 

Reidelberger, Mrs. Carl, (Vienna Neel), 1883-87. 

Reidhead, Frank E., 1883-84, 3205 Portland Ave., Minneapolis. 

Reike, Howard E., 1916-17, Gibbon. 

Reilly, Laura Genevieve, 1905-06, Mrs. G. F. Taylor, 1602 Warren 
Ave., Butte, Mont. 

Reilly, Lulu C, 1903-06, Mrs. H. A. Holden, 2321 Grand Ave., Minne- 

Reineke, Harold G., 1915-17, New Ulm. 

Reinmuth, Florence E., 1913-15, Howard Lake. 

Reitler, Genevieve, 1893-95, [925 Bushnell St., Beloit, Wis.] 

Remington, Alice C, 1889-90, [Canandaigua, N. Y.] 

Remington, Chas. I., 1873-75, [Walnut Grove] 

Remmen, Martin E., 1881-82, Dennison. 

Remmen, Nels E., 1880-81, [Warsaw]. 

Remple, Peter D., 1916-18, Mountain Lake. 

Renshaw, Kinsley, 1908-10, [Monona, Iowa]. 

Repke, Mrs., (Irene Marden), 1907-8, 1692 Portland Ave., St. Paul. 
Resler, Mrs., (Ellen Murphy), 1903-4, 1906-7, Great Falls, Mont. 
Reuswig, Armanda, 1883-84, [Northfield]. 
Reuswig, Emma, 1883-84, [North^eld]. 
Revier, Andrew J., 1894-95, Northfield. 

Revier, Mrs. Jess, (Daisy E. Wager), 1895-6; 1897-8, Northfield. 
Revier, Mrs. Wm., (Mattie D. NeweU), 1879-80, Northfield. 
Reyerson, Paul, 1913-15, Minneapolis Trust Co., Minneapolis. 
Reyerson, Wallace E., 1915-17, Dawson. 

Reynolds, Isabel R., 1902-04, [1123 Fillmore Ave., Minneapolis]. 
♦Reynolds, M. Grace, 1883-86. 

Rhane, Mrs. W. R., (Edith Pope), 1917-18, 200" State St. S. E., 

Rice, Mrs. (Emma S. Holmberg), 1895-99, [Fargo, N. D.] 
Rice, Mrs., (Lillie M. Owen), 1875-76, Dodge Center. 
Rice, Ella M., 1867-68, Mrs. F. HaU. 


Rice, Elmer V., 1884-86, Azusa, Calif. 
Rice, Emma F., 1877-78, [Northfleld]. 
*Rice, Esther Gladys, 1910-16. 
Rice, Eugene C, 1877-78, California. 

Rice, Fred B., 1876-8; 1880-81, 2008 15th Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Rice, Mrs. F. E., (Florence D. Wheeler), 1873-77, 2008 15th Ave. S., 

Rice, Geo. Marion, 1886-87, [25 Haller Block, Seattle Wash.] 
Rice, Geo. Reuben, 1879-90, Northfleld. 
Rice, Hattie Belle, 1886-88, [East Riverside, Calif.] 
Rice, Lillian A., 1874-80, Mrs. J. N. Miner, [107 7th St. S. E., Minne- 

Rice, Lucretia M., 1876-78, Mrs. mner, [Northfleld]. 
Rich, Martha H., 1916-17, Eau Claire, Wis. 
Richards, Sarah L., 1898-99. [Northfleld]. 
Richards, Wm. B., 1916-18, Two Harbors. 
Richardson, David F., 1874-76, Sutherlin, Ore. 

Richardson, Mrs. F. A., (Alice M. Dibble), 1879-80; 1882-84, [Cannon 

Richardson, Frank A., 1875-7, [Cannon Falls]. 
Richardson, Jennie B., 1882-83, Mrs. H. W. Buck, Fargo, N. D. 
Richardson, Mrs. J. S., (Clara A. Wyman), 1867-69, [Deering Center, 

*Richardson. Julia W., 1885-87. 

Richardson, Nettie E., 1882-83, Mrs. L. W. Gilbert, Glencoe. 
Richardson, Ralph J., 1905-07, Hanover, N. H. 
Richardson, Mrs. R. J., (Nellie C. Paige), 1907-8, Hanover, N. H. 
Richardson, Ralph W., 1885-90, Elgin. 

Richardson, Russell D., 1913-15, c/o Paciflc Mail S. S. Line, San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Richardson, Ruth C, 1910-12, Mrs. Arthur Smith, Sutherlin, Ore. 
Richardson, Walter B., 1916-18, 45 New Hampshire Hall, Hanover, 
N. H. 

Richardson, Walter J., 1873-7, Fairmont. 

Richardson, Wm. E., 1879-81, Denver Athletic Club, Denver Colo. 
Richey, Myrl Ada, 1918-19, Alden. 

Richie, Fred McQuestin, 1912-14, Manager Pillsbury Milling Co., 

Richmond, Va. 
Richie, Plelen E., 1914-16, Rochester. 
Richmond, Myrtle L., 1912-13. [Boise, Idaho]. 
Richmond, Dr. Seneca II., 1870-71, [Randolph], 
Richter, Henry J., 1870-72, [Northfleld]. 

Rlckard, Mrs. C. T., (Susan L. Elwell), 1876-78, 618 S. E. 5th St., 

Rlcker, Grace G., 1897-98, Mrs. Geo. Pease, [Faribault]. 
Riddell, Caroline J., 1880-87, Mrs. O. H. Josten, Owatonna. 
Riddell, Edwin G., 1880-83, Medford, Ore. 

Riddell, Junietta li., 1875-76, Mrs. Junietta R. Hunt, 1629' Harvard 
Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Riddell, Katherine M., 1892-95, Mrs. H. J. MacGinnltie, c/o Schwa- 
backer Bros., Seattle, Wash. 

Riddell, Laura A., 1875-78, Mrs. Laura Black, Fresno, Calif. 

Riddell, Madge Edna, 1904-05; 1906-09, Mrs. W. Biddle, Medford, Ore. 


*Ridde]l, Martha Ella, 1885-87, Mrs. J. H. Kahler. 
Riddell, Minnie J., 1873-74, Mrs. Minnie Bush, Yuba, Calif. 
Ridden, Mary E., 1877-78, Mrs. Mary E. Smith, Portland, Ore. 
Riddell, Wm. Henry, 1867-68, Northfield. 
Ridgeway, Wista, 1900-03, [Northfield]. 
Rieke, Earl, 1917-18, Fairfax. 

Rieke, Dr. Ellsworth A., 1911-12, Lowry Building, St. Paul. 
Rieke, HoAvard E., J915-17, Gibbon. 
Rieke, Lillian, 1917-18, Gibbon. 

Rieke, Mrs. S. C, (Sophia De Vries), 1917-18, McAllen, Texas. 

Rietz, George, 1882-83, Excelsior. 

Riley, Geo. C, 1892-93, New Richmond, Wis. 

Rinde, Louise, 1888-89, [Northfield]. 

Rittde, Nils H., 1877-79, [Northfield]. 

Rines, Dora, 1893-94, Mrs. Borgerson, Mora. 

Ringdal, Thora H., 1917-20, California. 

Ripley, Mrs., (Bessie L. Lanterman), 1903-07, Mandan, N. D. 
Ritter, Eleanore A., 1903-04, Mrs. E. A. Higgins, Astoria, Ore. 
Roach, Emma B., 1877-8, [Castle Rock]. 

Roach, Lizzie Luella, 1883-4; '88-9, '91-2, [Minot, N. D.] 
*Roan, Edith Louise, 1887-9. 

Robb, Carrie L., 1886-7, Mrs. Chas. E. Ady, 362 40th St., Omaha, Neb. 
*Robb, Emma C, 1886-87, Mrs. Max Vander Horck. 
Robb, Lora Pearl, 1895-1900; 1902-3, 3815 Seward St., Omaha, Neb. 
Robbin, Knut H., 1878-79', [Minneapolis]. 

Robbins, Mrs. Bert, (Maude Moody), 1892-93, Bellinghara, Wiash. 
Bobbins, Edith A., 1887-88, Robbinsdale. 
Robbins, Jane, 1885-6, [Northfield]. 

Robbins, Ray Palmer, 1897-98; '99-1900, [998^ Belmont St., Port- 
land, Me.] 

Robbins, Robert L., 1912-14, [St. Paul]. 
Robert, David C, 1878-79, [Superior, Wis.] 

Roberts, Bertha L., 1883-85, Mrs. J. G. Roberts, 3608 10th Ave. So., 

Roberts, Chas. A., 1881-82, [New Haven]. 

Roberts, Mrs. Chas. S., (E. Louise Brown), 1883-84, Kenyon. 
Roberts, Elizabeth R., 1885-87, Mrs. Chas. Marquandt, [9 Madison 

Park, Chicago, 111.] 
Roberts, Grace Dallas, 1902-03, Dundas. 

Roberts, Mrs. J. G., (Bertha L. Roberts), 1883-85, 3608 10th Ave. 

So., Minneapolis. i 
Roberts, Kathryn J., 1919-20, 3024 10th Ave. So., Minneapolis. 
Roberts, Lula May, 1892-93, Tomah, Wis. 
Roberts, Margaret E., 1911-12, [St. Paul]. 
Roberts, Dr. Oscar B., 1893-96, Jackson. 

Roberts, Selina, 1874-75, (Mrs. C. A. Morrill), New York City. 
*Roberts, Solomon W., 1875-76. 
Robertson, Alfred J., 1910-08, Peoria, 111. 
Robertson, Ella, 1881-82, [Owatonna]. 

Robertson, Ida M., 1875-76, Mrs. E. E. Bullock, Janesville, Wis. 

Robertson, Isabella C, 1892-93, [Minneapolis]. 

Robertson, Dr. John B., 1883-84, Cottonwood. 

Robertson, Mary A., 1875-76,* Mrs. P. J. Newton, Marshall. 


Kobertson. Mollie S., 1887-88, Mrs. C. S. Lincoln, 220 South 4th St., 

Robilliard, Nellie M., 1883-85, Mrs. H. S. Cleveland, 3201 Garfield Ave. 

S., Minneapolis. 
Robinson, Cora B., 1916-18, Pine Island. 

Robinson, Ella C, 1885-89, Mrs. C. B. Carter, [Crowley, La.] 
Robinson, Josephine L., 1881-86, Mrs. J. F. Percy, Galesburg, 111. 
Robinson, Ruth P., 1918-19, Pine Island. 
Robinson, Win. R., 1878-80, Anoka. 
*Robinson, Edith Elvira, 1896-97. 

Robinson, Grace Edna, 1901-02, 504 Beacon St., Minneapolis. 
Robison, Vivian R., 1896-97, Windom. 

Robison, Winifred J., 1900-01, (Mrs. D. Savage), Windom. 
Robson, Mrs. J. H., (Mrs. Cruikshank), (Lizzie V. Easton), 1876-77, 

Rochford, Alice, 1917-18, [Minneapolis]. 

Rochford, Ruth, 1912-14, Mrs. Geo. Schmitz, Owatonna. 
Rochford, Daniel, 1917-18, Yale University, New Haven, Ct. 
Rockman, Martin, 1906-08, [Barron, Wis.] 

Rockwood, Chelsea J., 1871-75, 919 Andrus Bldg., Minneapolis. 
Rockwood, Mattie, 1881-82, Owatonna. 

Rodberg, Hilda N., 1893-94, Siangyang, China, Via Hankow. 
Roddis, David, 1899-1900, [Leslie]. 
Rodgers, Nannie, 1892-94, St. Paul. 
Rodgers, Walter S., 1892-94, St. Paul. 

Rodli, Mrs., (Nora M. Gulbrandson), 1897-98, Albert Lea. 
Roe, Alva L., 1871-73, [Seattle, W&sh.] 
*Roe, Edwin J., 1885-86. 

Roecker, Elmore E., 1916-18, [Grand Rapids]. 
Roecker, Victor H., 1916-17, [Grand Rapids]. 
Rogers, Mary C, 1870-72, Mrs. Mattson, [Northfield]. 
Rogers, Mary E., 1891-92, [Eugene, Ore.] 
Rogers, Wialter P., 1887-90, [Excelsior]. 
Rolfe, Eugene S., 1871-77, [Chicago, 111.] 
♦Rolfe, Mark Dresser, 1903-04. 

Rolfe, Mary F., 3893-94, Mrs. E. M. Stevens, [1620 Hennepin Ave., 

Rolfe, Sarah P., 1880-85, Mrs. II. R. Shellenberger, Apt. 6, 615 5th 

Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Rollefson, Sarah, 1904-06, Mrs. N. A. Thorsen, Crookston. 
Rollins, Alvin G., 1915-16, Prosper. 
♦Rollins, Mrs. F. H., (Eva A. Bachelder), 1889-19(X). 
Roloff, Carrie E., 1003-04, 1524 Fremont Ave. N., Minneapolis. 
Roney, Edgar L., 1902-04, [Stillwater]. 
Rood, Adolph F., 1892-3; '97-98, [St. Cloud]. 
Rooney, Mrs., (Edna Hillman), 1903-04, North Yakima, Wash. 
Rooney, John V., 1900-01, 675 Charles St., St. Paul. 
Rasa, Mrs. C. D., (Grace L. Chamberlin), 1904-05, 108 S. Henry 

St., Madison, Wis. 
Rosa, Blanche, 1904-05, [Preston]. 
Rose, Hannah E., 1886-87, Lake City. 

Roseborough, Nellie H., 1887-88; '89-90, Mrs. H. B. Harrison, Topeka, 


Rosebrock, Carl H., 1883-94, Owatonna. 
Rosenberg, Blvenia, 1868-69, [Lansing]. 

Rosengren, Mrs. A., (Anna Feldt), 1891-92, 112 Warwick St. S. E., 

*Ross, James, 1884-85. 

Ross, Renke Geo., 1893-95, [Mt. Olive, 111.] 

Ross, Samuel T., 1879-80, [Fulda]. 

Ross, William, 1882-83, [Long Prairie]. 

Ross«r, Mattie May, 1884-85, [Canton, 111.] 

♦Rothe, Mrs. Paul W., (Stella F. Zimmerman), 1892-3. 

Rounee, Albert P., 1884-85, Mondak, Mont. 

Rounce, Minnie, 188i-85, Mrs. Beecher Watt, Detroit. 

Rounce, Mrs. Wm. D., (Lucy R. Dean), 1867-68, Shell Lake, Wis. 

Rounds, Fred May, 1890-2, [Minneapolis]. 

Rounds, L. Howard, 1881-83, St. Paul. 

Rouse, Amy I., 1882-4, Mrs. Inez R. Waters, M. D. 

Rowan, Wm., 1871-3, [Mendota]. 

Rowe, Alice M., 1883-4, [New Richmond, Wis.] 

Rowe, Arthur Nelson, 1898-1900, [Springfield]. 

Rowe, Avis Sibley, 1912-14, Minneapolis. 

Rowell, Mrs. W. C, (Laura L. Locke), 1880-81; 1884-85, Zumbrota. 
♦Rowland, Mary, 1867-68, Mrs. Wm. Godkin. 

Rowley, Mrs. C. P., (Mrs. Sadie W. Bullock), 1896-97; 1899-01, [Ed- 

gerly, N. D.] 
Rowley, Chas., 1918-19, Rochester. 

Roy, Catherine M., 1880-83, Mrs. F. V. Stevens, Yankton, S. D. 
Ruddock, Nellie . L., 1877-81, Mrs. Wm. Ludovick, [Berea, Ky.] 
Rudow, Mrs. K. L., (Irene L. Berge), 1911-12, Jackson. 
Ruemke, Alfred H., 1913-14, New Ulm. 
Ruesink, Ada L., 1913-15, Lime Springs, Iowa. 
Ruger, 'lliomas W., 1900-01, Devils Lake, N. D. 
♦Ruggles, Walter P., 1876-7. 

Rugland, Ethel C, 1900-05, Mrs. A. Fosmark, Warroad. 
*Rugland, Mrs. S. E., (Esther Thompson), 1873-75. 
Rule, John, 1885-86, [Pipestone]. 

Ruliffson, Mrs. F. W., (Amy T. Dahl), 1907-9, Balaton. 

Rumsey, Florence, 1907-08, California. 

Rumsey, Myra, 1903-04, [Spring Valley]. 

Runnels, Harriet A., 190i-05; 1908-11, Sauk Rapids. 

Runyan, Mrs., (Nellie Noteman), 1883-84, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Russ, Flora, 1875-76, Mrs. D. Noi^wood, [Elkwood, Ala.] 

Russell, Chas., 1880-81, Sleepy Eye. 

Russell, Clara Bell, 1915-16, Grand Rapids. 

Russell, Elva I., 1885-86, [East Granite Falls]. 

Russell, Flora E., 1894-95, 396 Union St., Burlington, Vt. 

Russell, Fred H., 1875-76, [Eyota]. 

Russell, Julia A., 1876-77, Mrs. Coates, Sauk Rapids. 

Russell, Ida May, 1883-86, Mrs. Will Schaefer, Waitsburg, Wash. 

Russell, Millie Olive, 1894-95, Mrs. Schulz, [Red Wing]. 

♦Russell, Thomas Lyle, 1913-14. 

Rustad, Otelia, 1884-85, (Seattle, Wash.] 

♦Rutherford, Mrs. D., (Ida Hewitt). 

Rutledge, James W., 1873-74, [Eyota]. 


Rutledge, Samuel, 1873-74, [Eyota]. 
Rutter, Wm. Eugene, 1897-00, [Pipestone]. 
Ryan, Earl C, 1912-13, Argyle. 
Ryan, Paul, 1911-13, Argyle. 
Ryberg, Nels Peter, 1887-89, [Minneapolis]. 
Ryberg, Winnie, 1895-97, Paton, Iowa. 


St. Clair, Mrs. E. E., (Mary L. Sheldon), 1873-76, Lordsburg. Calif. 
St. John, Geo. E., 1893-95, [Minneapolis]. 
Sabelowitz, Nellie, 1902-03, [Green, Iowa]. 
Sabin, Grace W., 1878-80, Mrs. C. C. Fairchild, [St. Paul]. 
Saboe, John A., 1899-01, State of Washington. 

Sackett, E. W., 1868-9, [717 7th Ave. W., St. Paul]. . ^ 

Sackett, Florence E., 1900-01, Mrs. P. Conklin, Fairmont. 
Sackett, Geo. C, 1904-05, 'Fairmont. 
Safford, Albert W., 1884-5, [Hayward, Wis.] ] 
Safford, Ida' May, 1897-8, [Dundas]. | 
Safstrom, John, 1896-7; 1898-9, [Los, Sweden]. l 
Salisbury, Martha C, 1877-8, [Henderson]. i 
Samels, Fred A., 1919-20, 2415 Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Samuelson, Anna O., 1890-91, [Lindsborg, Kan.] ". 
Samuelson, Freda E., 1890-91, [Lindsborg, Kan.] 

Samuelson, Hilma A., 1891-2, Mrs. J. E. Seth, 3706 13th Ave. ^ S., ' 

Sanbek, Bernth N., 1878-80, [Trondhjem]. , 

*Sanborn, Benjamin C, 1867-69. 

*Sanborn, Ella J., 1868-72, Mrs. Frank Webb. 

Sanborn, Harry R., 1877-79, [Mason City, Iowa]. 1 
Sanborn, Jessie M., 1898-99, Madelia. 
♦Sanborn, Lora J., 1868-9, Mrs. J. S. Kearney. 
Sanborn, Raymond, 1913-14, [Chisholm]. 
Sanborn, Wm. Young, 1896-99, [Madelia]. 
Sanback, Mrs. O., 1913-14, Rowley, Iowa. 
Sanden, Gustaf A., 1898-9, [Woburn, Mass.] 
Sanford, Chas., 1883-84, [Red Wing]. 
Sanness, Earl M., 1910-11, Enderlin, N. D. 

Santer, Mrs. Card, (Elizabeth R. Humphrey), 1889-93, Minneapolis. 
♦Sargeant, Arthur P., 1906-9. 
Sargcant Harry A., 1877-8, [Dexter]. 

Sargent, Emily A., 1889-90, Mrs. Chas. Bierman, Northfield. 
Sargent, Mary A., 1886-89, 101 Park Ave., New York City, N. Y. 
Sargent, Ruth, 1917-18, [Red Wing]. 

Sather, Mrs., (Ragua G. Molstad), 1900-08, Spring Valley. 
Saugstadt, Ragna, 1891-94, Crookston. 
Saunders, Phil C, 1902-03, Milbank, S. D. 
Savage, Mrs. D., (Winnifred J. Robison), 1900-01, Windom. 
Savage, Wm. H., 1883-84. Frontenac. 
Savela, August, 1903-4, [Renville]. 
Sawin, Winnie A., 1883-4, Mrs. W. R. Brown. 
Sawyer, Flora L., 1905-6, Claremont. 
*Sawyer, Fred J., 1875-77. 

Sawyer, Mrs. J. A., (Ellen N. Abbott), 1871-75, Owatonna. 


*Sawyer, Mary A., 1873-75, Mrs. E. N. James. 

Sawyer, Sadie E., 1880-81, 228 W. 9th St., Long Beach, Calif. 

Sawyer, Willis F., 1873-74, [Owatonna]. 

Sayles, Glenn L., 1918-19, [Lakefleld]. 

♦Sayre, Edward W., 1869-70. 

Schafer, Mrs. Jas., (Lillian Abbott), 1894-95, Valley City, N. D. 
Schafer, Lillian M., 1900-10, [Owatonna]. 

Schaefer, Mrs. Will, (Ida May Russell), 1883-86, Waitsburg, Wash. 

Schellback, Chas. H., 1890-94, 1653 6th St., San Diego, Calif. 

Scherer, PhUlip L., 1917-20, Winthrop. 

Scherfenberg, Reva, 1913-15, St. Cloud. 

Schibursky, Louise H., 1895-97, [Preston]. 

Schilling, Mary C, 1919-20, Northfleld. 

Schillinger, MatUda E., 1918-19, Vida, Mont. 

Schlattman, Mrs. Paul, (Marion E. Watson), 1904-5, Alberta, Minn. 
Schleiger, Lydia Anna, 1893-4, Grand Meadow. 
Schmidt, Mrs., (Edith Amelia Lenz), 1904-05, [Minneapolis]. 
Schmidt, Arnold W., 1914-18, West Concord. 

Schmidt, Bertha, 1880-81; 1890-91, Mrs, Dr. W. Wilson, Northfleld. 
Schmidt, Clara S., 1887-91, 2418 Butler Place, Minneapolis. 
Schmidt, J. G., 1871-73, Northfleld. 

Schmidt, Mrs. J. G., (Gertrude Scriver), 1874-75; 1877-79; 1880-83; 

1886-89, Northfleld. 
Schmidt, Margaret S., 1910-13, Northfleld. 

Scfrmidt, Mrs. P. G., (Sophie Jorgensen), 1898-99, Northfleld. 
Schmidt, Walter T., 1883-85, West Concord. 

Schmitt, Lillian, 1904-05, Mrs. J. F. Bailey, 5896 Holart St., East 

End, Pittsburgh Pa., 
Schmitz, Mrs. Geo., (Ruth Rockford), 1912-14, Owatonna. 
Schmitz, Geo. Wm., 1900-11, Albert Lea. 
Schmoll, Doris M., 1915-16, Arlington. 

Schmuck, Dr. Emil A., 1899-01, 25 E, Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

Schnell, Eleanor L., 1902-3, [St. Charles]. 

♦Schneider, Edward, 1880-81. 

Schneider, John G., 1885-86, [Fargo, N. D.] 

Schneider, Mary A., 1889-90, Mrs. H. S. Tower, Charles City, Iowa. 
Schoepf, Fred, 1911-12, Minneapolis. 

Schofield, Aura Anna, 1891-2; 1893-4, Mrs. E, A. Lathrop, 432 N. 
Mentor Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 

Schofield, Mrs. Geo. H., (Ella L. Hibbard), 1899-00; 1903-04, North- 

Schofield, Helen C, 1918-19, Cannon Falls. 

Schofield, Mrs. L. M., (Nellie M. Farmer), 1889-90, Spring Valley. 
Schofield, Robert L., 1891-98, 963 R. Hidalgo, Manila, P. I. 
Schofield, Winnifred M., 1918-19, Cannon Falls. 

Schoonover, Mrs. S. E., (Mary M. Mellen), 1894-95, 627 S. 5th St. 

West, Missoula, Mont. 
•Schouweiler, Jacob T., 1871-73. 

Schreiner, Mrs., (Catherine A. Washburn), 1880-81, [Pelican Rapids]. 
Schroeder, Neva Belle, 1912-14, Hector. 
Schroeder, Ruth H., 1919-20, Faribault. 
Schroder, Roy F., 1915-16, Benzonia, Mich. 
Schuler, May Marcella, 1905-7, Wahpeton, N. D. 


Schultz, Mrs., (Millie O. Russell), 1894-95, [Red Wing]. 
Schulz, Lydia, 1918-19, White, S. D., 

Schuneman, Mrs. C. L., (Eva Henze), 1915-16, 759 Amherst St., Buf- 
falo, N, Y. 

Schutz, John G., Jr., 1913-14, State Bank Exam. Office, St. Paul. 

Schutz, Mollie, 1883-5, Waconia. 

Schutz, RoUin H., 1901-02, Oakland, Calif. 

Schuyler, Geo. L., 1916-17, Osage, Iowa. 

Schwappe, Mrs. Frank, (Ida R. McMillen), 1879-80, Parker, S, D. 

Schwartz, Ella M., 1907-08, Plain view. 

Schwenke, Henry R., 1873-75, [Rochester]. 

Schwlrtz, John R., 1919-20, Wabasha. 

Schwlrtz, Margaret A., 1915-16, Wabasha. 

Scofleld, Harriet A., 1879-80, [Le Saeur]. 

•Scollard, Wm., 1881-82. 

*Scott, Cora B., 1873-75. 

Scott, Edith D., 1903-04, [Lakefleld]. 

Scott, Ethel M., 1911-13, 102 E. 19th St., Minneapolis. 

Scott, Florence E., 1912-15, 102 E. 19th St., Minneapolis. 

Scott, Gladys B., 1919-20, Madelia. 

Scott, Kenneth W., 1916-17, 3535 Pillsbury Ave., Minneapolis. 
Scott, Lillian, 1901-08, [Sioux Falls, S. D.] 
Scott, Margaret S., 1913-14, [St. Paul]. 

Scott, Sumner, 1914-15, c/o Naval Dep't., Washington, D. C. 
Scott, Wm. H., 1876-77, [Faribault]. 
Scribner, Olive F., 1901-03, [St. Paul]. 

Scrlver, Gertrude, 1874-75; 1876-89, Mrs. J. G. Schmidt, Northfield. 
Scriver, Mrs. H. A., (Mary V. Tupper), 1882-84, 603 River Road S. E., 

Sculley, Mrs. Dr. J. J., (Elizabeth M. Beaulieu), 1913-14, Pine City. 
Seaman, Edna I., 1913-14, Mrs. S. Haverson, Mahnomen. 
Seamer, Mrs. Geo., (Sarah Howard), 1871-73, St. Paul Park. 
Searle, Joseph C, 1882-83, Niles, Mich. 

Seavey, Dorothy, 1916-19, Mrs. Merrill Lawrence, 1365 Spruce Place, 

Apt. 6, Minneapolis. 
Sebrlng, Alice, 1897-8, Mrs. Clyde Cooper, Dodge Center. 
Sebring, Vida, 1901-2, [Minneapolis]. 

Seccombe, Mrs. Chas. H., (Georgia Luley), 1886-89, Bank of Italy 

Bldg., Oakland, Calif. 
Seccombe, Mary F., 1887-89, Davenport, Iowa. 
Seccombe, Samuel H., 1868-71, [Springfield, S. D.] 
Seely, Myron C, 1874-75, [West Danbury, N. Y.] 
Segar, Emerson L., 1903-05, [Mazeppa]. 
Selleseth, Ellen A., 1911-12, Glenwood. 
♦Sencerbox, Ida, 1880-82, Mrs. Mueller. 

Senescall, Mrs. Dr., (Elizabeth W. Miller), 1907-8, Veblen, S. D. 

Serkland, Dorothy C, 1907-08, St. James. 

Seth, John E., 1894-6, 3706 13th Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Seth, Mrs. John E., (Hilma Samuelson), 1891-2, 3706 13th Ave. S., 

Sevendsen, Gilbert, 1916-18, Albert Lea. 
Severance, Abel W., 1882-84, [Beldenville, Wis.] 
Severance, Mrs. C. A., (Mary Harrlman), 1877-80, St. Paul Park. 


Severance, Cordenlo A., 1877-81, 1512 Merchants Nat. Bank Bldg., 

St. Paul. Res. St. Paul Park, 
Severens, Chas. H., 1891-92, [Montevideo]. 
Severson, John, 1882-83, [Mansfield]. 
Seward, James I., 1880-82, [Farmington]. 
Seward, Martha E., 1881-83, Farmington. 
*Seymour, Frank A., 1868-70. 
Shadinger, John H., 1874-75, [New Auburn]. 
♦Shadinger, May, 1883-4, Mrs. Frank Wachholtz. 
Shafer, Effie S., 1877-78, [Northfield]. 
Shafer, Lucy M., 1890-93, [Hot Springs, N. C] 
Shahbaz, Joel N., 1893-96, [Persia]. 
Shandorf, Mrs. F. W., 1919-20, Northfield. 
Shannon, Mrs. Paul, (Hazel I. Cobb), 1914-15, Hastings. 
Share, Margaret, 1891-92, [Minneapolis]. 
♦Sharp, Wardeen H., 1919-20. 
Sharpe, Alia D. F., 1885-86, [Minneapolis]. 
Shaver, Frederick A., 1884-5, [Council Bluffs]. 
Shaw, Alice B., 1906-7, [St. Paul]. 

Shaw, Dora I., 1901-05, Mrs. Percy Phillips, Minneapolis. 
Shaw, Everette A., 1902-05, Clearwater. 
Shaw, Geo. D., 1870-72, [Guilford]. 

Shaw, Margaret McG., 1879-82, Mrs. E. I. Carter, 710 Kenwood Ave., 

Shaw, Marion R., 1889-93, Mrs. J. E. Jenks, Austin. 
Shearer, Lyle E., 1915-17, Grand Ledge, Mich. 

Shedd, Mrs. Ethel, (Ethel M. Canterbury), 1902-04, Oxnard, Calif. 
Shedd, Herbert A., 1874-75, [Osakis]. 
*Sheehan, Jeremiah, 1882-83. 
♦Sheets, Arthur W., 1871-74. 

Sheets, Mrs. Russell, (Stella Holden), 1911-12, Lockhart. 
Sheffield, F. Warren, 1881-82, [What Cheer, Iowa]. 
Sheldon, Eliza A., 1873-74, Mrs. G, W. Pitts, Alton, Iowa. 
Sheldon, Ethel P., 1918-20, Minnewaukon, N. D. 
•Sheldon, Harriet P., 1899-1900. 
♦Sheldon, Hattie B., 1871-72, Mrs. Dyke. 
♦Sheldon, Jos. Theodore, 1896-99. 

Sheldon, Louise V., 1910-11, Mrs. S. Howard Brown, 905 W. 44th, 

Sheldon, Mary L., 1873-76, Mrs. E. B. St. Claire, Lordsburg, Calif. 
Sheldon, Robinson H., 1896-97, [Kasson]. 
Sheley, Eva M., 1907-08, Mrs. , Minneapolis. 

Shellenbarger, Mrs. H. R., (Sarah P. Rolfe), 1880-85, Apt. 6, 615 

5th Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Shellenbarger, John W., 1903-04, Castle Rock. 
Shellenbarger, Sylvia E., 1918-19, Minnewaukon, N. D. 
Shellman, Wm. E., 1895-97, [Sherburn]. 
♦Shepard, Alice Lee, 1889-90. 
Shepard, Alice, 1919-20, Ellendale, N. D. 
Shepard, Caroline E., 1894-95, [Litchfield, Me.] 
Shepard-Elmer, Hazel S., 1906-8, 126 WL Wabasha St., Winona. 
Shepard-Elmer, Irwin, 1896-98, Winona. 
Shepard-Elmer, Lulu E., 1905-6, Winona. 


Shepard, Ernest E., 1898-99, Winona. 

Shepard, Mrs. L. N., (Mary E. Dayton), 1874-75, Waseca. 
Shepard, Paul E., 1907-, [Minneapolis]. 
Shepherd, Aaron D., 1872-73, [River Palls, Wis.] 
Sheppard, Agnes M., 1912-14, Hutchinson. 
*Sherd, Wm. S., 1871-74. 

Sherd, Mrs. W. S., (Ida M. Childs), 1871-72, Northfield. 
Sherin, Mrs. C. E., (Carrie E. Middleton), 1884-86. 
Sherk, Margaret, 1919-20, Mrs. — , Mankato. 
Sherman, Nellie B., 1883-84, [Cambridge, Mass.] 
*Sherman, Willard B., 1883-84. 

Sherpey, Mabel, 1883-85, Mrs. Mabel Purington, 324 E. 20th St., 

Santa Ana, Calif. 
Sherping, Ralph V., 1917-18, [Fergus Falls]. 

Sherpy, Grace L., 1903-04, Mrs. Edgar, 717 10th Ave., S*attle, Wash. 
Sherpey, Josephine, 1897-98, Mrs. C. H. Blood, 6813 Leland Way, 

Hollywood, Calif. 
Sherwin, Geo. E., 1882-83, [Winnebago]. 
*Sherwood, Frances Blanche, 1883-89, Mrs. E. E. Simpson. 
Sherwood, Mrs. H., (Jennie L. Brown), 1878-81, Willmar. 
Sherwood, Winnifred, 1910-11, Willmar. 
Shillock, Paul H., 1900-02, Chaska. 

Shipley, Jennie R., 1870-71, Mrs. F. P. Parsons, [Faribault]. 
Shirley, Pauline, 1887-88, Mrs. H. S. Ackerman, Northfield. 
Shirley, Theodore F., 1910-13, [Northfield]. 
Shoemaker, Isabel O., 1905-06, [St. Cloud]. 
Shogren,.Axel G., 1899-00, [Canby]. 
Shorey, Sam'l F., 1877-79, [Seattle, Wash.] 

Short, Emma Agnes, 1890-91, Mrs. F. A. Reed, Deer Park. Wash. 

♦Short, Gertrude, 1886-87, Mrs. Geo. Crawford. 

Shortt, Marie, 1917-18, [Northfield]. 

Shrader, Fanny E., 1907-9, Springfield. 

*Shumway, Mrs. D. L., (Louise C. Clague), 1867-73. 

Shumway, Ethel L., 19(M-05, Mrs. Ned Ferguson, Northfield. 

Shumway, Roy C, 189'9-00, Northfield. 

Shutes, Mary Agnes, 1902-03, Mrs. W. W. Westcott, Deunison. 
Sibbison, Grace C, 1893-1901, Northfield. 

Sibbison, Stella A., 1897-99, Mrs. L. B. Wilson, 1015 Bemidji Ave., 

Slem, Arthur H., 1908-9, [Elgin]. 
Siemers, Louis, 1911-12, Dundas. 
Siglinger, Ethel, 1908-10, Webster, S. D. 

Sikes, Geo. C, 1885-88, City Club, 315 Plymouth Court. Chicago, 111. 
Sikes, Harriet S., 1885-86, Mlnot, N. D. 
Simmons, Dorothy, 1917-18. 

Simmons, Ferdinand K., 1897-98, [Red Wing]. 

Simmons, Lois M., 1902-03, Mrs. C. G. Williams. 2914 40th Ave. S., 

Simons, Dorothea F., 1916-17, Glencoe. 
Simonton, Everette M., 1872-74, [New Richmond, Wis.] 
Slmonton, Holmes F., 1919-20, Glonwood. 

Simpson, Abbie M., 1880-82, Mrs. Abbie M. Howland, Northfield. 
♦Simpson, Mrs. E. E., (F. Blanche Sherwood), 1883-84; 1886-89. 


Simpson, Frank A., 1889-92, Plains, Mont. 
Simpson, Geo. C, 1878-79, Northfleld. 

Simpson, Mrs. Mary E., (Mary E. Withers), 1882-83, Northfleld. 

Simpson, Mary E., 1879-80, [Minneapolis]. 

Simpson, Mary Ella, 1893-94, [Minneapolis]. 

Simpson, Sophia I., 1871-72, Mrs. R. M. Dodds, Mankato. 

Simpson, Warren W., 1916-17, Northfleld. 

Sims, Mary Maud, 1915-16, Mrs. Gordon Wands, Little Falls. 

Sitze, May, 1892-96, Mrs. — , China. 

Siverson, John, 1879-81, [Mansfleld]. 

Siverts, Sam'l A., 1873-74, [Northfleld]. 

Sjoquist, John, 1889-90, Siangyang, China, via Hankow. 

Sjostadt, Chas. J., 1890-91, [McKeesport, Pa.] 

SkUlman, Leona, 1917-18, 12 Fuller Ave., San Jose, Calif. 

Skillman, Mrs. Adelaide, (Adelaide Bigelow), 1876-81, Northfleld. 

Skinner, Mrs. H. M., (Emma Ogden), 1876-77, East Orange, N. J. 

Skinner, Herbert E., 1890-91, Albert Lea. 

*Skinner, Miron C, 1875-86; 1897-98. 

*Skinner, Ro'bert L., 1874-80; 1881-82; 1886-87. 

Slack, Marie L., 1899-00, [St. Paul]. 

Slater, Mrs. Robert, (Ruth A. Huntoon)^ 1888-89, Hudson, Wis. 
Slee, Mary A., 1902-03; 1905-07, Prescott, lovra. 

Sleeper, Helena M., 1877-78, Mrs. H. S. Nash, 25 Rock St., Middle- 
boro, Mass. 

Sleeper, Mrs. Jean, (Lillian Kannary), 1894-5; 1896-7, Osceola, Wis. 
Sloan, Emma G., 1889-90, Dundas. 

Sloan, Mersene F., 1882-83; 1885-88; 1889-90, [Census Bureau, Wash- 
ington, D. C] 

Sloan, Mrs. John, (Mabel M. Watson), 1889-90, 1710 Laurel Ave., St. 

Slocum, Lulu, 1881-83; 1884-85, [Northfleld]. 

Slocum, William, 1873-75, [Mandan, N. D.] 

Smail, Edwin W., 1870-71, [Sand Creek]. 

Small, Jeanie, 1879-81, [Northfleld]. 

Smail, Walter T., 1879-93, [Northfleld]. 

Small, Wm. C, 1912-14, Webster, S. D. 

Smalley, Victor H., 1894-95, [St. Paul]. 

Smallwood, Dr. Justin T., 1901-4, Worthington. 

Smetana, Howard W., 1917-18, Hopkins. 

Smiley, Mrs. J. W., (Bessie R. Van Norman), 1891-92. 

Smith, Mrs. A., (Elsie M. Canfleld), 1894-95, Baraboo, Wis. 

Smith, Albert A., 1880-81, Fairmont. 

Smith, Albert D., 1874-76, [Concord]. 

Smith, Mrs. Arthur, (Ruth Richardson), 1910-12, Sutherlin, Ore. 
Smith, Arthur L., 1892-94, [Ft. Worth, Texas]. 
Smith, Beatrice, 1892-93, [Walnut, Iowa]. 
*Smith, Burnet Pomeroy, 1895-97. 

Smith, Caddie, 1905-07, Mrs. R. Constantine, [St. Paul]. 

Smith, Calla Detta, 1899-1900, Mrs. G. Newton, Aberdeen, S. D.. 

^mith, Charlotte, 1905-07, [St. Paul]. 

Smith, Chas. T., 1876-77; 1878-79, [St. Paul]. 

Smith, Clara, 1881-2, [Tacoma, Wash.] 

smith, Clara E., 1875-76, [319 Yakima Ave., Tacoma, Wash.] 


Smith, Clintoa D., 1909-10, [Austin]. 

Smith, Clinton F., 1891-2, 939 C St., Tacoma, Wash. 

Smith, Clinton G., 1909-10, [Carrington, N. D.] 

Smith, Daisy O., 1889-90, Mrs. W. C. Herbrecht, Charles City, Iowa. 

Smith, Dayton, 1913-15, Monona, Iowa. 

Smith, D. Evelyn, 1909-10, [Waterloo, Iowa]. 

Smith, Elizabeth A. V., 1916-17, [Hibbing]. 

Smith, Ella K., 1889-91, [Minneapolis]. 

Smith, Everette R., 1884-85, Preston. 

Smith, Mrs. F. A., (Grace E. Carson), 1893-94, [Minneapolis]. 

Smith, Florence N., 1884-88, [Huntington, Neb.] 

Smith, Fred B., 1892-94, Eugene, Ore. 

Smith, Fremont, 1903-04, [Alden]. 

Smith, Mrs. G. A., (Minnie A. B. Jewett), 1886-87. 

Smith, Geo. W., 1875-77, [Merrillville, Iowa]. 

Smith, Hannah, 1894-96, [Warren]. 

Smith, Harold E., 1896-97, Seattle, Wash. 

Smith, Harvey W., 1906-7, Verndale. 

Smith, Mrs. H. E., (Esther Marie Geery), 1887-89, Dellwood, White 

Smith, Harriette M., 1911-13, Luverne. 

Smith, Harriet M., 1879-80; 1884-88, [Orange Grove, Fla.] 
Smith, Hattie Pearl, 1889-90, Mrs. Dr. G. W. von Berg, Charles City, 

Smith, Helen S., 1891-3, Mrs. Frank Stone, 34 Carver Road, Newton 

Heights, Mass. 
Smith, Herbert W., 1918-19, [Sleepy Eye]. 
Smith, Ida S., 1883-84, Mrs. A. J. Drake, Northfield. 
Smith, J. Frederick, 1867-70, 111 2nd St. N. E., Minneapolis. 
Smith, James McCosh, 1887-88, [Cannon Falls]. 
Smith, Jean D., 18S3-85; 1886-87, Mrs. J. A. Lyford, Java, N. Y. 
Smith, Mrs. Jennie E., 1891-92, [Northfield]. 
Smith, Jessie M., 1883-85, [New Richmond, Wis.] 
♦Smith, Mrs. J. J., (Phebe A. Van Emon), 1868-69. 
*Smith, Mrs. J. P., (Selma Merki), 1905-06. 
Smith, John W., 1895-97, [Northfield]. 
Smith, Joseph G., 1910-11, [Morton]. 
Smith, Lillian, 1893-94, [Cascade]. 
Smith, Louise S., 1911-12, Tyler. 
Smith, Lucius Alex, 1908-00, Faribault. 

Smith, Lucy Ella, 1806-99, Mrs. F. J. Tyner, [Fargo, N. D.] 
Smith, Lulu Orr, 1894-95, [Rochester]. 

Smith, Lydia L., 1871-74, Mrs. A. E. Bunker, 3808 Ingraham St., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Smith, Malcolm E., 18S8-S9, [Hancock]. 
Smith, Marion B., 1905-00, Mrs. Dodge, Ehna, Iowa. 
Smith, Mrs. Mary E., (Mary E. Riddle), 1877-78, Portland, Ore. 
Smith, Mary I., 1899-00, [Minneapolis]. 
Smith, Mary N., 1882-84, [Orion]. 
Smith, Merritt E., 1910-38, Lake City. 
*Smith, Mildred Alice, 3805-96. 
Smith, Olive M., 1890-91, [Canton, 111.] 

Smith, Mrs. Oscar, (Verene Steplian), 1902-4, Kiefer, Okla. 


Smith, Kaymond O., 1903-04, [Dickinson, N, D.] 
Smith, Sarah L., 1891-3, [Everett, Wash.] 

Smith, Mrs. Scott. (Agnes M. Dampier), 1878-79, 1824 Selby Ave. 

Smith, Solomon, 1875-76, [Kenyon]. 
SmitJh, Stella A., 1893-90, [Rochester]. 
*Smith, Theo. Templeton, 1899-00. 

Smith, Mrs. Thos. H., (Charlotte I. Van Emon), 1868-69', Porters- 

ville, Calif. 
Smith, Virginia, 1916-17, [Hibbing]. 
Smith, Violet M., 1918-19, [Chicago, 111.] 

Smith, Mrs. Volney I., (Gertrude E. Whitmore), 1S&4-85, N. W. 

cor. Granite and Alaska Sts., Butte, Mont. 
Smith, Westcott G., 1914-15, 260 Macalester St., St. Paul. 
Smith, Walter Herbert, 1900-03, [Fairfax]. 

Smith, Mrs. W., (Carol Somerville), 1906-07, lOSSi/a W. 21st St., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Smithson, Clara, 1903-04, [Maseppa]. 

Smits, Mrs. Gladys, (Gladys Houseman), 1901-02, Monticello, Iowa. 
Snedicor, Marshall D., 1884-88, 6023 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Snell, Abbie J., 1874-77, Mrs. A. H. Burnell; 
Snell, Cullen B., 1883-84, 74 Davis Ave., Brookline, Mass. 
*Snell, Wm. E., 1876-77. 

Snell, Mrs. W. J., (Cecile I. Boughton), 1889-90, [225 S. Phillips 

Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D.] 
Snere, Laura Emma, 1901-4, Austin. 

Snook, Minnie C, 1870-71, Mrs. Hoxey, [Glendora, Calif.] 

Snow, Albert L., 1876-77, [Fairmont]. 

Snow, Louise A., 1919-20, Park Rapids. 

Snyder, Chas. W., 1918-19, [Richland Center, Wis.] 

Snyder, Emma E., 1879-81, [St. Peter]. 

Snyder, Lillian T., 1894-95, Mrs. B. C. Connerly, [Porto Rico, W. I.] 

Snyder, Mildred I., 1915-16, Warren. 

Soderquist, Carl, 1888-92, [Chicago, 111.] 

Solberg, Oscar, 1896-97, [Brandon]. 

Solner, Nordahl, 1880-81, Seattle, Wash. 

Somers, Laurel M., 1896-97, Faribault. 

Somerville, Carol, 1905-7, Mrs. W. Smith, 1038^ W. 21st St., Los 

Angeles, Calif. 
Somerville, M. Sace, 1906-07, Sleepy Eye. 

Somers, Mrs. J. C, (Sarah M. Stallcop), 1877-78, Northtield. 
Sommers, Wm., 1881-82, Northfleld. 
Sondegaard, Henry P., 1918-19, Tyler. 
Sonderman, Anna, 1882-83, [Lake Mills, Wis.] 

Sonderman, Bertha A., 1882-84, [15 Waverly Place, Chicago, 111.] 
*Soper, Benj. H., Jr., 1887-9. 
-Soper, Frances Deborah, 1886-88. 
Sorensen, Edna, 1906-07, [Fertile]. 
Sorensen, Stanley C, 1918-19, Mcintosh. 

Sorlien, Harold A., 1911-13, c/o Baumgarten Co., Ins. Mgr., Com- 
merce Bldg., St. Paul. 
Scrum, James B., 1903-04, [Kasson]. 
Scuba, Bessie B., 1915-16, Hopkins. 


Soule, Carleton L., 1892-94, 25 Harrison Ave,, Taunton, Mass. 
Soule, Llew S., 1897-98, Chicago, 111. 
South, Clark E., 1875-76, Fargo, N. D. 
*South, Delivan, 1870-71. 

Southam, Mrs. F. W., (Mabel M. Ford), 1893-94, Crary, N. D. 

Southworth, Alice, 1877-78; '80-82, [Dundas]. 

*Sower, Effie, 1896-97. 

Spannaus, Walter, 1918-19, Arlington. 

Spates, Annie F., 1873-74, [545 Laurel Ave., St. Paul]. 

Spates, Finley C, 1875-76, 972 Reaney, St. Paul. 

*Spaulding, Agnes L., 1874-76. 

Spaulding, Grace A., 1874-76, Mrs. E. Randall, 699 Marshall Ave., 
St. Paul. 

*Spaulding, Henrietta, 1874-76, Mrs. Wilson. 
Spaulding, Josephine, 1901-2, [Owatonna]. 
Spaulding, Mary, 1916-17, [Minneapolis]. 

Spaulding, Mrs. Theodore, (Mary W. Elwell), 1876-77, 371 Claremont 

Drive, Pasadena, Calif. 
Spear, Mrs. Lizzie, (Lizzie A. Watts), 1867-68, 1494 Grantham St., 

St. Anthony Park, St. Paul. 
Spear, Lambert E., 1890-92, 701 S. E. 5th St., Minneapolis. 
Spearin, Alice L., 1873-74, Mrs. Alex Records, [Farmington]. 
Specht, Mrs. F. H., (Lillie May Anderson), 1888-90, Springfield. 
Specht, Geo. Anderson, 1916-18, Springfield. 
Specht, Jessie May, 1917-18, Springfield. 

Spence, Edna H., 1898-99; 1900-01, Mrs. J. P. Martin, 425 Mills Ave., 

Fargo, N. D. 
Spence, Mrs. Hugh, Jr., (Ida L. Frogner), 1876-78. 
Spencer, Jennie, 1895-96; '98-99, [Norris, 111.] 
Spencer, Lyle S., 1904-06. Watertown, S. D. 
Spencer, Maude A., 1895-96, [Norris, 111.] 
Sperry, David W., 1919-20, [Owatonna]. 
Spetz, Clara F., 1903-04, Dundas. 

Spicer, Mrs. Henry, (Annabel Thurston), 1883-84, Mankato. 
Spink, Helen E., 1904-06, Mrs. R. Cochran, White Bear. 
Spink, Margaret, 1899-1900, Mrs. Geo. H. Iseminger, Carthage, 111. 
Spivak, Casper, Jr., 1896-97, Sunrise. 

Spooner, Claire May, 1910-11, Nitro, West Virginia, c/o Hercules 
Powder Co. 

Sprague, Mrs., (Margaret M. Fisher), 1892-93, Owatonna. 
Sprague, Genevieve L., 1872-73; '76-77, Mrs. L. G. Harris, [North- 

Sprague, Gladys, 1919-20, Caledonia. 
Sprague, Rob't David, 1889-94, Caledonia. 
Spring, Mrs. Wm., (Etta M. Webster), 1870-73. 

Springer, Mrs., (Mary E. Pierce), 1879-80, 2405 Chicago Ave., Minne- 

Stacy, Alice W., 1894-96; '98-99, [225 23rd St., Milwaukee, Wis.] 
Stacy, Esther Anna, 1916-18, Osage, Iowa, 

Stacy, Florence M., 1893-95, Mrs. C. J. Atkinson, [Watertown, Wis.] 

Stacy, Geo, F., 1878-79, [ Stacy ville]. 

Stade, Eva V., 1914-18, Grand Rapids, 

Stadig, Corrin, 1899-01; 1902,-03, [Minneapolis], 


Stadum, Albert H., 1891-94, Barnesville. 
Stageberg-, Erling, 1918-19, Dawson. 

Stahmann, Mrs. Henry (Emma J. Johnson), 1877-81, Winona. 

Stalker, Nellie B., 1886-87, Mrs. B. A. Biickmaster, [Manstone, Wis.] 

*Stallcop, Chas. E., 1875-80. 

Stallcop, Octavo W., 1876-80, [Sterburn]. 

Stallcop, Sarah M., 1877-78, Mrs. J. C. Somers, Northfleld. 

Stamm, Glaus, 1917-18, Bullalo. 

Stanchfleld, Howard W., 1919-20, Minneapolis. 

Stanley, George L., 1898-01, [Lyle]. 

Stannard, Luke, 1878-80, Taylor Falls. 

Stanton, Ella M., 1891-92, [Minneapolis]. 

Stanton, Flora J., 1869-70, Mrs. W. A. McWright, Boscobel, Wis. 
Stanton, Frank I., 1874-76, 115 E. Lynn, Seattle, Wash. 
Stanton, Harold B., 189S-94, [Northfleld]. 
Stanton, Homer A., 1893-98, [Brownsdale]. 
*Stanton, Minnie, 1879-80; '82-8. 

Stanton, Robert P., 1874-76, 115 E. Lynn, Seattle, Wash. 
♦Staples, David B., 1872-74. 

Staples, Isaac, 1891-93, [6th and Oak St., Hudson, Wis.] 

Staples, Lyle S., 1889-91, [Stillwater]. 

Staples, Mrs. Mary E., 1883-85, Osceola MiUs, Wis. 

♦Staples, Silas G., 1871-79. 

Starbird, Edward B., 1886-7, [Fdrgo, N. D.] 

Starr, Celestia N., 1873-78 ; '80-81, Mrs. H. L. Day, 1913 Dupont 

Ave. So., Minneapolis. 
Starr, Judson M., 1875-6, (See Judson M. Crawford). 
Starr, Merrill L., 1917-19, Tracy. 
*Starritt, iSimon P., 1868-69. 

Starz, Rosina A., 1906-10, Mrs. G. C. Van Slyke, York, N. D. 
Statler, Mrs. Jas. S., (Charlotte Lewis), 1892-93, Glendale, Mont. 
*Stauff, Chas. Homer, 1891-92. 

Stearm, Mrs. Fannie, (Fannie Dimick), (Mrs. E. C. Jackson), 1884-5, 

Lockland, Ohio. 
Stearns, Geraldine, 1917-18, [Hill City]. 
Stearns, Gertrude C, 1905-07, Minneapolis. 
Stearns, Lida Lou, 1911-13, Mrs. D. Lundston, Excelsior. 
Stebbins, Abbie E., 1896-97; '98-01, Minneapolis. 
Stebbins, Allen T., 1874-75, [Toledo, Ohio]. 
Stebbins, Goldie L., 1913-15, Thief River Falls. 
Stebbins, M. Myrtle, 1902,-3, [Wjnnebago]. 
Steel, Agnes E., 1918-20, Poplar, Mont. 
Steel, Nelson M., 1880-89, Poplar, Mont. 
Steele, Ethel L,. 1915-16, [St. Paul]. 
Steele, Mrs. H. H., (Ada M. Benson), 1889-90. 

Steele, Mrs. H. M., (Lydia Marie Jepson), 1914-15, Cherok(ie, Iowa: 

Steele, Margaret, 1907-08, Cherokee, Iowa. 

Steele Oliver E., 1915-16, 1728 Hague Ave., St. Paul. 

Steele, Mrs. Z. D., (Maud Wells), 1892-93, Middlesboro, Ky. 

Steere, Emma E., 1877-78, [Hamilton]. 

SbefiEenhagen, Charity C, 1912-14, Janesville. 

StefCen, Sarah B., 1896-97, Waukon, Iowa. 

Steffens, Alice V., 1884-85, Northfleld. 


Stegner, Amelia L., 1891-92, [Faribault]. 
*Stegner, Emma E., 1870-71, Mrs. C. Von Wald. 

Stegner, John A., (Joseph A. Stegner), 1869-72; '77-78, [New Grove]. 
Stegner, Lawrence S., 1870-71, [Sheldon, Iowa]. 

Stegner, Sarah A., 1878-79, Mrs. Wm. Kaugman, 1402 S. 9th Street, 

Stegner, Wm. C, 1873-74, Kenyon. 
Steinhau-ser, Hattie, 1898-99, Hitchcock, S. D. 
Stenmo, Gunhild, 1897-98, Hatton, N. D. 
*Stensrud, Helme, 1908-4. 
*Stensvad, Otto L., 1903-04. 

Stephan, Yerene, 1902-04, Mrs. Oscar Smith, Kiefer, Okla. 

Stephenson, Elsie G., 1894-95, Mrs. — . 

Sterling, Fred J., 1885-86, [Helena, Mont.] 

Stern, Caroline S., 1898-1900, Mrs. A. J. Kayser, 2420 Emerson Ave. 

So., Minneapolis. 
Stetson, Archie C, 1883-84, [Snoqualmie, Wash.] 
Stetson, Mary, 1887-88, Mrs, Tucker, [Northfleld]. 
Stetson, Walter, 1874-75, [Snoqualmie, Wash.] 
Stevens, Chas. H., 1875-76. 

Stevens, Mrs. C. H., (Eugenie E. Whittier), 1874-80, Corvallis, Ore. 
Stevens, Mrs. C. M., (Ella F. Hubbard), 1877-80; '82-84, [Aberdeen, 
S. D.] 

Stevens, Mrs. D. B., (Abby E. Wellman), 1904-05, Lexington, Mass. 
Stevens, Doris A., 1916-18, Vermillion, S. D. 
Stevens, Estella, 1873-4, [Good Thunder's Ford]. 

Stevens, Mrs. Eugene M., (Mary F. Rolfe), 1893-94, c/o lU. Ttust 

and Savings Bank, Chicago, 111. 
Stevens, Mrs. Frank V., (Catherine M. Roy), 1880-83, Yankton, S. D. 

(Stevens, Mrs. G. Fred), (Rosanna M. Todd), 1887-88, Mrs. . 

Stevens, Harriet, 1895-97, [Buffalo, N. Y.] 

Stevens, Mrs. H. C, (Luella Muckey), 1873-74, [6414 Myrtle, Chi- 
cago, 111.] 
Stevens, Helen V., 1902-03, Northfleld. 
Stevens, Ida L., 1905-06, [Claremont]. 

Stevens, Janet M., 1895-96, 2012 Grand Ave., Minneapolis. 
Stevens, Julia A., 1886-91, Dundas. 
Stevenson, Robert L., 1900-11, Albert Lea. 

Steward, Thomas Edward, 1906-08, c /o Minneapolis Journal, Min- 

Stewart, Alice F., 1909-10, [St. Paul]. 

Stewart, Belle, 1891-92, Mrs. W. J. McDonald, Walnut Grove. 
♦Stewart, Carrie E., 1882-91, Mrs. Frank Mathews. 
♦Stewart, Chas. St. C, 1885-87. 

Stewart, Clara, 1886-80. '91-02, Mrs. Clara Clement, Faribault. 

Stewart, Donald W;., 1915-17, 827 Plymouth Bldg., Minneapolis. 

Stewart, Grace^ 1885-86, Mrs. Nickerson, [Garden City]. 

♦Stewart, Granville W., 1868-69. 

Stewart, Jane, 18i)8-00, [New Richmond, Wis.] 

Stewart, Louis M., 1882-83, [Northfleld]. 

Stewart, Lucy, 1885-86, [Northfleld]. 

Stewart, Mary B., 1890-92, Mrs. Mary I. Ireys, The Loamington, 


Stewart, Mary Bartlette^ 1890-92, Mrs. G. D. Hammond, 1217 Dayton 
Ave., St. Paul. 

Stewart, M. Florence, 1869-70; '71-73; '75-77, Mrs. E. W. Parker, 

Garden City. 
Stewart, Theodore T., 1886-88; '89-90, Northfleld. 
Stewart, Wm. B., 1867-68, 23 Cheshier St., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Stickles, Leila Mae, 1914-15, 5th St., Red Wing. 
Stier, Mrs., (Anna O. Marshall), 1893-95, Manchester, Tenn. 
Stiles, Ethel Mary, 1913-15, Willmar. 
Stillwell, Arthur R., 1910-12, Pipestone. 

Stilson, Mrs. W., (May D. Loveless), 1898-1900, 1003 Lafayette St., 

Waterloo, Iowa. 
Stimson, Jessie G., 1903-04, [Austin]. 
Stinson, Blanche A., 1902-3, [Sheldon, Iowa]. 
Stocker, Ninette, 1883-84, Mrs. G. T. Miller, [HUlsboro, N. M.] 
Stocking, Ina D., 1873-74, Mrs. W. A. Gray, [Farmington]. 
Stoddard, Helen, 1909-10, [St. Paul]. 
Stoddard, Jessie, 1885-86; 1887-88, [Northfleld]. 

Stoddard, Nellie C, 1875-76, Mrs. Martin, [Western Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif.] 

Stokes, Glencora, 1893-95, Mrs. F. Ilawley, Watertown, S. D. 

Stokes, Mark S., 1878-80, 308 Cap. Nat'l Bank Bldg., St. Paul. 

Stokes, Nettie, 1919-20, Waterloo, Wis. 

♦Stoltenberg, Marie, 1903-06. 

Stone, Albert L., 1900-02, Benson. 

Stone, Albert W., 1908-09, Caldwell, Idaho. 

Stone, Alfred F., 1905-07, Caldwell, Idaho. 

"Stone, Amy, 1878-79. 

Stone, Mrs. Bruce, (Mary E. Strout), 1910-12, 1416 3rd Ave. S., 

Stone, Mrs. Frank, (Helen S. Smith), 1891-93, 34 Carver Road, New- 
ton Heights, Mass. 
Stone, Frank L., 1893-94, Benson. 

Stone, Garnett, 1908-09, Mrs. Geo. Leighton, 2423 W. 22nd St., 

Stone, Harold W.^ 1907-08, Coldwell, Idaho. 
Stone, Julia L., 1905-06, [Minneapolis]. 
Stone, Royal A., 1891-94, 1116 Pioneer Bldg., St. Paul. 
Stone, Webster H., 1902-04; '05-06, Alden. 
Stoneman, Edgar A., 1887-88, [Minneapolis]. 

Stoneman, Frank B., 1874-75, [20 Market Sq., Providence, R. I.] 
Stoner, Mabel, 1917-18, Pleasaricon, Iowa. 

Stowell, Mrs. Willard, (Eva M. Dixon), 1900-01, 1403 Chelmsford, St. 

Stranahan, Robert, 1896-97, [Northfleld]. 

Stranahan, Winona, 1895-97, Mrs. — . 

Strand, MathUde A., 1895-96, Zumbrota. 
Stratte, Alfred K., 1915-16, Dawson. 

Stratte, Harold C, 1914-16 Columbia University, New York City. 
Stratton, Clara, 1879-81, [Osceola, Wis.] 
Stratton, Ella M., 1879-81, [Osceola, Wis.] 
Stratton, J. Leander, 1874-75, [Princeton, 111.] 
Straw, Frederick W., 1895-96, [Weils]. 


Strayer, Bessie, 1893-95, Mrs. A. T. Williamson, [1125 London Road 

*Street, Bayard Taylor, 1904-07. 

Street, Maude I., 1905-06, 1637 St. Anthony Ave., St. Paul. 
Streissguth, Edmund H., 1914-17, 4617 N. Robey St., Chicago, 111. 
Streissguth, Ida Marie, 1902-04, Mrs. E. E. Doster, 18023 Windward 

Road, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Streissguth^ Johanna C, 1903-06, Mrs. H. G. Trowbridge, Snohomish, 


*Streissguth, Martha Emma, 1904-06. 

Streissguth, Thomas O., 1904-06, Gaylord. 

Streissguth, Wm. C, 1899-01, Arlington. 

Strickler, Vera E., 1907-09, New Ulm. 

Stromberg, Matilda K., 1890-92, Mrs. G. A. Hamilton. 

Stromberg^ Mrs., (Maude N. Hunt), 1897-98, Lenawee Apts., 1629 

Harvai'd Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Strong, Edward W., 1879-80; '81-82; '83-9, Northfield. 
Strong, Mrs. Edw. W., (Bessie B. Keith), 1886-88, Northfield. 
Strong, Harry W., 1919-20, Waseca. 

Strong, Hattie A., 1871-7G, Mrs. A. W. Norton, Cumberland, Wis. 
*Strother, Josephine E., 1891-93. 

Strout, Marie E., 1910-12, Mrs. Bruce Stone, 1416 3rd Ave., So., 

Stuart, Jessie, 1880-82, Mrs. K. W. Buell, [Preston]. 
Stuart, Nancy, 1881-84, Preston. 
Stuart, Sadie M., 1903-04. 

Stuhr, Edwin AV., 1898-99, 19 W. 24th St., Minneapolis. 

Sturgeon, Wm. H., 1902-03, Canton. 

Sturgle, Hannah, 1SS3-84, [Red Wing]. 

Styles^ Ethel M., 1913-14, Mrs. [California]. 

Sudduth, Jessie May, 1885-7, Mrs. H. R. Nissley, 1334 Adams St., 

Denver, Colo. 
*Sndduth, Mary Belle, 1888-89'; '90-91. 

Sudduth, Wm. H., 1893-94; 1781 Logan Ave. So., Minneapolis. 
Sugden, George M., 1918-20, South America. 
SuUeeba, Thos. Shammas, 1886-89. 

Sullivan, Mrs. W. R., (Gertrude Wilson), 1901-2, Albert Lea. 

Summy, Helen R., 1902-03, [Seattle, Wash.] 

Sumner, Alice M., 1874-76, Mrs. Barton, [Minneapolis]. 

Sumner, Brad L., 1883-&4, [Northfield]. 

Sumner. Cornelia, 1883-84, Mrs. C. B. Thompson, Anoka. 

Sumner, Evelyn^ 1909-12, Montevideo. 

*Sumner, Rutherford B., 1805-96. 

Sund, Mrs. Edward, (Edith CalweU), 1886-87, 19^ Aldrich Ave. So.. 

Sund, Edward, 1912-13, 1926 Aldrich Ave. So., Minneapolis. 
Sundberg, Anna E., 1915-17, Hallock. 

Sundell, Mrs. C. H., (Anna M. Olipbant), 1895-96, Dwight, N. D. 
Sundorhoff, Mrs. R. J., (Irma Aldrich), 1908-09, Plentywood, Mont. 
Swain, Martha, 1905-07, Elysian. 

Swain, Mary D., 1905-07, Mrs. W. R. Johnson, Farmington. 
Swan, Cora J., 1882-84, [Sioux City, Iowa]. 
Swanbeck, Elmo C, 1913-14, Springfield. 



Swanbeck, Vernie, 1917-18, Springfield. 
Swank, Mrs. E., (Barbara Blesener), 1800-91. 
Swann, George W., 1916-17, Madison. 
Swanson, Alvin J., 1916-18, Fridley. 

Swanson, Dr. Anton W., 1893-94, 312 Paulsen Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 
Swanson, August, 1897-98, [Vasa]. 

Swanson, Bstelle W., 1901-00, Mrs. A. W, Hargrave, R. F. D., Ripon, 

Wis., c/o Inverness Guernsey Farm. 
Swanson, Mrs. E. W., (Lizzie B. Berke), 1892-93, 1617 Laurel Ave., 

St. Paul. 

Swanson. Henry A., 1875-79, Centre City. 

Swanson, Marion D., 1917-20, Red Wing. 

Swanson, Rosella M., 1917-19, [Bufealo]. 

Swarthout, Dr. Ellis F., 1898-99, Sykeston, N. D. 

Swartwood, Dr. Fred A., 1880-84, Waseca. 

Swartwood, Mrs. Dr. F. A., (Ida M. Poe), 1881-83, Waseca. 

Swartwood, Mrs. Leroy, (Eva M. Adams), 1892-93, Swartwood, N. D. 

Swartz, Blanche, 1908-09, Mrs. W. Toore, Cut Bank, Mont. 

Swearington, Nina M., 1908-10, Fairmont. 

Sweeney, Mollie, 1899-00, [Virginia]. 

Sweet, Wm. Herbert, 1886-88, [Granite Falls]. 

Swein, Carrie, 1880-81, [Northfield]. 

Sweney, Ruth E., 1904-05, Osage, Iowa. 

Swenson, Ada Glee, 1909-11, [Lake Crystal]. 

Swensoin, Alfred, 1872-73, [Chisago City]. 

Swenson, Earl, 1910-11, [St. Paul]. 

Swenson, Emily T., 1881-82, [Lindstrom]. 

Swenson, John A., 1873-75 1486 Taylor Ave., St. Paul. - 

Swenson, Oscar AV., 1884-85, [Bridgeman]. 

Swerdflgger, Ella 1883-85, Mrs. E. M. W'entworth, Russell, Kan. 
Swift, Mrs., (Alice C. Britts), 1888-1900, 1714 Fletcher Ave., Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 
Swift, Dr. Clarence F., 1873-74, Harlan, Ind. 
Swofeer, Lucille E., 1919-20, Tracy. 
Sylvester, Electa, 1891-92, [Bismarck, N. D.] 
Symes, M. Emma, 1879-81, Blooming Prairie. 
*Symes, Thos. B., 1874-75, 


*Taber, Deane William, 1915-16. 

Taft, Frederick Charles, 1888-93, [Durbin, N. D.] 

Tainter, Rolfe, 1911-13, N. W. Dental School, Chicago. 

Talbot, Lee M., 1904-05, Dundas. 

*Tanberg, George Olive, 1911-14. 

Tangeman, Vera H., 1909-10, Wyoming. 

Tanner, Carrie, 1886-87, [East Cattle Rock]. 

*Tanner, David W., 1877-80. 

Tanner, Mrs. W., (Anna Pry or), 1867-68, Pomona, Calif. 
Taralseth, Henry, 1894-96; '9'6-8, Warren. 
Taralseth, Lena, 1804-05, Warren. 
Taralseth, Ralph Barney, 1901-3, Wiarren. 

Tarbell, Mrs., (Anna M. Gleason), 1875-76, [ Water to wn, S. D.] 
Tlarbell, Mrs. O., (Etta M. Williamson), 1873-74, [Watertown, S. D.] 


Tarblaa, Mrs. L. O., (Emilie E. Elthon), 1900-1, Grafton, N. D. 

*Tate, Glenn Elsmere, 1903-(M. 

Tate, Harry Avery, 1902-04, Balaton. 

Taylor, Alida Marie, 1909-11, Excelsior. 

Taylor, Archie Lyle, 1805-96, [Wells]. 

Taylor, Augusta, 1875-76, Mrs. G. M. Oliver, Hudson, Wis. 
Taylor, Bertha Jane, 1899-00, [Northfield]. 
Taylor, Clifford DeWolf, 1895-97, Bremerton, Wash. 
Taylor, Mrs. E. A., (Mary E. Tower), 1879-81, Faribault. 
Taylor, Mrs. Ernest, (Mary F. Jones),- 1880-4, Colorado Springs, 

Taylor, Frances Estelle, 1917-20, 2O06 Girard Ave. So., Minneapolis. 
Taylor, Georgena, 1897-98, Mrs. F. L. Bauer, 204 Hanover St., 
Hastings, Mich. 

Taylor, Mrs. G. F., (Laura G. Reilly), 1905-06, 1602 Warren Ave., 

Butte, Mont. 
Taylor, George L., 1882-84, Mantorville. 
Taylor, George Kenneth, 1914-15, Deerwood. 

Taylor, Mrs. Harriet N., (Harriet A. Nichols), 1889-92. 122 E. Capitol 

St., Washington, D. C. 
Taj'lor, Jessie 011a, 1891-93, [St. Paul]. 
Taylor, Karl Mark, 1912-13, Deerwood. 

Taylor, Madge Conklin, 1895-96, Mrs. J. E. Harris, Corvallis, Ore. 
*Taylor, Nellie F., 1880-84. 
*Taylor, Nellie Faithe, 1904-05. 

Taylor, Mrs. Reuben W., (Agnes Law), 1875-77, Northfield. 

Taylor, Thomas F., 1874-77, [Hazelwood]. 

*Taylor, Willis A., 1883-84. 

Taylor, William E., 1910-12, Northfield. 

Taylor, William L., 1907-08, A'erona, Wis. 

Taylor, William Warren, 1890-92; 1893-95, [Kasson]. 

Teachout, Mrs. E. C, (Clara M. Kingston), 1880-85. Winnebago. 

Teague, Anna E., 1868-9. Mrs. L. J. Page, Siloam Springs. Ark. 

*Teague, Mrs. D., (Mary Hatfield), 1870-71. 

Teare, Mabel Marion, 1889-00, [Minneapolis]. 

Tebbets. Mrs. A. E., (Ella C. Buck). 1881-83, Hopkins, Glen Lake 
R. F. D. 

Tebbets. Nina Maud, (Mrs. F. C. Grow), 1890-98, Watertown, S. D. 
Teel. Charles S., 1875-77; 1883-84, [Eyota]. 

Teeple, Mary Gloason, 1890-91, Mrs. Mary G. T. Gervais. Burlingame, 

Teeter, Addle, 1S83-S4, [Grafton, N. D.] 

Teigen, Nels Thomas, 1887-9:i. Wanamiiigo. 

Ten Broeck, Anna Pray, 1906-09, [Farlault]. 

Ten Broeck, Robert Carpenter, 181)9-00, [Faribault]. 

*Tennant, Mrs. D. A., 1891-92. 

Tennant, Mrs. R. G., (Belle Florence Drew), 1881-89; 1897-98, Lake 

Tenney, Ansel Arthur, 1919-20, Madison. 

Terpena. Ethel Anna, 1907-09; 1910-11, Mrs. T. H. Buhrmaun, Aneta, 
N. D. 

Terpena, I^aura. 1912-16, Wheaton. 

Terry, Alfred Newell, 1899-00, [Northfield]. 


Terry, Chester W., 1883-4, Dundas. 
Terry, Mildred L., 1883-86, Yakima, Wash. 

Terry, Philetus E., 1868-60, [400 University Ave S. E., Minneapolis]. 
Testell, Mrs. W., (Jennie Cameron), 1887-88, Hotel Somerset, 2000 

Sheridan Road, Chicago, 111. 
Thacker, Harriet Cordelia, 1904-06, Mrs. Guy Meeker, 4544 York Ave., 

Thane, Benj., 1909-12, Fairfax. 

Thayer, Gertrude E., 1892-3; 1894-5, Mrs. Royal Melandy, Newark, 
N. J. 

Thayer, Jos. W., 1878-9, 2610 Leland Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Thayer, Nellie A., Mrs. C. S. Gilman, 1870-71, [Rivera, Calif.] 
Thayer, William Cooper, 1919-20, Clarissa. 
Theis, Frances Welliver, 1914-16, Missoula, Mont. 
Theophilus, Mrs. Wm., (Minnie A. Thompson), 1884-85, Davenport, 

Theopold, Mrs. Francis Fr., 1912-13, 814 W. 94th St., New York City. 
Thibault, Marie Ida, 1889-90, Mrs. J. Fortin, 1830 Dupont Ave. N., 

Thielbar, Albert J., 1882-83, Dundas. 

Thielman, Adelaide, 1909-10, Mrs. L. E. Dickinson, 677 Sheldon Ave.,' 

Detroit, Mich. 
Thimsen, Lavilla, 1916-17, Blooming Prairie. 
Thimsen, Seymour Manton, 191'6rl7, Blooming Prairie. 
Thing, Mrs. M. J. P., (Nonio Locke), 1884-85, Hopkinton, Iowa. 
Thoeny, Minnie E., 1887-88, Mrs. A. W. Austin, Sauk Center. 
Thom, Nellie Elona, 1892-95, Mrs. E, G. Freyer, c/o Texas Oil Co., 

Cape Town, Union of South Africa. 
Thomas, Alice May, 1893-95, [Kansas City, Mo.] 
Thomas, Allie Etta, 1889-90, [P'aribault]. 

Thomas, Mrs. Fred., (May Burnside), 1237 Minnesota Ave., Sioux 

Falls, S. D. 
Thomas, Geo. Wm., 1902-03, Milbank, S. D. 
Thomas, Guy Irving, 1898-99, [St. Paul]. 

Thomas, Mildred Emma, Mrs. Peter Ormond, 1912-17, Northfield. 
Thomas, Wm. Benj., 1898-99', Jamestown, N. D. 
Thomas, Mrs. Wm. J., (Mary F. Deakin), 1874-75, New Brighton. 
Thomberg, Magnus, 1896-96, Evansville. 

Thomes, Mrs. A. P., (Clara S. Phoenix), 1882-3, 416 6th St. S. E., 

Thomgren, Esther, 1902-04, [Pilot Mound, Iowa]. 
Thomgren, M. Mabel, 1902-03, Pilot Mound, Iowa. 
Thomm, Olive Elizabeth, 1911-13, Mrs. H. Des Marais, 307 6th Ave. 

N. E., Minneapolis. 
Thompson, Mrs. Abram E., (Annetta Edwards), 1899-1900, [Morgan 

Hill, Calif.] 

Thompson, Alma Marie, 1902-03, Mrs. Harry Upson, 115 Genesee St., 

Lockport, N. Y. 
Thompson, Amy, 1916-18, Maynard. 

Thompson, Mrs. Carl N., (Ida Marie Jensen), Roundup, Mont. 
Thompson, Mrs. C. B., (Cornelia Sumner), 1883-84, Anoka. 
Thompson, Clarence R., 1898-00, 3020 Holmes Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
*Thompson, Edward P., 1868-70. 


*Thompson, Mrs. E. P., (Lizzie C. HaU), 1871-3. 
Thompson, Ella F., 1871-3, Mrs. Wm. E. Dudley, [Princeton]. 
* Thompson, E sther, 1873-5, Mrs. S. C. England. 
I'hompson, Geo. E., 1890-93, Northfleld. 
Thompson, Geo. W., 1880-82, [Faribault]. 

Thompson, Harry Jackson, 1902-03, c/o Wales Adding Machine Co., 
St. Paul. 

Thompson, Ira E., 1875-76, [Fort Scott, Kan.] 
Thompson, Mrs. J. B., (Hattie Moshier), 1885-86. 
Thompson, Juanita Elva, 1904-05, 1817 E. Gardina Ave., Glendale, 

Thompson, Kneut, 1876-77, [Clark's Mills, Wis.] 
Thompson, Lewis, 1880-81, [Jackson]. 
Thompson, Louise Leslie, 1906-07, [Owatonna]. 
Thompson, Marion Gertrude, 1&15-16, Lake City. 
Thompson, Marjorie Helen, 1918-20, Albert Lea. 
Thompson, May Eliza, 1888-9, St. Croix Palls, Wis. 
Thompson, May Irene, 1899-00, Adrian. 
^Thompson, Melvin G., 1869-71. 

Thompson, Minnie A., 1884-85, Mrs. Wm. Theophilus, Davenport, 

Thompson, Nellie J., 1888-9, St. Croix Falls, Wis. 
Thompson, Paul Loveland, 1916-17, Maynard. 

Thompson, Rexford Leslie, 1912-33, 506 Oak Street, Decorah, Iowa. 
^Thompson, Robert Burns, 1918-19. 

Thompson, Mrs. Thos., (Lillian V. Becksted), 1897-9', Northfleld. 

Thompson, Victor Cecil, 1904-06, [Preston]. 

Thompson Walter Ray, 1899-00, Eugene, Ore. 

Thompson, Willa Louise, 1919-20, Hallock. 

Thompson, Wm. L., 1896-97, [New Richmond, Wis.] 

Thoren, Benedict John, 1898-01, [Northfleld]. 

*Thoreson, Minnie, (Thorson, Sarah Marie), 1882-83; 1888-89. 

Thornberg, Magnus,, 1896-97, Evansville. 

Thornburgh, Samuel M., 1867-68, [Richland]. 

Thornby, Ingram, 1914-15, Waseca. 

Thorne, Mrs., (Adelia Lathrop), 1884-5, Thornwood, Wash. 

*Thornton, Mrs. F. M., (Lizzie M. Clague), 1867-68. 

Thorpe, Clarence McK., 1898-00, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Thorpe, Geo. Cyrus, Jr., 1890-91, U. S. Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Thorson, Mrs. N. A., (Sarah Rollefson), 1901-06, Crookston. 

*Thorson, Sarah M., 1878-81; 1886-89. 

Thranum, Ruth Alvina, 1919-20, Spicer. 

Thrush, Waldo Brown, 1911-13, Spencer, Iowa. 

Thuet, Wm., 1875-78, 1196 Portland Ave., St. Paul. 

I'hurin, Sarah Helena, 1901-2, Tracy. 

Thurston, Anabel, 1883-84, Mrs. H. Spicer, Mankato. 

Thurston, Jessie I., 1883-84; 1888-89, Mrs. C. H. John, [1251 Lincoln 

Ave., St. Paul], 
Thurston, Reuben H., 1890-91, [St. Paul]. 
Thurston, Wm. H., 1876-7, [46 Portland Ave., St. Paul]. 
Thysell. Herbert B., 1895-6, Hawley. 
♦Tibbetts, Bertha E., 1907-09, Mrs. Geo. Ililliard. 
Tibbetts, Harold Irwin, 1910-11, Pipestone. 


Tiffany, E. Dewey, 1917-18^ 12-24 6th Ave. S. W., Aberdeen, S. D. 
Tiffany, Joseph A., 1877-78; 1882-83, 12-24 6th Ave. S. W., Aberdeen, 
S. D. 

Tifft, Samuel Lowell, 1917-18, Glencoe. 

Tilden, Mrs. H. B., (Harriet E. McKenzie), 1906-07, Fargo, N. D. 

Tillotson, Frances M., 1890-92, [Sauk Center]. 

Tilton, Webster B., 1888-87, [Butte, Mont.] 

Tilly, Helen Anita M., 1917-18, [Monticello]. 

Timberg, Wilhelmina, (Minnie) 1898-00, Kingston. 

Titus, Mrs. (Frances Eggleston Pond), 1899-1900. 

Toake, Mrs. J. F., (Olivia Eames), 1874-77, [Des Moines, Iowa]. 

*Toan, Clara Louise, 1901-02, [Rochester]. 

Tobey, Harry Elmer, 1892-93; 1895-96, Osakls.' 

*Tobin, Mrs. Chas., (Chloris B. Turrettin), 1888-89. 

*Todd, Cornelia E., 1871-6, Mrs. C. Wedge. 

Todd, Jas. M., 1875-76, [Albert Lea]. 

Todd, John Albert, 1886-87, Hendrum. 

Todd, Rosanna M., 1887-8, (Mrs. G. F. Stevens). 

Toland, Leigh, 1900-01, La Crosse, Wis. 

Tolles, Shirley H., 1871-3, Burton, Ohio. 

Tolman, Thomas Wheelock, 1914-15, [Paynesville]. 

Tolstead, Frances, 1907-8, Stanton. 

Tolstead, Maude, 1907-08; 1910-11, Stanton. 

Tomlinson, Mabel, 1900-01, Osage, Iowa. 

Tompkins, Henry H., 1883-85, Springfield. 

Tonning, Peter C, 1891-4, Dept. of Public Instruction, 1933 Dayton 

Ave., St. Paul. 
Tonsberg, Edna Sophie, 1919-20, Cokato. 
*Toogood, Mabel, 1887-88, Mrs. W. A. Brown. 
Toole, Mrs. Frederick, (Elizabeth Krassin), 1898-1901, [Ada]. 
Toore, Mrs. W., (Blanche Swartz), 1908-09, Cut Bank, Mont. 
Torbet, Katherine, 1917-18, Devils Lake, N. D. 
Tosney, Irene Teressa, 1910-11, Mrs. Dr. Farley, Bveleth. 
Tower, Belle, 1904-05, 563 Laurel Ave., St. Paul. 

Tower, Mrs. Harold, (Mary Schneider), 1889-90, Charles City, Iowa. 
Tower, Mary E., 1879-81, Mrs. E. A. Taylor, P. O. Box 76, Faribault. 
Towle, Wilton Harold, 1915-16, Annandale. 
*Towne, Mrs. E. T., 1912-13. 

Towne, Isabelle Viola, 1904-05, 204 Cameron St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

To-wne, Jessie Keith, 1904-05, Mrs. Boop, Fergus Falls. 

Towns, Mrs., (Fannie H. Mclntyre), 1883-85, [Minneapolis]. 

Townsend, Harry Edwin, 1900-01, [Tower]. 

Townsend, Horace B., 1903-04, Cannon City, Colo. 

*Townsend, Mary C, 1879-80. 

Townsend, Wyman Lewis, 1901-3, [Waterville], 

Trace, Orlando R., 1874-75, [Sauk Rapids]. 

Trace, Rob't F., 1906-08, [Sauk Rapids]. 

Tracy, Margaret B., 1919-20, Tracy. 

Tracy, Russell L., 1879-81, [Salt Lake City, Utah]. 

Tramm, Edith J., 1875-76, [Northfield]. 

Travis, Mrs., (Maude Dampier), 1881-90, Owatonna, 

Tredway, Everett M., 1886-8, [Duluth]. 

Trench, Nellie, 1893-94, Dennison. 


Trezona, R. James, 1909-10, Fayal Location, Eveleth. 

Trezona, Richard J., 1909-10, Ely. 

T'riponel, Leo Harrison, 1916-17, Dodge Center. 

Tripp, Frederick Acliley, 1915-16, Thief River Falls. 

Tripp, Henry A., 1887-89, [Waterloo, Iowa]. 

Tripp, Merritt N., 1876-77, [Hanover, N. D.] 

Tripp, Mrs. M. N., (Matie E. Brown), 1879-80, [Hanover, N. D.] 
Tripp, Oliver Page, 1909-11, Cor. 5th and 5th, Northfield. 
Tripp, Ruth Bernice, 1818-20, Red Wing. 
Trotter, Isabel, 1917-18, Virginia. 

Trowbridge, Ilarley Geo., 1901-5. Trowbridge Implement Co., Sno- 
homish, Wash. 

Trowbridge, Mrs. H. G., (Johanna Strissguth), 1903-06, Snohomish, 

Trowbridge, Helen B., 1899-1902, Mrs. E. Larson, 810 Lakeview Ave., 
Rice Lake, Wis. 

Trowbridge, Isadore Maurine, 1907-8, Mrs. W. S. Hubbard. 1930 New 

Hampshire Ave., Washington, D. C. 
*Trowbridge, Louise K., 1886-7. 

Truax. Ellen Elberta, 1886-7, Mrs. Dr. M. A. Knapp, 2337 Central Ave., 

Truax, J. J., 1902-03, 843-845 Plymouth Bldg., Minneapolis. 
True. Lotta, 1881-82, [Winnebago]. 

Truesdale, John Cushman, 1914-17. 306 Valley Ave. N. E., Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

Truesdell, Ada Fannie, 1898-1900, 1910 Dupont Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

*Truesdell, Albert J., 1875-76. 

Truesdell, Ezra W., 1875-76, [Minneapolis]. 

Truesdell, Mrs. E. W., (Kate Newton). 1876-78, [Minneapolis]. 

Truesdell, Lynn Geo., 1887-99, 1904 Dupont Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Trythall, Richard Gordon. 1919-20, Nashwauk. 

Tschann, Mamie, 1902-03, Northfield. 

Tschann, Rose, 1908-10, 1808 Stevens Ave.. Apt. 29, Minneapolis. 

Tschann, Susie, 1884-86, Northfield. 

Tubbs. Julia Bennon, 1888-90, Ontario, Calif. 

Tucker, Mrs., (Mary Stetson), 1887-88. [Northfield]. 

Tucker, Clifford M., 1913-17, Aitkin. 

Tucker, Robt. Southey, 1891-2, [Lake Benton]. 

Tufts, Helen A., 1907-09, Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Tuft.s, Marion Deane, 1905-07. Sioux Falls. S. D. 

Tung, Hsi Hsiang. 1917-18. So. Divinity Hall. Chicago, 111. 

Tupper, Daisy Eunice, 1898-99. Osage, Iowa. 

Tupper, Mae Given, 1905-06. Mrs. A. S. Blum. 20 W. 16th St., Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

Tupper, Mary V., 1882-84. Mrs. II. A. Scriver, 603 River Road S. E., 

Turner, Joseph Vernon. 1899-1902, 2424 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 
Turner, Mrs. J. V., (Tryphosa L. Anderson), 1902-04, 2424 Nicollet 

Ave., Minneapolis. 
Turner, Roy Hazelton, 1910-11, 2267 Carter Ave., St. Paul. 
Turner, Mrs. Wm., (Amanda Lindquist), 1896-97, Vasa. 
"Turnquist, John, 1890-91. 

*Turretin, Chloris B., 1888-89, Mrs. Chas. Tobin. 


Tuttle, Hawley Rawson, 1908-09, Tingley, Iowa. 
!» Tuve, Arthur, 1918-19, Toronto, S. D. 
Twidt, Oliver, 1898-1902, [Parmington]. 

Twiford, Nettie C, 1909-12, Mrs. Frank Lewis, Northfield. 
Twyman, Josepliine Natalie, 1898-99, Mrs. L. C. Babcock, Billings, 

Tyler, Boyd Charles, 1894-95, [Marshall]. 

Tyler, Doris L., 1908-09, 121 S. Eastern St., Joliet, 111. 

Tyler, Edith, 1880-88, [Lanesboro]. 

T'yler, Geo. Harvey, 1899-1900, Elk River. 

Tynef, Mrs. F. J., (Lucy Ells Smith), 1896-99, [Fargo, N. D.] 


Underdahl, Housina, 1899-1900, Warsaw. 
♦Underdahl, Mary, 1895-96. 

Underwood, Ruth, 1890-92, Mrs. T. Loekwood, St. Paul. 
Unumto, Pereival H., 1915-16, Alexandria. 

Unumb, Vea Marguerite, 1912-16, Mrs. Dr. R. A. Gowdy, Alexandria. 
Updegraff, Clermont B., 1886-90, [Culdesac, Idaho]. 
Upham, Mrs. Warren, (Addie M. Bixby), 1881-85, 2170 Carter Ave., 
St. Paul. 

Upham, Walter B., 1871-74, [Rochester]. 

Upson, Mrs. Harry, (Alma M. Thompson), 1902-03, Lockport, N. Y. 
Upton, Addie E., 1876-77, Milford, Iowa. 
•Upton, Mary P., 1873-76. 

Urquhard, Joseph Dean, 1911-12, Valley Springs, S. D. 
Utter, Frank A., 1876-78, [Northfield]. 
Uttley, Gretchen Devenni, 1903-04, [St. Paul]. 


Vail, Frances Alcott, 1919-20, Forest Lake. 

Valentine, Clarence, 1918-19, Cannon Falls. 

Valentine, Fred, 1897-98, [Minneapolis]. 

Valentine, Robt. D., 1886-90, [Minneapolis]. 

Valentine, Dr. Walter H., 1895-96, Tracy. 

Valleau, John D., 1888-89, [St. Paul]. 

Van Amburg, Geo. C, 1882-8S; 1886-87. 

*Van Amburgh, Mrs. W. E., (Ada M. Wood), 1884-87. 

Van Amburgh, Wm. E., 1881-83, 71 Orange St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Van Campen, Harriet Louise, 1880-91; 1882-83, Mrs. Harriet V. Ap- 

plegate, Centralia, Wash. , 
Van Campen, Mary Elsie, 1894-95, Mrs. Crowe, Rochester. 
Vance, Mrs. Rev. Robt. E., (Effle J. Boss), 1902-03, Lake Park, Iowa. 
Van Deusen, Mrs. D. C, (Minnie Wiseman), 1887-88, Blair, Neb. 
VandeGrift, John M., 1914-15; 1916-17, Austin. 
VandeGrtft, Mary L., 1911-13, Austin. 

Vanderheyden, Bmnia Elizabeth, 1894-95, [Sisseton, S. D.] 
Vanderheyden, Mary A., 1889-90, [Sisseton, S. D.] 
*Vander Horck, Mrs. Dr., (Emma Robb), 1886-7. 
Vander Veer, Eva, 1889-90, [Wahpeton, N. D.] 
Vander Vort, Charles F., 1910-11, Enderiin, N. D. 
Van Doren, Edward M., 1891-92, [St. Paul]. 
Van Doren, Lila, 1911-12, Farmington. 


Van Dorn, Chas. C, 1877-78, [Northfleld]. 

Van Dusen, Mrs. H. T., (Josephine Anderson), 1900 Vine Place, 

Van Dyke, Mrs. Cleve, (Ida Englund), 1895-9'6, Miami, Arizona. 

*Van Dyke, Woodbridge S., 1879-82. 

Van Eman, Almira E., 1894-95, [Faribault]. 

Van Eman, Grace, 1900-01, Mrs. Kinyon, Owatonna. 

Van Emon, Charlotte I., 1868-69, Mrs. T. H. Smith, Porterville, Calif. 

♦Van Emon, Phebe Ann, 1868-69, Mrs. J. J. Smith. 

Van Emon, Sarah, 1868-9, Mrs. C. E. Graham, Porterville, Calif. 

Van Leuven, Kittie, 1891-92, Mrs. F. H. Moss, Osage, Iowa. 

*Van Loon, Homer S., 1887-89. 

*Van Meter, Nathan A., 1868-71. 

*Van Meter, Robt. E., 1874-75. 

Van Nice, Chas. E., 1899-1901, Roberts, Ford Co., 111. 

Van Norman, Bessie R., 1891-92, Mrs. J. W. Smiley, [Anoka]. 

Van Sant, Elizabeth, 1885-6; 1888-9, Omaha, Neb. 

Van Slyke, Arthur W., 1886-90, Benson. 

Van Slyke, Asa W., 1888-90; 1892-3, Naptha, Idaho. 

Van Slyke, Ella G., 1886-87, Mrs. A. P. Howland, Northfleld. 

Van Slyke, Gaylord C, 1895-96, York, N. D. 

Van Slyke, Mrs. G. C, (Rosina Starz), 1906-08; 1909-10, Nork, N. D 
Van Slyke, Harold, 1910-12, Northfleld. 

Van Slyke, V. Herman, 1882-84, Maryland Hotel, Minneapolis. 
Van Slyke, Katherine E., 1895-96, North Yakima, Wash. 
Van Slyke, Letita R., 1902-04, Mrs. Ross Perkins, Northfleld. 
Van Slyke, Lois May, 1902-04, Mrs. Lloyd Cameron, 1202 Syndicate 

Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Van Slyke, Louisa M., 1888-9, Mrs. C. W. Lyman, Northfleld. 
Van Solen, Mrs. Edith E., 1897-98, 2518 Emerson Ave. N., Minneapolis. 
Vanstrum, Albert E., 1883-84, 3105 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 
Vanstrum, Arthur J., 1883-S4, 3105 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 
Vanstrum, Frank O., 1876-77, 3302 Portland Ave., Minneapolis. 
Van Tassel, Bemice, 1918-19, Rochester. 

Van Tuyl, Mrs. Chas. W., (Katherine G. Bingham), 1887-88, 4236 

Queen Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Van Vliet, Herbert B., 1896-97, [Castle Rock]. 
Van Vliet, Walter H,, 1805-96, [Castle Rock]. 
♦Van Voorhis, Abbie V., 1881-3. 
♦Van Voorhis, Eugene, 1879-80. 
Varco, Walter L., 1912-13, [Austin]. 
♦Vassaw, Chas. V., 1880-82. 

Vassaw, Joseph S., 1880-81, [Star Prairie, Wis.] 
Vaughan, Grace I., 1801-92, [Farmington]. 
Vaughan, Lettie M., 1897-1901, Mrs. Earl A. Carll, Lansing. 
Veblen, Hannah C, 1885-86, Mrs. Hans J. Hanson, Veblin, S. D. 
Veblen, John E., 1883-86, 720 Plymouth Bldg., Minneapolis. 
Veblen, Mary, 1877-78, Mrs. O. T. Hogan, [Nerstrand]. 
Veblen, Orson A., 1871-74, Plymouth Bldg., Minneapolis. 
♦Veblen, Thos. A., Jr., 1877-84. 

Veline, Mrs. Dr. O. J., (Hazel Niederkom), 1900-02; 1903-Oi, 3857 
Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis. 


(Ventura, Mrs. L. D.), (Nettie C. Mulford), Mrs. Conrad, [Minne- 

Venus, Dorothy M., 1903-04, [Castana, Iowa]. 

Vernie, Pierre, 1918-20, Alencon, France. 

*Viant, Mrs. Cassius M., (Caroline L. Masson), 1879-82. 

Vick, Martha, 1896-97, [Morreton, N. D.] 

Vickerman, Hazel, 1904-95, [Lanesboro]. 

Vig, Esther, 1915-16, Hutchinson. 

Vilas, Edyth Mildred, 1904-05, [Lake City]. 

Vincent, Mrs. Geo., (Jean D. Blodgett), 1886-87, New York City. 
Vincent, Mrs. J. C, (Eva C. Holm), 1905-07, 4733 Lyndale Ave. S., 

Vincent, Jessie, 1882-85, Mrs. L. B. Dresser, St. Croix Falls, Wis. 

Vinton, Wm. H., 1867-69, [Owatonna]. 

Vogel, Anthony, 1878-79; 1880-81, [Minneapolis]. 

Vogel, Frank, 1875-78, [St. Paul]. 

Vogel, Mayelle B., 1905-00, Prior Lake. 

Vohr, Mrs. Geo., (Mary Elsie Bell), 1884-85, [Hastings]. 

Von Berg, Mrs. G. W., (Hattie Pearl Smith), 1889-90, Charles City, la. 

Von Bohland, Frederick D., 1911-12, [Belle Plaine]. 

*Von Wald, Mrs. C, (Emma Stegner), 1870-77. 

Vosburgh, Mrs. H., 1891-94, [Cannon Falls]. 

Voss, Alice Cora, 1917-20, Northfleld. 

Voss, Helen Edna, 1908-04, [Mandan, N. D.] 

Votaw, Martha E., 1884-85, Mrs. O. PI. Porter, [Princeton, 111.] 

*Vrooman, Catherine M., 1878-79, Mrs. Royal King. 

Vyzralek, Frank, 1917-18, Lidgerwood, N. D. 


Waalin, Carl August, 1908-10, 402 Flour Exchange, Minneapolis. 
*Wachholtz, Mrs. Frank, (May Shadinger), 1883-84. 
Wachter, Elsie J., 1890-93, [St. Joseph Mo.] 
Wadd, Gunvar, 1915-17, Buhl. 
Wade, Florence, 1915-16, Duluth. 

*Wadsworth, Emma F., 1883-85, Mrs. Frank M. March. 

Wadsworth, Jesse A., 1878-89, Glencoe. 

Wfadsworth, Olive Lucinda, 1907-08, Madelia. 

Wager, Daisey E., 1895-96; 1897-98, Mrs. J. Revier, Northfleld. 

Wager, Lillian, 1884-85; 1880-90, Northfleld. 

Wager, Mrs. Roy H., (Marie Ratcliff), 1897-1900, 4215 Dupont Ave. 

S., Minneapolis. ' 
Waggoner, Bessie F., 1891-92, [Bismarck, N. D.] 

Wagner, Mrs. Geo. L., (Charlotte P. White), 1895-96, [New York 

Wait, Chas. W., 1883-85, [Cannon City]. 

Wait, Sam'I Lee, 1881-87, [Marshall]. 

Wakefield, Herbert W., 1898-1901, [Wahpeton, N. D.] 

Wakefield, Mrs. R. S. (Alice E. Co well), 1893-4, [R. R. Northfleld]. 

Wakeman, Edith A., 1891-92, Bismarck, N. D. 

Walbridge, Beulah Mary, 1917-18, Hastings. 

Walbridge, Cyrus P., 1867-68; 1870-71, St. Louis, Mo. 

* Walbridge, Mrs. E. M., (Coral L. WlUiams), 1880-82. 


Walbridge, E. Merrill, 1870-72, 803 3rd Ave. N. W., Calgary, Alberta, 

Walbridge, Julius E., 1875-8; 1879-83, [Rochester]. 

Walbridge, Dr. Luther P., 1876-78, Decatur, 111. 

Walbridge, Nellie, 1885-86, [Chicago, 111.] 

Walbridge, Vance M., 1895-97. 

Walgran, John David, 1886-87, [Minneapolis]. 

Walker, Frank Sam, 1894-95, [Brainerd]. 

Walker, Rev. Jas. Freeman, 1891-94, Oberlin, Ohio. 

Walker, Jennie Embree, 1886-87, [Grand Forks, N. D.] 

Walker, Joney Julius, 1913-14, La Fayette, Ore. 

Walker, Kittie, 1897-98, Mrs. Dr. J. L. Fredericks, Brainerd. 

Walker, Lillian S., 1887-88, Canton, 111. 

Walker, Lucy C, 1867-69, Clearwater. 

Wall, Arney Peter, 1919-20, Chisholm. 

Wallace, Adelbert Estey, 1908-10, Jackson. 

^Wallace, Ida M., 1873-74, Mrs. M. McLough. 

Walls, Mrs. J. M., (Anna B. Guernsey), 1888-89, 1892 Fairmont Ave., 
St. Paul. 

Walrath, Joyce Evelyn, 1916-18, Miles City, Mont. 
Walrath, Stephen A., 1877-78, [Kasson]. 
AValters, Clara Alice, 1916-19, IMelville, N. D. 
Walters, Mabel, 1916-17, Waseca. 

Walton, Emily Jane, 1893-4, Mrs. Rudolph Caughey, [Wichita, Kan.] 
Walts, Mrs. Chas. B., (Bertha Pourtales), 1909-10, 259 E. 6th Ave., 

Roselle, N. J. 
Wandel, Geo. H., 1910-11, Pine City. 

Wands, Mrs. Gordon, (Mary M. Sims), 1915-16, Little Falls. 
*Wann, Mrs. E. S., (Celia J. Francis), 1902-03. 

Wanless, Lucile Irene, 1908-09, 420 Walnut St. S. E.,. Minneapolis. 

Ward, Bertha A., 1875-77, Mrs. J. D. Young, [La Crosse, Wis.] 

Ward, Emma B., 1880-81, Mrs. B. W. Day, Hutchinson. 

Ward, Emily M., 1917-18, [Beltield, N. D.] 

-Ward, Forest Gale, 1907-08. 

Ward, Louise Emily, 1906-07, [Northfield]. 

AVard, Zoe Marie, 1913-10, Glenwood. 

Warden, Florence, 1897-98, [Tracy]. 

Warden, Sam'l True, 1889-90, [Tracy]. 

Ware, Jennie Louise, 1904-05, [St. Paul]. 

Wiare, Mrs. J. E., (Kate B. Webster), 1882-83, The Leamington, 

Ware, Mildred R., 1908-10, Mrs. Everett Fuller. Uplands, Calif. 
Warner, Ambrose C, 1893-4, [East Aurora, N. Y.] 
Warner, Blanche INIarion, 1914-15, Hope, N. D. 

Warner, Emma A., 1880-81, Mrs. Dr. B. H. Ogden, 546 Holly Ave., 

St. Paul. 
♦W^arner, Freeman N., 1867-68. 
Warner, Geo. W., 1874-76, [Minneapolis]. 

Warner, Mrs. Harry, (Lotta B. Price), 1906-07, 3612 Blaisdell Ave., 

Warner, Jessie Grace., 1891-92, 1023 W. 31st S., Los Angeles, Calif. 
♦Warner, Lucia C, 1904-07, Mrs. Andrew J. Lee. 


Warner, Mary Jane, 1887-89, Mrs. Joel R. Gay, 400 12th Ave. N., 

Seattle, Wash. 
Warner, Wm. G., 1873-74, [Minneapolis]. 
Warren, David Hunter, 1890-92 [Grand Forks, N. D.] 
Warren, Emily M., 1893-95, Lake Benton. 
Warren, Everett J., 1909-10, Spring Valley. 
Wiarren, Mrs. Geo. L., (Eva Morrill), [Los Angeles, Calif.] 
Warren Llewellyn E., 1912-14, Loveburn, Sask., Canada. 
Warren, Rex Morris, 1907-09, Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Warren, Walter C, 1884-85, Lake Benton. 
*Warring, Annie M., 1877-79. 
Warring, Thos. B., 1877-78, [Bear Valley]. 
Warwick, John T., 1879-80, [Masterton, Ohio]. 

Washburn, Catherine A., 1880-81, Mrs. Schreiner, [Pelican Rapids]. 
AVashburn, Mrs. G. S., (Nettie A. Bossuet), 1888-9, San Bernardiao, 

Washburn, Lillie, 1895-96; 1897-98, [Lake Crystal]. 
Wiaterbury, Mrs. Geo., (Susie E. Goff), 1886-88, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Waters, Mrs. Inez R., M. D., (Amy I. Rouse), 1882-84. 
Waters, Frederick B., 1914-16, Benzonia, Mich. 
Waterston, Ruth, 1911-12, Northfleld. 

Watkins, Mrs. L. A., (Anna C. Wieck), 1881-2, [Superior, Wis.] 
Watkins, Mary L., 1879-80, Mrs. B. G. Adams, [Portland, Ore.] 
Watson, Chester, 1918-19, Crosby. 
Watson, David W., 1869-71, [St. Paul]. 
Watson, Earl Herbert, 1888-90, Northfleld. 
Watson, Emma Letitia, 1902-04, Newport. 
Watson, Fanny E., 1882-83, Mrs. W. J. Dumble. 
Watson, Frank E., 1875-76, Foy Station, Seattle, Wash. 
Watson, Mrs. Frank, (Lura M. Carmichael), 1887-88. 
W^Iatson, Fred F. Talford, 1904-05, [San Francisco, Calif.] 
Watson, Herbert N., 1900-01, [Northfleld]. 
* Watson, John, 1917-18, Killed in the War. 
Watson, Mrs. J. L., (Maud W. Howry), [Winnipeg, Can.] 
Watson, Lillian, 1890-91, Mrs. Chas. Gunthrop, [Edgerly, N. D.] 
Watson, Mabel M., 1889-90, Mrs. John Sloan, 1710 Laurel Ave., St. 

Wiatson, Marion Ella, 1904-05, Mrs. Paul Schlattman, Alberta, Minn. 
Watson, Mary C, 1884-85, [Lakeland]. 

Watson, Mary Jessie, 1888-89; 1893-94, Mrs. Herbert Gill, Morgan- 
town, W. Va. 

Wiatson, Mrs. O. E., (Evangeline Jenkins), 1897-99, Aragon, N. Mex. 

Watson, Robt. Howard, 1887-1902, Glendive, Mont. 

Watson, Winnie L., 1891-93, Mrs. L. W. Neckstroth, Wahpeton, N. D. 

Watt, Mrs. Beecher, (Minnie Rounce), 1884-85, Detroit. 

Watt, Mrs. Hugh J., (Lulu May Harmon), 1888-89, [Minneapolis]. 

Watts, Anna Marion, 1909-10, Fergus Falls. 

Watts, Frank A., 1894-95, [Omaha, Neb.] 

*Watts, John M., 1867-68. 

Watts, Lizzie, 1867-69', Mrs. Everett Spear, 1494 Grantham St., St. 

Anthony Park. 
Watts, Martha J., 1874-76, Northfleld. 

Way, Edgar S., 1867-69, 1182 W. 25th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 


Way, Harry A., 1881-2; 1884-5, [Aberdeen, S. D.] 
Way, Horace M., 1885-86, [Excelsior]. 
♦Way, Martha W., 1867-69, Mrs. C. E. Fuller. 
Weatherby, Harry V., 1874-75, [Hudson, Wis.] 
Weatherson, W. Henry, 1871-3; 1874-5; 1877-8, [Florence, Ore.] 
Weaver, Gertrude M., 1898-99, Riceville, Iowa. 
Weaver, Katherine Radcliffe, 1894-96, Riceville, Iowa. 
Weaver, Mrs. Rev. Thos. N., (Maude A. Larrabee), 1888-92, New York 

Webb, Chas. A., 1875-76, [Medlord]. 

*Webb, Mrs. Frank, (Ella J. Sanborn), 1868-69; 1870-72. 

Webb, Harold Edgar, 1901-2, [Faribault]. 

Webb, Herbert E., 1882-83, [Pembina, N. D.] 

Webber, Frank, 1868-69, [Cannon Falls]. 

Webber, Fred Walter, 1889-91, Post Office, Minneai>olis. 

Webber, Lulu May, 1889-91, Mrs. F. A. White, 1825 N. Vermont St., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Weber, Alice J., 1915-16, [Minneapolis]. 
Weber, Ezra G., 1907-08, [Mankato]. 
Weblen, Russell A., 1917-18, [Minneapolis]. 
Webster, Anna A., 1894-96, Rushford. 
Wiebster, Anna Lucy, 1896-97, Clearwater. 
Webster, Cora L., 1883-84, [Warren, Wis.] 
♦Webster, Daisy Annie, 1896-97. 
♦Webster, Ella F., 1871-73, Mrs. F. Fairchild. 
Webster, Ella M., 1894-5, Rushford. 

Webster, Etta M., 1870-73, Mrs. Wm. Spring, [Minneapolis]. 
Webster, Geo. D., 1867-69, [Northfleld]. 

Webster, Kate B., 1882-84, Mrs. Jos. E. Ware. The Leamington, 

Webster M. C, 1879-80, [Northtield]. 

Webster, Mrs. R. E., (Jessie E. Beede), 1901-02. 739 52nd St., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
♦Wedge, Mrs. Clarence, (Cornelia E. Todd), 1871-6. 
Wedge, Ernest Arthur, 1891-92, Plainview. 
Wedge, Jessie C, 1888-9, Mrs. F. A. Wood, Plainview. 
♦Wedge, Marion A., 1890-91, Mrs. Mark M. Jones. 
Wedge, Margaret Isabella, 1915-18, Plainview. 
Wedge, Nellie May, 1902-03, Mrs. Jackson, Dawson. 
Wedum, Edgar Perry, 1916-18. Alexandria. 
Weeks, Fremont E., 1880-81; 1883-84, Northfleld. 
Weeks, Mrs. Fremont, (Alsameiia M. Fletcher), 1880-81, Northfleld. 
Weeks, Geo. Eber, 1888-9, [Wood Lake]. 
Weeks, Ida May, 1889-91, Mrs. Wilhelm, Haynes, N. D. 
Weicht, Carl Leo, 1919-20, Northfleld. 
♦Weicht, Ernestine M., 1908-09. 
Weidlich, Clara, 1889-90, [White Bear Lake]. 
Weinberg, Louise Marion, 1919-20, Galesburg, 111. 
Welser, E. James, 1883-85, [Fargo, N. D.] 
Weiser, Sam'l Van Huff, 1890-91. [Decorah, Iowa]. 
Welch, Herbert N., 1877-78, Winnebago. 
Welch, Lillian, 1887-8, [Graceville]. 
Welch, Margaret Elizabeth, 1914-15, Winnebago. 
Welch, Stephen A., 1880-81, [Spirit Lake, Iowa]. 


Weld, Esther E., 1898-99, [Kasson]. 

Welles, Isabelle W., 1885-7, Mrs. W. I. Gray, 2102 Lake of Isles Blvd., 

WeUiver, Viola F., 1918-19, Glenwood. 

Wellman, Abby Ellen, 1904-05, Mrs. Damon B. Stevens, 1 Highland 

Ave., Lexington, Mass. 
Wellman, Geo. Ralph, 1904-05, 1700 Westmoreland St., Philadelphia, 


Wellman, Leslie Howard, 1908-10, Monona, Iowa. 
Wellman, Mrs., (Mary Howe), 1898-99, [Faribault]. 
Wells, Abel Water, 1891-93, Herman. 
Wells, Azelia Viola, 1897-98, [Herman]. 
Wells, Bessie Lillian, 1903-04, [Herman]. 

Wells, Edyth Leonore, 1900-01, Mrs. Williams, Oxford Apts., Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

Wells, Elizabeth, 1895-1900, Mrs. Max J. Exner, 105 W. 40th St., New 
York City. 

Wells, Emma M., 1877-87; 1879-82; 1883-84, Mrs. Rev. Sanford M. 

Nichols, [Belmar, N. J.] 
WeUs, Mrs. F. P., (Hallie B. Hite), 1895-7, 1803 N. Nevada Ave., 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Wells, Mrs. Geo. A., (Fannie M. Gould), 1884-85, [New Richmond, 


Wells, Geo. Fitch, 1887-88, Garner, Iowa. 
Wells, Hattie, 1881-82, [Stillwater]. 
Wells, Jas. P., 1900-02, Herman. 

Wells, Mrs. Jas. P., (Belva J. Curran), 1896-1902, Herman. 

Wells, Joseph R., 1892-93; 1894-95, Herman. 

Wells, Mary Louise, 1901-02, Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Wells, Maude, 1892-93, Mrs. Zacheus D. Steele, Middlesboro, Ky. 

Wells, Mortie, 1881-2; 1886-8, [Northfleld]. 

Wells, Vivian Auberg, 1894-7, [McCauleyville]. 

Wells, Mrs. W. G., (Agnes* H. Claghorn), 1884-89, Sauk, Skagit Co., 

* Wells, Mrs., (Anna T. Conrad), 1880-81; 1882-83. 

Wendell, Annie Marilla, 1899-1901, Mrs. McEahern, [Buflealo]. 

Wennevold, Marie, 1898-99, Mrs. Ben Borgun, Kenyon. 

Wentworth, Mrs. Everett, (Ella Swerdflgger), 1883-85, Russell, Kan. 

West, Avedis, 1917-18, Harvey, N. D. 

West, Fred R., 1903-04, [Fariba-ult]. 

West, Jennie L., 1890-92, [Meckling, S. D.] 

West, Katherine L., 1893-M; 1895-6, Mrs. J. M. Kelley, [Lakeview, 

*West, Rollin A., 1867-68. 

Westcott, Emma R., 1887-88, Mrs. F. J. Carpenter, California. 
Westcott, M. Estella, 1885-86, Mrs. Dr. E. Wells KeUogg, 2826 Grand 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Westcott, Mrs. W. W., (Mary Agnes Shutes), 1902-03, Dennison. 
*Westergren, John A., 1877-78. 

Westerman, Martha L., (Mrs. C. B. Woodward), 1902-04, [Glendale, 

Westerson, Elmer L., 1903-04, Hallock. 
Westenberger, Lorenz H., 1917-18, St. Ansgar, Iowa. 


Wetherbee, Jarvis W., 1887-88, [201 Manhattan 'Bldg., St. Paul]. 
Wetterlind, Anna M., 1897-98, Mrs. John Bugstrom, 1815 W. 4th St., 

AViettleson, Joseph E., 1917-19, San Diego, Calif. 
Weiim, Aniia, 1902-03, [Minneapolis]. 

Weydert, Anna M., 1887-88, Mrs. Geo. J. Wiederman, Lewiston, Mont. 
Wharton, Mrs. May C, (May H. Cravath), 1889-93, Drewsville, N. H. 
Wheaton, Allen G., 1881-85, [Smartville, Calif]. 
*Wheaton, Chas. A., 1867-70; 1871-72. 

Wheaton, Edith S., 1875-78; 1879-86, Mrs. Edith S. Fulton, 102 West- 
ern Ave., St. Paul. 
*Wheaton, Emma, 1869-74. 
*Wheaton, Hattie, 1869-70. 

Wheaton, Mabel F., 1869-70, Mrs. C. N. Barney, [New Bedford, 

Wlheaton, Marguerite, 1915-17, Elk River. 

Wheaton, Mary Louise, 1901-03, Mrs. Krause, Wilton, N. D. 
Wheaton, Minnie H., 1867-71, Mrs. F. W. Kittredge, [534 Beacon St., 

Boston, Mass.] 
Wheaton, Nellie G., 1891-92, Caledonia. 
*Wheaton, Robert A., 1882-86. 

Wheeler, Mrs., (Alice J. Barber), 1879-80; 1883-84. 
Wheeler, Edith E., 1892-94, Mrs. T. Mohn, Red Wing. 
Wheeler, Mrs. E. F., (C. Anna Goar), 1885-86; 1887-88, New Ulm. 
Wheeler, Florence D., 1873-75; 1876-77, Mrs. F. E. Rice, 2008 15th 

Ave. S., Minneapolis. 
Wheeler, Geo. A., 1879-84, [Chicago, 111.] 

Wheeler, Hattie I., 1873-76, Mrs. G. White, [Worcester, Mass.] 
Wheeler, Mrs. H. D., (Georgiana B. Barrett), [2500 Piedmont Ave., 

Berkeley, Calif.] 
Wheeler, Dr. Henry M., 1869-73, Grand Forks, N. D. 
*Wheeler, Inona, 1884-86, Mrs. Buss. 
Wheeler, Louise B., 1913-14, Winnebago. * 
♦Wheeler, Marion I., 1871-74, Winnebago. 
Wheeler, Maude E., 1901-03, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Wheelock, Addie C, 1902-05, Mrs. P. H. Evans, Owatonna. 
♦Wheelock, Clifford Robert, 1909-10. 
Wheelock, Emerson W., lSSO-81; 1882-85, Rose Creek. 
Wheelock, Maude E., 1887-88, Mrs. Wilson, St. Charles. 
Wheelock, Paul A., 1906-08, [Idaho.] 

Whipple, Edith F., 1895-96, Mrs. R. E. Hanson, Sauk Center. 
Whipple, Esther, 1898-99, Mrs. F. W. Jones, [Milwaukee, Wis.] 
Whipple, Howard, 1896-00, Turlock, Calif. 

Whipple, Josephine, 1898-00, Mrs. Jere Baxter, Fort Niagara, N. Y. 

Whipple, Ten Broeck, 1896-00, Turlock, Calif. 

♦Whipple, William, 1895-90. 

Whitcomb, Henry E., 1879-80, [St. Paul]. 

Wjiitcomb, Leroy H., 1898-99, [Clark's Falls, Idaho]. 

White, Arthur L., 1874-75, [Northfleld]. 

White, Mrs. B. F., (Ida E. Floodman), 1890-91, Grantsburg, Wis. 
White, Carrie Ellen, 1900-01, [Minneapolis]. 

White, Charlotte P., 1895-96. Mrs. Geo. L. Wagner, [311 E. 163rd 
St., New York City]. 


White, Clarence H., 1887-88, [Waterville, Me ] 

White, Clyde R., 1899-00, 314 Life «^ Trust Bldg., Minneapolis. 

♦White, Mrs. D. C, (Mate A, Judd), 1869-71. 

White, Mrs. Ed., (Lulu Randall), 1892-93, Claremont! 

White, Esther M., 1892-93, [Duluth]. 

White, Mrs. Frank, (Mate Newell), 1885-86, Pomona, Calif. 

White, Frank A., 1883-85, 1825 N. Vermont St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

White, Mrs. F. A., (Lulu M. Webber), 1889-91, 1825 N. Vermont St., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
White, Mrs. G., (Hattie I. Wheeler), 1873-76, [Worcester, Mass.] 
♦White, Irene C, 1875-78. 
White, Jennie, 1882-83, [Sterling]. 

White, Kate C, 1881-84; 1885-88, Mrs. Dr. H. G. Dampier, 1029 Good- 
rich Ave,. St. Paul. 
White, Ellen D., 1892-93, Mrs. F. J. George, [Minneapolis]. 
White, Nina E., 1900-01, [Alexandria]. 
White, Wilbur H., 1917-18, Excelsior. 

Whitehead, Edith P., 1898-99, Mrs. Scott Browne, Wayzata. 
Whitehead, Hattie M., 1906-08; 1910-11, Stanberry, Mo. 
Whitely, Mary Adams, 1891-92, Brainerd. 
♦Whitford, Edmund A., 1877-78. 
Whiting, Ami N., 1904-08, Antigo, Wis. 

Wlhiting, Mrs. Ami, (Beatrice E. Hale), 1905-06, Antigo, Wis. 
Whiting, Dr. Arthur D., 1884-5; 1886-87; 1888-91, St. Cloud. 
Whiting, D. Lyn, 1906-08, [Dodge Center]. 

Whiting, Danforth L., 1919-20, St. Cloud. Student at University of 

Whiting, Egbert K., 1888-89; 1892-94, Clearwater. 

Whiting, Grace M., 1890-91, Dallas, Texas. 

Whiting, Helen S., 1898-01, Dallas, Texas. 

Whiting, Lewis R., 1894-95, 3420 3rd Ave. S., Minneapolis. 

Whiting, Lina, 1896-97, Mrs. Dr. John Holbrook, Mankato. 

Whiting, Sarah A., 1897-98, Owatonna. 

Whitman, Luther O., 1896-00, Northampton, Mass. 

Whitmore, Chas. H., 1886-88, 1007 E. 3rd St., Duluth. 

Whitmore, Gertrude E., 1881-85, Mrs. V. I. Smith, Butte, Mont. 

Whitney, Cleo B., 1906-07, [Wells]. 

Whitney, Cora M., 1875-76, Mrs. J. Brown, [Lake City] 
Whitney, Florence E., 1867-68, Mrs. J. P. Allen, [St. Paul]. 
Whitney, Mrs., (Pauline E. Fowler), 1898-9, 2043 Lincoln Ave., St. 

Whitson, Andrew R., 1887-90, R, R. 7, Morningside, Madison, Wis. 
Whitson, Belle V., 1875-80, Mrs. E. Bullock, 520 Shepherd St., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Whitson, Elizabeth, 1883-84, Mrs. C. L. Wood, 126 N. Mentor Ave., 

Pasadena, Calif. 
Whitson, Gladys, 1917-18, Drayton, N. D. 

Whitson, Mrs. Henry, (Alice M. Peck), 1877-80, Drayton, N. D. 
(Whitson, Mrs. Jas.), (Emergene E. Clark), 1876-7, Mrs. Geo, Chaffee, 

Fergus Falls. 
Whitson, John H., 1880-82, Northfield. 
♦Whitson, Letitia, 1878-84. 
♦Whitson, Robert E., 1880-81. 


Whitson, Robert W., 1871-72, [Granville]. 
Whlttacker, Nita F., 1914-17, Wilcox, Sask., Canada. 
Whittemore, Dr. John G., 1890-92, Donnelly. 

Wbittier, Mrs. Edgar H., (Sarah Longworth), 1886-88, Hudson, Wis. 
Whittier, Eugenia E.,\ 1874-80, Mrs. C. H. Stevens, Corvallis, Ore. 
W'hittier, Gladys, 1919-20, Northfleld. 
Whittier, H. A., 1884-85, Northfleld. 

*Wickham, Ida M., 1875-77; 1878-82, Mrs. H. C. Johnson. 

Wickham, Linnie G., 1898-99, Glen Ullin, N. D. 

Wicklin, Florence M., 1883-84, 462 Monadnock Block, Chicago, 111. 

*Wickman, Bertram C, 1882-83. 

Wickman, Marie, 1894-95, Rush City. 

Widell, Eleanor C, 1912-14, Mankato. 

Widen, Lewis, 1915-16, [Mankato]. 

Wieck, Anna C, 1881-82, Mrs. F. A. Watkins, [Superior, Wis.] 
Wieck, Amma M., 1879-80, Mrs. Chas. W. Fischer, [Millville, N. J.] 
Wiederman, Mrs. Geo. J., (Anna ^. Weydert), 1887-88, Lewiston, 

Wlegand, Carlyle T., 1910-12, Albert Lea. 
Wieland, Amanda C, 1892-93, [Beaver Falls]. 
Wiger, George O., 1888-00, [Riceford]. 
Wiger, Henry C, 1899-00, [Northfleld]. 

Wiggle. Mrs.. (Mabelle L. Hutchinson). 1895-96, Fessenden, N, D, 
Wightman, Daisy C, 1885-88, [Minneapolis]. 

Wilcox, Ethel F., 1888-96, Mrs. F. A. Bonsar, E. 1427 Providence, 
Spokane, Wash. 

Wilcox, Frank J., 1867-85, Cor. 8th and Walnut Sts., North Yakima, 

Wilcox, Herbert A., 1900-11, Kasota. 

Wilcox, Hugh v., 1899-06. 

Wilcox, Jerome B., 1872-73, [Hudson, Wis.] 

Wilcox, Martha, 1881-84, [Cannon Falls]. 

Wilcox, Mary E., 1879-81, [Cannon Falls]. 

Wilcox, Nellie F., 1906-09, [Cannon Falls]. 

Wilcox, Vella M., 1883-85; 1886-91, [China]. 

Wilder, Kenneth W., 1903-01, 3234 Penn Ave. N., Minneapolis. 

Wilder, Vera M., 1908-10, Mrs. Prather, Minneapolis. 

Wildes, Samuel M., 1900-01, [I'ower]. 

Wilhelni, Mrs. O., (Ida M. Weeks), 1889-01, Haynes, N. D. 
Wilken, Paul G., 1919-20, Minneapolis. 
Wilkins, Eliza E., 1884-85, [Northfleld]. 

Wilkins, Estelle, 1882-84; 1886-87, Mrs. Frank E. Constans, [Brock- 
ton, Mass.] 

♦Wilkins, Mrs. E. C, (Lillian H. Jones), 1875-84. 
♦Wilkins, Minnie, 1880-84. 

Wilkinson, Mrs., (Adrietta Mc-Gray), 1879-81, Prescott, Wis. 
Wilkowske, Delia A., 1919-20, Morristown. 
Willard, Edward, 1885-86. [Troy, N. Y.] 

Willard. Elizabeth A., 190G-(>6. Mrs. Mickey, Santa Ana, Calif. 
Willard, Emma, 1880-84, [5055 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111.] 
Willard, Fannie M., 1875-76; 1877-78, Mrs. L. Williams, [Abbotsford, 

Willard, Geo. H., 1875-77, 1300 2nd Ave. S., Minneapolis. 


Willard, Harold S., 1913-14, Arkansas. 
Willard, Marion, 1900-10, Minneapolis. 
Willard, Rex E., 1903-05, [Fargo, N. D.] 
Willard, Rose, 1883-85, [Chicago, 111.] 

Willard, Theodora B., 1893-95, Mrs. W. F. Bufflngton, Hinsdale, 111. 

Willard, Dr. Wm. G., 1883-85, Oak Park, 111. 

W!lleuts, Marion E., 1917-18, Holyoke. 

*Williams, Abbie, 1893-94. 

WiUiams, Andrew C, 1887-88, [Northfield]. 

Williams, Mrs. C. G., (Lois M. Simmons), 1902-03, 2914 46th Ave. S., 

Williams, Chas. M., 1885-87, [Los Angeles, Calif.] 
*Williams, Coral L., 1880-82, Mrs. E. M. Walbridge. 
Williams, Donald W., 1898-99, New Richmond, Wis. 
Williams, Evan O., 1908-09, [Flat Willow, Mont.] 
Williams, Florence, 1907, Mrs. L. H. Haeger, [Elmore]. 
*Williams, Freda J., 1890-95. 

Williams, Grace L., 1884-87, Mrs. Rev. J. V. Hilton, Boulder, Colo. 
Williams, Harry McF., 1893-97, [New Richmond, Wis.] 
Williams, Helen Dean, 1900-01, Northfield. 

Williams, Mrs. J. A., (Prances H. Woodard), 1897-98, [Minneapolis]. 
Williams, Jane Ann, 1910-12, Mrs. Tom Jones, Madison, Wis. 
Williams, James W., 1868-69, [Mt. Pleasant]. 
Williams, Joshua, 1899-00, Lime Springs, Iowa. 

WUliams, Mrs. L., (Fannie M. Willard), 1875-76; 1877-78, (Abbots- 
ford, Wis.] 

Williams, Majel, 1906-08, Mrs. Wood, [Lemmon, S. D.] 
Williams, Mary E., 1886-87, [Los Angeles, Calif.] 
Williams, Mary Evelyn, 1899-00, [Lansing]. 
Williams, Sarah E., 1886-87, [St. Paul. 
^Williams, Wilbur M., 1867-72. 
Williams, Willis, 1868-69, [Mt. Pleasant]. 

Williams, Mrs. (Edyth L. Wells), 1900-01, Oxford Apts., ' Spokane, 

Williamson, Mrs. A. T., (Bessie M. Strayer), 1893-95, [1125 London 
Road, Duluth]. 

Williamson, Charlene, 1907-08, Mrs. R. B. Lee, [Watertown, S. D.] 
♦Williamson, Cyrus B., 1875-76. 

Williamson, Etta M., 1873-74, Mrs. O. H. Tarbell, [Watertown, S. D.] 

Williamson, H. D., 1884-85, [Red Wing]. 

Willis, Mrs. Nellie, (Nellie C. diark), 1887-88, Montevideo. 

Willison, Mrs. L., (Mabel I. Nolan), 1909-12, 3620 N. Washington 

St., Tacoma, Wash. 
Willoughby, Abby R., 1882-83, [Northfield]. 

Willoughby, Emma, 1877-78, Mrs. S. A. Crandall, [Newport]. 

Willoughby, Ruth A., 1881-84, Mrs. A. De Roche, Berlamont, Mich. 

Wills, Howard W., 1907-08, Indianapolis,: Ind. 

Willson, Frank A., 1870-71; 1874-76, [Plainyiew]. 

♦Wilson, Mrs., (Henrieitta Spaulding), 1874-76. 

Wilson, Mrs., (Maude E. Wheelock), 1887-88, St. Charles. 

Wilson, Anna Bailey, 1898-99, [Northfield]. 

Wilson, Anna C, 1878-79, [Faribault]. 

Wilson, Byron A., 1889-90; Spokane, Wash. 


Wilson, Charlotte, 1885-87, Faribault. 

*Wilson, Claribel M., 1881-82, Mrs. Geo. B. Knapp. 

Wilson, Coryate S., 1886-87, 611 Lonsdale Bldg., Duluth. 

Wilson, Delia M., 1895-96, Lyle. 

Wilson, Edith, 1906-07, Madelia. 

Wilson, Eric A., 1887-88, [Duluth]. 

Wilson, Gertrude, 1901-2, Mrs. W. R. Sullivan, Albert Lea. 
Wilson, Mrs. H. W., (Justina Leavitt), 1889-91, 327 3rd Ave. S. 

Wilson, Ida, 1895-96, 2307 N. Fremont Ave., Minneapolis. 
*Wilson, Isaac D., 1868-69'. 

Wilson, Lavina, 1905-06, 1911-12, Mrs. John Paterson, Apt. 6, 107 St. 

Luke St., Montreal, Canada. 
Wilson, Mrs. Leslie, (Ada M. Boutvs^ell), 1901-4, Elk City, Kan. 
Wilson, Mrs. L., (Stella A. Sibtoison), 1897-99, 1015 Bemidji Ave., 


Wilson, Mabelle E., 1895-97, Lyle. 

Wilson, Mrs. O. S., (Clara R. Anderson), 1906-07, Montana. 
Wilson, Mrs. Warren, (Bertha Schmidt), 1880-81; 1889-91, Northfield. 
Wimer, Eva F., 1910-11, [Minneota]. 
Wimer, June L., 1907-09, Minneota. 

Winchester, Edith K., 1891-94, Mrs. F. L. Conklin. 11th Ave. A., 
Bismarck, N. D. 

Winchester, Mary C, 1878-80, Mrs. C. W. Eberlein, San Francisco, 

Winchester, Henry N., 1876-77, [Reedsburg, Wis.] 

Wing, Alma, 1893-94, Mrs. Frank Nelson,' [Kasson]. 

*Wing, Henry, 1888-9. 

Wing, John E., 1893-95, [Hader]. 

*Wing, Sarah J., 1887-89, Mrs. Harrison. 

Wingate, Fannie M., 1886-90, Mrs. F. R. Hill. 312 Nuber Ave., Mt. 
Vernon, N. Y. 

(Winslow, Mrs.), (Harriet M. Gibbs), 1887-8, Mrs. E. D. Northrup, 

Duarte. Calif. 
Winston, Edward J., 1867-69, [Skyberg]. 
•Winter, Herbert W., 1879-80. 

Wiseman, Minnie, 1887-88, Mrs. D. C. Van Deusen, Blair, Neb. 
Wisner, Clarence B., 1883-84, [Lisbon. N. D.] 

(Witcher, Mrs. Lewis E.), (Blanche Green), 1886-7, Mrs. J. F. Alex- 

Witheron, Jas. McS., 1887-88. Hendrum. 

Withers, Mary E., 1882-83, Mrs. Mary Simpson, Northfield. 
Withrow, Hoyt. 1913-14, Stillwater. 
Withrow, Verne, 1912-16, Stillwater. 
Withy, Hazel, 1909-10, [St. Paul]. 

Withy. Robert E., Jr., 1917-18. 1411 Lincoln Ave., St. Paul. 
Wittman, Louise J., 1912-14. Delano. 

Wolf. Jennie, 1882-»1, Mrs. Randolph Miller. [Halstead. Kan.] 
Wood. Mrs.. (Majel Williams), liM)6-08, [Lemmon, S. D.] 
♦Wood, Ada May, 1884-87, Mrs. Wm. E. Van Amberg. 
♦Wood. Clara. 1887-88. 

Wood, Mrs. C. Bert, (Jane Pettit), 1883-80. [Portland, Ore.] 


Wood, Mrs. Chas. L., (Elizabeth Whitson), 1883-84; 1892-93, 120 N. 

Mentor Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 
Wood, Effie Ella, 1907-08, Waseca. 
Wood, Frank A., 1877-78, Waseca. 

Wood, Mrs. F. A., (Jessie C. Wedge), 1888-9, Plainview. 

Wood, George R., 1897-98, Otisco. 

Wood, Mary Alice, 1896-97, Milbank, S. D. 

Wood, Wm. B., 1882-84, [St. Paul]. 

Woodard, Fannie, 1893-94, Clinton, Wis. 

Woodard, Frances H., 1897-98, Mrs. J. A. Williams, [Minneapolis). 

Woodard, Lettie Alice, 1887-90, Mrs. . 

Woodbridge, Dwight E., 1879-81, 1735 Wallace St., Duluth. 
Woodbrige, Lydia D., 1893-95, 311 3rd St., University of Indiana, 

Bloomington, Ind. 
Woodburn, Robert H., 1898-01, [Alexandria]. 
Woodbury, EUa, 1873-74, [Northfield]. 
Woodbury, Mary S., 1906-08, Mrs. . 

Woodcock, Mrs. Susie D., (Susie D. Dean), 1887-94; 1896-97, Rose 

Woodham, Alice B., 1896-97, California. 
Woodman, John F., 1886-87. 

Woodman, Gertrude, 1885-92, Mrs. A. M. Dresbach, 155 Knapp St., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Woods, Clara J., 1888-90. 
Woods, Katharine, 1914-15, Northfield. 

Woodward, Mrs. C. B., (Martha L. Westerman), 1902-04, [Glendale, 

Woodward, Clara E., 1903-05, [St. Paul Park]. 
Woodward, Geo. M., 1882-84. 

Woodward, Lucile L., 1883-85, Mrs. Baldin, Forest Grove, Ore. 
Woodward, T. Thompson, 1883-84, Hawley. 

Woodworth, Mrs., (Nancy E. Goodwin), 1870-71; 1873-74, Hollywood, 

Woodworth, Clarence H., 1870-71, [Fergus Falls]. 

Woodworth, Frank W., 1877-78, [Northfield]. 

Woodworth, Hattie, 1879-80, [Northfield]. 

*Woodworth, Lydia C, 1874-75, Mrs. A. L. Fowler. 

Woolery, Katherine, 1893-94, Mrs. W. S. Nicholson, ([Sprague, Wash.] 

Woolley, Austin L., 1894-95, Oberon, N. D. 

Workman, Mrs. W., (Mary C. Owens), 1907-09, Tracy. 

Worlein, Gladys L., 1914-15, Waterville. 

Wray, Cary M., 1875-76, Concord. 

Wray, Frank A., 1886-88, [Silverton, Ore.] 

Wrbitzky, Benjamin P., 1914-15, Silver Lake. 

Wrbitzky, Harry M., 1916-17, Silver Lake. 

Wright, Adelbert A., 1886-87, [Austin]. 

Wright, Arthur W., 1879-80, [Austin]. 

Wright, Cassius W., 1900-01, [Plainview]. 

Wright, Cornelia, 1914-15, Winona. 

Wright, David W., 1919-20, Montevideo. 

Wright, Emma L., 1867-68; 1869-70, Mrs. D. Decker, Waterford, R. D. 
from Northfield. 

Wright, Mrs. G. A., (Eleanor A. Powers), 1916-17, Hinsdale, Mont. 


Wright, Mrs. G. H., (Alma L. Fuller), 1903-04, [Grand Forks, N. D.] 

Wright, Gustaf S., 1900-04. 

Wright, Harold O., 1913-14, [Winona]. 

Wright, Jessie O., 1912-13, Mrs. H. Martin, Crosby, N. D. 
Wright, Marjorie, 1915-16, Park Rapids. Teaching at Owatonna. 
Wright, Mary S., 1878-79, [Minneapolis]. 
Wa-ight, Sam'l L., 1880-81, 326 W. 4th St., Winona. 
Wright, Mrs. S. L., (Lillian E. Clough), 1889-90, 326 W. 4th St., 

Wright, Wm. Brastus, 1898-00; 1901-02; 1903-04, [St. Vincent]. 
Wright, Mrs. W. J., (Julia C. Ball), 1883-84, Hastings. 
Wyatt, Mina, 1889-00, Bigelow. 
*Wyatt, Sarah E., 1890-91. 

Wyer, Ralph E., 1897-1900, International Stock Food Co., Minneapolis. 

Wyland, Mrs. John, (Beryl E. Marsh), 1905-07, Austin. 

Wyman, Clara A., 1867-69, Mrs. J. S. Richardson, [Deering Center, 

*Wyman, James T., 1868-69. 

* Wyman, Mrs. John T., (Eliza H. Colby), 1867-69. 
Wyman, Win. A., 1879-82, Wabasha. 


Yale, Mrs. Robert, (Marion Price), 1897-99, Glenwood City, Wis. 
Yeomans, Ruth, 1896-97, Danville, 111. 

Yerxa, Harold, 1915-17, 2845 Lake of Isles Blvd., Minneapolis. 

Yetter, Dorothy, 1913-14, Stephen. 

Young, Bernice, 1914-16, Le Roy. 

Young, Carl H., 1877-78; 1882-83, [Albany, Ore.] 

Young, Frances, 1918-19', Wyndmere, N. D. 

Young, Mrs. Frank, (Eva Jones), 1884-85, Le Roy. 

Young, Gertrude Stickney, 1900-01, 623 Minto Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Young, John C, 1880-01; 1882-83, [Waseca]. 

Young, Mrs. J. D., (Bertha A. Ward), 1875-77, [La Crosse, Wis.] 
♦Young, Mrs. John H. 

Young, Mary Louise, 1910-12, 1409 27th Ave. N. E., Minneapolis. 
Young, Mrs. N. G., 1886-87, [Northfield]. 

Young, Mrs. Roy D., (Raye Estelle Holmes), 1914-17, Evanston, III. 
Young, Wm. H., 1871-4, [Halloway]. 

Youngberg, Amelia L., 1879-81, Mrs. A. D. La Due, Wanamingo. 
Youngberg, Cora Ruth, 1911-12, [Maple Plain]. 
*Youngberg, Everett Le Roy, 1896-1900. 

Youngberg, Gilbert A., 1893-95, Lieutenant Colonel, Corps of En- 
gineers, c/o Chief of Engineers U. S. A., Washington, D. C. 
Youngdale, Nellie A., 1902-3, Harcourt, Iowa. 
♦Younglove, Alice, 1880-81. 
Yuke, Adolph, 1894-95, [Cleveland, Ohio]. 
Yu, Te Han, 1918-19, Chefoo, China. 


Zahow, Elsa Elizabeth, 1918-19, Mrs. R. C. Duncan, 26 E. Kent 

Road, Duluth. 
Zempel, Ella Helen, 1913-14, [Los Angeles, Calif.] 
Zempel, Laura M., 1913-14, Wheaton. 


Zichrick, Theodora, 1899-1901, Minneapolis. 

*Ziegler, Rachel L., 1908-09. 

Zieske, lone Adell, 1913-14, Westbrook. 

Zimmerman, Mrs. Geo. L., (Flora I. Fisk), 1881-4, Northfield. 

•Zimmerman, Sella E., 1892-93, Mrs. Paul W. Rothe. 

Zine, Cleveland, 1896-97, [Julisberg, Colo.] 

Zufeldt, Mrs. Frank, (Carrie Johnson), 1889-90, Northfield. 

Locality Index 

Figures indicate the last year of attendance at Carleton. For further details 
see Alphabetical Index. 


Fanzen, John A., '16 
:.opp, Mrs. W. P., '86 


^reen, Mrs. Philo, '93 


iPerris, William O., '08 

V'an Duke, Mrs. Cleve, '9fl 

Wheeler, Maude E., '08 


Crary, Frank H., '06 

Little Rock 
Watson, Mrs. Frank, '88 

Siloam Springrs 
Page, Mrs. L, J., '79 
Address unknown 
Willard, Harold S., '14 



plliver, Mrs. E. F., '95 

Daniels, Philip C, '84 
Rice, Elmer V., '86 

Bixby, Albert R., '87 

Vanstrum, Albert, '84 
Vanstrum, Arthur J., '84 

Gervais, Mrs. Mary, '91 

Lee, Alice M., '11 

Carmel by the Sea 
Clute, Mrs. Geo. H., '94 

Hanson, Afron, '18 

Ferris, Mrs. Chester, '06 

Blackman, Maud N., '99 

Dunnicliffe, Mrs. Fred, '03 

Northrup, Mrs.' B. D., '88 

El Centro 
Hoppin, Henry H., '00 

Black, Mrs. Michael, '00 
Cross, Jerome O., '92 

Dickman, Mrs. F. H., '94 
Thompson, Juanita E., '05 

Blood, Chas. H., '87 
Blood, Mrs. Chas. H., '9^ 
Burton, Win. D., '95 
Fowler, Mrs. O. M., '81 
Hunkins, Wm. S., '76 
Morehouse, Mrs. N. J., '94 
Woodworth, Mrs., '74 
Uilntington Park 
Little, J. Edwin, '91 
Paschke, Mrs. John, '07 

Couper, Chlora E., '81 

Longr Beach 
Foot, Marguerite A., '07 
Le Barr, Mrs. Frank, '91 
Northrope, Mrs. B. M., '95 
Northrup, Wm. B., '83 
Northrup, Mrs. W. B., '89 
Sawyer, Sadie E., '81 


St. Clair, Mrs. E. B., '76 

Los Angeles 
Annable, Mrs. Sarah, '92 
Avery, Jennie, '91 
Bliss, Mrs. C. H. J., '86 
Bunker, Alonzo E., '74 
Bunker, Mrs. A. B., '74 
Carmichael, Mrs. Malcolm, 

Cook, Mrs. Wm. W., '76 
Darapier, Mrs. W. M., '75 
Dickey, Frank H., '73 
Hindley, P. I., '04 
Hosfield, Mrs. Alton C, '02 
Laird, Anna M., '00 
Lee, William H., '78 
Lorimer, William, '80 
McDonald, Mrs. Gilbert, '94 
McKinney, Mrs. Ward, '00 
Parker, Mrs. H. W., '02 
Peterson, Hans C, '90 
Runyan, Mrs. Nellie, '84 
Smith, Mrs. W., '07 
Thorpe, Clarence McK., '00 
Warner, Jessie G., '92 
Way, Edgar S., '69 
White, Frank A., '85 
White, Mrs. Frank A.. '91 

Gaylord, Mrs. T. B., '73 
Schutz, Rollin H., '02 
Seccombe, Mrs. Chas., '89 

Baldwin, Mrs. Mary A., '87 
King, Mrs. E. R., '95 
Tubbs, Julia B., '90 

Dilley, Mrs. J. B., '75 

Shedd, Mrs. Ethel, '04 

Palo Alto 
Donaldson, Anna M., '88 



Carter, Hester P., '15 
Daniels, Edith P., '98 
Dibble, Mrs. C. R., '96 
Fish, Maude, '08 
Fish, Robert Y., '08 
Hall, Mrs. A. T., '82 
Jack, May M., '02 
Lathrop, Mrs. Edw. A., '04 
King, Mrs. Herbert B., '95 
Spaulding, Mrs. Theo., '78 
Swift, Mrs., '90 
Wood, Mrs. Chas., '93 

Burns, Mrs. F. W., '96 
Lee, Mrs. Chas., '02 
Tanner, Mrs. W., '68 
White, Mrs. Frank, '86 

Graham, Mrs. Chas. E., '69 
Smith, Mrs. Thos., '69 

Grettenberg, Hale, '04 
James, Edwin N., '69' 
James, Mrs. Edwin N., '71 
James, Grace M., '86 

Bio Vista 

Brett, Geo. S., '90 

Dodds, Mrs. C. S., '90 

San Bernardino 

Washburn, Mrs. G. S., '89 

San Diego 

Archibald, Katherine A., 

Grant, Isabel D., '21 
Grant, Margaret S., '18 
Hoppin, Anna L., '03 
Schellback, Chas. H., '04 
Wettleson, Joseph E., '19 

San Francisco 

Bailey, Theo. S., '92 
Cook, Mrs. Frank R., '81 
Couper, Wm. E., '90 
Eberlein, Mrs. C. W., '80 
Reeves, John D., '09 
Richardson, Russell D., '15 

San Jose 
Skillman, Loona, '18 

Santa Ana 
Harris, Mary L., '15 
Humiston, Genevieve, '19 
Mickey, Mrs., '06 
Purington, Mrs. D. S., '85 

Santa Monica 
Lindsley, Leora Mae, '06 

Bell, Chas. C, '84 

Fifleld, Gustavus J., '82 
Fifield, Mrs. G. J., '85 

Bourne, Mrs. J. H., '88 

Braham, Mrs., '94 
Julin, Albert D., '00 
Julin, Henry, '99 
Olson, Mrs. C. H., '00 
Wliipple, Howard, '00 
Whipple, Ten Broeck, '00 


Grove, Herbert R., '12 

Fuller, Mrs. Everett, '10 

Buckland, Mrs. Bert J., '98 

Hitchings, Fred W., '78 
Hitchings, Mrs. Walter, '88 
Ringdal, Thora H., '19 
Rumsey, Florence, 'OS 


Day, Ernest E., '89 
Haig, Mrs. Myron H., '07 
Pease, James G., '85 

Witter Springs 

Humason, Mrs. Wm., '87 

Yuba City 
Bush, Mrs. Geo. S., '74 

Address unknown 
Allen, Mildred, '16 
Carpenter, Mrs. F. J., '88 
Palmerstron, Florence M., 

Rice, Eugene C, '78 
Woodham, Alice E., '97 


Donaldson, C. H., '76 ^ 

Hilton, Mrs. Rev. J. V., '87 : 

Canon City 
Townsend, Horace D., '04 1 

Clieyenne Wells 
Bowe, Arthur, '69 

Colorado Springs J, 
Chadbourne, Henrietta R.,i; 

'81 5; ■ 

Chadbourne, Ruth H., '83 j; 
Taylor; Mrs. Ernest, '84 ; ' 
Wells, Mrs. F. P., '97 j 
Denver J 
Nissley. Mrs. H. R., '87 | 
Noble, Mary E., '86 
Richardson, Wm. E., '81 ■ 

Grand Junction 
Albright, Mrs., '97 ' 

McCreery, Kenneth, '06 ; 

Bridgeport , ' 

Batchelder, Mrs. Florence^ i 

F., '00 
Garlick, George B., '08 

Hibbs, Frank W., '83 ; 

New Briton 
Johnson, Mrs. Louis, '89 

New Haven 
Benton, William, '18 
Gladding, Henry H., '78 
Rochford, Daniel, '18 

Goodell, J. F., '68 


Bullock, Mrs. Eugene, '78 
Chaney, Mrs. L. W., '80 
Claggett, S. v., '11 
Gist, Ruth. '98 
Hubbard, Mrs. W. S., '09' ^ 
Scott, Sumner, '15 
Taylor, Mrs. Harriet, '92 
Thorpe, Geo. C, Jr., '91 
Youngberg, Gilbert A., '9C 


De liand 

Gowdy, Mildred, '18 

Nelson, Mrs. Edwin, '79 

Holmes, Rev. Henry, '88 



Bryson, Mrs. Jas. M., '98 


Dobson, Mrs. A. A., '88 

Stone, Albert W., 09 
Stone, Alfred T., 'OT 
Stone, Harold W., '08 

Van Slyke, Asa W., '93 

Bush, John T., '99 
Twin Falls 
Hills, Mrs. Wm. '73 
Puller, Boyd H., '09 
Rateliflfe, Anna B., '00 



Harkison, Mrs. C. S., '94 

Camp Grant 
Kelly, Ralph E., '04 

Heald, Howard, '90 
Walker, Lillian, '88 

Iseminger, Mrs. Geo. H., '02 

Foster, Mrs. C. W., '89' 

Ahnfeldt, Mrs. Alfred N., 

Ballinger, Earl A., '14 
Bargen, Jacob A., '17 
Batcheller, Donald G., '17 
Bratrude, Amos P., '19 

Champlin, Mrs. Robt., '07 
Chandler, Mrs. J. H., '84 
Deutschman. Archie J., '10 
Dickey, Francis L., '98 
Earl, John K., '17 
Felton, Mary E., '91 
Garvey, Edward J., '15 
Holmes, Dr. Bayard, '71 
Hunt, Theo. C, D. D., '73 
JefEers, Cleo M., '02 
Judson, Lyman D., '16 
McBroom, Mrs. Walter, '92 
Michener, Lucile A., '17 
Montgomery, Louise, '86 
Nason, Mrs. A. J., '99 
Pack, Mrs. Wm. M., '81 
Peterson, Mrs. E. R., '14 
Schmuch, Dr. Emil A., '01 
Sikes, Geo. C, '88 
Snedicor, Marshall D., '88 
Soule, Llew S., '98 
Stevens, Mrs. E. M., '94 
Streissguth, Edmund H., 

Tainter, Dr. Rolfe, '13 
Testell, Mrs. W., '88 
Thayer, J. W., '79 
Tung, Hsi Hsiang, '18 
Wicklin, Florence, '84 


Yeomans, Ruth, '97 


Clow, Prances W., '12 
Walbridge, Dr. L. P., '78 


Bergeson, Ruby, '04 

East Moline 
Anselme, Mrs. H. E., '06 


Nish, Leon D., '89 

Green, Wyman R., '16 
Young, Mrs. Roy D., '17 


Herren, Allen B., '18 
Herren, Mrs. Frank, '91 


McGlade, Mrs. Rev. J. R., 


Chase, Mrs. H. S., '84 
Hunter, Geo. W., '19 
Percy, Mrs. J. P., '86 
Weinberg, Louise M., '20 


Buffington, Mrs. W. J., '95 


Tyler, Doris L., '09 


Bennett, Edith P., '97 

Potter, Mrs. C. W,, '15 


Cornwall, Mrs. C. H., '02 
Fuller, Edna M., '16 

Oak Park 

Rankin, Jessie H., '94 
Willard, Dr. Wm. G., '85 


Heald, Nellie A., '83 
Mclllvaine, Mrs. T. M., '91 
Robertson, Alfred J., '13 


Van Nice, Chas. E., '01 


Gill, George, '71 


Lee, Phillips W., '17 


Heart, Frank, '93 


Goodhue, Emma L., '91 


Ferry, Mrs F. F., '15 
Hill, Fred B., '20 


Miller, Clayton M., '20 



Wills, Howard S., '08 


Woodbridge, Lydia, '95 

Swift, Clarence F., '74 



Dodds, John S., '07 
Hamlin, Herbert McN., '13 

Elder, James C./'03 

Hamilton, Clara, '96 


Pitts, Elizabeth V., '13 
Pitts, Mrs. G. W., '74 

Bruer, Harry J., '01 

Exner, Amelia P., '98 

Burr Oak 
Houck, Chas. N., '97 
Charles City 
Bonzer, Mrs. AV. J., '17 
Caldwell, Ida I., '94 
Ellis, Katherine R., '98 
Ellis, Melvin W., '98 
Herbrecht, Mrs. W. C, '90 
Tower, Mrs. Harold S., '90 
Von Berg, Mrs. G. W., '90 

Martland, Marion I., '08 
Steele, Mrs. Harrison M., 

Steele, Margaret, '08 

Clarion " 
Lundblad, John L., '99 

Potwln, Irving A., '9o 

Council BluflTs 
Davenport. Gertrude. '98 
Dean, Abbott M., '18 
Hill, Zoe, '98 

Barker, Bessie C, *03 
Dailey, Mrs., '00 
Forthun, Stanley A., '19 
Goocher, Gladys, '14 

Adams, Burton H., '89 
Baker, Kate F., '01 
Beard, John C, '85 
Lien, Mrs. Carl N.. '77 
Thompson, Re.xford L., '13 

Des 3Ioines 

Beadle, John H., '78 
Fryer, Cuba M., '19 

Garland. Mrs. J. C, '83 
Hazelton, Sam'l H., Jr. '94 

Haas, Mrs. H. W., '06 

Dodge, Mrs., '06 

Engstrom, Fred A., '02 

Macken, Mrs. Daniel, '03 
Seecombe, Mary F., '89 
Theophilus, Mrs. Wm., '85 

Johnson, Oscar J., '03 

Wells. Geo. F., '88 

Fagerstrom, Allan W., '92 

Blumer. Mildred G., '19 
Hutchins. Ethel L., '99 

Hare oil rt 
Youngdale, Nellie A., '03 

Thing. Mrs. M. J. P., '85 

Bicrelow. Etta T>.. '15 

Lake Park 

A'ance, Mrs. Rev. R. E., '03 

Xielander, Harry C, '93 

Lime Springs 
Burns. Beryl. '17 
Rueskink. Ada L.. '15 
Williams, Joshua. '00 

Hunting. Chas., '85 
Glissendorf, Anna, '99 

Foster. Grace. '04 
Manson. Jessie A., '03 

Mason City 
Malthouse. Ellen D., '06 


Upton, Addie E., '77 
. Davis, Elizabeth E., '98 
Smith, Dayton, '15 
Wellman, Leslie H., '10 

Hunt, Mrs. C. C, '97 

Smits, Mrs. Gladys, '02 

Reich, Herschel W., '20 

Currier, Qara M., '00 

Nora Springs 

Dobson, Otto Verle, '13 

Boe, Ray L., '16 
Eskert, Shirley, '08 

Fowler, Mrs. Abner, '83 

Buehler, LuVerne R., '18 
McGillivray, Leslie S., '17 
Moss, Mrs. Fred H., '92 
Schuyler, George L., '17 
Stacy, Esther A., '19 
Sweney, Ruth E., '06 
Tupper, Daisy E., '99 

Gunderson, Otto L., '96 

Drake, Charlotte M., 'M 

Lodwick, Idris, '16 

Ryberg, Winnie, '97 
Pilot Mound 
Thomgren, M. Mabel, '03 

Ady, Mrs. Chas. E., '87 

Stover, Mabel, '18 


Slee, Mary A., '07 
Weaver. Gertrude M., '99 
Weaver, Katherine R., '9( 



Mitchell, Mrs. Leon, '99 

Sanbach, Mrs. O., '14 
St. Ansgar 

Olson, Amalie, '93 
Westenberger, Lorenz H., 

Sioux City 
Baker, Mrs. F. D., '92 
Baker, Marion, '20 
Lory, Milton M., '20 

Buckey, Clarence DeH., '11 
Constant, Avery G., '10 
DeWolf, Mabel, '15 
DeWold, Maris E., '11 
Thursh, Waldo B., '13 

Spirit I^ake 
Moore, Mrs. Geo. M., 09 

Strawberry Point 
Kingsley, Carrie L., '96 

Flinders, Mrs. Geo., '74 

Tuttle, Hawley, '09 

Stilson, Mrs., '00 
Qoodykoontz, Catherine 

L., '13 
Helming, Clara, '98 
Steffen, Sarah E., '97 

Bicknell, Mrs. W. E., '96 
Jervis, Alice S., '01 

Elk City 

Wilson, Mrs. Leslie, '04 

Fort lieavenworth 
Holbrook, Col. Lucius R., 


Doole, Mrs. Rev. W. I., '85 


Byrd, Alice H., '87 
Cady, Hamilton P., '92 


Greene, Mrs. D. E., '00 

Wentworth, Mrs. Everett, 


Harrison, Hiram B., '90 
Harrison, Mrs. H. B., ,'90 

Address unknown 
McGregor, Mrs. E. N., '88 


Steele, Mrs. Zacheus, '93 


Cram, Wm. A., '90 
Adams, John Q., '89 

Carter, Mrs. C. B., '99 


Crooker, Albion G., '77 

Nash, James W. M., '84 
Nickels, Arthur R., '83 


Grow, Bradford E., '18 . 

' Baltimore 
Mclntyre, Mildred E., '13 

• Frederick 
Brokaw, Lena E., '91 

Fisk, Mrs. Harland, '92 


Carpenter, Mrs. G. H., '9'6 

Chamberlain, Clarence 
VanC, '17 

Dahlby, Albert J., '14 
Davidson, Everett J., '15 
Hanley, John E., '70 


Snell, Cullen B., '84 

Carpenter, Delphine, '18 
Lester, Hugh, '06 
Miner, Mrs. Grant, '19 

Kennedy, Fred, '76 

Stevens, Mrs. Damon B., 


Nash, Mrs. H. S., '78 

Hunt, Mrs. .Eugene F., '81 

Newton Highlands 
Stone, Mrs. Frank, '93 

Whitman, Dr. Luther O., 

South Easton 
Reid, Mrs. Rev. David C, 


Soule, Carleton L., '94 
Burton, Dr. O. A., '93 
Burton, Mrs. O. A., '98 

Norton, Stephen A., '76 

Hunt, Marietta F., '85 


Ann Arbor 

Hall, Joseph G., '14 

Bay City 
Bronson, Kathleen, *17 

Benton Harbor 

Edmunds, Mrs. E. C, '96 


Case, Walter F., '16 
Schroder, Roy F., '16 
Waters, Frederick B., '16 



DeRoche, Mrs. Arthur, '84 

Dickinson, Mrs. L. E., '10 

Kinsey, Elma C, '96 
Parker, Mrs., '87 

Grand ILedge 
Shearer, Lyle E., '17 
Grand B ^pids 
Truesdale, John C, '17 

Hasting: s 
Taylor, Georgena, '98 
Iron Mountain 
Grant, David F., '93 

Searle, Joseph C, '83 

Gleason, Jesse W., '02 

Forsman, Karl, '91 

Mills, Harry D., '78 


Beach, Walter B., '18 
Iiightbourne, Blanche L., 

Miller, Mrs. A. M., '10 
Myran, Albert G., '98 

Dean, Wlllam W., '95 

Thompson, May I., '00 

Cooney, Henry C, '84 

Larson, Milton A., '19 
Tucker, Clifford M., '17 

Schlattman, Mrs. Paul, '05 

Albert Lea 
Bailey, John F., '09 
Brundin, Glen C, '10 
Edwards. I^oris J., '18 
Faville, Clayton S., '20 
Helllc, Edwin W., '14 

Jensen, Harold, '18 
Jensen, William J., '19 
Koch, Kenneth M., '20 
Peterson, Lee R., '12 
Rodli, Mrs., '98 
Schmitz, Geo. Wm., '11 
Sevendsen, Gilbert, '18 
Skinner, Herbert B., '91 
Stevenson, Robert L., '11 
Sullivan, Mrs. \7. R., '02 
Thompson, Marjorie H., '19 
Wiegand, Carlyle T., '12 

Anderson, Hertel A., '19 
Henderson, Maurice A., '20 
Holway, Lilla B., '19 
Humes, Rosline, '18 
Richey, Myrl A., '19 
Stone, Webster H., '06 

Anderson, Edna O., '11 
Bantz, Mrs. C. C, '09 
Callaghan, Helen F., '20 
Englund, Albyn M., '20 
Gilpin, Mamie T., '97 
Gowdy, Mrs. Dr. R. A., '16 
Jacobson. Mrs. Tollf, '88 
Kent, Frank A., '17 
Kinney, Betty F., '20 
Knox, James W., '02 
Parks, Clifton T., '15 
Phillips, Mrs. Jas. E., '91 
Unumb, Percival H., '16 . 
Wedum, Edgar P., '17 

Reed, Ethel M., '10 


Garland. Grace C, '17 
Towie, Wilton H., '16 


Barbour, Tliomas W., '20 
Blesi, Leonard F., '18 
Bryan, Ruth C, '19 
Giddings, Geo. J., '80 
Robinson, Win. R., '80 
Thompson, Mrs. Chas. B., 


Benson, Louis A., '19 
Brustuen, Melba, '20 
Kivley, Nellie, '20 



Melgaard, Agnes L., '16 
Ryan, Earl C, 13. 
Ryan, Paul, '13 
Gerber, Daphne W., '17 

Schmoll, Doris M., '16 
Spannaus, Walter, '19 
Streissguth, Wm. C, '01 

Fosmark, Mrs. Alexander. 

Covell, Paul L., '20 
Nelson, Helen J., '13 

Banfield, Adelaide C, '19 
Bassler, Robert, '18 
Boody, Leonard H., '19 
Burgor, Andrew H., '74 
Carter, Mrs. Edgar I., '82 
Carter, Frances G., '16 
Cook, Sarah R., '76 
Crane, Ralph P., '07 
Cypra, Arthur, '17 
Dexter, Fred H., '10 
Drost, Francis, '18 
Finn, Clifford McK., '17 
French, Lafayette, Jr., '06 
Geer, Milton A., '15 
Gregg, Don H., '17 
Guy, G. Arthur, '14 
Harris, Veta H., '16 
Jenks, Mrs. Jas. E., '93 ' 
Lewis, Alvan M., '88 
Lewis, Mrs. A. M., '13 i 
Lewis, Eva C, '88 ; 
Mickelson, Emma M., '17 i 
Mitchell. Mrs. J., '90 
Pierson, Helen K., '20 ; 
Pierson, Dr. Homer F., '86^ 
Pooler, Mrs. Ray, '14 i 
Snere, Laura E., '04 ^ 
VandeGrift, John M., '17 ; 
VandeGrift, Mary L., '13 
Wyland, Mrs. John, '07 ^ 

Bagley , 
Amunsen, Mabelle G., '18 i 
Amunson, Iver, '75 
Degernes, Mayhlon L., '30 
Dunton, Arthur M., '93 
Kaiser, Roscoe M., '17 
Pederson, Arthur O.., '15 



Ruliffson, Mrs. F. W., '09 
rate, Harry A., '04 


Brostedt, Knut A., '92 
Stadum, Albert H., '94 

Jillette, Cora, '13 

3aer, Homer C, '02 
:;arson, Dorothy, '18 
Srickson, Mrs. O. H., '11 
risk, Clara E., '10 
Palmer, Howard B.? '18 
tVilson, Mrs. L. B., '99 

rohnson, Ainsley I., '03 
)dden, Mrs. K., '08 
lanney, Thomas K., '19 
3tone, Albert L., '02 
>tone, Frank L., '94 
Chornton, Mrs. F. M., '68 
isin Slyke, Arthur W., '90 

Jutler, Wallace, '08 

kIcCallum, J. Isabella, '10 

kyatt, Mina, '00 

Bingham LAke 
jiem, Earl, '19 

loward, Florence O., '15 

Lnderson, Charles O., '19 
laugen, Willis T., '15 
ohnson, Arthur G., '20 

Blooming Prairie 
Trame, Mrs. Allison, '81 
lyde, Edith M., '05 
lymeg, M. Emma, '81 
Dhimsen, Lavilla, '17 
Chimsen, Seymour M., '17 

Blue Earth 
Lnderson, Anna E., '99 
:iark, Helen S., '18 
;:ouper, Helen, '07 
;;ummings, Frank V., '91 
Davis, Laura, '07 

Davis, Mrs. Wm. H., '78 
Demo, Percy W., '19 
Eder, Lavfrence, '18 
Gullickson, John W., '19 
MacDonald, Florence, '11 
Malmin, Esther A., '18 
Nelson, Alma E., '20 
Pfeffer, Harry S., '91 


Frykman, L'ror G., '97 


Angel, Nettie M:, '07 
Clarkson, Mrs. Paul, '01 
Darling, Edw. B., '01 
Frederick, Mrs. Dr. J. I/., 

Eckholm, Harry E., '17 
Walker, Frank S., '95 
Whitely, Mary A., '92 


Meckstroth, Eunice M., '20 


Berg, Albert C, '20 

Johnson, Mrs. Lewis, '78 

Browns Valley 
Kaus, Luella E., '20 

Brown, Lola, '90 
Butler, Mrs. Geo. R., '89 
Etter, Evelyn A., '14 


Covart, Helen W., '18 
Gridley, Leon B., '17 
Nelson, Peter J., '96 
Stamm, Claus, '18 

Cronber,?, Grace L., '18 
Jacobson, Louis M., '16 
Johnson, Gladys M., '19 
Wadd, Gunvar, '17 
Lien, Adolph, '17 
Clark, Mrs. L. H., '86 
Clarke, Leaffie H., '00 
Cornwell, Leon L., '91 
Cummings, Etta, '04 
Hicks, Emery, '04 


Halverson, Kendahl, '19 
Sprague, Gladys, '20 
Sprague, Robert D., '94 
Wheaton, Nellie G., '92 

Barnes, Harry G., '18 

Engberg, Mrs., '02 
Johnson, Hilma, '93 

Kittleson, Kenneth N., '11 
LewisOn, Ernest B., '13 

Cannon Falls 
Anderson, Mrs. Marie, '19 
Barlow, Foster D., '18 
Clark, Letha, '82 
Clifford, Mrs. A. L., '74 
Conley, Mrs. H. E., '75 
Ellsworth, Mrg. Frank, 92 
Engstrom, Mrs. A. E., '80 
Engstrom, Mildred L., *04 
Gross, Mrs. Cliff W., '88 
Gretz, Bernard, '12 
Lee, Mrs. A. J., '06 
Lockram, Mrs. L. C, '87 
Magee, Lizzie, '84 
Oltman, Herman, '77 
Schofleld, Helen C, '19 
Schofleld, Winifred M., '19 
Valentine, Clarence, '19 

Donald, Earl R., '06 
Sturgeon, William H., '03 

Larson, Edith S., '19 

Cass Lake 
Harding, Bertha A., '07 

Castle Rock 
Dilley, Mrs. Wm., '78 
SheUenbarger, John W., '04 

Center City 
Swanson, Henry A., '79 

Faber, Geo. L., '14 
Shillock, Paul H., '02 

Culver, Mrs. Russell, '13 
Haven, Geo. A., '03 
Moore, Anna E., '13 



Armstrong, Richard, '70 
Livingstone, Robt. L., '9'4 
Livingstone, Mrs. R. L., '9'4 

Wall, Arney P., '20 

Cadwell, Chester, '88 


Hendrickson, Albert, '94 

Clara City 
Ahlfs, Christian H., '09 
Carl, Grace F., '20 
Enkema, Katherine B., '03 
Grashius, William D., '11 


Gordon, Lillia, '79 
Hallaway, Edna S., '14 
Sawyer, Flora L., '06 
White, Mrs. Ed., '93 


Thayer, Wm. Cooper, '20 


Kolset, Mrs. Andrew, '97 


Jenks, Wm. R. L., '84 
Laughtou, Elsie M., '03 , 
Patterson, Alberta D., '19 
Shaw, Everett A., '05 
Walker, Lucy C, '69 
Webster, Anna L., '97 
Whiting, Egbert K., '94 


Erickson. Lillie A., '13 
Lyman, Lucretla S., '12 

Clinton Falls 
Adams, Frank W.. '76 
Beardsley, Ezra T., '02 
Day, Levi W., '08 


Hargrace, Mrs. A. W., '03 
Mabusth, Arthur S., '16 
Mabusth, John D., '19 
Olson, Gardner M., '11 
Peterson, Richard M., '17 
Tonsberg, Edna S., '20 


Reed, Mrs. D. W., '13 

Cottage Grove . 
Furber, Theodore L., '85 
Furber, Mrs. AV. W.. '68 
Roberts, Dr. O. E., '96 
Watson, Emma L., '04 


Robertson, John B., '84 
Robertson, Murl J., '19 

Hughes, Evan, '82 
Brown, Mary C, '14 
Dampier, Chas. E., '73 
Saugstadt, Ragna, '94 
Thorson, Mrs. N. A., '06 
Watts, Anna M., '10 

Watson, Chester, '19 

Crystal Bay 
Currie, Mrs. Wm. A., '78 

Meyer, Otto P., '19 

Larson, Ruby B., '18 

Christiansen. Mrs. T'heo- 

dore, '06 
Hanson, Leonard J., '17 
Hestad, Earle, '19 
Jackson, Mrs. Wm. J., '03 
Reyerson, Wallace E., '17 
Stageberg, Erling, '19 
Stratte, Alfred K., '16 

Deer River 
Hastings, Alice L., '19 

Deer Wood 
Lee, Mrs. T. L., '04 
Taylor, George K., '15 
Taylor, Karl M., '13 


Hawker, Chas. S., '86 
Rader, Vera, '11 
Wittman, Louise J., '14 


Austinson, Sadie, '99 
Bunday, Wm., '91 
Goodhue. Ralph B.. '00 
Grindo, Joliii K.. '76 
Grinde, Nels E., '76 



Howie, Mrs. Robert, '84 j 
Remmen, Martin E., '82 
Trench, Nellie, '94 
Westcott, Mrs. Wm. W., 'Oil 

Watt, Mrs. Beecher, '85 


Heimer, Roy A., '11 

Dodge Center ' 
Abbott, Mrs. E. E., '84 ] 
Abbott, Walter H., '17 
Anderson, Ivajean A., '17. 
Bigelow, Charles E., '9Uli 
Cooper, Mrs. Clyde, '98 . 
Dickey, Ella, '18 ; 
Holloway, Mrs. Geo., '14 • 
McNelly, Mrs. C. L., '10 
Pierce, Mrs. S. L., '80 
Rasmussen, Harriet B., ^ 
'20 1 
Rice, Mrs. Lillie O., '76 ' 
Triponel, Leo H., '18 


Whittemore, John, '92 i 

Dover ^ 
Krause, Orlin P., '96 


Arndt, Mrs. W. F., '02 
Bugstrom, Mrs. John, '98. 1 
Campbell, Marian E., '15 
Cheadle, Henry W., '84 
Cutler, Mrs. Frank, '86 ■ 
Cutler, George Wm., '08 ! 
Day, Frank A., '80 
Drew, Alice, '93 
Duncan, Mrs. Russell C 

Fuller, Chas. E., '68 
Hadden, Mrs. C. W., '94 1 
Hegardt, Wm. G., '76 
Kimball, Mrs. E. L., '98' 
Lippitt, Fannie B., '01 , 
Merritt, Bessie M., '19 
Nichols, Mrs. H. C, '93 1 
Prosser, Stella B., '20 ; 
Reed. Glenn Geo., '09 ' 
Wiade, Florence. '16 i 
Whitmore, Chas. H., '88 j ■ 
Wilson. Coryate S.. '87 1 
Woodbridge, Dwight, '81* 


Babcock, Claude R., '19 
Berg, Floyd H., '20 
Berg, Mabelle, '13 
Chester, Annie B., '01 
Davis, Mrs Rev E, B., '71 
Donaldson, Herbert T., '03 
Glass, Mary A., '87 
Sraham, Mrs. Chas., '69 
Holmes, Mrs. J., '92 
Hummel, Philip, '12 
Hummel, Rufus J., '10 
Hutchinson, Olive, '89 
Roberts, Grace D., '03 
Siemers, Louis, '12 
Sloan, Emma G., 90 
Spetz, Clara F., '04 
Stevens, Ji}lia A., '91 
Talbot, Lee M., 'OS 
I'erry, Chester W., '85 
Thielbar, Albert J., '83 

East Grand Forks 
Quigley, Walter E., '09 

£den Valley ' 
Coulter, William T., '19 
Meier, Donald C, '17 


Gullick, George W., '17 


Becker, Alfred W. C, '13 
Hampel, Erna R., '13 
Richardson, Ralph W., '90 


Bell, Clark S., '98 

Elk Itiver 

Tyler, Geo. H., '03 
Wheaton, Marguerite, '17 


Haas, Earl E., '20 
Maland, William H., '17 


Brown, Nannie B., "13 
Dunphy, William E., '17 
Lockhart, Dr. H. J., '97 
Moehlenbrach, Florence, 

Trezona, Richard J., '10 

Swain, Martha, '07 

Empire City 

Griswold, Mrs. E., '77 


Chandler, Floyd C, '16 


Bufflngton, Mrs. W. J., '95 

Eureka Center 
Pool, Mrs. Robert, '76 

Bronson, Stella A., '85 
Thomberg, Magnus, '96 


Tosney, Irene T., '11 
Trezona, R. James, '10 

Bardwell, Maurice F., '08 
Carr, Donald A., '19 
Chesley, Mrs. Capt., '93 
Hazard, .Margery I., '11 
Lunsten, Mrs. D., '13 
Maughan, Fred W., '88 
Maughan, Mrs. Fred W., 

Montgomery, Mrs. Wm., 

Rletz, George, '83 
Taylor, Alida M., '11 
White, Wilber H., '18 

Dickmeyer, Harry V., '10 
Greer, Walker K., '12 
Rieke, Earl, '18 
Thane, Benjamin, '12 


Allen, Thaddeus, '16 
Betz, Neven O., '10 
Brown, Mrs. Glenn, '10 
Conklin, Mrs. P., '01 
Coult, Benjamin W., '15 
Crooker, Albion G., '77 
Crooker, Mrs. A. G., '84 
Edwards, Mary M., '08 
Fairley, Mrs. H. S., '06 
Hunt, Dr. Fred N., '80 
Hunt, Mrs. Dr. F. N., '79 
Mayer, Alma L., '11 
Mayer, Olga A., '13 
Richardson, Walter J., '77 
Sackett, Geo. C, '05 

Smith, Albert A., '81 
Swearington, Nina M., '10 

Batchelder, Charles S., '87 
Batchelder, Mrs. C. S., '87 
Beede, Dr. Ethel, '94 
Clement, Mrs. H. O., '92 
Clement, NeUie, '18 
Dow, Julia F., '77 
Dreblow, Francis F., '17 
Eigenbrodt, Mabel B., '16 
Emerson, Leslie, '20 
Garvey, Bdw. J., '15 
Grant, Gordon E., '13 
Hanson, Mrs. Adolph, '14 
Hatfield, Lucy V., '16 
Kasper, Kelvin A., '20 
Kieckernapp, Mrs. E. B., 

Korff, Beryl, '15 
Krinkie, Minnie L.. '93 
Lawler, Howard Wm., '20 
Lockerby, Mrs. S. D., '73 
Loyhed, Mrs. Edw., '76 
Mabon, Mrs. L. M., '91 
May land. Dr. Martin I., 

Mentz, Edgar, '19 
Mueller, Paul R., '16 
Murphy, Arthur L., '15 
O'Brien, Mary, '89 
Olson, Nellie C, 17 
Parker, Arthur, '19 
Peavey, Roger W., '10 
Schroeder, Ruth H., '20 
Smith, Lucius A., '09 
Somers, Laurel M., '97 
Taylor, Mrs. E. A., '81 
Tripp, Oliver P., '11 
Wilson, Charlotte E., '87 

Ballard, Carleton L.. '06 
Ballard, Fred W., '19 
Carlson, Mrs. C. A.. '06 
Carmichael, George N., '01 
Damann, Hannah, "07 
Hosmer, Mrs., '93 
Hosmer, Mrs. Herbtrt, '96 
Johnson, Luella, (X) 
Johnson, Mrs. W. R., '07 
Kraft, Alvina L., '18 
Kraft, Clarice G., '18 


Kraft, Walter, '19 
Martin, Mrs. E. A., '19 
Seward, Martha E., '83 
Van Doren, Lela, '12 

Fergus Falls 
Bell, Mrs. Geo. E., '01 
Boop, Mrs., '05 
Chaffee, Mrs. Geo., '77 
DeForest, Geo. H., '80 
Eames, Mrs. Roy E., '05 
Eames, Maude E., '00 
Eggestine, Adelia L., '19 
Evans, Mrs. Evan .7., '79 
Featherstone, Elizabeth, 

Freeborn, Gertrude L., '14 
Hoorn, Thure R., '98 
Kolseth, Ole, '80 
Lawson, John V., '17 
Mason, Vallie I., '97 
Olson, Andrew, '96 

Peterson, Mrs. Martin, '77 

Fogelberg, Carl A.. '16 

Forest L.ake 
Vail, Frances A., '20 

Chains, Roanna F., '78 
Peters, Mrs. Chas., '96 

Swanson, Alvin J., '18 

Savage, Wm. H., '84 

Streissguth, Thomas O., '06 

Garden City 
Lindsley, Frank, '74 
Parker, Mrs. E. W , '77 

Holden, Clarence A.. '20 

Jones, David C, '88 

Davis, F]lwin W., '76 


Lagerstedt.r Albert, '95 
Rlebe, Howard E., '17 
Rleke, Lillian, '18 


Child, Henry A., '6S 
Gilbert, Clara R., '19 
Gilbert, Luther W., '79 
Gilbert, Mrs. L. W., '83 
Gray, Mrs. L., '92 
Peters, Franklin J.. '13 
Simons, Dorothea F., '18 
Tifft, Samuel L., '18 
Wadsworth, Jesse A., '89 


Christilan, William S., '11 
Empey, Edith, '16 
Gandrud, Peter A., '92 
Helbing, Geneva S., '10 
Lund, Mabelle, '14 
McLaury, John L., '18 
Nilson, Edwin B., '93 
Peterson, Agnes, '10 
Petrich, Otto E., '14 
Reeves, GaH S., '16 
Selleseth, Ellen A., '12 
Simonton, Holmes F., '20 
Ward, Zoe M., '98 
Welliver, Viola F., '19 


Anderson, Fannie W., '98 

Gates, Mrs. C. E., '02 

Good Thunder 
Barnard, Coral P., '15 


Baird, Edna E., '08 
Catlin, Charles, '75 


Colton, Bert S., '82 
Gaugh, Katherine W., '14 
Hartley, Chauncey T., '98 

Grand Marias 

Hicks, Elizabeth, '18 

Grand Meadow- 
Greening, Josie H., '03 
Higbie, Edgar C, '02 
Schleiger, Lydia A., '94 

Grand Rapids 

Beckfelt, Ray J., '17 
Boorman, Maynard R., '15 
Farrell, Edwin J., '17 
Finnegan, Frances, '18 

Maturen, Ida M., '19 I 
Patton, Mrs. Floyd J., '12 
Russell, Clara B., '16 
Stade, Eva V., '18 

Howe, Florence E., '81 
Howe, Hattie E., '81 
Granite Falls 
Dibble, Mrs. N. W., '83 
Johnson, Mrs. A. J., '90 

Erickson, Mrs., '94 

Grove City 
Anderson, Reuben L., '17 
Malmquist, Oscar R., '17' 

Konzen, Sophia T., '04 
Sundberg, Anna E., '17 
Willa, Louise T., '20 
Westerson, Elmer L., '044 

Angier, Mrs. F. H., '87 
Erickson, Ethel M., '11 


Hilliard, Milton E., '14 


Burmeister, Lena, '02 
Hellickson, Leland E., 'H 


Gillltt, Harry W., '17 
Judge, Owen J., '13 
Lange, Mabel S., '16 
Lowell, Mrs. C. S., '00 
McChesney, Harriet L., '9Ci 
Morey, Wm. H., '72 
Shannon, Mrs. P., '15 
Walbridge, Beulah. '18 |j 
Wiright, Mrs. W. J., '84 |i 


Betz, Thos. Wm., '12 
Thysell, Herbert B., '96 ij 
Woodward, T. T., '84 fj 


Bergan, Ida, '01 
Hoveland, Mrs. Obert, '15 


Clark, Carolyn H., '16 
Kohler, Gertrude. '20 
Schroeder. Neva B., '14 



[2 Kloptag, Magdalene L., 

Larson, Walter C, '19 

Todd, John A., '87 
Witherton, Jas. McS., '88 

A.ronson, Axel T., '05 
Bjorklund, Otto A., '17 
Paulsen, Lillian B., '16 

Hernett, Emma A., '01 
Moses, Wm. E., '86 
Prescott, Herbert C, '72 
Wells, Abel W., '93 
Wells, James, '02 
Wells, Mrs. Jas. P., '02 
Wells, Joseph R., '95 

Heron iLake 
Nelson, Howard E., '16 

Fales, John C, '03 

Empey, Edith, '16 
Patricl5, Grace I., '16 

Willcuts, Marion E., '18 

Plantz, Willis, '01 
Smetana, Howard W., '18 
Souba, Bessie B., '16 
Tebbetts, Mrs. A. H., '95 

Howard Lake 
Moffatt, Ralph, '18 
Reinmuth, Florence E., '15 


Anderson, Mrs. S. G., '06 
Braun, Henry C, '17 
Christlieb, Frank B., '19 
Clay, James, '18 
Davidson, Martha M., '06 
Day, Mrs. B. W.. '81 
Dwinnell, Daisy G., '16 
Erickson, Effie M.. '14 
Jensen, Vernie, '18 
Knowlton, John C, '08 
Madson, Carlisle, '12 
Sheppard, Agnes M., '14 
Vig, Esther, '16 


Anderson, Giles H., '10 
Arp, Bessie M., '16 
. Ashley, Benjamin H., '10 
Bailey, Frank E., '73 
Berge, Parker L., '09 
Gillespie, . F. I., '01 
Hansen, Mabel L., '11 
Knox, Thomas S., '08 
Malone, William, '07 
Rudow, Mrs. K. L., '12 
Wallace, Adelbert E., '10 

Empey, Mrs. P. K., '90 
Steffenhagen, Charity C, 

Berdan, Mrs., '17 
Friedrich, Elsie L., '18 
Lowe, William M., '13 


Gustafson, Amanda A., '01 

Behmler, Frederick Wm., 

Dubbe, Fred H., '15 
Juergens, Herman N., '14 

Willcox, Herbert A., '11 

Cook, Mattie, '84 
Dahle, Arthur, '13 
Dahle, Clarence A., '13 
Edison, John, '75 
Leuthold, John N., '01 
Little, Geo., '06 
Parker, James H., '06 

Borgun, ,Mrs. Ben, '99 
Bullis, Mahlon M., '31 
Comstock, Thos. T., '84 
Conley, Samuel L., '98 
Gates, Elnathan C, '17 
Gates, Russell, '17 
Gunderson, Mrs. R. I., '08 
Halstead, Hans O. D., '74 
Hansen, Alta I., '08 
Held, Harland F., '17 
Kj^rkland, Mrs. C, '06 
Roberts, Mrs. Chas. S., '84 
Stegner, Wm. C, '74 


Botsford, Mrs. Frank P., 


Brower, Donald B., '18 

T'imberg, Wilhelmina, '00 

Barnett, James C, '12 Qui Parle 
Little, Roy Casper, '12 

L<ake Benton 

Warren, Emily, '95 
Warren, Walter C, '85 

Lake City 
Bayley, Emery C, '1^ 
Bunday, Mrs. Howard, '16 
Cliff, Ivan S., '19 
Dutcher, Miriam P., '06 
McConnell, Gordon, '19 
McConnell, Glenn B., '20 
Patton, Edward A., '75 
Peterson, Geo. W., '73 
Phillips, Henry A., '14 
Rose, Hannah E., '87 
Smith, Merritt E., '18 
Tennant, Mrs. R. G., '98 
Thompson, Marion G., '17 

liake Crystal 
Jones, John T., '20 

Nelson, Anna P., '07 

I>ake Park 
Bjorge, Mrs. Christian, '75 


Balch, Edna L., '01 
Hatfield, Willetta B., '15 
Mallery, John W., '83 ' ' 

Praxel, Anthony J., '00 


Ely, Esther B., '19 
Larsen, C. Adolph, '11 


Carll, Mrs. Earl A., '01 

Leaf Valley 
Ellis, Claude, '03 


Palmer, Mrs. C. S., '90 
Palmer, Robert E., '17 
Young, Bernice, '15 
Young, Mrs. Frank, '85 

Lie Sueur 
Beaulieu, Elizabeth M., '14 
Conley, Doris L., '20 
litis, Bernice, '12 
Taylor, Georgena, '98 

Hollands, Mrs. Wm. H., '95 
Johns, Margaret A., '16 
Johnson, Mary A., '98 
March, Mrs. Nelson, '01 
Peterson, Mamie S., '00 
Peterson, Selby E., '95 

liittle Falls 
Barnes, Mildred W., '19 
Meyers, Myrtle E., '14 
Wands, Mrs. Gordon, '16 

Coe, Isabel, '19 

Anderson, Anna M., '96 
Anderson, Ida E., '96 
Hildebrand, Harvey, '02 
Myhre, Theodore, '01 
Peterson, Nora, '06 
Wilson, Delia M., '96 
Wilson, Mabelle E., '97 

Sheets, Mrs. Russel, '12 

Long Prairie 
Adams, Florence C, '20 

Anderson, Ole, '91 

Smith, Harriet, '13 


Sorenson, Stanley C, '19 


Bacon, Ray D., '10 


Bigelow, CTias. Edw., '99 
Bill, Dyar G., '14 
Crosby, Blanclie. '03 
Crosby, Eatelle A., '03 
Law, James, '77 

Law, Wm. E., '78 
McCarthy, Donald, '19 
McDougall, Gerrond F., '20 
Patr, Esther N., '19 
Sanborn, Jessie M., '99 
Scott, Gladys B., '20 
Wilson, Edith, '07 
Ellickson, Franklin E., '98 
Ellickson, Nels A., '98 
Larson, Martin A., '00 
Leslie, Mrs. Wm., '03 
Querna, Mrs., '01 
Swann, George W., '17 
Tenney, Ansel A., '20 

Haverson, Mrs. Sanford, '14 

French, James H., '97 

Keeler, Theodore H., '18 


Baker, Mrs. J. A., '19 
Barney, Henry C, '00 
Cooper, Mrs. Chas. H., '88 
Danielson, Harvey L., '20 
Dodds, Mrs. R. M., '72 
Hilling, Mrs. S. O., '18 
Holbrook, Mrs. Dr. John, 

Holmes, Grace M., '01 
Lewis, Jessie A., '95 
Morrow, Mrs., '84 
Raiiney, Beatrice B.. '00 
Sherk. Margaret, '20 
Spioer, Mrs. Henry, '84 
Widen, Eleanor C, '14 


Adams, John W., '17 
Cowles. Iva, '08 
Taylor, Geo. L., '84 


Greeley. George, '06 
McQueen, Jennie E., '02 


Cook, Mrs. Wm., '76 
Elliot. Isaac L., '76 
Hoffman, Mrs., '81 
Johnson, Maybel J., '20 
Mathews. Rolland M., '10 

Newton, Mrs. J. P., '76 
Peffer, George, '12 
Persons, Dr. Clarence E.. 

Pike, Jabez F., '76 * 

Foster, Henry C. A., '19 

Thompson, Amy, '18 
Thompson, Paul L., '17 

Ford, Paul L., '03 
Maas, Lloyd T., '15 
Olson, Ruth I., '16 

Flinn, Mrs. Geo. M., '75 
Hankerson, Mrs. N. B., '18 
Hankerson, Wm. G., '74 
Lee. Jessie L., '05 
McKinley, Mrs. Alex, '82 

Cravens, Guy W., '18 
Phillips, John, '17 

Abbott, Anstice T., '13 
Ackerman, Harry A., '14 
Aldrich, Malcolm M., '17 
Allen, Edith M., '96 
Alvord. Mrs. N. N., '90 
Amsden, Mervin H., '94 
Amundsen, Nora A., '12 
Anderson, Esther E., '15 
Anderson. Tryphena R., '00, 
Backer, Werner F., '10 
Bacon. Dexter S., '95 
Baird, Lyman. '10 
Banker. May L., '98 
Barlow, W. W., '20 
Barnes, Geo. S., '87 
Barrett. Richard D., '01 
Barrett. Mrs. R. D., '13 
Barrett, Roy F.. '97 
Beckos. Marie, '01 
Bohmler, P'"rederick Wm., 

Benson, George A., '18 
Berge, Ada B., '07 
Berge, Hazel L., '16 
Berge, Henry S.. '07 
Berge, Obed P.. '17 
Herthold, Heatrlce. 'OS 


Bevan, Mrs." Arthur, '97 
Bierman, Edward A., '83 
Bixby, Abel P., '87 
Bliss, Mrs. Amy, '86 
Brandell, Elmer, '13 
Brimhall, Dorothy, '20 
Brimhall, Mrs. Geo. O., '89 
Brown, Jeanette, '18 
Brown. Mrs. S. Howard, '11 
Bunday, Alvah S., '19' 
Bunday, Clarence, '83 
Bunday, Mrs. E. S., '93 
Burch, Mrs. E. P., '89 
Burnside, Esther, '18 
Bush, Avery, '70 
Call, Harry L., '92 
Chadbourne, Bert N., '84 
Chadbourn, Rodney N,. '88 
Chollar, Wilbur T., '93 
Cleveland, Mrs. Harry S., 

Cleveland, Wm. S., '95 
Coffin, Mrs. Benj. F., '86 
Colwell, Esther, '17 
Colp, Donald G., '93 
Cook, George S., '17 
Cope, Mrs. C. E., '91 
€oykendall, Nina C, '93 
Cross, Margaret G., '17 
Curran, Mrs. G. R., '87 
Daskam, Mrs. H., '14 
Davis, "Mrs. Chas. A., '80 
Day, Mrs. H. L., '81 
Decker, Frances M., '16 
Des Marais, Mrs. H., '13 
Dickey, Ella, '18 
Dodge, Mrs. L. L., '93 
Donaldson, Mrs. A. H., '71 
Donaldson, Eleanor L., '94 
Dorsett, Carl C, '99 
Dorsett, Harriet, '00 
Dow, Geo. H., '77 
Dresser, Ralph E., '83 
Durnani, Mrs. A. B . '78 
Easier, Georgine, '18 
Edson, James R.. '83 
Ellis, Frank H., '83 
Ellis, Mrs. Frank, '84 
Elwell, Geo. H., '78 
Elwell, James T., '76 
Elwell. Laurence R., '17 
English, Mrs. Chas. E.. '93 
Enkeraa. Jeannette, '20 

Erickson, Ethel M., '11 
Ferguson, Clarence G., '96 
Figge, Gretchen E., '19 
Fink, Jessie, '18 
Fink, Leo Wm., '19 
Fink, Margaret E., '00 
Fink, Walter H., '17 
Fogelberg, Burnett, '16 
Ford, William, '88 
Foote, Frederick R., '19 
Fortin, Mrs. J., '90 
Frazer, Wm. M., '10 
Furber, Arthur W., '03 
Furber, Geo. M., '76 
Furber, Mrs. Geo. M., '76 
Furber, Jas. L., '95 
Furber, John W., '95 
Gambill, Robert L., '19 
Geddes, Dr. Donald D., '13 
Geer, Milton A., '15 
Gilbertson, Julius C, '19 
Glasby, DeCloise, '82 
Glasby, Mrs. Ed., '82 
Gloyd, Mrs. W. S., '81 
Gongle, Mrs. O. C, '84 
Goodrich, Samuel T., '18 . 
Goodwin, Mrs. C. G., '01 
Graham, Helen E., '20 
Grant, Samuel, '80 
Gray, Donald U., '14 
Gray, Mrs. W. I., '87 
Gress, Albert R., '79 
Gridley, Leon B., '16 
Gruman, Mrs. Adelbert, '18 
Gruman, Florence, '17 
Hamilton, Wallace E., '13 
Hampton, Helen, '88 
Hanson, Malcolm B., '19 
Hart, Oliver B., '78 
Hartig, Marion H., '19 
Hawkins, John L., '11 
Haugland, Mildred G., '16 
Haverson, Ella G., '19 
Hayes, Fred M., '20 
Hazelton, Lydia L., '01 
Helgeson, Ruth V., '20 
Helm, Mrs. L. C, '06 
Hess, Henry C. '19 
Higbee, Lucy E., '87 
Higbee, Matt L., '91 
Higgins. Mrs. Harry, '91 
Hill. Margaret, '19 
Hitchcock, Reuben, '96 

Holden, Mrs. H. A., '06 
Holman, Ole P., '89 
Hopkins, Dan'l C, '78 
Howie, Edith, '14 
Hunt, Frank A., '77 
Hyde, Mrs. Walker, '99 
Ireys, Mrs. Mary S., '84 
Irwin', Charles A., '17 
Jepson, Frank N., '87 
Johnson, Carl E., '98 
Johnson, Mrs. C. E., '97 
Johnson, Emil G., '96 
Johnson, Grace L., '19 
Jo'Snstone, Mrs. F. E., '18 
Jordan, Lois M., '03 
Jorgens, Joseph O., '86 
Kaufman, Mrs. Wm., '79 
Kayser, Mrs. A. J., '00 
Kelsey, Albert W., '76 
Kidder, Elizabeth, '19 
King, Lewis B., '92 
Kirkland, Mrs., '08 
Knapp, Mrs. M. A., '87 
Koehler, Elsa, '19 
Koester, Florence M., '20 
Lackor, Fred W., '80 
Larsen, Augustus T., '91 
Lasby, Mrs. W. F., '01 
Lawrence, Merrill L., '19 
Lawrence, Mrs. Merrill L., 

Leighton, George, '11 
Leighton, Mrs. Geo. E., '09 
Leighton, Ralph, '10 , 
Lees, Jean, '16 
Lena, Emma, '02 
Lesher, Belle, '85 
Leuthold, Carlos, '18 
Lewis, Marion S., '85 
Lien, Mrs. Carl N., '77 
Lindberg, Edwin E., '19 
Linnell, Caroline, '87 
Livingston, Mrs. Ernest, 

Lockerby, Chas., '99 
Luce, Mrs. H., '85 
Ludlow, Joseph B., '99 
Lurton, Mrs. Freeman E., 

Lyon, Dorothy B., '19 
Maiers. Albert B., '81 
Maughan. Mrs. H. C, '97 
Maxson. Ralph H., '19 


Mayland, Anna, '90 
Meeker, Mrs. Guy, '06 
Melby, Gordon B., '19 
Merwin, Orville J., '17 
Metcalf, Mrs. V. A., '01 
Middlemist, Joh.n H., '20 
Mitchell, Meryle H., '20 
Morse, Merton M., '17 
Mowry, Mrs. F. L., '84 
Nash, Alvin L., '04 
Naused, Walter H. E., '10 
Neel, Mrs. J. B., '72 
Neilson, Peter S., '92 
Neilson, Mrs. P. S., '93 
Nein, Will, '09 
Nelson, Mrs. Benj., '71 
Newhart, Celia G., '97 
Newhart, Dr. Horace, '95 
Newman, Alice, '85 
Newton, Helen, '77 
Nichols, B. Herber, '94 
Nicholson, Clarke, '15 
Norelius, Edna M., '10 
Norton, Edwin L., '94 
Norton, Marcus S., 'Oi 
Olds, Mrs. Fred A., '81 
Olson, Ralph, '20 
Osborn, Mrs. A. A., '73 
Owen, Ira D., '16 
Palmer, Roy A., '17 
Parker, Lee E., '12 
Pattridge, Walter H., '15 
Paul, Mrs. Jas., '01 
Peck, Edith L., '00 
Peterson, Thelma, '18 
Phillips, Milo G., '85 
Phillips, Mrs. Percy, '05 
Pollard, Lois E., '20 
Pollard, Mrs., '10 
Quinn, Roswell J., '18 
Rains, Mrs. L. C, '85 
Rees, Soren D., '20 
Reidhead, Frank E., '84 
Reyerson, Paul, '15 
Rhane, Paul Wm., '18 
Rice, Fred E., '81 
Rice, Mrs. F. E., '77 
Rickard, Mrs. Chas. T., '78 
Robbins, Edith A., '88 
Roberts, Mrs. John G., '85 
Robison, Grace E.. '02 
Rockwood, Chelsea J., '75 
Roloflf, Carrie E.. '04 

Rosengren, Mrs. A., '92 
Rowe, Avis S., '14 
Samels, Fred A., '20 
Santer, Mrs. Carl, '93 
Schmidt, Clare S., '91 
Schoepf, Fred, '12 
Scott, Ethel M., '13 
Scott, Florence E., '15 
Scott, Kenneth W., '17 
Scriver, Mrs. Hiram A., '84 
Seth, Rev. John E., '96 
Seth, Mrs. Rev. John E., 

Sheley, Eva M., '09 
Shellenbarger, Mrs. Hiram 

R., '85 
Smith, J. Frederick, '70 
Spear, Lambert E., '92 
Springer, Mrs. W. H., '80 
Stanchfield, Howard, '20 
Stearns, Gertrude C, '07 
Stebbins, Abbie E., '01 
Stevens, Janet M., 96 
Steward, Thos. Edw., '08 
Stewart, Donald W., '17 
Stone, Mrs. Bruce, '12 
Stuhr, Edwin W., '99 
Sudduth, Wm. H., '94 
Sund, Edward, '13 
Sund, Mrs. E., '87 
Taylor, Frances E., '19 
Thomes, Mrs., '83 
Thompson, Clarence R., '00 
Truax, June J., '03 
Truesdell, Ada F., '00 
Truesdell, Lynn Geo., '89 
Tschann, Rose, '10 
Turner, Mrs. Lydia T., '04 
Turner, Joseph V., '02 
Van Dusen, Mrs. H. T., '89 
Van Slyke, V. Herman, '84 
Van Solen, Mrs. Edith E., 

Vanstrum, Frank, '77 
Van Tuyl, Mrs. Chas. W., 

Vebleu, John E., '86 
Veblen, Orson A., '74 
Veline, Mrs. Dr. O. J., '04 
Vincent, Mrs. J. C, '07 
Waalin, Carl A., '10 
Wager. Mrs. Roy H., '00 
Wanless, LUclle I., '09 

Ware, Mrs. J. B., '84 
Warner, Mrs. Harry, '07 
Webber, Fred W., '91 
White, Clyde R., '00 
Whiting, Lewis R., '95 
Wilder, Kenneth W., '04 
Wilkin, Paul G., '20 
Willard, Geo. H., '77 
Willard, Marion, '10 
Williams, Mrs. C. G., '03 
Wilson, Mrs. H. W., '91 
Wilson, Ida, '96 
Wyer, Ralph E., '00 
Yerxa, Harold, '17 
Young, Mary L., '12 
Zickrick, Theodora, '01 

Wimer, June L., '09 

MinjDesota Falls 
Dodge, Francis W., '75 

Corbett, Michael T., '84 

Goar, Flora M., '86 
Haugland, Mildred G., '16 
Levoy, Isadore A., '20 
Moyer, Malcolm B., '04 
Pitts, Dorothy A., '20 
Summer, Evelyn, '12 
Willis, Mrs. Nellie, '88 
Wright, David W., '20 

Brown, Genevieve A., '11 

Brophy, Mrs. Fred, '09 
Costain, Mrs., '68 

Moose Lake 
Lewis, Mrs. Richard, '14 


Borgerson, Mrs., '94 
Breiseth, Ruth C, '17 
Lund, Agnes L., '15 

Geenty, Dorothy, '18 
Krueger, Robert H., '18 

Adams, George W., '17 
Benson, Anna M., '95 
Dargabble. Mrs. D., '91 
Miller, John L., '17 
Wilkowsky, Delia A., '20 


Mountain Iron 

Jurisich, Miles, '20, 

Mountain Lake 
Janzeii, Justina, '20 
Janzen, William H., '17 
Rempel, Peter D., '18 

Cross, Richard H., '02 

Cadwell, Lenore, '18 
Trythall, Richard G., '20 

Henkle, Otto F., '76 
New Auburn 
Misensol, Wm. L., '98 

New Brig:hton 
Thomas, Mrs. Wlm. J., '75 

Kernkamp, Mrs. H. C, '14 
McChesney, Harriet L., '90 

New Prague 
Barta, Angeline C, '17 

New Bieliland 
Byersdorf, Arthur G., '14 

New Ulm 
Backer, Walter A., '12 
Beussmann, Loida C, '06 
Cordes, Elmer, '15 
Huevelmann, Waldemar 

F., '14 
Huhn, Arthur L., '12 „ 
Krook, Aimee, '18 
Larsen, Edward L., '08 
Manderfeld, Cornelia B., 

'07 i 
Mecklenburg, Harry A., '14 
Mueller, Olga M., '10 
Olsen, Adc^ie L., '02 
Reineke, Harold G., '17 
Ruemke, Alfred H.;, '14 
Strickler, Vera E., '09 
Wheeler, Mrs. E. E., '88 

North Branch 
Coleman, Chas. H., '70 
Huber, Portia M., '06 

Abbott, May E., '03 
Ackerman, Mrs. H. S., '88 
Adams, Inez C, '07 
Albers, Herbert E,. '05 

Alberts, John R., '73 
Alexander, James, '83 
Bailey, Rio H., '15 
Baldwin, Mrs. H. J., '00 
Barnard, WiUard C, '82 
Benson, Oscar E., '98 
Bierman, Chas. A., '89 
Bierman, Mrs. Chas., '90 
Blodgett, Alson B., '10 
Blodgett, Dorothy, '19 
Bodsberg, Nils, '20 
Boe, Henry A., '75 
Bogue, Mary, '90 
Boulger, Catherine E,, '92 
Brown, Mrs. Selma, '98 
Bunday, Mrs. T. J., '86 
Carter, Henry H., '18 
Colby, Milbume, '20 
Collins, Mrs. Roy, '06 
Coon, Galen H., '79 
Couper, Fennimore J., '79 
Crary, Helen E., '12 
Creedy, Frank H., 
Davison, Mrs. Jay, '88 
Dilley, Ida F., '85 
Drake, Arthur I., '76 
Drake, Mrs. A. I.. '84 
Ebel, William, '71 
Elder, Gladys M., '15 
Ender, Edmond S., '20 
Exner, Mrs. F. F., *95 
Fairbanks, Mrs. F. J., '17 
Farrankop, Ervin G., '83 
Ferguson, Mrs. Ned, '05 
Finkelson, Chas. S., '00 
Flaten, Nels, '86 
French, Lucian E., '19 
Gingrich, Mrs. C. H., '20 
Goar, Margaret J., '20 
Godfrey, Mrs. Nellie B., 

Greaves, Henry L., '72 
Grimes, Calvin E., '00 
Hagen, Cliffprd, '12 
Henderson, Fred S., '05 
Henderson, Mrs. F. E^, '94 
Hibbard, Mrs. W. E., '85 
Hoffman, Mrs. H. G., '81 
Howland, Mrs. A. P., '87 
Howland, Elmer E., '12 
Huestis, Llewellyn, '75 
Jack, Mrs, James, '87 
Jackson, Oakey S., '13 

Jennings, Mrs. R. L., '20 
Jennings, Shirley J., '20 
Johnson, Harriet, '20 
Kannary, May, '84 
Kaulbarsch, Margaret, '20 
Keller, Earl B., '17 
Kelly, Mrs. A. B., '74 
Kelsey, Dr. Raymond D., 

Koester, Walter, '12 
Koester, Mrs. Walter, '08 
Lamphear, Leslie A., '75 
Larkin, Mrs. Ray, '16 
Larson, A., '89 
Lashbrook, Alfred J., '11 
Law, Cora, '99 
Law, Mrs. Wm. E., '78 
Lee, Dr. Cloyde Wm., '15 
Lee, Mrs. W. P., '17 
Lewis, Mrs. F. J., '11 
Lindstrom, Mabel C, '18 
Lorimer, James, '83 
Lyman, C. W., '84 
Lyman, Mrs. C. W., '89 
McWilliams, Kathryn, '20 
Mackay, Norman Wm., '15 
Manhart, Mrs. C. H., '03 
Martin, Bertha M,, '19 
Moses, Dr. Joseph, '10 
Moses, Mrs. Wm. B., '86 
Nichols, Chas. O., '84 
Norbeck, Mrs. Walter, '16 
Nutting, Mrs. John D., '16 
Nutting, Laura M., '97 
Nystuen, Clara, '13 
Ormond, Mrs. Peter, '17 
Orr, Chas. D., '84 
Palon, James S., '78 
Perkins, Mrs. Ross, '04 
Person, Nels, '92 
Phillips, Mrs. J. G., '07 
Pye, Grace M., '91 
Pye, W:m. W., '90 
Ramage, Hazel, '14 
Revier, Andrew J., '95 
Revier, Mrs. J., '98 
Revier, Mrs. Wm., '80 
Rice, Geo. R., '90 
Riddle, Wm. H., '68 
Schilling, Mary C, '20 
Schmidt, J. G., '73 
Schmidt, Mrs. J. G., '79 
Schmidt, Margaret S., '13 


Sclimidt, Mrs. Paul G., '99 
Schofield, Mrs. Geo. H., '04 
Shandorf, Mrs. F., '03 
Sherd, Mrs. W. S., '73 
Shumway, Roy C, '00 
Sibbinson, Grace C, '01 
Simpson, Geo. C, '79 
Simpson, Mrs. John, '83 
Simpson, Warren W., '17 
Sliillman, Adelaide B., '81 
Somer, Mrs. J. C, '78 
Sommers, Wm., '82 
Steffens, Alice V., '85 
Stevens, Helen V., '0<3 
Stewart, Theodore A., '90 
Strong, Edw. W., '89 
Strong, Mrs. E. W., '88 
Taylor, Mrs. Reuben, '77 
Taylor, William, '08 
Thompson, Geo. E., '93 
Thompson, Mrs. Thos., '99 
Tschann, Mamie, '03 
Tschann, Susie, '86 
Van Slyke, Harold, '12 
Voss, Alice C, '19 
Wager, Lillian, '90 
Waterston, Ruth, '12 
Watson, Earl H., '90 
Watts, Martha J., '76 
Weeks, Fremont E., '84 
Weeks, Mrs. Fremont, '84 
Weicht, Carl L., '20 
Whitson, John H., '82 
Whittemore, Gladys, '20 
Whittier, H. A., '85 
W^illiams, Helen, '01 
Wilson, Mrs. Dr. Warren, 

Woods, Katharine, '15 
Zimmerman, Mrs. Geo. L.. 

Zufeldt, Mrs. Frank, '90 

Berry, Lloyd, '19 
Herrmann, Charles F., '19 

Ferch, Aaron J., '13 

Miller, Edward, '19 
Mitchell, Warren E., '13 

•Clark, Edgar, '18 


Kaercher, Marjorie E., '19 
MacMurphey, Robt. H., '17 
Norman, Mabel J., '07 

Earle, Marcellus A., '75 
Hengstler, Mrs. H., '08 
Tobey, Harry E., '96 

Alfs, William A., '18 
Bleecker, John Prisney, 


GuUickson, Anton, '90 


Johnson, Hannah, '00 
Wood, Geo. R., '98 
Adair, John H., '80 
Adsit, Mrs. John, '93 
Biiby, Mrs. A. R., '86 
Carleton, Mrs. George, '80 
Church, Helen, '19 
Cornwall, Mrs. John, '79 
Dynes, Leota E., '19 
Eustis, Stella A., '09 
Evans, Mrs. Paul, '05 
Gillette, Pearl, '09 
Gorham, Dwight, '77 
Gorham, J. Alfred, '83 
Gorham, Mary A., '87 
Hanson, August H., '11 
Hickok, Homer, '91 
Ingraham, Wendell P., '14 
Jager, Mrs. H. J.. 'OO 
Jostin, Mrs. O. H., '87 
Kinyon, Mrs., '01 
Kinyon, Sidney Wm., '08 
Marion, Jessie E., '10 
Moore, Mrs. H. R., '75 
Nelson, Otto J., '13 
Parker, Theodore M., '81 
Parsons, May M., '20 
Rockwood, Mattie, '82 
Rosebrook, Carl H., 'S4 
Sawyer, Mrs. J. A., '75 
Schraitz, Mrs. Geo., '14 
Sperry, David W., '20 
Sprague, Mrs.. '93 
Travis, Mrs., 90 
Whiting, Sarah A., '98 

Parkers Prairie 

Hall, Edyth I., '02 
Park Rapids 
Cutler, Blair W., '20 
Fuller, Milton J., '16 
Houston, Mrs. C, '00 
Snow, Louise A., '20 
Taber, William D., '15 
Wright, Marjorie, '16 

Nehring, Millard, '18 
Pelican Rapids 
Johnson, Lillian J., '17 

Berthold, Miriam, '20 

Clow, Margaret A., 14 
Clow, Richard, '18 
Clow, Mrs. W. B., '92 

Pine Bend 
Maltby, Alexander, '92 

Pine City 
Sculley, Mrs. Dr. J. J., '14 
Wandel, Geo. H., '11 
Pine Island 
Castle, Winnifred, '00 
Cornwell, Ella K., '79 
Jewell, Scott W., '99 
Mellenger, Sarah M., '20 
Robinson, Cora B., '18 
Robinson, Ruth P., '19 

Ashton, Mrs. Oscar E., 13 
Cruikshanks, Mrs. '77 
Davies, Bonnie, 'IS 
Evans, Lloyd L., '15 
Evans, Meredith, '16 
Howard, Charles, '18 
Lowe, Duncan P., '19 
Lowe, Margaret, '17 
McKeown, Dr. Eugene G., 

Robson, Mrs. J. H., '77 
Stillwell, Arthur R., '12 
Tibbetts. Harold I., '11 

Balcom, Carson L., 73 
Davis, Mrs. J. H.. '86 
Dickman. Vera M.. '15 
Fisk, Blake C, '92 


Pisk, Mrs. Blake, '93 
Gaskill, Goo. W., '76 
Mack, Glen Ira, '15 
Posz, Florence H., '15 
Schwantz, Ella M., '08 
Wedge, Ernst A., '92 
Wedge, Margaret I., '15 
Wood, Mrs. F. A., '89 


Knutson, John, 11 

Anderson, Francis J., '11 
Klein, Hubert A., '07 
Nupson, Florence", '19 
Smith, Everett R., '85 
Stuart, Nancy, '84 


Cooney, Henry C, '84 
Jack, Charles A., '83 
Keith, Mrs. F. C, '02 

Prior L<ake 

Vogel, Maybelle B., '00 


Rollins, Alvin G., '16 


McElrath, Fenton M., '11 
McElrath, Wm. L., 88 
Mifler, Anna M., '17 

Bed I^ke Falls 

Fletcher, Freeman F., '93 
Garceau, Harry H., '08 

Bed Wing 

Arnston, Helen A., '20 
Bredehorst, Hortense J., 
'20 ' 

Fetherstone, Mrs. Grant, 

Gove, Mrs. Geo., '95 
Grow, Bradford B., '18 
Gunderson, Mrs. R. E., '11 
Kappel, Millie K., '00 
Kruger, John Chas., '85 
Locking, S. Howard, 94 
McGuigan, Dr. Henry, '97 
Mohn, Mrs. Thomas, '94 
Putnam, Mary P., '95 
Stickles, Leila M., '15 
Swanson, Marion D., '19 
Tripp, Ruth B., '19 

Bedwood Falls 

Cole. Virginia, '19 
Dolliff, Alfred C, '91 
Glassco, Wm. A., '20 
Lamberton, Wilbur H., '20 
Luscher, Andrew C, '19 
Luscher, Lucile, 18 

Holmberg, Axel R., '94 
O'Connor, Ellen L., '95 

Blakeley, Mrs. C, '87 
Bliss, Flora M., '02 
Callaghan, Helen, '18 
Chaney, Dr. Ralph H., '08 
Cook, Bessie M., '97 
Crowe, Mrs., '95 
Cummens, Clarence M., '13 
Dennison, Kate, '68 
Eekholdt, Laura B., '07 
Fogarty, Martin, '19 
Gooding, Arthur C, '89 
Gooding, Isabelle, '19 
Gran, Esther. '17 
Grant, Nellie M., '85 
Hubbard, Ellen M., '19 
Kruse, Carleton W., '18 
Lindberg, Edwin E., '19 
Mayor, Mrs. W. J., '84 
Mosse, Frederick H., '13 
Nelson, Walter B., 19 
Paddock, Alice E., '98 
Plummer, Dr. W. A., '05 
Richie, Helen E., '16 
Rowley, Chas., '19 
Van Tassel, Bernice, '19 

Johnson, Edward W., '07 

Bose Creek 
Bennett, Mrs. C. E., '01 
Dean, Warren H., '97 
Wheelock, Emerson W., '85 
Woodcock, Mrs. A. J., '97 

Bush City 
Berg, Minnie L., '97 
Larson, John E., 88 
Larson, John O., '88 
Peers, Robert A., '88 
Wickman, Marie, '95 

Kierland, T. Alice, '07 

McLeod, Crissie A., '06 
Moore, Alice G., '03 
Webster, Anna A., '96 
Webster, Ella M., '95 
St. Bonifacius 
Heinemann, Walter, '19 

St. Charles 
Dyar, Mrs. L. H-, '79 
Dyar, Mary O., '01 
Miller, Nessie M., 11 
Newton, Mrs. P. J., '76 
Wilson, Mrs., '88 

St. Cloud 
Clark, Carolyn H., '16 
Clark, Harry B., '11 
Long, George. '18 
Mutschler, Laurence V., 

Quinlivan, Wilfred, '18 
Scherfenberg, Reva, '15 
Whiting, Arthur C, '91 
Whiting, Danforth L., '19 

St. Francis 
Akin, Theodore Wm., '17 

St. James 
Crouch, Glenn B., 13 
Crowley, Mrs. B. W., '02 
Gillott, Chester I., ?19 
Michael, Henry H., '19 
Serkland, Dorothy C, 'OS 
Wadsworth, Olive L., '08 

St. Louis Park 
Carleton, Rachel, '18 
Hamilton, Pearl I., '09 
Hatch, Lloyd, '19 
Lockwood, Mrs. Z. P., '78 

St. Paul 
Abbott, Arthur L., '90 
Albert, Paul B., '99 
Anderson, Mrs. Wm., '13 
Arnold, Dr. Stephen O., '84 
Arnold, Mrs. Dr. S. O., '83 
Barnes, Harry L., '18 
Bereman, Mrs. P. A., '93 
Berkey, John R., '81 
Berry, Mona A., '03 
Bjornstad, Bernard F., '03 
Bowe, Mrs., '73 
Bowman, Mrs. T., '74 
Brainerd, Rena C, '06 
Brubaker, Bertha G., '01 


Bunker, Mrs. A. E., '74 
Butler, Walter B., '78 
Butler, William, '81 
Byron, Henry J., '76 
Campbell, Mrs. B. P., '97 
Gary, Roy D., '09 
Cone, Bernice, '06 
Cone, Norma, '06 
Crippen, Mrs. G., 'OO 
Crouch, Mildred A., '15 
Curtiss, Lindsley B., '04 
Dack, Lloyd G., '11 
Dampier, Mrs. Henry C, 

'88 * 
Dawley, Mrs. D. L., '78 
Dockstader, Mrs. W. E., 


Dodd, Mrs. G. B., '84 
Dunlap, Mrs. J. L., '84 
Eaton, Mrs. Benj. G., '81 
Espy, John B. W., '89 
Ferguson, John A., '83 
Fetter, Dorothy, '19 
Fisher, John J., '93 
Fulton, Mrs. J. F., '86 
Garrett, Reginald, '90 
Gates, Lloyd R., '05 
Godfrey, Mrs. P. D., 88 
Godkins, Mrs. Wm., '68 
Goodhue, Ada M., '86 
Goodsell, Willard R., '84 
Griggs, Theo. W., '89 
Hall, Oren, '18 
Hammond, Mrs. Geo., '92 
Hardick, Mrs. H. R., '83 
Harkrader, Mrs. Carl, '05 
Harrison, Mrs. G, W., '86 
Herrold, Mrs. H. D., '92 
Howard, Mrs. W. J., '83 
Huestis, Russell C, 13 
Humbird, Florence, '85 
Hurley, Mrs. R., '14 
Johnson, Mrs. H. O., '82 
Judge, Owen J., '13 
Kannary, Dr. Edward L., 

Kin.sell, Mrs. W. H., '04 
Law, Walter, '78 
Law, Mrs. Wm., '78 
Leyh, Cleve, '06 
Lockwood, Mrs. T., '92 
Long, Mrs. A. H., '71 

Lord, Samuel, Jr., '76 
McCoy, Mrs. F. W., '81 
McHose, James W., '81 
Mackay, Laura, '08 
Miller, Roy, '02 
Nellermoe, Piatt M., '18 
Neuman, Edna C, '13 
Norval, Jane, '03 
Norval, Josephine A., '88 
Ogden, Mrs. B. H., '88 
Olson, Mrs. P. W., '17 
Oren, Laura C, '16 
Orr, Chas- N., '99 
Pattee, Charles S., '90 
Pearson, Dora M., '18 
Pyncheon, Mrs. F. W., '96 
Randall, Mrs. E., '76 
Record, Marion, '20 
Records, Rae, '18 
Repke, Mrs., '08 
Reike, Dr. Ellsworth A., 

Rodgers, Nannie, '94 
Rodgers, Walter S., '94 
Rooney, John V., '01 
Rounds, L. Howard, '83 
Schutz, John Geo., '14 
Severance, C. A., '81 
Sloan, Mrs. John, '90 
Smith, Mrs. Scott. '80 
Smith, Wescott G.. '16 
Sorlien, Harold, 14 
Spates, Finley C, '76 
Spear, Mrs. Everett, '69 
Stokes, Mark S., '80 
Steele. Oliver E., '16 
Stone, Royal A., '94 
Stowell, Mrs. Willard, '01 
Street, Maud I., '06 
Swanson, Mrs. E. W., '93 
Swenson. .Tohn A., '75 
Thompson, Harry J., '03 
Thuet. Wim., '78 
Towning. Peter C, '94 
Tower, Belle, '86 
Turner, Roy H., '11 
Uphnni, Mrs. Addie Bixby, 

Walls, Mrs. Dr. J. M., '89' 
Whitney, Mrs. Pauline, '99 
Withy, Robert E., Jr., '18 

St. Paul Park 

Furber, Elmer R., '93 
Seamer, Mrs. Geo., '73 
Severance, Mrs. Cordenio 
A., '80 

St. Peter 
Daniels, Alice M., '18 
Essling, Edward M., '20 
Burg, Charlotte E., '01 
Lagerstrom Reinhold, M 

Sacred Heart 
Holian, Andrew H., '80 
Holian, Knut H., '80 

Sauk Center 
Fuller, Orin B., '75 
Hanson, Mrs. R. E., '96 

Sauk Rapids 
Austin, Mrs. A. W., '88 
Coates, Mrs., '77 
Runels, Harriet A., '11 

Brown, Mrs., 'SO 
Geiger, Robert, '12 


Follett, Renna P., '04 
Harnden, Myra A., '08 
Lambie, Horace H., 20 

Silver Lake 
Wrbitzky, Benj. P., '15 
Wrbitzky, Harry M., '17 

Sleep.v Eye 
Barlow, Lewis L., '19 
Berkner, Harold, '20 
Current, John R., '00 
Hauser, Elmer A., '20 
Hauser, Luella G.. '20 
Davis, Leroy G., '81 
Ibberson, Lizzie, '86 
Ibberson, Thomas, '81 
James. Frederick S., '16 
Russell, Charles, '81 
Somerville, M. Saxe, '07 

South St. Paul 
Miller, Frank J., '98 
Onstad, John H., '08 

Thrnnum. Ruth A., '20 

Sprinfr field 
Anderso!!. Albert Geo.. '93 
Anderson, Win. A., '92 


Dirks, Wesley D., '17 
Lent, Bertha J., '11 
Shrader, Fanny B., '09 
Specht, Mrs. F. H., '90 
Speeht, George A., '18 
Specht, Jessie M., 18 
Swanbecli, Elmo C, '14 
Swanbeck, Vernie, '18 
Tompkins, Henry H., '85 

Spring Valley 
Cornwell, Nina, '12 
Gammell, Alice, '19 
Grayling, Lydia, '89 
Hale, Ivah L., '19 
Keck, Everett B., '13 
Kraiise, Mabel M., '14 
Sather, Mrs., '08 
Schofield, Mrs. L. M., '90 
Warren, Everett J., '10 

Johnson, Mrs.. '92 
Dack, Lloyd, 11 
Emery, Charles, '05 
Pye, Harlan, '17 
Tolstead, Frances, '08 
T'olstead, Maude; '12 

Barret, Harold F., '17 
Betz, Thomas Wm., '12 
Daniels, Bernice E., '16 
Hackenberg, Robert A., '17 
Marlin, Lois B., '20 

Yetter, Dorothy, '14 

Hannevold, Gladys, '18 

Beach, James M., '17 
Miland, Leonard F., 18 

DeGroodt, Alice M., '95 
Englin, Mrs. C. F., '02 
Holm, Andrew J., '79 
Kolinofie, Mrs. D., '02 
Lincoln, Mrs. Chas. S., '88 
Lull, Samuel C, '79 
McMillan, Mrs., '98 
Marsh, Nelson, '91 
Withrow, Hoyt, '14 
Withrow, Verne, '16 

Spivak, Casper, Jr., '97 

Swan River 
Palon, Abram, '81 

Taylors Falls 
Stannard, Luke, '80 

Thief River Falls 
Patrick, Grace, '16 
Stebbins, Goldie L., '15 
Tripp, Frederick A., '16 

Campaign, Casper C, '02 
McQuade, Robert R., '03 
McQuade, Mrs. Wm. H., '80 

Hansen, Geo. L., '20 
Hicks, Ella M., '19 
Kelley, Ethel D., '17 
Starr, Merrill L., '19 
Swoffer, Lucille E., '20 
Thurin, Sarah H.. '02 
Tracy, Margaret B., 19 
Valentine, Dr. Walter H., 

Workman, Mrs. Warner, 

Two Harbors 

Bosch, Mrs. Ernest, '00 
Daniels, Alice M., '18 
Dorsey, Mrs. Florence P., 

Irwin, Charles A., '17 
Richards, William B., '18 

Cox, Floyd A., '12 
Glemmestad, Bertha H., '15 
Henrikson, Selma T., '05 
Magandy, Gwendolyn E., 

Sandergaard, Henry P., '19 
Smith, Louise S., 12 

Holmgren, Wilhelmine, '93 

Holt, Doris T., '15 


Friar, Mrs. John, '86 
T'urner, Mrs. Wm., '97 


Smith, Harvey W., '07 

Vernon Center 
Champlin, Mrs. Robt., '07 

James, Mrs. Chas., '12 

Cunningham, Ernest W., 


Colquhoun, Ezra, '10 
Nelson, Josephine V., '10 
Trotter, Isabel, '18 

Carver, Eugene P., '77 
Goss, Frank C, 95 
Hirschy, Geo. R., '17 
Hirschy, Margaret C, '15 
Jones, Elinor, '15 
Murdock, Helen K., '19 
Murdock, John W., '88 
Schwirtz, John R., '20 
Schwirtz, Margaret A., '16 
Wyman, Wm. A., '82 

Kuntz, Alvin T., '19 
Schutz, Mollie, '85 


Merwin, Anna M., 10 

Walnut Grove 

McDonald, Kenneth J., '19 
McDonald, Mrs. W. J., '92 


Johnson, Daniel H., '78 


LaDue, Mrs. Albert D., '81 
Teigen, Nels Thos., '93 


Walter, Robert M., '14 
Snyder, Mildred I., '16 
Taralseth, Henry, '98 
Taralseth, Lena, '95 
Taralseth, Ralph B., '03 


Fosmark, Mrs. Alexander, 

Brown, Mrs. W. R., '84 
Brown, Walter S., '88 
Buckman, Marian, '88 
Cummings, Damon W., '18 


Davidson, Howard McD., 

DeBar, Dorothy G., '19 
Ellis, Mrs. W., '00 
Everett, Constance A., '20 
Gray, Lilace H., '00 
Hawkes, Allen S., '86 
Hawkes, Samuel S., '19 
Hensen. Carrie, '89 
.Tolinson, Hannah L., '00 
Kanne, Dean, '18 
Lawson, Guy O., 00 
Meacham, Mrs. James, '99 
Peterson, Theodore, '92 
Peterson, Mrs. T., '73 
Shepard, Mrs. L. N., '75 
Strong, Harry W., '80 
Svv^artwood, Dr. Fred A., 

Swartwood, Mrs. Dr. F. A., 

Thornby, Ingram, '15 
Walters, Mabel. '17 
Wood, Effle E.. '08 
Wood, Frank, '78 


Garrison, Alonzo A., '69 
Quinby, Mrs. C. E., '77 

Ohnstad, Joseph M. R., 


Decker, Mrs. D., '70 
Howland, Mrs. Abbie S., 


Johnson, Hannah, '98 
Olson, Chas. E., '20 


Bliss, Ralph, '18 
Kenney, Schuyler D., '10 
Worlein, Gladys L., '16 


Gippe, Hilda L., '99 

Brown, Mrs. S., '00 


Hennessy, John, '73 


Kruse, Lloyd R., '14 


Candee, Gladys, '18 
Holm, B. Maryon, '20 
Oren, Earl O., '19 
Ewy, John A., '07 
Zieske, lone A., '14 

West Concord 
Bringgold, Eloise, '18 
Clifford, C. May, '07 
Cowles, Margaret E., '16 
Emerson, John H., '00 
Emerson, Rudolph, '00 
Norton, Mrs. M. E., '02 
Schmidt, Arnold W., '18 
Schmidt, Walter T., '85 
Wray, Cary M., '76 

Dokken, Lavinia M., 09 
Helleckson, Minnie H., '08 
Terpena, Laura B., '16 
Zempel, Laura M., '14 

White Bear 
Cochrane, Mrs. R., '06 
Haussner, Mrs. J. A., '84 
Smith, Mrs. H. E., '89 

Price, Lizzie A., '96 


Beel, Mrs. Calvin C, '77 
Anderson, lleuben E., '18 
Anderson, Ruth E., '15 
Carlson, Archie H., '15 
Erickson, Gustav A., '89 
Fancher, Hattie L., 80 
Handy, Harold B., '03 
Hanscom, Marion. '04 
Pinney, Wm. J., '83 
Porter, Myrtle A., '14 
Sherwood, Mrs. Henry, 81 
Sherwood, Winnifred, '11 
Stiles, Ethel M., '15 


Cleland, John W., '75 


Carpenter, Hattie B., '07 
Cook, William R., '17 
Croft, Vernon A.. '20 
P]llsworth, Dr. Earl A., '06 
Hunt, Harold J., '18 

Lund, Eli R., 13 
Robison, Vivian R., '97 
Robison, Winifred J., '01 

Damon, Florence, '02 
Hewitt, Alpheus, '88 
Lobb, Milton L., '19 
Teachout, Mrs. E. C, '85 
Welch, Herbert, '78 
Welch, Margaret E., '15 
Wheeler, Louise B., '14 

Abbott, Mrs. Wm. D., '83 
Donart, Ludwig A., '03 
Gage, Willard R., '05 
Henry, John M., '14 
Martinson, Jalmer, '12 
Pfeiffer, Loyde E., '12 
Prentiss, Mrs. S. L., '87 
Shepard-Elmer, Hazel S.. 

Shepard-Elmer, Lulu E., 

Shepard, Elmer I., '98 
Shepard, Ernest E., '99. 
Stahmann, Mrs. Henry, '81 
Wright, Cornelia, '15 
Wright, Sam'l L., '81 
Wright, Mrs. S. L., '90 

Canfield, Milton R., '16 
Holm, Arthur R.. '20 
Johnson, Nimrod A., '01 
Scherer, Phillip, '19 

Conner, Robert M., '03 

Boomer, Ralph J., '12 
Cory, Chas. M., '87 
Fag-erstrom, A. W., '92 
Moore, Mrs. Clara, '92 
Smallwood, Justin T., '04 

Young America 

Etzell, Geo. A., '75 

Znmbro Falls 

Disney, Fred R., '01 
Radabaugh, Nina C, '15 

Rowell, Mrs. W. C, '85 
Strand, Mathilde A., '96 



Kansas City 
Davis. Mrs. S. F., '71 
Hale, Wm. B., '74 
McCreery, Henry S., '03 

St. liouis 
Cameron, Mrs. Lloyd, '04 
Knapp, Mrs. A., '02 
Lasby, Edwin W., '80 
Walbridge, Cyrus P., '71 

Whitehead, Hattie M., '11 

Clark, Charles E., '92 
Clark, Wra. H., '94 


Big Timber 

Graff, Herman H., '03 

Babcock, Mrs. Lewis C, '99 
Rademaker, Dora P., '08 

Aldrich, Wayne F., '06 

Smith, Mrs. Volney I., '86 
Taylor, Mrs. G. F., '06 

Gilbert, Gideon M., '17 

Clyde Park 
Helgeson, Mrs. C. W., '01 

Cut Bank 
Toore, Mrs. W., '09 

Fernald, Sydney W., '05 

Marvin, Clara A., '07 

Gilbert, T. L., '71 

East Helena 
Barnes, Dorothy H., '14 


Boorman, Maynard R., '16 
Fleming, Esther E., '16 


McKenzie, Walter L., '92 


Statler, Mrs. James S., 'O; 

Glen dive 
Eckles, Myra L., '79 
.Tohnson, Albert H., '92 
Kepp, Mrs. O. F., '10 
Watson, Robert H., '92 

Great FaUs 
Christison, Qara C, '02 
DeVore, Lloyd G., '17 
Fernald, Louise M., '94 
Hazard, Margery, '12 
Johnson, Mrs. B. K., '07 
Mayland, Lewis L., '90 
Nicholson, Mrs. M. D., '92 
Resler, Mrs., 'OT 

Bjorklnnd, Otto A., '17 

Dewar, Mrs. Geo., '03 

Dittmer, Clarence C, '15 

Wright, Mrs. Geo. A., '17 

Aronson, Axel T., '06 

Cheadle, Emily C, '17 
Wiederman, Mrs. Geo. J., 


Hathorn, Montana L., '99 

Miles City 
DeCarle, Edythe M., '16 
Fremow, Ralph J., '17 
Walrath, Joyce E., '18 


Schoonover, Mrs. S. E., '95 
Theis, Frances W., '16 

Bounce, Albert P., '85 

Simpson; Frank A., '92 

Sunderhoff, Mrs. R. J., '00 

Bennett, Mrs. C. B., '01 
Steel, Agnes B., '19 
Steel, Nelson M., '89 

Bed liOdge 

Littlefield, Mrs. Ernst, '00 
Roundup I 
Thompson, Mrs. Carl N., 


St. Xavier 

Campbell, Mrs. H. S., '85 

Adams, Burton S., '89 
Adams, Walter K., '87 
Adams, Winifred, '18 
Donaldson, Sam'l F., '87 

Bolles, Mrs. C. PL, '82 

Sehellinger, Matilda E., '19 

Emerson, Mrs. Thos., '02 

Address Unknown 
Wilson, Mrs. O. S.. '07 



Doole, Mrs. W. I., '85 


Van Deusen, Mrs. Don C, 


Jones, Mary B., '15 

Fling, Mrs. F. M., '84 


Clements, Dr. Stanley, '93 
Melick, Amy A., '05 
Melick, Dema M., '05 

Newman Grove 

Engleke, Gertrude C, '04 

Ady, Mrs. Chas. E., '87 
Osterholm, Albin N., '98 
Robb, Lora P., '03 
Van Sant, Elizabeth, '89 


Craven, Alma, '15 


Emhoff, Ruth, '14 



Wharton, Mrs. May C, '93 

Barrett, Mrs. Robert, '98 

Richardson, Ralph J., '09 
Richardson, Mrs. R. J., '08 
Richardson, Walter B., '18 

Conrad, Orion W., '85 


MarshaU, Mrs. W. A,, '90 

Mills, John S., '78 

East Orangre 
Coleman, Mrs. H. H„ '90 
Skinner, Mrs. Hubert M., 


Cobb, Dr. George H., '81 

Melendy, Mrs. Royal, '95 

Walts, Mrs. Chas. B., '10 


Brubaker, Ernest E., '01 

Chase, Mrs. H. Stanley, '84 
CTiilds, Mrs. Henry M., '01 
Dickey, Basil, '98 
Kennedy, Mrs. M. T., '02 
Van Amburgh, Wm. E., '83 

Schneuman, Mrs. C. 1^., '10 

Forest Hills 
Donaldson, Martba, *94 

Fort Niag:ara 
Baxter, Mrs. Jert;, '00 

Humpus, Mrs. Arthur L., 


Hoag, Lillian M., '83 

Morris, Dr. J. Wm., '83 

Lyford, Mrs., '87 

Kings Park, I,, I. 
Greene, Joseph A., '75 

Upson, Mrs. Harry, '03 

Clemens, Mrs. Wm., '93 

Mt. Vernon 
Hill, Mrs. Frank R., '90 

New York 
Barnes, Gladys, W., '07 
Bean, Theodora, '90 
DeFrenery, Mrs. Herman, 

Exner, Mrs. Max J., '00 
Frazer, Mrs. B. B., '97 
Henion, Mrs. C. C, '97 
Hitchcock, Claude N., '10 
Kellogg, James L., '82 
Moore, Geo. F., '95 
Morrill, Mrs. Chas. A., '75 
Sargent, Mary A., '89 
Stratte, Harold C, '15 
Theopold, Mrs. Francis, 

Jr., '13 
Vincent, Mrs. Geo., '87 
Weaver, Mrs. T. N., '92 

Graves, Mrs. Chas., '93 

Gridley, Louise M.. '07 

West Chazil 
Hroadwell, Mrs. C, '09 

West Point 
Grayling, Francis J., '18 

Hoio.s, Orlow H., '79 

Culver, Mrs. Wm. II., '77 



Donaldson, Chalmers O., 


Watson, Mrs. O E., '99 



Johnson, Rangvald, '90 


Buhrmann, Mrs. T. H., '11 


Betcher, Mrs. L., '97 

Bundy, Dr. Gulick O., '80 


Lovgren, Ellen M., '18 

Conklin, Mrs. Fred C, '94 
Hughes, Edmond A., '92 
Orr, Merton J., '07 
Wakeman, Edith A., '92 

Cousins, Dorothy, '17 

Cathcart, Mrs. J. M., '09 


Dresser, Mrs. A. C, '75 

Cliiirchs Ferry 

Hansen, Helen M., '17 


Cobb, Iva W., '13 
Uedetzke, Edward, '11 

Brown, Mrs. Jackson U., 


Southam, Mrs. F. W., '94 

Martin, Mrs. H., '13 


Peterson, Gilbert, '07 


Cram, Mrs. E. E., '90 

Devils Lake 

Fisher, Blanding, '01 
Haig, Helen E., '06 
linger, Thomas W., '01 
Torbet, Catherine, '18 



Whitson, Gladys H., '18 
Whitson, Mrs. Henry, '80 

Sundell, Mrs. C. H., '96 

Crabtree, Mrs. D. W., '13 
Shepard, Alice, '20 

Sanness, Earl M., '11 
Vandervort, Chas. F., '11 

Ackerman, Claire S., '13 
Buck, Henry Wm., '88 
Buck, Mrs. H. Wm., '83 
Oowle, Edward, Jr., '76 
Divet, Donovan R., '14 
Gilmore, Florence M., '99 
Hall, Evan W., '06 
Love, Andrew^ A., '86 
Martin, Mrs. John P., '01 
Moulton, Mrs., '84 
Nelson, Helen V., '85 
Purcell, Mrs. J. T., 'GO 
South, Clark E., '76 
Tilden, Mrs. H. B., '07 

Hope, Gustave L., '01 
Wiggle, Mrs., '96 

Fort Totten 
Davis, Mrs., '83 
P ilmer, Inez C, '98 
Palmer, Jesse Geo., '98 

Kent, Paris E., '83 

Glen Ullin 
Wicham, Linnie G., '99 

Dike, Donald K., '09 
Tarblaa, Mrs. L. O., '01 

Grand Forks 
Babcock, Earle J., '84 
Bertrand, Florence A., '14 
Wheeler, Henry M., '73 

Biggs, Alfred, '19 
Jones. Daniel L., '20 
Jones, Edith B., '19 
Jones, Harold M., '17 
Kinney, Lucile R., '17 


West, Avedis, '18 
Mark, John M., '01 
Stenmo, Gunhild, '98 

Castle, Mitrgaret E., '14 

AVilhelm, Mrs., '91 
Jackson, Alta B., '18 

Leslie, Mrs. C. E., '82 
Leslie, Myron F., '11 

Warner, Blanche M., '15 

Carr, Beatrice, '20 
Collins, Gladys, '20 
Frederickson, Cena, '00 
liincoln, Sara E., '01 

Fried, Oscar K., '15 
Thomas, Wm. B., '99 

Biillis, Levi P., '95 
La Moure 

Engel, Lillian A., '16 

Fuller, Anna M., '94 
Mathews, Maude I., '93 
Pifer, Esther, '15 

Clarke, Kenneth E., '18 
Vyzralek, Frank, '18 


Nokin, Mrs. S. P., '86 


Drew, Marion E., '16 

Man dan 

Dunlap, Alta H., '06 
Lang, Agnes H., '04 
Lanterman, Eunice C, '( 
Ripley, Mrs., '07 

Kemp, Mrs. L. E., '94 

King, Carrol D., '95 


Burgess, Ethel, '20 

Walter, Clara A., '19 

Benson, Nelson B., '82 

Mineral Springs 
Bullock, Mrs. M. E., '83 

Lindstrom, Effle, '06 
Sheldon, Ethel P., '19 
Shellenberger, Sylvia E., 


Bosard, Mrs. R., '93 
Brunner, Mrs. Arnold J., 

Person, Mrs. Edward, '91 
Sikes, Harriet S., '86 


Lewis, Frank, '82 
Lewis, Mrs. F. L., '81 


Bowerman, Ethel M., '20 
Brown, Emelie, '19 
Ramhorter, Mrs. E. L., '08 


Baldwin Helen, '17 
Lindstrom, Josephine S., 

Woolley, Austin L., '95 


Carpenter, Keith G., '15 


Cavileer, Albert D., '84 
Cavileer, Lulu B., '86 
Chisholm, Ralph C, '08 
Chisholm, Roy D., '11 

Fancher, L. D., '13 

Sentinel Butte 
Kirkpatrick, Russell, '19 


Greaves, Dr. John H., '11 


Doud, Fred L., '08 


Babcock, Gordon, '18 


Swartwood, Mrs. Leroy, 

Swarthout, Dr. Ellis F., 


Bauer, Bertha A., '92 
DaM, Winona B., '15 
LaBach, Jas. O., '90 
LaBach, Paul M., '89 
Meckstroth, Mrs. L. W., 

Orcutt, Jessie L., '00 
Rasmussen, Darrell, '16 
Schuler, May M., '07 


Krause^ Mrs., '03 


Kotchian, Grace, '18 


Young, Frances, '19 

Valley City 

DeLancey, Edw. S., '88 
Tray, Dr. Edgar A., '91 
Pray, Myrtle H., '00 
Pray, Wra. H., '91 


Van Sly ke, Gaylord C, '96 
VanSlyke, Mrs. G. C, '10 



Leach, Grace B., '06 

Tolles. Shirley H., '73 

Doster, Mrs. E. E., '04 
Cruickshank, Alexander, 

Elder, Mrs. W. D.. '08 
Jackson, Mrs. James F., 

Morell, Marie M., '01 
Redhead. Mrs. Hartley, 

Stewart, Wm. B., '68 
Waterbury, Mrs. Geo., '88 


Hansberger, Mrs. W. C, 


Goodhue, Dr. George, '72 
Goodhue, Dr. Ned G., '99 

Kinder, William R., '11 

Stearm, Mrs. Fannie, '85 

Metcalf, Antoinette P., '92 
Walker, Jas. F., '94 

Griswold, Mrs. Wells L., 



Haskell, Mrs. C. N,, '86 

Smith, Mrs. Oscar, '04 

Harnden, Florus D., '83 

Harrington, Wm. E., '94 
Porter, Stephen J., '72 
Porter, Mrs. S. J.. '71 



Higgini?, Mrs. E. A.. '04 

Hirschy, Geo. B., '17 

Black, Mrs. Archibald, '84 
Harris, Mrs. J. E., '96 
Payne, Lois M., '19 
Stevens, Chas. H., '76 
Stevens, Mrs. C. H., '80 

C re 8 well 
Gotchell, Lyman J., '06 

Brown, Jefferson D., '87 
Brown. Mrs. J. D.. '88 
Smith, Fred E., '04 
Thompson, Walter R., '00 


Pourtales, Louis J., '06 , 

Forest Grove 
Baldin, Mrs., '85 
Hervey, Mrs. Wm. C. '90 

Grant's Pass 
Crawford, Judson M., '76 

Hood River 
Baker, Mrs. E. A., '90 
Galloway, Mrs. G., '99 

L.a Fayette 
Walker, Joney J., '14 

Biddle, Mrs. Wheldon. '09 
RiddeU, Edwin G., '83 

Blodgett, George W., '01 

Cook, Mrs. Frank R., '81 
Couper, Geo. B., '89 
Gage, Benj. W., '87 
Gilbert, Verne C, '16 
Green, Barbara, '17 
Knowlton, Mrs. Dr. A. A., 

Parkinson, Mrs. Jas. T., 

Payne, Mrs. Dr. Roy A., 

Smith, Mrs. Mary E., '78 

Newton, John R., '84 

Richardson, David F., '76 
Smith, Mrs. Arthur, '12 


Du Bois 

Law, Mrs. Geo. A., '88 


Gylos. Paul K., '17 


Kendall, Evangeline. '91 
Myers, Charlesanna. '20 
Wellman, Geo! R., '05 


Bailey, Mrs. J. F., '05 
Horswill, Gracb L., '06 



Fiscus, Zenas O., '09 


Edmonds, Mrs. Charles, 
Schofield, Robert L., '98 


McConnell, Florence, '05 
McConnell, Mrs. J. E., '92 


Duckett, Mrs. B. F., '87 



Abram, Alfred, '78 
Hill, Philip, '09 
Newton, Mrs. Callis S., '00 
Tiffany, E. Dewey, '18 
Tiffany, Joseph . A., '83 

Moulton, Paul S., '14 

Gallup, Thos. S., '83 
Gallup, Mrs. Thos., '82 


Landberg, Dagmar E., '18 

Fishback, Mrs. VanDusen, 

Fishback, Blanche, '07 
Fishback, Horace, Jr., '14 
Knappere, Laurence S., 


Brown, Nina, '03 

Peterson, Florence W., '13 

Dell Rapids 
Bent, Mildred R., '04 
Hermanson, Ingebrit T., 

Maule, Claude W., '05 

De Smet 

Bostrom, Mrs. E. A., '01 

Alexander, John C, '00 
Brown, May B., '09 

Bierman, O. Ivan, '82 

Steinheuser, Hattie, '99 

Hill, Ruth E. M., '18 

Lake Preston 
Irvine, Dr. Geo. B., '16 ' 

Finch, Gladys C, '16 

Plummer, Ruth A., '12 

Buck, Mrs. Henry W., '83 
Saunders, Phil C, '03 
Thomas, George Wm., '03 
Wood, Mary A., '97 
New Efflngton 
Oliver, Cuthbert K., '20 

Jack, Charles D., '12 

Schwappe, Mrs. Frank, '80 

Fountain, Edith, '05 

Christiansen, Emma L., '12 

Sioux Falls 
Barnard, Reed C, '10 
Beveridge, Max F., '99 
Featherstone, O. C, '82 
Fellows, Harriet L., '10 
Frederick; Mrs. W. G., '05 
Glaesmer, Mrs T. A., '03 
Kelly, A. Verne, '92 
Ledyard, Inez, '04 
Lee, Wm. H., Jr., '15 
Lee, Mrs. Wm. H., '16 
Pier. Margaret, '20 
Thomas, Mrs. Fred, '03 
T^ufts, Helen A., '09 
Tufts, Marion t)., '07 
Warren, Rex M., '09 
Wells, Mary L., '02 
Young, Gertrude S., '01 

Kivley, Gilbert O., '78 
Knight, Mrs. H. M., '98 
Rash, Hannah C, '13 

Timber Lake 
Dillman, Mrs. R. C, '10 


Tuve, Arthur, '19 

\'alley Springs 

Pottinger, George. '00 
Urquhart, Joseph D., '12 


Hanson, Mrs. Hans G., '88 
Senescall, Mrs. Dr., '08 

Lommen, Christian P., '88 
Stevens, Doris A., '18 


Nupen, Nora J., '06 


Grow, Mrs. F. C, '98 
Hawley, Mrs. Frank, '95 
Koren, Dr. Finn, '92 
Spencer, Lyle S., '06 

Geier, Vera B., '14 
Siglinger, Ethel, '10 
Small, William C, '14 


Schulz, Lydia M., '19 

White Rock 
Allison, Russell L., '19 
Dahl, Winona B., '15 
Kolset, Mrs. A. H., '9T 
McKee, Thos. P., '17 
Oscarson, Roger O., '17 

Hohf, Mrs. S. E., '06 
Stevens, Mrs. Frank V., '83 



Fairchild, Dorothy K., '06 
Fairchild, Alice, '05 

Marshall, Ethel E., '98 
Stier, Mrs., '95 



Payne, Ralph J., '04 
Whiting, Grace M., '93 
Whiting, Helen S., '01 

DeVries, Labertie A., '18 
Rieke, Mrs. S. C, '18 


Agee, Auretta, '06 

Salt Lake City 
Alter, Mrs. J. C, '93 

Kidder, Mrs. Josiah, 'TO 

Russell, Flora E., '95 

Hunt, Mrs. Eugene, 'SI 

Earle, Marcellus A., '75 

St. Johnsbury 
Heath, Lucie F., '94 

Fisk, Pliny H., '77 


Richie, Fred McQ.. '14 


Cutler, Harvey S., '07 ' 
Robbins, Mrs. Bert, '93 

Taylor, Clifford D., '97 

Abbott, Ida M., '87 
Cleveland, Hiram E., '97 

Applegate, Mrs. H. V.. '90 

Best, Mrs. Ralph, '14 


Johnston, Fannie, '96 

Deer Park 
Reed, Mrs. F. A., '91 

McCoy, Mrs. C. E., '91 

Burnside, Esther, '18 
Hartman, Wm., '78 
Hartman, Mrs. Wm., "79 

Dunton, Harriet E., '94 

Berlin, Mrs. J. B., '83 

Xettleton, Clark M., '85 

Murphy, Mrs. Chas., '01 

North Yakima 
Rooney, Mrs., '03 
Van Slyke, Katherine, '96 
Wilcox, Frank J., '85 

Preston, Mrs. Herbert P., 

Port Angeles 

Brown, Sarah E., '92 
Martin, Gertrude B., '87 

Port Townsend 
Brown, Sarah H., '92 

Wells, Mrs. W. G., '89 

Alteuburg, Carl L., '07 
Amery, Elizabeth L., '09 
Ames, John A., '86 
Baxter, Chauncey L., '70 
Bennett, Edith P., '97 
Boliu, Charles F.. '02 
Carson, Mabel M., '02 
Corliss, Chas. W., '85 
Dart, Mrs., '88 
Dickey, Mrs. Ubert, '97 
Eastman, Florence I.. '0!) 
Edgar, Mrs. Earl, '04 
Ellert, Wallace T., '00 
Evans, Curtiss A., '04 
Furber, Sam'l H., '88 
Gay, Mrs. Joel, '89 
Gerrish, Judith A., '01 

Goodhue, Nellie, '^ 
Haserick, Alice E., '83 
Haynes, Manly B., '84 
Hedreen, Chas. B., '90 
Hunt, Hiram A., '76 
Jesmer, Hiram B., '93 
King, Harry S., '92 
Kittredge, Frances W., '91 
Kittredge, Susie A., '87 
Lockwood, Geo. O., '83 
Lopp, Mrs. W. P., '85 
Loomis, Mrs. A. J., '01 
MacGinnitie, Mrs. H. J., 

Nelson, Walter E., '05 
Ogden, Jessie F., '88 
Pike, Mrs. J. F., '84 
Smith, Harold E., '97 
Solner, Nordahl B., '81 
Stanton, Frank I., '76 
Stanton, Robert, '76 
Stromberg, Mrs., '98 
^v'atson, Frank E., '76 


Nichols, Mrs. O. R., '08 


Trowbridge, Harley G.. 

Trowbridge, Mrs. H. G., 


Avery, Margaret R., '08 
Baldwin, Arthur J., '83 
Blum, Mrs. A. S., '06 
Bonser, Mrs. T. A., '96 
Butler, Mrs. W. W., '85 
Canfield, Mrs. C. S., '75 
Chittenden, Rodney A.. '94 
Harkens, Edna M., '00 
Lawrence, Edward J.. '04 
Loveless, Ralph H., '00 
Nevers, George E., '01 
Nevers, John R., '01 
Prescott, Mrs. F. L., '85 
Prescott, David S., '79 
Swanson, Anton W.. '94 
Williams. Mrs.. '01 
Wilson, Byron A.. '90 


Corliss, Mrs. Harry, '87 
(^orliss, John H., '87 



Colp, Wallace B., '99 
Crandall, Mrs. S. A., '78 
Hubly, Robert C, '99 
Jobnson, Elmer M., '87 
Kennedy, Mrs. Wm. J., '92 
McMurtrie, Sadie, '98 
Nettleton, Hiram S., '84 
Newton, Elizabeth A., '99 
Quevli, Martha F., '02 
Smith, Clinton F., '92 
Willison, Mrs. L., '12 

Thorn, Mrs., '85 

Schaefer, Mrs. Will, '86 

Holmberg, C. David, '06 

Buck, Elmer E., '87 
Buck, Mrs. E. E., '89 
GraflE, Walter, '03 
Terry, Mildred L., '86 

Address Unknown 

Saboe, John A., '01 



GiU, Mrs. Herbert, '94 


Spooner, Claire M., '11 



Granum, Bertha C, '19' 


Whiting, Ami N., '08 
Whiting, Mrs. Ami, '06 

Cobb, George H., '92 

Smith, Mrs. Alonzo, '95 

Gulickson, Oliver, '08 

Babbitt, Alice H., '93 
Bradley, Mabel, '94 


Alderson, Mrs. Jas., '85 


Bidwell, Elmer E., '01 

McWright, Mrs. W. A., '70 

Chippewa Falls 
Deutsch, Lizzie, '88 

Clam Falls 
Hendrickson, Clark J., '04 

Woodard, Fannie, '94 

Norton, Alfred W., '70 
Norton, Mrs. Alfred W., 

Norton, Chas. S., '05 
Norton, Gertrude M., '13 

Eau Claire 
Levy, Frances E., '16 
Rich, Martha H., '17 
Towne, Isabella V., '05 

Denniston, John C, '78 

Andrews, Mark J., '14 

Fond du 
Chandler, Mrs. J., '84 

Glenwood City 
Yale, Mrs. Robert, '99 
Beebe, Marjorie, '16 

Elg, Donald T., '19 
White, Mrs. B. F., '91 

Hay ward 
Light, Arthur F., '12 

Oliver, Mrs. G. M., '76 
Slater, Mrs. Robert, '89 
Whittier, Mrs. E. H., '88 

Bullock, Mrs. B. E., '03 

Darapier, Lottie, '86 
Levy, Ruth R., '17 
Toland, Leigh, '01 

Baker, John C, '17 

Jones, Mrs. Thos. E., '12 
Oppegard, Anton, '96 
Peterson, Carl M., '09 
Rosa, Mrs. C. D., '95 
Schafer, Mrs. Jos., '95 
Whitson, Andrew R., '90 


Humbird, Mrs. T. J., '85, 


Averill, Mrs. C. K., '89 
Heller, Jessie M., '92 


Brackett, Mrs. G. A., '00 
Brasie, Albert S., '14 
Brubaker, Walter D., '06 . 
Dixon, Martha W., '96 
Dresbach, Arthur M., '93 
Dresbach, Mrs. Arthur M., 

Ellsworth, Fergus R., '03 
Kellogg, Mrs. Dr. E. W., 

Webster, Mrs. R. E., '05 

New Richmond 

Adams, Genevieve P., '01 
Greaton, Wilson E., '98 
McCoy, Mrs. John M., '86 
Mosher, Victor W., '00 
Riley, George C, '93 
Williams, Donald W., '99 


Korstad, Lena M., '96 

Nagler, Leona R., '19 
Sleeper, Mrs. Jean, '97 

Osceola Mills 

Staples, Mrs. May E., '85 

Ihrig, Harry K., '17 
Nichols, Mrs. H. G., '05 

Field, Mattie A., '03 

McCullock, Dorothy, '01 
McCullock, John M., '71 

Port Wing 
Fay, Mrs. F. J., '85 

Wilkinson, Mrs., '81 



Buxton, Lydia, '18 
Ramsey, Mrs. C. J., '85 

Rice Lake 
Larson, Mrs. E. E., '02 

Richland Center 
Janney, Theron M., '18 
Kirkpatrick, John, Jr., '17 

Rip on 
Barlow, Mrs. J. B., '80 
Hargrave, Mrs. A. W., '03 

River Falls 
Ashley, Lynn H., '07 
Clark, Mrs. L. H., '86 
Currie, Mrs. E., '83 
Deneen, Mrs. Stella A.. '96 
Finley, Winnifred, '81 
Fuller, Mrs. Chas. W., '82 
Powell, Sarah H., '85 

Aldridge, Mrs. Albert, '87 
Aldridge, Stephen L., '10 

Parsons, Mrs. Guy S., '88 

St, Croix Falls 
Boughton, Guy, '18 
Dockstader, Mrs. W. E., 

Dresser, Mrs. L. B., '85 
French, Mrs. A. H., '80 
Thompson, May E., '89 
Thompson, Nellie J., '89 

Shell L.ake 
Rounce, Mrs. Wm. D., '68 

Grant, Henry A., '80 
Solon Springs 
Field, Hattie F., '74 

Spring: Valley 
Martin, Charles R., '08 

Bryngleson, Adolph, '88 

Gates, Denny C. '97 
Gates, Joel S., '92 

Boucher, Nattalie H., '91 

Robertfl! liUlu M., '93 


Stokes, Nettie, '20 

Taylor, Win. W., '95 

Lindemann, Mrs. Albon, 
Nichols, Hettie R., '92 


Jewell, Dr. Emre L., '98 
Address Unknown 

Tangeman, Verra H., '10 



Walbridge, E, Merrill, '72 

Hildahl, Esther, '06 

\Varren. Llewellyn E., '14 

Beach, Walter B., '17 

Paterson, Mrs. John, '12 

Cookson, Horace W., '01 

Whittaker, Nita F., '17 

Address Unknown 
lianding, Harold, '11 


Alfs. Alfred, '01 
Hoffman. Mrs. J. A., '07 

Yu, Te Hau, '10 

Nutting, Clara A., '13 
Pye. Mrs. W. O., '06 

Sjoquist, John, '90 

Conardson. Mrs. II. J., '01 

Anderson, Carl J., '01 
Hill, Arthur D., '98 


Chadbourne, Katiebel, '88 

Rodberg, Hilda N., '94 

Mnnger, Callie M., '13 
Address unknown 
Grant, Alfred S., '13 
Sitze, May, '96 


Vernie, Pierre, '19 Trois Montiers 
Ernoult. Georges, '19 

Bayron. Georges. '19 

Pingon. Andre, '19 


Millard, Anna L., '87 
Address unknown 

Carpenter, Allen H., '95 


McDaniels, Mrs. '91 


Mittwer, R. Julius H., '9 


Farr, Mrs. Arthur. '94 

Cape Town 
Freyer, Mrs. E. G.. '95 

Asvys, Mrs. Rev. H.. 'rt4 


Sugden, George M.. '19 


Beckman, Olof, '89 


Bolt, Mary, '88 


Caldwell. Mrs. S. 'Ot 


Vol, 18 No, 2 

Alumni Directory 

December, 1921 




Honorary Degrees 2 

Doctors of Philosophy 3 

Master's Degrees 3 

Graduates by Classes 6 

Locality Index 63 

Alphabetical Index 77 

Alumni Association and Clubs . . 103 

Statistical Summary 104 






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